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  1. Moutinho played out his GA 5 year deal. He was a free agent.
  2. Grant Wahl was the very voice of American Soccer. He cannot be replaced easily. As always, Steve Zakuani shows personal class when paying tribute to the fallen/departed Grant Wahl. Well done, Steve. We join you in mourning this tremendous loss for American Soccer. Our hearts are very heavy.
  3. Life does not always unfold according to plan. It is very difficult to return to school. Way to persevere! Well done, Adam Najem.
  4. That referee decision for the first PK looks even worse on the replay. Budler did precisely what you teach your GK to do: collect the ball.
  5. Special shoutout to Ryan Kingsford! Thanks for choosing to attend University of Akron. You are a class act, Mr. Kingsford. Too bad you are out of eligibility. We hope your foot heals well. Please come back to visit us. Once a Zip; always a Zip.
  6. Assistant Coaches getting cards for dissent I can live with a little bit. It can be argued that it is the AC's job to get the occasional card, from a strategic perspective. But it becomes a HUGE problem when players start following the coaches' examples and dissent every call. Coaches and players do not have the same role. WAY too much mouth from our players! And that shite got to stop right NOW! No card on the field is a good card unless it is earned in a tackle. Malik Henry clubbing the ball across the field after the play? Unacceptable. Not to mention Dumb. We have seen way too much of this lack of discipline recently. Coaches had best come correct on this. Bench mouths off to referee? OK. Fine. Players on field should not complain to ref. Let the bench do that. I expect this to change come Spring. And yes, the entire coaching staff will know my expectations.
  7. The better team won today. The first PK was a rubbish call. Budler got the ball. But the better team won. It would have been more competitive if Zips had Clapier and Shokalook.
  8. Watching national weather, seems there will enough snow in Syracuse come Sunday. I seem to recall a snowy NCAA Tourney match near Syracuse in 2018….🤔
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