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  1. Bad to have conceded two 2nd half goals, regardless.
  2. Declan Waters was 6’5”. Santiago Frias is 6’5”. Shane Weidt was tall, maybe not 6’5”.
  3. I would hope that the press release would be today. If not today, there may not even be a press release. Unbelievable.
  4. Bowling Green, from the lowly MAC Conference, is nationally ranked?
  5. UA had to act quickly. June/July is absolutely the worst time of year for a Soccer coaching regime change. Based solely on her biography, UA are lucky to land Simonetti on such short notice. There is no tradition of excellence with UA WSOC. An accomplished coach is not coming to Akron. Hopefully, that will change soon. Excellence must begin somewhere. I say give Simonetti a good chance.
  6. Jerry Yeagley began his coaching career by coaching the IU club team - for 10 years.
  7. That was not an easy finish. Well done!
  8. I nominate Frank Gagliardi. I have no idea if he is even interested.
  9. Correct. But it will happen eventually, with or without the NCAA. Anticipate Spring tournaments to gain influence and popularity until the NCAA builds a sidewalk on top of the beaten foot path.
  10. Definitely should have scored. How could he not?
  11. Let’s not look down our noses at MAC MSOC until we have our boots firmly on their throats.
  12. Yes. Unless the MAC decides to play every team twice.
  13. Five MAC teams went to NCAA last year. BGSU, NIU, WMU all have tasted the exposure this brings. And they want it again. Year in year out, at least one of those three will challenge Zips for MAC. Let’s return to always beating these teams every time before we complain about the quality of the MAC.
  14. Jerry Yeagley was first HC. Program has 8 titles, 21 CCs, 46 tourneys, in 50 years. Seems fairly successful to me. When filling out your bracket in November, consider that IU has gone to nearly half of all College Cups since 1973.
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