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  1. Surprised none of you Arth disciples haven't updated the wiki page yet to include his 1 win good pix
  2. Yeh and you go ahead and continue on defending a pile of S-H-I-T
  3. Yes we definitely have a better stadium and field house but lets not act like Akron's weather is any better than Buffalo. Both cities have shitty weather and Akron is literally surrounded by orange construction cones and a condemned expressway (MLK).
  4. I cosign 100% with what @Zippy1986 said. I totally understand rebuilding but there is NO EXCUSE for going 0-16. NONE If you can't coach up a team to get at-least 1 win in the MAC = you don't deserve to be a $500k Coach I honestly believe Youngstown State would a kicked our ass.
  5. BOWDEN WON GAMES Guess you forgot about that
  6. Been said on here multiple times I would hire that HS coach down the street who established a Dynasty at Hoban. A HS coach is all we can basically afford right now anyway And spare me the depleted roster bullshit. When will yall hold a coach accountable for the players they put on the field. Yall act like the MAC is the Big Ten conference and we are out of our element blessed to play in it. We should be able to compete with MAC teams vs getting our ass kicked every game. We are literally a DII team out there and its sad that many of you are basically perfectly fine with being an embarrassment.
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