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  1. Many were high on Norrils but he never played. Was there off-field issues? Clearly wasn't a top back? Coaches want "their guys" getting PT? at 500 ards on the season we didn't have our star running back. Surprised he didn't get game reps with the lack of production with Wiley and Price
  2. Help me understand the thumbs down. Doesn't mean anything positive to this 32 year old.
  3. Akron has gotten better each week regardless of what the score finals were. I think their belief they can win is high and will be eager to put BGSU away on homecoming weekend. Zips by 2 scores.
  4. Liberty is favored by 26.5. Can the Zips pull one out?
  5. Whats worse a 52-0 curb stomping (though we thought would be the case) OR that we lost DJ Irons to injury.... Seems like we all feel like our best chance to compete this season is with DJ under center (though some speculated otherwise in pre-season). After seeing Undercuffler take over albeit without first team reps and game time prep, he just didn't look the part. Hoping to see something this week to cling onto to salvage something of a season. Can't State playing respectable in their game doesn't make feel better about getting the WW back this year either. Sorry for sounding like a downer but man I had some hope squashed. Cheering this team on every week regardless. Hope there is some glory to be had.
  6. My Mind: When on Defense: STOP Them! When Offense has Ball: SCORE Repeat. Lol - Lets Go!
  7. Ha. My bad. You can tell how often I place bets.... It's would be up to MSU to cover. Fixed it.
  8. My eternal hope has me rooting to keep it respectable and with the Zips living to see another day: keeps it within 4 to prevent MSU from covering!
  9. WMU FG makes it 13-21 with 49 seconds remaining in 3rd Q
  10. WMU drives down field following fumble recovery and scores. 10-21 8 min remaining in the third.
  11. 21-3 Spartans up on the Broncos at half.
  12. Thankful for the win but man I was having PTSD from the 2010 Overtime loss to Gardner-Webb under Ianello. Man I wish there was just some adjustments to make but we got outplayed. We may just not have the horses. Rough realization.
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