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  1. very good comments from Coach Embick... https://gozips.com/news/2019/9/20/mens-soccer-zips-set-to-battle-marshall.aspx sounds like there will be a fee to watch game from article showdown versus Marshall on Saturday, Sept. 21. The 7 p.m. match will be streamed on Herd Vision (per game fee associated to view) with a link on GoZips.com.
  2. https://herdzone.com/news/2019/9/20/mens-soccer-back-on-the-pitch-as-akron-comes-to-huntington.aspx This Marshall team is much better than their teams in prior years. Marshall has already defeated Butler and S. Carolina. Akron's performance against Pitt was its worst game of the season....by far. The 1-0 score was very misleading. The final could have easily been Pitt 4-0 or Pitt 5-0. Almost, every Akron soccer team seems to suffer a gut punch during the season. In 2015, the zips went to Old Dominion and ODU used the long vertical pass to make Brad and Danilo and the zips backline look slow. The team met as a group after that mauling and came back the next weekend and won at Georgetown and Maryland. That team got stronger during the year and was one penalty kick off the crossbar away from beating the eventual NCAA champ in the college cup semis. Last year's gut punch came during a brutal loss at Northern Illinois. Bad luck plagued the team after that game with games cancelled with Notre Dame and Western Michigan. However, the team found a way to regroup and make a magical run to the NCAA final. The Pitt game was brutal. The zips dropped to 0-5. They were outshot 18-6. Pitt led in corner kicks 11-3. Many people want to blame Tor for all of the problems. Tor had some outstanding saves at Pitt to keep the game from ending up 4-0. The 0-5 record can not be blamed on one player. This team has so much offensive firepower and yet, they have scored 2 goals in 5 games. The Pitt game will hopefully be this team's gut punch and they will get off the mat..... They need to play Akron soccer....work as one unit....the captains need to lead and provide direction. They need to spread the field and move the ball with Akron precision. The talent is there. 7 of the guys started in the magical NCAA run. The newcomers have tremendous talent. However, it is always tough to transition to new teammates. David, Skye, Daniel, and Carlo....and other experienced players need to help Bradley, Will, Federico, Mani and Henrique when the new guys have a need to learn. The coaches were super excited before the season about this team's talent and tremendous depth. The future can be very bright for this team. It will take 110% from every player that steps on the field. Akron has had some great stories in its proud 65 year history. Will 2019 be remembered as a non-NCAA year or will it be remembered as the year that the team recovered from an 0-5 year to win the MAC and have a memorable run in the NCAA's. The talent is there. I believe that this team can and will get off the mat after the Pitt "gut punch".
  3. Tor did have one very bad decision....but he had some super outstanding saves. Pitt was very impressive.....Announcers said that Pitt was up 2-0 on Indiana....before losing 3-2 in double overtime without Strachan's kick save, the screamer off the top of the goal and Tor's excellent work, this could have been a 5-0 final Jared tried everything......Jaden Wright really was active and had great effort. He is very promising. Johnny Fitzgerald brought a great deal of energy at the end of the game
  4. Very lucky not to be down 2-0. good leg save by Tor and fantastic kick save by Daniel Strachan the corners and shots tell an accurate story Jaden Wright came in for Ergbo and Jaden was active.
  5. Looks like Pacheco might have picked up an injury in the past 3 days Not in the starting lineup
  6. Time for the zips to get in the win column Pitt is a deceptive 1-3-1 They started their season with a game against high powered Indiana Indiana won 3-2 in 2 OT's scoring 2 goals against defense minded Indiana is very impressive 2 days later, Pitt was flat and lost 1-0 to Northwestern Pitt then beat Liberty 3-0 3-3 tie with Delaware 2-0 loss to Mighty Wake Forest Pitt can put some goals on the board. Zips need to get the ball in the back of the net I am not sure if the ACC network is available in all parts of the country channel 612 on directv Akron at Pitt will be on ACC network 7 to 9 pm....reaired from midnight to 2 am
  7. https://umterps.com/news/2019/9/13/mens-soccer-24-terps-take-out-akron-1-0.aspx From the Boss "That was a tremendous win for our team. It required a championship effort and I think tonight we got it. We did all the little things you have to do to win a game. I thought our defensive pressure was outstanding, but I also thought we were crisper in possession, particularly in the first half. I was very proud of the way our team played today. That Akron team might be the best 0-4 team in the history of college soccer. They'll be a contender as the year progresses." – Sasho Cirovski
  8. https://umterps.com/news/2019/9/11/mens-soccer-24-maryland-clashes-with-akron-friday-night.aspx
  9. Alicea, Niko's sister was accepted into Boise State one week later, she was diagnosed with cancer. 11 days after the diagnosis, her family had to rush her to the hospital. less than 24 hours after being rushed to the hospital, Alicea had passed away. My heart absolutely breaks for the entire De Vera Family. If you are in a position where you can help (every $25 to $50 will help), please help this family of strong faith in their time of great sorrow. https://www.gofundme.com/f/2dz3m-alicea-de-vera
  10. The Timbers are asking for help for Niko and his family. The Timbers have made a $1,000 donation to the go fund me page I will post a link to the go fund me page
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