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  1. A few people I know at the game have said they saw him in the stands in street clothes, which doesn't seem normal for a player who is still with the team...... Does anyone know what is going on with him?
  2. He's been getting a lot of attention the last few weeks. I have a feeling we won't be seeing him in Akron next season...
  3. Same here. That was a very long drive back home. 2010 at least eased the pain of that one a little.
  4. Took Holthusen under 3 minutes to grab an assist. Really would like to see him start, always makes stuff happen.
  5. Whenever Holthusen is subbed in, he looks the most likely to create something. Would like to see him start, I also haven't been impressed with Sepe.
  6. Absolutely! No debate. Keep the football players out of our soccer specific stadium. Besides, you can barely call the Browns a professional team… In 2009, Akron had the #1 ranked soccer team in the nation, and a $61M stadium was built for the #113 ranked football team. The following season, the soccer program brought Akron their first ever national championship in a team sport, and the football team went 1-11 for the first of three straight seasons. I can understand that soccer is not as popular here as football, but the least the University can do is leave the soccer pitch to our soccer team. I think the field will get ruined much worse than you think. There is an enormous difference between soccer players running around the field, and (significantly larger) football players at the line of scrimmage. The groundskeepers do work extremely hard on the field, yet it still has looked pretty torn up by the end of the year the last few seasons. Because of Akron's style of play, games become much more difficult when we visit lower quality fields, and I think it would be crazy to risk the quality of our playing surface when our style is so dependent on it.
  7. How about that pass from Saad? Nice goal from Najem, Zips up 1-0...
  8. http://www.golobos.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=26000&ATCLID=209373286 There are links to other sports if you scroll down... This link should be directly to the Akron game though.
  9. If you're getting volleyball there's a link to soccer under "Upcoming" if you scroll down. I'm getting a message that the "broadcaster is not currently streaming" though, so I'm not sure what's going on. http://www.golobos.com/ViewArticle.dbml?&DB_OEM_ID=26000&ATCLID=209373286&DB_OEM_ID=26000
  10. Zips appear to be lined up in a 4-2-3-1 to start the match. Najem wearing the armband.
  11. Najem scored twice in his Akron debut against Marshall? I guess it was preseason though... I thought it was a solid performance overall, CSU only got one back near the end when our defense apparently thought the game was already over and got sloppy. I am disappointed that we don't seem capable of completely blowing smaller teams away like we used to, but it was a solid win. I don't have very high expectations for this season, Embick has some big shoes to fill...
  12. I haven't been impressed by Souders this year. While he is extremely good on the tackle, I get nervous every time he has possession under any sort of pressure... I haven't seen a replay, but it looked to me like Souders was most at fault for the goal - although the ball really should have been cleared long before. Overall I thought Cross looked pretty solid, and I'd like to see Embick pair Gallego and Cross in the back. Saad walked to the tunnel at the half slowly with a trainer. Can only assume he did not play the second half because he picked up a knock, he look very threatening in the first half. Hope it is nothing more than a knock, if he continues playing the way he has he will be a key player.
  13. Does anyone know if highlights are being posted anywhere? I haven't been able to find highlights for any of the games this season...
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