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  1. Chris Bassitt, is the opening day pitcher for the A’s.
  2. Clark,I conducted autopsy and found the cause of death to be the MAC. What’s worse than death?
  3. IDK,If Eastern Kentucky,Hampton ,and NC A&T, can move up and on to better conference’s then Akron should at least apply and see if they’ll be accepted.(Let the powers that be tell us no.) Larry Williams couldn’t help Akron. So Akron is looking for someone who can.
  4. They’re replacement teams.Some power 5 schools said no thank you to the NIT.
  5. But what conference? Hey Clark, the American Athletic Conference might be a good fit? They have football basketball soccer ect.
  6. Buffalo lost because their bench didn’t score a single point.The MAC has turned into the whom ever burns out first league.
  7. Maybe the new AD can get Akron into a better conference? Also I think the power 5 transfers were thrown off by the MAC’s long bus rides.
  8. Jerron Coleman, could have been considered for POY if he wasn’t plagued by injuries.
  9. Enrique Freeman, is better than Josh Mballa. Jayvon Graves should have been a first team pick.
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