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  1. Caleb Porter

    If I had my druthers, every player would red-shirt and stay 5 years, like Ezana Kahsay.
  2. Yep. I remember. He really did look like a recruit at the time.
  3. Caleb Porter

    You are right on the money, my friend! We. Train. Pros. The MLS and USL is littered with former Zips. And we are not done with that yet. Not by a long shot. That is our calling card. As Kentucky is to NCAA Basketball, Akron is to NCAA Soccer. Emotionally speaking, I want underclassman to stay. I get attached the these guys. And I desperately want to win championships! But it is a good thing for the program, every time a player gets one of those Generation Adidas deals with guaranteed six figures $. Better advertisement for the program is not even for sale, and is therefore priceless!
  4. Caleb Porter

    Maybe. Maybe not.
  5. Caleb Porter

    The eyes of a mad man.
  6. How long before Wil Trapp in Europe somewhere?
  7. NCAA Tournament

    @UAZipster0305 Very good recap. At first blush, I thought Biros kicked the Maryland player in the face. I agreed with the PK decision. Upon watching it a few times now, I am not so certain. That PK definitely altered the match. Yes. Zips must learn to deal with physical and/or direct styles. And they did that for most of the post season. Maryland was very well coached on beating the Zips. Yes. The future is bright as long as Embick is at the helm. He has proven himself. If the Zips keep all their underclassman, we are poised to win the championship in 2019.
  8. https://gocards.com/news/2018/12/11/lolla-resigns-as-louisville-mens-soccer-head-coach.aspx Lolla going to work with Louisville City FC
  9. Caleb Porter

  10. Caleb Porter

    Now official. CP to coach LA Galaxy .
  11. NCAA Tournament

    You are already a fan of World Football? And you are just now coming to Zips? Welcome! But where in Hell have you been?
  12. NCAA Tournament

    Wow. You guys really are new to this. No Big Deal. There are fewer rules in soccer than in other sports. Any infraction in one's own Penalty Area will result in a Penalty Kick by the opposition from the "spot" 12 yards from goal. PK is the vernacular. Our guy kicked their guy in the face, while both were in the Penalty Area. That is (understandably) a foul. Colin Biros did not connect much, but it was enough. I have seen exponentially much worse, some really gruesome stuff. And that kind of stuff is what we all want to avoid. Ref could have let this one go, but he didn't. By the letter of the law, it was the correct call for the Ref to make. BTW, dimensions on Penalty Area, Goal Area, Center Circle and actual Goal are some of the only things that have rigorously standardized dimensions. Field length and width have a general range. Wikpedia is all over this one. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Penalty_area
  13. NCAA Tournament

    Well said, ZipsVoice.