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  1. We should expect a very productive season from #11 Marcel Zajac in 2018!
  2. 2018 Zips Mens Soccer

    HBD Nick! Once a Zip; Always a Zip! Come back to visit.
  3. 2018 recruiting

    We saw him up close at the UMD match. (I should have spoken to him.) Cat is big, and not just tall. He looks like a linebacker. Hope he got shkills.
  4. 2018 Zips Mens Soccer

    That is still too many.
  5. The Thump & Run brand of futbol has left OSU along with John Bluem. His stench is dissipating. Now a proper footballer is taking his first HC job (of any note). Lookout Zips fans! There goes the neighborhood! Recruiting just got tougher! Not to mention the matches! Coach Embick, please get OSU back on the schedule, because they will be good in just a few years. And WE got first dibs on them bastards! Let the I71 Derby be renewed! http://www.ohiostatebuckeyes.com/sports/m-soccer/spec-rel/042318aaa.html
  6. AK 1-1 MD A hotly contested affair, atypically for Spring. Egbo, Zajac, Strachan, Lundt played well. Evenly matched, which surprised me. Terps have many more returning than do Zips.
  7. Rumor has it that new transfer Marco Micaletto will be in attendance for the Maryland scrimmage. Welcome him to Akron!
  8. You'll Never Walk Alone, Sammy! Once a Zip; always a Zip! Well, done, Boy!
  9. 2018 recruiting

  10. Akron 2-4 Charleston Marcel Zajac with FK goal and a really sweet crossing assist to David Egbo. A worrisome and lackluster effort by Zips. Probably only 4 or 5 of players on today’s squad will start come Fall.
  11. 2018 recruiting

    This is big. Mohamed will likely start come Fall.
  12. 2018 recruiting

  13. Assistant Coach position

    Soccer Coach? Forget that! I’m going to be President! I got MAD executive skills!