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  1. Hey this is exactly why this forum is dead most of the time like football attendance Yall rather be a bunch of yes men continuing to be blind to reality looking down on anyone who has an objective opinion. Enjoy
  2. Producing the first winless FBS team since UTEP in 2017 is not a failure? Good lord i give up
  3. 70 percent of Akron’s sports budget comes from student tuition fees Akron’s total enrollment, the $24.3 million subsidy amounted to $1,359 per student. So you are really sitting here defending less than 30% of $$$ coming from conference and tv contracts. And FYI you can thank football for this (NCAA Finances)
  4. How about you provide receipts to back up those alleged facts
  5. The problem is We financially cannot afford "Potential" We cannot afford the risk. As a result now, if he continues to fail we may no longer have D1 Football
  6. You really attacking soccer? The one sport people actually show up on campus to see consistently The 9 best places to watch college soccer, according to fans
  7. Hey im not batting .1000 but damn sure have been a .300 hitter on here
  8. Your mentality of questioning people who give a damn is why UA is as jacked up as it is now. Oh how dare I give a damn Defenders of mediocrity need to go. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM
  9. When your biggest cash burner is Football with all the custom jerseys, gold helmets and we do this BS And the end result is Akron Football deserves all the smoke they are getting especially from those and supporters of the cut programs. The Leadership has been an utter disgrace. Our interim president back then look like he was in his own Pandemic in 2018
  10. A conference with a commish that gives a damn
  11. At this point if I tossed Akron $5 mil they would find a way to mismanage it The problem is not $$$ Never has been
  12. Exactly why i hate that shitty conference Content with the culture of being mediocre
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