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  1. Buchtel field photo was taken 1934
  2. The season is mercifully over. Arth isn't going anywhere. Unfortunately he has to start rock bottom and build up. Bringing in the kids that fit his philosophy of a successful program. It really comes down to recruiting. Obviously needs to bring in bigger better talent than what TB left him. I believe it will take 3-5 years to get us bowl game worthy again. As long as we see improvement next year by at least being competitive and a few wins would be nice, we need to give Arth a chance. Most all positions need to be addressed especially in the trenches and a much needed running game.
  3. OU goes to low level bowl games every year, but has yet won a MAC championship under Uncle Solich
  4. Throw away season. Tough to be positive and patient right now. Hopefully he can get his recruits the next couple years and turn this around.
  5. Would we be this bad if Bowden was still here? I realize last years 4-8 wasn't great, but I'll take it now.
  6. Winning would help put butts in the seats. Nice we won a MAC championship in 2005, and been in a couple bowl games, but that's been about it We have not developed a winning tradition over the years which causes apathy and hurts attendance.
  7. Lets win games first before we get all excited about the turnover pencil.
  8. Spongebob episode had the pencil. Doodlebob character
  9. Its all about recruiting. We need to give Arth a chance to bring his recruits in. It usually takes 3-5 years to build a successful program. Why is OSU good every year? because they get the best recruits every year. Arth is known to be a good recruiter, born and raised in NE Ohio. Hopefully he can get some good talent from our area. We are going to have to be patient.
  10. Good Hire. Young local guy who grew up and played in Northeast Ohio. Should be able to recruit. Zips needed a young energetic coach to hopefully take us to the next level of competing yearly for MAC championships.
  11. 2005 MAC Championship with JD Brookhart was the best accomplishment the program made. Bowl games are nice but MAC champions should always be the greatest goal.
  12. If Arth can recruit well in Tennessee. He should do well here in his hometown. Its all about recruiting to have a successful program.
  13. Thanks Coach Bowden. A good guy who came up short on wins. Hope the best for him and god bless.
  14. If Bowden does come back next year, he will need to shake up the offensive coaching staff with a new system and OC. If he is loyal to Milwee, maybe he can stay as the QB coach but not the play caller. We obviously need to get a running game going to take pressure off our quarterbacks and keep defenses guessing. Bowden has gotten us to couple bowl games, a MAC east championship, and some wins over bigger programs. I say give him next year to finish his contract out and see what happens.
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