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  1. Serna's left foot is HEAVY! What a thump!
  2. Nagbe and Yedlin were both in good form vs. T&T.
  3. I will stay for women's match. They need to show me (us) something this year! Mediocrity don't fly at Akron!
  4. Shout Out to Tank123!
  5. I heard someone refer to "Downtown Jackson". The weird thing about it is that I knew exactly where they meant: The intersection of Fulton and Wales. Route 241 / Massillon Road / Wales Avenue has changed so much, even in the last 10 years, from East Market Avenue all the way down to Lincolnway.
  6. I remember that match. I remember that day. Wow. Thanks for reminding me of that. I think Steve Frick scored.
  7. 2006?
  8. I am not sure who is responsible for this happening, but adding SIU-E to MSOC is much better than we could have hoped for.
  9. This is a very welcome turn of events for MAC MSOC. SIU-E is a significant upgrade over Buffalo. Zips RPI just shot up! Over the past few seasons, the Cougars have been just as good as Zips, perhaps better. Such cannot be said of other MAC teams, as much as we all want WVU to regain their national prominence. Beginning in 1967, SIU-E has nearly as much American soccer tradition as does Akron. Read. They won the College Cup in 1979, which gives them one star, just as many as some other squad I follow closely. Look at the list of All-American players. Coach Bob Guelker: 216-67-21 .745 - Good enough for Soccer HOF.'s_soccer Buffalo is 215 miles away. Edwardsville is 540 miles away. Hartwick was 445 miles away. NIU is 430 miles away.
  10. Well done, Brad! Make the best of it!
  11. So we have two years before losing MAC automatic bid? No problem.
  12. Well, that will get old.... next century.
  13. I hope you are correct. That would be having the cake and eating it too. For two years.
  14. BG and WVA are not trying to fill one slot at their hosted tournament. Expect a pretty good side to round out that field.
  15. Is there really going to be a MAC Tournament?