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  1. Brad Ruhaak will be on Cleveland SC roster this season. https://clevelandsc.com/club-2/squad/
  2. Cleveland State released their schedule today and will visit Akron on October 10th
  3. Chris Korb re-signs with DC United officially https://www.dcunited.com/post/2017/05/04/united-sign-defender-chris-korb This article was published a month ago and gives more info on Korb's story. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/soccer-insider/wp/2017/04/07/i-would-love-to-repay-them-chris-korb-hopes-to-complete-his-comeback-with-united/?utm_term=.157eb1f31164
  4. Sounds as if Najem is on trial and if so, I do not think it will affect his NCAA eligibility unless he signs a contract.
  5. Pablo Moreira I believe works in the Timbers organization as a coach. I seen the photo too. Sorry to see the USWNT match was cancelled in Honolulu today. Would have been a fine soccer weekend for you.
  6. Conference is the 5th tier. 1-Premier League, 2-Championship, 3-League 1, 4-League 2, 5-Conference Premier, 6-Conference North and South, and so on.
  7. Was looking over Dartford's club, looks as if his brother Tom is on the same squad. It doesn't mention it on Elliot's profile, but does on Tom's.
  8. Darlington Nagbe: A Special Talent with U.S. Aspirations Last December, Nagbe married his college sweetheart and the two are expecting their first child next year. Under U.S. immigration laws, Nagbe will be eligible for American citizenship after three years of marriage (December 15, 2015) provided that he continues to meet residency requirements. “It will mean a lot,” Nagbe said of obtaining his U.S. citizenship in 25 months. “Personally, for my mom, because she moved here so we could get our citizenship and get a great education. Soccer-wise it will make me eligible to play for the United States national team. That’d be great to potentially have a chance to play for them."
  9. Kyle Walker, he has been injured the entire season, but is expected back in a few weeks. Maybe Yedlin will get fast tracked to the squad if Walker is unable to recover in time. I don't know if that would be good or not, but I'm sure Yedlin would be up for the challenge. RB has been a problem for Spurs all season.
  10. Looks familiar. Cristiano Ronaldo PK is saved today after down 1-0, but he converts a second PK later in the first half in the same left side. Keeper dives to his right both times too. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WC5cg7KZuZM
  11. To be honest, it wasn't all that bad of a PK take with power, but it was right in the path of the diving keeper. It would be better, if he placed it in the top of the net where the keeper cannot reach, but that would be world class. Just my opinion, but I bet most right footed players at the college level kick to the left side of the net a majority of the time.
  12. It makes me sick to my stomach to imagine painted football lines on Cub Cadet Field.
  13. DeAndre Speaks on Spurs Switch Probably will be a while until Yedlin is suiting up at White Hart Lane (maybe 2015/16), but I like that he's challenging himself.
  14. Well Caleb Porter has added one more player from Portland to the All-Star team. Recent signing Liam Ridgewell. I can understand Caleb's reason, but Liam definitely does not deserve a selection into the All-Star game. (3 MLS games) http://www.timbers.com/mlsallstar/2014/08/portland-timbers-defender-liam-ridgewell-selected-2014-att-mls-all-star-game
  15. I do not disagree, they are all worthy of being considered for the MLS All Star game, but I think others in the MLS are having far better seasons. I love watching the former Zips and I believe they have the ability to be All-Stars someday. Fullback Seth Sinovic from KC gets my vote. If Porter selects one player from Portland, he should select Diego Valeri. If I'm not selecting Wil Trapp, Osvaldo Alonso might be my choice. As far as forwards, you have to many others that would be ahead of Mattocks based on this current season. Jermain Defoe, Bradley Wright-Phillips, or even Erick Torres.
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