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  1. Akron is one of 3 schools analyzed in this article.... this supports Clayton Murphy's thought process https://www.sportico.com/2020/leagues/college-sports/maybe-colleges-should-be-adding-sports-not-dropping-them-1234608297/
  2. https://www.beaconjournal.com/sports/20200630/olympian-clayton-murphy-says-uarsquos-handling-of-eliminated-sports-damaged-reputation-relationship-with-donors
  3. Very powerful letter. Mr. Maloney correctly points out that Williams and Miller have not been around long enough to appreciate the history and achievements of Akron track and field. https://www.si.com/college/video/2020/05/26/uconn-football-program-failures this article about UConn football....could just as easily apply to Akron football. I know that Williams was not around when the Infocision decision was made. George Van Horne was part of the athletic department leadership team at that time. The gridiron at all costs mentality of the last 10-15 years has really hurt other UA sports . It is time for those involved in the Football at all cost decision....to pay the price. Men's soccer, mens basketball, track and field and swimming could be even better with better support and leadership from the Athletic department leadership. Portion of the article about UConn.......(feel free to substitute Akron athletic dept leadership and Akron when they give name of AD and Akron when whey they use UConn) The nine years since then, they've been terrible. They have made bad coaching hires, they have agreed to ridiculous contracts. And I want to see the athletic director, David Benedict, on the day in June when he has to stand up there and tell a bunch of sports, "You no longer exist," take the fall for coming up with a contract for football coach Randy Edsall that includes bonuses for scoring first for having a better red zone, scoring percentage for leading at halftime and other completely useless means to put more money in the football coach's wallet. They built facilities, they got into the arms race when football was never a sustainable, long-term, big time sport at UConn. And now a bunch of athletes and non-revenue sports are going to pay the price for it. We'll see how many, but I feel sorry for those kids, and I hope the athletic administrators and everyone who runs UConn takes the proper fall when it happens.
  4. https://www.massivereport.com/2020/6/22/21298005/darlington-nagbe-looking-forward-to-more-games-with-the-crew
  5. for 2020....yes......as there are currently 6 teams (UA, WVU, SIU-E, WMU, BGSU and NIU) when SIU-E leaves for the cupcake league, the MAC will drop below the required 6 let's just hope that we have a college soccer season. Covid does not want to go away
  6. womens lacrosse- Johns Hopkins Mens Hockey- Notre Dame
  7. Blue and Gold, thank you much for posting his blog entry. It is shameful that Akron gridiron is so badly impacting successful programs like Akron Track and Field and Akron Men's soccer.
  8. the MVC is a pretty weak league for soccer. SIU-E will stand a much better chance of getting into the NCAA. Akron, West Virginia and Western Michigan are all consistently stronger than the 5 teams that SIU-E will join in the MVC. Easier travel schedule as well for SIU-E...and better rivalries. The addition of SIUE increases MVC men's soccer membership to six teams. Current men's soccer league members include: Bradley University, Drake University, the University of Evansville, Loyola University, and Missouri State University.
  9. if you click on the picture with the text, Darlington did an excellent writeup Love to Darlington and his family
  10. Sad times...when DeAndre's grandfather is glad that DeAndre does not currently live in the US https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/06/02/usmnt-defender-deandre-yedlin-all-were-asking-were-seen-equal
  11. very cool......please go away...corona virus....so we can have a season PLEASE !!!
  12. Top Drawer Soccer is now showing that this young man....has committed to the Air Force Academy for fall 2020. College Soccer news also did not list this young man as a zip recruit when they listed the zips as having one of the best 2020 recruiting classes.
  13. https://canpl.ca/article/richie-laryea-on-onesoccer-hangout-breaking-through-with-canmnt-importance-of-cpl
  14. a truly great ZIP https://gozips.com/sports/2020/4/20/in-their-own-words-zarek-valentin-alumni-postcard.aspx
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