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  1. Rutgers improves to 6-0-1 wake forest improves to 3-2-0 with a 3-1 win over Pitt Bowling Green moves up to number 15 in RPI with a 2-0 win over Fla international Fla intl was 4-0-1 before tonight fla intl is number 21 in RPI after their first loss
  2. Excellent substantive comments by both 72roo and Zip_ME87. I hope that Charles Guthrie reads their comments and learns from this huge missed opportunity. On a brighter note, very nice picture.
  3. Before yesterday's game, Akron was #17 in RPI Ohio State was #147 in RPI (only 208 div. 1 teams) after yesterday's no energy effort, the zips are #49 in RPI and Ohio State is #96 Marshall is #13 currently in RPI Next Tuesday....will be a big game
  4. worst half that the zips have played this year. The ball was constantly in Ohio State's half of the field. Score easily could have been 2-0. Will Meyer could not control a ball and it bounced out a few feet in front of goal. Fortunately, the zips were able to clear. Ohio State had several 2 on 2 or 3 vs. 3 opportunities. Zips were always 2 vs 5 or 3 vs 6...no good opportunities at all Ohio State seems to be winning every ball in the midfield Captain Carlo Ritaccio made his first appearance this year at 44:28. Jared used a lot of subs in first half. Hope that the zips can use their fresh legs to win some balls in the midfield.
  5. https://www.ncaa.com/rankings/soccer-men/d1/united-soccer-coaches in this week's coaches poll, the soccer zips moved up from #16 to #7 surprisingly to me, Pitt (#15 last week) moved up to #5 (Pitt lost to Akron and then defeated #2 North Carolina 4-0)
  6. The Mid American conference...gave Will a well deserved honor
  7. Well deserved honor for Will Meyer https://www.topdrawersoccer.com/college-soccer-articles/mens-team-of-the-week:-september-14_aid49865
  8. Portland's assistant coach....is pretty good https://portlandpilots.com/sports/mens-soccer/roster/coaches/ben-zemanski/2067
  9. Good catch i knew that WVA bear the buckeyes 1-0 dont know why I typed a 1 for that team in Columbus
  10. good night for the MAC last night Northern Illinois upset 9th ranked Marquette 3-0 West Virginia 1 Ohio State 0 (WVA led 8-4 in Shots and 8-4 in corners). WVA plays at Marshall on 9/17 Western Michigan 3 Dayton 0 the Georgia teams did not do as well Georgia State lost 2-1 to Belmont Georgia Southern lost 2-1 to North Florida in the MAC game of the day, Bowling Green (3-0-1) hosts the Marshall Thundering Herd at 7 pm
  11. https://www.idsnews.com/article/2021/09/no-9-indiana-mens-soccer-takes-overtime-draw-against-no-16-akron Almost 3,400 fans packed into FirstEnergy Stadium, the largest crowd Indiana has seen this season. “That was an excellent college soccer game. Quality from both sides,” Indiana head coach Todd Yeagley said after the match. “This was a tough environment to play in and we are happy to walk away with a point. Of course, we wanted to get three points, but we are happy with the result.” “I thought both goalkeepers were great tonight. Meyer had two or three phenomenal saves,” Yeagley said. “The save he made in overtime on the shot from Vic, that was phenomenal. Like I said, that was a well-played college soccer match.”
  12. great college soccer game Will Meyer had a huge save in each overtime Will Jackson had his best game as a Zip. Endeley is an absolute beast for the Hoosiers and Jackson battled him all night Jason Shokalook had always been rated slightly lower than Sam Sarver when they were juniors. Shokalook outplayed Sarver tonight Jared and staff made great coaching adjustments at half time Hoosiers were better team in first half. Akron was the better team in 2nd half. Great performance by Wan Kuzri Wan Kamal and Ranato Kauzlaric in the midfield. Playing 2 college cup caliber teams ....without your best defensive midfielder....(Samu) and coming out with a 1-0-1 record is outstanding. It was very nice to see Captain Carlo Ritaccio in uniform. When Carlo comes back, the zips great depth will become even stronger Mailik Henry was a beast in the 2nd overtime. Great coaching decision by Jared to have Malik rested so he could run at tired legs in overtime Very proud of the Zips. playing preseason 2 and 3 in the 3rd week of the season..........great , great week for the Zips, This young team will continue to gel
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