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  1. Bowden won games By this time every season under Bowden we had a chance to become Bowl eligible. Until Arth wins a game, he is not even in the conversation with Bowden.
  2. Gets even more hilarious and sad each time I read it
  3. After today I am convinced that if you handed Arth Ohio State he would find a way to uck it up. Like Freddie Kitchens Arth is not a Head Coach. Not on the D1 Level. His overall D1 record is 9-22 (9–13 at Chattanooga)
  4. Akron gained a total of 3 yards in the 3rd quarter
  5. Akron has 21 rushing attempts for 20 yards.
  6. If we drop to DII the football program will NEVER get another dime from me
  7. FYI Tom Arth will earn $500k before bonuses this year.
  8. The discrimination aspect of this case is BS and the kid will need a prayer to prove that in court. But for Groce and his staff to allow a kid to leave the scene with his extent of injuries is gross negligence that puts the program and university in a bad light and will greatly negatively effect recruiting. No way in hell I'm sending my son in that environment. Clean House
  9. Also Bowden on the verge of upsetting Michigan We had a shot'
  10. Brookhart upsetting NC State on a last second TD run by Kennedy also warranting a live interview on ESPN that Monday is a unforgettable moment
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