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  1. The 2021 Akron football schedule is out & it looks brutal?
  2. KD should have been let go after the 2012-13 season.The loss to NW in the NIT proved he hit the celling.
  3. Hey Clark, did a walk-on have more production then Trimble&Dailey again?
  4. My bad.Its hard to keep up with all the transfers?l’m burned out. I’ve been around since Mike Razor started this post.
  5. Trimble had 7 points 2 assists in 23 minutes in street clothes?
  6. With the way Buffalo was throttled by BSU,MAC East football is a Monstrosity?Buffalo was ranked in the top 25? & had Heisman candidate?how? I think the zips know what and who they are?and can build?Buffalo and the rest of the MAC East don’t have a clue with what talent they have (no way to gauge?)I guess in the end it all comes out in the wash?& it’s all relative?Give Tom Arth all the time he needs?
  7. Don’t forget Jermaine Marshall has been limited to nearly a month of practice & just arrived on campus?
  8. right.There production was much better against Cedarville?Dailey is a senior? I”ll be patient because we have more transfers than western union?
  9. Trimble and Dailey weren’t as productive as a walk on?They came from big time programs?Dailey played with Luka Garza?
  10. Has kato Nelson left? It seems like it really doesn’t matter unless your a Relevant big power 5 team?OSU didn’t play the minimum games to qualify for there League championship or a bowl, and yet they still got waved in? So you can win them all in the MAC or lose them all? The whole BIG 10 came back just so OSU could make more money during COVID-19?Give Tom Arth all the time he needs?
  11. Let’s hope not.Very strange year 3&3 will get a bowl bid?
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