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  1. Yeh lets blame the rich black guy while ignoring everyone else involved.
  2. College Football Edition
  3. True but Kentucky is not a financial wreck compared to UA
  4. So because I spoke reality you respond like a hurt little bitch? Talk about miserable, everything you said mirrors yourself
  5. Unofficial Financial Death Penalty Akron may not survive
  6. Some of you can go too CLEAN HOUSE
  7. More like yall are sheep to whatever the MAC serves you on a cheap platter Want to impress me, criticize the MAC for once Criticize the leadership of Zips athletics for once instead of defending any criticism period
  8. Who would want to offer us anything when we have a bunch of naive homers who always believes everything is perfectly fine. The responses on this forum speak for themselves
  9. Jesus Christ are yall really that naive? smh
  10. This is exactly what happens when we defend being in a mediocre at best conference who gives us absolutely nothing and we don't shake the table for change Take a bow. The end is near
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