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  1. 2017 Zips Mens Soccer

  2. Uazipster some great observations however, you are giving Ezana credit for the good work done by David Egbo egbo had the great first shot followed up by Niko
  3. 2017 Zips Mens Soccer

    Niko is a class act. Best wishes to him in his future
  4. I will not denigrate this current team. They had a great season and I am very proud of them....and happy for them and the coaches. Joao is a phenomenal top notch talent and will have a long career in the MLS if he chooses to play there However, the 2010 team was phenomenal. Going from memory, I think they had 5 generation adidas signees. I think they had 5 of the 7 first draft picks in the MLS draft a midfield of the phenomenal Perry Kitchen, the sensational Ampai, the clutch Scott Caldwell and Michael Nanchoff all 4 on the back line....have spent many years in the MLS...Kofi, Chris Korb, Chad Barson and Zarek Valentin....I think that Kofi was soccer america's player of the year Darlington and Darren up front... Ben Speas, Reinaldo Brenes, Eric Stevenson on the bench.... I will grant you that I would take Ben Lundt as my GK over David Meves...Again, David did well on PK's against virginia in 2009 and Cal in 2010....and he helped win a national title...so he will always be great in my book.
  5. 2017 Zips Mens Soccer

    credit to the plain dealer for doing a follow up article and being positive http://www.cleveland.com/sports/college/index.ssf/2017/12/akron_soccer_season_a_success.html
  6. 2017 Zips Mens Soccer

    Ben and Nate Brown mentioned in this article... and Jared talks about AN10.... https://www.brotherlygame.com/2017/12/8/16752810/reading-united-college-cup-jelani-pieters-will-campbell-ben-lundt-nate-brown
  7. great to see a former zip on the sideline supporting this year's team
  8. This team went much farther than I expected them to go...I was glad to see Marla Ridenour write about this being a season to savor. https://www.ohio.com/akron/sports/university-of-akron/marla-ridenour-despite-disappointing-finish-ua-mens-soccer-team-banished-demons-turned-season-on-the-brink-into-something-to-savor
  9. The Philly soccer page is really impressing me with some excellent analysis 4 zips mentioned... I love their writeup on Joao http://www.phillysoccerpage.net/2017/12/08/16-players-to-watch-in-the-2017-college-cup/
  10. http://www.cleveland.com/sports/college/index.ssf/2017/12/college_cup_soccer_2017_final.html#incart_river_index
  11. 2017 Zips Mens Soccer

    http://www.gozips.com/news/2017/12/7/mens-soccer-moutinho-garners-first-team-all-america-accolades.aspx this zips article ...has a link that you can see who was selected to the first 3 teams and the zips articles talks about the nanchoffs and the other legendary zips that have made the first team
  12. 2017 Zips Mens Soccer

    first team all american WOW !!!! I have not seen the full list....have just seen the beacon writeup https://www.ohio.com/akron/sports/university-of-akron/zips-joao-moutinho-named-first-team-all-america-in-mens-soccer