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  1. https://ukathletics.com/news/2021/2/24/mens-soccer-kentucky-to-welcome-akron-on-thursday.aspx Kentucky preview of the game. Game will be available on ESPN+
  2. As Coach Embick mentioned, Kentucky was able to play soccer in the fall. He also mentioned that Kentucky has a 7-1 record. Here are their results: Fall: 1-0 LOSS at Notre Dame 4-2 home win over Duke 3-1 home win over Louisville 2-1 home win in overtime over Central Arkansas 3-1 home win over Mercer 2-0 home win over UAB Spring 2-1 overtime win at home over Xavier 1-0 overtime win on the road against Duke
  3. this does not directly relate to the Kentucky game. However, I had not seen this 5 minute interview with Coach Embick (before the Pittsburgh game) so, I thought that I would post it here...to help all of us become familiar with the new names I admit....after listening to these 2 interviews...I would not feel confident predicting a starting lineup. in the interview below, Coach Embick says that Daniel and Carlo could be the best centerback duo in the country. Also mentions that they are both captains. I was expecting that Carlo and Marco Milanese would be the 2 starting centerbacks? Coach Embick praised Nick Scott and Tonny Temple in first video. I am not sure where they will line up on the field. One thing that I know....is that I have faith in Coach Embick, Ger and Michael Nanchoff to make wise decisions. Go, Zips !!!
  4. Well, we are one day away from the Kentucky game. No one has started this topic yet. I just saw on the soccer facebook page that they had posted a 75 second video with Jared talking about the Kentucky game.
  5. former zip...changing teams https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2021/02/22/nashville-sc-acquire-defender-nick-hinds-seattle-sounders
  6. Monster performance, indeed !! https://www.sounderatheart.com/2021/2/20/22293008/deandre-yedlin-monster-performance-in-galatasaray-win
  7. I will let someone else start the game topic for Kentucky (maybe....Mr. FknBufLobo will have better luck than me) I started this topic....and had to change the title 2 times.... I must have bad karma....go, Zips
  8. https://collegesoccernews.com/exciting-and-very-competitive-mens-college-soccer-contests-are-slated-for-this-weekend/ Akron at Pitt....is the first game....that they highlight
  9. I just googled ACC Network extra and this is what I found: What is ACC Network Extra? ACC Network Extra is a streaming-only option, offered exclusively through WatchESPN and the ESPN app, that airs many of the games not shown on the ACC Network.
  10. on the spring schedule topic, Zip_ME87 posted that the game was showing on the ESPN+ schedule for Feb. 20 on the pitt schedule, it shows as ACC network extra However, on the right of the screen...it shows a link for live stats...and a tv screen link when I click on tv screen, it takes to an ESPN screen and asks me to log in I think if you pay monthly for ESPN+, you should be able to see the game. https://pittsburghpanthers.com/sports/mens-soccer/schedule https://www.espn.com/watch/player?id=725413e4-ebec-40a7-9c22-4bffda33afe4 the zip website has an article on the MAC conference voting https://gozips.com/news/2021/2/16/akron-mens-soccer-selected-to-capture-mac-title.aspx snippet from that article: Akron opens its campaign this week visiting third-rated Pittsburgh on Saturday, Feb. 20. The 3 p.m. contest with the Panthers will be broadcast on ACC Network Extra.
  11. Looks like 3 of the 6 coaches in the MAC predict that Akron will finish first in the league
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