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  1. http://football-formation.com/lineup/70088/proposed-Akron-Zips-9-13-18 Create your own lineup at football-formation.com
  2. Notre Dame game cancelled

    Truth! I hate them for it. They are cloistered in their RPI towers, artificially inflating each other’s rankings.
  3. Notre Dame game cancelled

    Stellar 💡 idea!! Hope somebody is reading this!
  4. I’m not saying David Egbo is a good player or anything, but did anyone notice how different the match was in the last 15 minutes?
  5. http://football-formation.com/lineup/70052/proposed-Akron-Zips-10-9-18 Create your own lineup at football-formation.com Note formation.
  6. at Bowling Green

    Time will tell, but we probably figured BUGS for the easiest conference matchup. MACtober is off to a slow start (cough).
  7. at Bowling Green

    Interesting formation shift after the first half. I think it was 3-3-3-1. Milanese, Ritaccio, Strachan.
  8. at Bowling Green

    Hard to play short passing style in standing water.
  9. at Bowling Green

    If we do not take our defensive 1v1 battles more seriously, lineup and formation will be meaningless. Proposed... http://football-formation.com/lineup/70026/proposed-Akron-Zips10-6-18 Create your own lineup at football-formation.com Only David Egbo is in real championship form. Carlo Ritaccio is getting there. So, players on the bench should stay ready. Many jerseys may see action tonight.
  10. Week 7 scores

    Kentucky Wildcats are a contender!
  11. Syracuse - Monday, October 1st

    Here is my unsolicited (by Zips coaching staff, anyway) proposed lineup. This is presuming Marco Micaletto is healthy. http://football-formation.com/lineup/69981/proposed-Akron-Zips10-1-18 Create your own lineup at football-formation.com
  12. Syracuse - Monday, October 1st

    I want a Rally Towel!
  13. https://cuse.com/index.aspx?path=msoccer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Syracuse_University#Athletics I say this every year, but it bears repeating: By October, ignore every poll. RPI is the only thing that matters. At this writing, Syracuse is #10; Akron is #54. Biggest match so far in 2018.