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  1. If only I had a dollar for every high school soccer match I have attended.... Best HS match ever was 2005 D2 District Final between arch-rivals CVCA and Walsh, hosted by Twinsburg HS. Among many, many lesser lights playing in that match who also went on to play college ball, Ben Zemanski and Ben Speas for Royals with Michael Nanchoff for Warriors. Nice high school match-up, eh? I must say that Zemanski bossed the match, being the senior of the bunch. Nanchoff and Speas were juniors. I recall learning from Ben's father, Dan Zemanski, during the match that Ben had committed to Akron. And then Royals won in OT! Great match! I have this match recorded on DVD, believe it or not. If you want a copy, we will find a way. Congratulations to Ben Zemanski on a perfectly stellar soccer career! I have watched Ben from afar since his freshman year in high school, maybe earlier. I coached against him, even played against him (indoor). Yes. I enjoy the dubious distinction of having been burnt by multiple generations of Zemanskis. (cough) As he progressed in levels of play, Ben was not always the most talented on the pitch, but he was usually among the smartest players, even on the professional level. He is probably my favorite Royal and my favorite Zip. Remember Caleb Porter referring to BZ as "our beating heart." That is the kind of player Ben was. And now his watch has ended. He will likely soon be terrorizing some over 30 league somewhere. Look out. But the big question: How long before Ben Zemanski matriculates to Zips' bench? (I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.)
  2. DeAndre Yedlin undergoes groin surgery and will likely miss Gold Cup. https://amp.si.com/soccer/2019/05/07/deandre-yedlin-groin-surgery-gold-cup-status-questionable
  3. What percentage capacity tonight vs. DC United? 35%.? Less?
  4. https://gozips.com/news/2019/4/11/akron-mens-soccer-announces-exhibition-scheduling-changes.aspx?path=msoc
  5. Akron Men's Soccer Announces Schedule for 65th Anniversary Campaign. Wow! https://gozips.com/news/2019/4/4/akron-mens-soccer-announces-schedule-for-65th-anniversary-campaign.aspx?path=msoc
  6. I will be there.... to the surprise of no one.
  7. Your Scotty Caldwell inks his (I think) third contract with New England Revolution. And if you don’t know about Scotty Caldwell, you better axe somebody. Right now.
  8. I agree that WT was best Yank . But overall this squad need to be more offensive.
  9. Was it ever cold! 38* (and falling) with a high wind is not comfortable viewing. And I very rarely complain about the weather. After taking it on the chin from two professional squads, Zips were ready to beat on somebody. Youth academy Sigma FC was once again ready to oblige. Zips came out aligned in a 4-3-3. Up top were (left to right) Diogo Pacheco, Will Jackson, David Egbo. That's right: The freshman played Centre Forward. Folks should really come out to see this kid on Saturday April 6th @ 1:00. WilJax is the real deal! He was involved in numerous scores, finishing, assisting etc. I lost count, but all three Forwards were stuffing the stat sheet against an over-matched, younger squad. Did we really score seven goals? Or were one or two of those called back for off-sides? Scoreboard was off. Zips dominated. I cannot see Carlo Ritaccio NOT being 2019 Team Captain. May as well call him captain right now. There is absolutely no doubt of who is in charge of this team on the pitch. I challenge anyone to see this differently. Sit down in front, close to the action. Ritaccio's incessant tactical direction is clearly audible. And his teammates do what he says. He's a natural leader.
  10. Good news! This is very well deserved!
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