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  1. 2017/2018 End of Season Thoughts

    I think De La Rosa is a punk. What happened at the end of the half at Kent and after the Zips beat them at the JAR proves it.
  2. 2017/2018 End of Season Thoughts

    I'm right with ya on this. I'd like to thank Malcolm personally for (whatever reason - how DID Groce get him to come here???) his massive contribution to this years team. His calmness during games helped this young team tremendously. I'd hate to think of this years team playing a couple more frosh in place of Malcolm. I hope his decision to play for the Zips is compensated by allowing him to get his Masters from Akron.
  3. I was able to attend the "Talk with the Coach" Friday at the JAR prior to the victory over Kent and ended up talking with UG for a bit. I'm 6'2" (prob 6'3" with shoes) and found myself looking up to UG. I'd have to say he's at least 6'4". It prompted me to check the roster as I didn't remember him being listed that tall and it has him at 6'1". Now 6'4" (or 5") is a fantastic size for an NFL linebacker - don't ya think?
  4. Game 31—@WMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 1]

    Amazing! Has this team come together or what? I am so impressed with what's happened over the last six weeks or so.
  5. Game 7—App State Mountaineers

    She is an Akron area girl, Jackie Windom (spelling?). I have officiated basketball games with her although I don't know if she still has time to ref. She does a very good job with the mike and on the court.
  6. Game 6—IPFW Mastodons

    My son in law works for a small D3 college in Mich and his highlight so far this school year is being the person to choose the new T-shirt cannon. He got to play with several!
  7. Big Dog playing professional ball?

    Isaiah was at the mens game Wed evening also. Hope something comes together soon for him.
  8. Game 1—@Penn State Nittany Lions

    I thought TW's behavior was detrimental to the team. The QB position on almost every team is the leader and in a leader you want them to be emotionally steady, not one who is up or down because of adversity. or good fortune. As a senior, where's the maturity? His ranting, shown often on TV, was not the actions of a mature leader. The offense is keying on the QB to lead them no matter the situation. I'm just a fan, not someone who has an inside line on team goings on. I'm definitely looking forward to this season and hoping for an improved team free from numerous injuries. I do keep up on team discussion here for both FB and BB. Thanks to all who contribute and I really enjoy the different viewpoints.
  9. Zips @ #12 Creighton Bluejays

    I just set to record this game on TWC on Ch 328 - fxsp2, I don't have a top tier package, just 1 step up from basic.
  10. Diamond Head Classic - South Carolina

    Dru Joyce????? Are you f===ing kidding me??? I certainly hope there's not a chance in the world.
  11. Diamond Head Classic - South Carolina

    Seems like Kretzer isn't fully recovered from back surgery as he moves slowly and can't jump much. Maybe he would have been better off taking more time for recovery - like a year off. Poor losses in their last two games are sure to have repercussions at tourney decision time but a strong MAC season will go a long way towards making us all feel better. KD will get this team headed in the right direction soon. Lots of team chemistry just isn't there yet. By mid-season hopefully some of these first year players will be able to contribute. Trying to replace an entire backcourt isn't easy. Lets see how they respond this Sat.