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  1. I had thought Ben Zemanski had already graduated. Well done, nonetheless.
  2. Is there any possibility of Jason Shokalook graduating high school over the summer of 2020? Just asking.
  3. Marcel looked really fit when we briefly saw him after the MAC tourney. Unfortunately, no one was really enthusiastic about talking to him. Not at all his fault; the timing was bad.
  4. I still filled out a bracket on Big Soccer. Can you say "junkie", boys and girls?
  5. Yes, TennZip. Morgan Hackworth's calm decisions were sorely missed in 2019.
  6. As freshmen go, I would call Mani Austmann the surprise pick of the litter, followed by highly touted Will Jackson.
  7. Yes. Hiking at the moment, so I cannot list the years. For most of a decade, as I recall.
  8. And the brutal OOCS is what makes us nationally relevant, something we cannot claim in any other team sport.
  9. After deserving the award for at least three out of the previous seven seasons, it is cruelly ironic that Jared Embick is MAC COTY upon turning in his worst season as HC. The answer to fixing MAC Soccer is not to shrink the field of participants, but to add quality provisional members, such as U of Kentucky.
  10. @malonepioneer12 Sorry. Out of Likes (so dumb). I agree with nearly all your points, except one. You are really de- valuing Ben Lundt’s contribution over the previous three seasons. Only in his absence do we realize how good a GK Ben Lundt is. I am just as guilty of under-appreciating Ben. But I can clearly see it now. No Zips GK has yet eclipsed Evan Bush, but I would put Ben Lundt second on that list. Onward and Upward!
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