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  1. Penn State

    For me, bright spots were Joao Moutinho #2 at CB and David Egbo #14 at Striker. Moutinho is confident on the ball, an accurate passer, and has quick feet. Very pleased with him. Egbo is a beast, very strong. And very physical. He reminds me Jozy Altidore. Egbo shows willingness to link up with teammates in the final third.
  2. Penn State

    Waters not putting out in training. Some say he is not match fit. Watters did not "earn" a uniform this week. Let us hope Waters turns it around.
  3. Penn State

    I have not missed a home match (regular, preseason, spring) since Fall 2006 season. I will be there, with a hostage guest.
  4. Season tickets

    Tix arrived. Crisis abated..
  5. Season tickets

    oiy! Where my tix at, yo!
  6. 2017 Zips soccer recruiting

    And our Joao Moutinho is too old to be the son of João Filipe Iria Santos Moutinho.
  7. It would be too much to expect that this will occur, but do not be surprised should EZ break out with double digit goals this season. He has all the physical tools, and this is his fourth year in the program. If not now, when?
  8. Upon one viewing, I am impressed with freshman forward David Egbo. He is stout and strong. Egbo receives the ball with either foot and will shoot powerfully with either foot. He may be that rare ambidextrous footballer.
  9. CONCACAF Gold Cup Final USA vs. Jamaica. Starting (JAM) Darren Mattocks Starting (USA) Darlington Nagbe Teammates Portland Timbers Teammates Akron Zips 2010 NC Usually good friends, but not tonight.
  10. Jamaica have the best GK in CONCACAF. And they are speedy up top. I do not anticipate a cake walk at all. This will be a tight match. Jamaica are very confident right now. They are better than Costa Rica.
  11. Wow! Since when JLew have a left-footed cross? Spectacular finish by DVilla!
  12. 2017 Zips Representing the USA

    ESPN graded players after match vs. SAL. DarNag rated 7.0, higher than anyone else for either team.
  13. 2017 Zips Representing the USA

    There were countless Nagbe jerseys in the stadium last night.
  14. Which jersey will USMNT don vs. Nicaragua? Which colors?
  15. To Hell with those haters. Mattocks did very well just to partially control that difficult cross with his right foot. Did he intentionally set up the left-footed volley? Probably not. But he obviously adjusted extraordinarily well.