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  1. Bowling Green

    Chris Brennan is my kind of player, tough and physical. I have watched him play youth/HS soccer dozens of times. He is quality. The reasons why he is not playing for Akron continue to elude me. But his conduct Saturday was at best irresponsible, and was at worst malicious. Chris Brennan deserved a straight red card for his assault on Joao Moutinho, nevermind that he already was riding a yellow for swinging an elbow at Moutinho previously. I do not want to see Brennan as a dirty player, but a man is defined by his deeds.
  2. Pitt Panthers

  3. Pitt Panthers

    I had this road trip penciled in from way back in Spring. Now I can't go due to work. Hope I can watch the stream.
  4. Bowling Green

    Embick looked like he wanted to fight after the match. I have NEVER seen him like that.
  5. W. Mich VS W.Virginia

    Brandon Bye! My Buddy.
  6. W. Mich VS W.Virginia

    scoreless @ 80:00 30th foul just called
  7. http://www.bgsufalcons.com/index.aspx?path=msoc
  8. When is Wil’s contract done? Perhaps it is time for Trapp to work overseas.
  9. Notre Dame

    There is no doubt that a foul occurred. Spot of infraction is critical to referee’s decision. Where the actual moment of foul is what counts. I was 35 feet away, maybe closer. Contact was initiated outside the box, but foul occurred inside the 18. In similar situations, Referees will most often reward a Free Kick outside the box because spot of foul is called into question. I would not have blamed the Ref last night for deciding likewise. It took courage to award a second Penalty Kick to the home side in a high profile match. I have no problem whatsoever with the PK awarded in the first half. That gets called 10 out of 10 times.
  10. Notre Dame

    Zips deserved win. Irish are best side we have faced so far this year. Quality victory with RPI points harvested!
  11. Caleb Porter

    Check the thread. I did not post that article, though I most certainly would have. Eric Wynalda for USSF president!
  12. No. Are there really 30 freshmen better than Strachan? Let’s see our freshmen CBs vs. high powered offense.
  13. Notre Dame

    That long!?