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  1. NCAA money. https://amp.usatoday.com/amp/5038279002
  2. It may be difficult to grant another year because they played a full season? so what! Grant them another year.
  3. there are going to be a lot of busy lawyers?Scholarships are contracts the coaches are under contract.Who will they crown the actual tournament champions?Etc.Coaches and staff get Bonuses who gets bonus money?The NCAA has make a decision?
  4. The NCAA is considering granting seniors who want to stay another year of eligibility and they(NCAA)might foot the bill for the extra scholarship.Because of the unprecedented event.Stat tuned
  5. Always something.The future definitely looks bright for AKRON basketball?&we went out on top!
  6. Did they cancel the NCAA basketball tournament?
  7. The Big Ten just canceled its tournament.
  8. Postpone the tournament don’t canceled it if they can schools not out until may or June?
  9. A Utah Jazz player tested positive for the Coronavirus. the zips had a great season but it’s time to shut it down no matter what anyone thinks.
  10. The NBA just suspended the season?
  11. Will the summer Olympics Implement this Strategy?
  12. https://fortune.com/2020/03/04/coronavirus-global-businesses-wave-lawsuits/amp/ Google it! #facts
  13. Strict Liability tort law strict liability. Strict, or “absolute,” liability applies to cases where responsibility for an injury can be imposed on the wrongdoer without proof of negligence or direct fault. What matters is that an action occurred and resulted in the eventual injury of another person. Defective product cases are prime examples of when liability is maintained despite intent. In lawsuits such as these, the injured consumer only has to establish that their injuries were directly caused by the product in question in order to have the law on their side. The fact that the company did not “intend” for the consumer to be injured is not a factor.
  14. Right right I think they ran it by a law firm or two the more people that become sick the more you will be sued. it’s a liability situation.
  15. Athletes coaches announcers facility’s staff & hot dog Vendors are Exempt from Coronavirus?We can’t go about daily operations as we did a couple of months ago?Safety first!
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