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  1. Better turn out than expected in the freezing weather. Dozens were in attendance to see Zips trounce FC Porto, a youth academy from Toronto. It is not too soon to say this: Catch the brilliance that is David Egbo while you still can! He is looking more special every outing! He is unlikely to play out his full eligibility. Such touch! Such poise!
  2. 2018 recruiting

    Tyler Warner! Fantastic interview! Keep up the strong work!
  3. No GK anywhere would have stopped that 4th goal by Riverhounds. That shot rang the goal post like a bell just below the crossbar. It was a world class free kick from (I think) #25.
  4. Much Love to Zarek V. It is way past time that cat paid us a visit.
  5. 2018 recruiting

    Carlo likes tackling... alot. I am going to like this Ritaccio. Notice the players he identifies as heroes.
  6. 2018 recruiting

    Yes, I think so.
  7. Young Joao drops microphone, exits parking lot..........
  8. Interviews with Coach Embick

    It may be that it is I who does not get it. Marla Ridenour, Akron Beacon Journal conducted this interview. True or False? Or was it Tyler Warner? Then why is Marla Ridenour, Akron Beacon Journal at the top of the cover page? Great interview!
  9. Interviews with Coach Embick

    I wish there was a way to congratulate Marla Ridenour on this article blog.
  10. 2018 recruiting

    I will attend some Internationals matches this Spring.
  11. 2018 recruiting

    What are Will Jackson's other (potential) sports? Do tell.
  12. Sinisa Ubiparipovic retiring

    Should be an Akron Hall of Famer.
  13. Really good interview with Saad Abdul-Salaam. I learned a few things.
  14. 2018 Zips Mens Soccer

    Ger recruits all positions.