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  1. https://aftn.ca/herdman-feels-tfcs-richie-laryea-is-only-going-to-keep-getting-better-as-breakthrough-mls-season-boosts-canada/ Canada national team coach - If you know him off the pitch, he’s just a wonderful human being that provides that foundation. He’s had a tough football story. His year hasn’t been an easy one and that’s where the grit comes from. You’re starting to see in this stage of his career what he really, really can offer. He’s going to keep getting better and that’s Canada’s win. Again, it’s just a wonderful story.”
  2. https://www.siuecougars.com/sports/m-soccer/2019-20/releases/20191109oe0e55 SIU website....agrees with you....that Western Michigan wins a tiebreaker against SIU-E.....due to their tie against the top team in the league
  3. https://torontosun.com/sports/soccer/mls/toronto-fc/simmons-rag-tag-reds-come-together-to-challenge-for-mls-cup DeLeon was out of work, let go by D.C. United. Richie Laryea, a former first-round draft pick, was almost out of soccer, let go by Orlando City. Both now playing significant roles for the Eastern Conference champion Toronto FC. “They didn’t think I was good enough,” said Laryea of Orlando. “You had to take that. It’s a hard thing to accept. They didn’t believe in me and then I came here. When a team stops believing in you, you have to keep believing in yourself. “It’s been a challenge for me and Nick. The clubs we were with — we thought we were there for our careers. You think that way sometimes. You know one team. It’s all you know. It’s all you care about. And then they tell you they don’t want you. That’s heartbreaking.
  4. nice quotes from Brad Guzan and Michael Parkhurst https://www.ajc.com/sports/atlanta-united-will-without-nagbe/WCCVEdja9zJR4V34SiMk9J/
  5. nice quotes from Jeff Larentowicz https://www.ajc.com/sports/atlanta-united-tried-keep-nagbe/iS9ggzdgI7xYzKC6hoBpDO/#
  6. the best press resistant central midfielder in MLS https://mlsmultiplex.com/2019/11/07/columbus-crew-darlington-nagbe-importance-press-resistant-midfielder/
  7. Congratulations to Coach Embick for his 100th win as the zips head coach.
  8. Diogo Pacheco was very good during his time on the field. Definitely man of the match what a scrum......on their near goal.... crossbar was the zips friend tonight David Egbo really worked hard on defense. However, the zips need to figure out a way for David to get the ball more in their half of the field Also, the refereeing for the match was awful. Zips were called 22 fouls vs. 9 for the home team
  9. This is an article from Atlanta paper https://www.ajc.com/sports/atlanta-united-reportedly-trading-nagbe-columbus/e6YdHy4d8JfOUeQwpAOxGK/
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