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  1. I am willing to bet that somewhere on social media there is a photo of Najem and Laryea post match. Those two are tight.
  2. And while you are at it, get Nagbe's brilliant "hockey" assist on Mattocks' goal. Please.
  3. Somebody post video of Nagbe's goal! Please.
  4. Jackson Polar Bear.
  5. Post that schedule right here, where it belongs! Please.
  6. In retrospect, Charleston and Notre Dame are comparable sides. Both are direct and physical. Zips could/should have scored more. Akron 1-0 Charleston
  7. Quite often, these lower division teams are comprised of older, foreign players who did not quite make the cut to turn pro in their homeland. I count only two American-born players on their roster. The Golden Eagles 🦅 had four D2 All-Americans last season, two of which were underclassman last season.
  8. Charleston (WVA) is a D2 Championship caliber side. Think of all the trouble Notre Dame (Cleveland) has given us, two years in a row. And any side playing up a division will come with mean attitude and extreme prejudice. Expect Charleston to be better than Notre Dame. Zips had best come to play; because an ass-whooping is waiting.
  9. I think Ezana Kaysay has found a new home on the left flank. He really seems to flourish with a bit more real estate to work with. Our formation/system is evidently going to be 4-2-3-1. Holthusen plays the 1 better than Kahsay, and Kahsay looks really dangerous on the outside left (as one of the 3).
  10. Those 4 in bold are pretty good MSOC programs, ones we have played recently in our out-of-conference schedule. Conference USA is a teneble solution, really for our entire athletics program.
  11. BiG10 is the logistical choice, if they would have us. I doubt we meet minimum facility requirements for BBall and FBall. Even if they would take us, not so sure that Akron BBall and FBall would be happy about it.
  13. Great to see Joe Korb in action. He did not do much besides work up a sweat. Good for him! Kid has had a rough go.
  14. You have the personnel right, but the formation was 4-2-3-1. This is evidenced by the shape taken after we lost the ball, when we dropped back. This is not to say that we will keep this formation, though I prefer it. Embick likes being able to use multiple formations, as would a professional side. Kahsay subbed for Crawford, taking LM and moving Gainford to CM. I sure hope Reggie Laryea will recover by April 9th. He was doing well before he walked off gingerly. Joe Korb saw first action at RB, late in the contest. Holhusen Gainford Crawford Zajac (Kahsay) Harter Belana De Vera Weidt Laryea Shultz (Hackworth) Costa
  15. It was cold. Contrasting styles. ND is very direct, to great efficacy. Akron held the ball. ND always pushes forward, with long diagonal passes. Same as last year. Think West Bromwich vs, Arsenal. Holthusen, Zajac, and De Vera were keys.