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  1. Pretty favorable view of Gibson on hustlebelt. https://www.hustlebelt.com/2019/9/28/20889054/akron-zips-umass-minutemen-football-game-recap-stats-scores-sept-28-2019
  2. It was a pleasure to Mr and Mrs Captain Kangaroo. Did not know who would win going in. You guys can give us some payback on Dec 30th. We are young and found out Buggs is not a true pg but think the other positions are good. Will see and thanks for doing both Basketball and Football. Wish we could do the same with more MAC teams. Football wise we have a good number on the schedule. Hope things improve for you all, especially two years from now after the return game.. Will see if I can make the trip next year. Again if there is no pain, then there is no emotion. In that regard pain is good and things will eventually get better (Got to be optimistic as I've already made friends with the abyss after the SIU game.). You did replace the rubber bowl, just need some good luck.
  3. FYI, Six players suspended and two transfer so it will be a battle of the last one standing. (Includes the kicker, QB West, tight end and starting DT that is indefinite suspended.) https://www.gazettenet.com/UMass-football-suspends-six-players-for-violation-of-team-rules-28887845
  4. Check NESN National on delay 5:30 PM EST on AT&T U-Verse, see Ohio cities listed. https://nesn.com/about-nesn-national/
  5. Hi Captain, Put together a visitors guide a few years ago and have made some updates. This is a link to the hospitality group and tripadviser etc. Will be in lot 11 and a friend will have a WHITE UMass flag up. Stop by and visit, but be early as we'll leave for the Commonwealth Club* a bit early. *Need to update the map with the stadium improvements as the Commonwealth Club has been moved to the new plaza at the south end of the stadium. https://csnbbs.com/thread-818378.html
  6. Akron @ UMass game time and TV info. Sat., Sept. 28 • Akron • 3:30 p.m. • FloFootball.com • NESN (tape delay at 5:30 p.m.) TIME WARNER CABLE, AKRON, OH, 342. TIME WARNER CABLE, CINCINNATI, OH, 342. TIME WARNER CABLE ... https://nesn.com/about-nesn-national/ https://umassathletics.com/news/2019/8/5/umass-announces-football-broadcast-partnership-with-flosports-nesn-home-game-kickoff-times.aspx
  7. Looks like we/UMass BB will be playing a game at Akron. From our AD. Ryan Bamford‏Verified account @UMassADBamford FollowingFollowing @UMassADBamford Ryan Bamford Retweeted Curry Hicks Sage I’ll save you the suspense...at Akron, at Harvard and home vs Maine are other three for 13 total. Non-conf schedule with dates coming by week’s end. extra detail: #FightMassachusetts‏ @FightMA247 2h2 hours ago #FightMassachusetts Retweeted Ryan Bamford H+H with Akron was another set that came in conjunction with a football series. The gridiron games start this year as well with #UMass hosting. #Minutemen hoop should host Akron next season or the year after to complete that H+H
  8. Won't know for sure until the end of August for the UMass game. All games have bee televised in the past seasons and would expect that to continue. Generally games start at 3PM in the Saturdays before daylight savings time. TV has been on NESN and NESNPlus. Since there is no Red Sox game on the 28th, there is a good chance it will be on NESN National and also available from the UMassAthletics site. Here is visiting guide and the new Video Boards, sound system, south end hospitality plaza, bathrooms and perhaps some ADA stuff as handrails and ADA access on the new* visitors side. * They switched the home side for the cameras, but switched us back this year. https://csnbbs.com/thread-818378.html Looks like an At Akron BB game this season and will post on the other board.
  9. For those 50 or so visitors, here is a link on Visiting UMass Travel Guide: https://csnbbs.com/thread-818378.html You'd be please to hear that construction has started on the new bathrooms,. FYI construction has started on indoor practice facility plus the new video boards and hospitality plaza should be completed as well.
  10. Did not see a future schedulers thread but this is both Football and Basketball, but starts in 2019.
  11. Let us know if you hear anything as there is a hint that this could be packaged with a few football games.
  12. Not going to start a new thread, but during our AD Ryan Bamfords Q & A on facebook, mention we have a future Basketball home and home series. Said some complementary things about Akron in regards to the MAC. Also noted we will be independent through 2021 as the schedule will be complete soon. It's an hour long and towards the end. See 41 minute mark and sounded like years 2020-2021 Interesting in the Boston Herald article talks about being independent and this quote. Notice the bolded text and note ruling out the MAC down the road, like 6 years or near the end of the present TV Media contract with ESPN.
  13. We have a fee boards and there are at least 2 threads and articles on 247Psorts. Here is one thread. One of two Akron related threads and stories
  14. Any of you Zips making it to Gillette? (UMassfan) Zipmeister, I'm a board member and 1k could come in handy.
  15. Hope you guys win the rematch from 2008 with Travis Ford. UMass fan here and while he helped us, he never talked about UMass basketball, just basketball. He has an abrasive style as you can see from this clip. http://www.news9.com/Global/category.asp?C...;clipId=3429090
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