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  1. The team is still crap and Arth needs to go
  2. I had ish to do today so I didn't see a minute of the game. Based off the stats it looks like Gibson came to play and the Defense never showed up
  3. Laugh now Its funny when im proven right folks on here write it off and then tell me to pipe down
  4. My take: I don't credit Arth for a damn thing yesterday Arth and the staff did NOT win that game Kato going down AGAIN and Arth having no choice but to play Zach Gibson won that game. Zach Gibson's play lifted that team in the 2nd half. If Kato played the 2nd half we would a got blown out. Our Defense can play when not having to get back out there after continuous 3 and outs and short fields by the offense. Coming into yesterday Our Defense has always been gassed due to our lack of offense.
  5. 177 YDS, 3 TDS in the 2nd Half A New 330 Star is Born
  6. Can we have Zach Gibson punt the ball too.
  7. Arth should donate his remaining 2021 salary to Bowling Green's Defense for knocking out Kato and Zach Gibson coming in and saving his ass.
  8. it's amazing how a QB can basically change the mood of a team.
  9. And he should never put it back on
  10. Zach Gibson should a been under center week 1.
  11. That FG block was clean Dunno what Mr Arth is upset about
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