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  1. Revealing is today, and my rant is definitely due.
  2. How did Mattocks and Nagbe simultaneously occupy the exact same position?
  3. We now have only four slots remaining. Right? And no member of the 2010 NC team has yet been elected? This poll completely lacks credibility. Same poll should be conducted on this website. That would render more representative results, I’d wager.
  4. Was Bryan Gallego not Great Lakes Region First Team and All-MAC First team and NSCAA All-America Second Team in 2013? Apparently, that was not good enough to be one of the four finalists for LCB. I believe Joao Moutinho won that spot on the All Decade team, and I have no problem whatsoever with that. But doesn't Gallego merit some recognition?
  5. Well, this Team Of The Decade Twitter debacle has gone from shamefully misguided to laughably absurd. I have not yet spoken out because I am loathe to denigrate current players. Skye Harter has drawn the unlucky short straw in that regard, having recently depleted his eligible years. (Sorry Skye; love you, man!). BUT who among you believes Skye Harter had a Zips career equal to Aodhan Quinn’s? Manuel Cordeiro’s? MUCH, Much, much less the Zips career of Richmond Laryea! Who would you pick first on your team for 6v6 rotating scrimmage? Seriously. Unfortunately, local boy Skye Harter is probably fourth on this list of four. He might say so himself. And yet Harter leads the poll! Surely! You! Jest!
  6. And Freshman Jordan Seaman #12 acquitted himself well, starting at RB. He had a few questionable plays, but he also made a few brilliant plays. He seems a Defender with a mind for offense, rather than an Midfielder repurposed to play along the back line. He will use either foot, which is huge in my book. Today’s performance makes me want to see more.
  7. By mandating a 4-3-3, they will force all of us to play Nagbe out of position at F. Nagbe supposedly played F with Zips, but it was a withdrawn Forward position.
  8. https://www.buildlineup.com/shared/5e3a01bf138c092e24aef106
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