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  1. Didn't realize Keith Dambrot was still drawing up bad plays for us. What a disappointing end to that one.
  2. What a disaster. This is a Swiss cheese defense that allows nearly 80 pts per game... And we can't seem to score on them.
  3. Talked to Nyles personally and here's what he had to say going further: LINK
  4. No talking about KD or comparing him in this thread. Only in a special designated thread. đź‘Ť
  5. No need to get triggered over a fair point. You Dambrot apologists never give up, do you?
  6. That was definitely a Dambrot Zips free throw performance... But it was a Groce Zips strategy. The future is bright.
  7. Both the illegal formation and the missed pass interference calls were egregious. Funny how we rarely get these sort of game-changing calls.
  8. The definition of insanity? People on this thread that are apologists for Dambrot. It's great that we make it and yes he's built this program...but we lose the same way in big games every year. He needs better staff around him or needs to reevaluate his predictable game plans.
  9. I'll be there as well. Looking forward to taking over KC!
  10. Everyone who defends the refs tonight should have their heads checked. You all have no credibility as zips fans.
  11. The refs let the teams play?! I'll say that the game was better, but the stupid no touch fouls were there and called against both teams. That kind of crap ruins the entertainment of the game. Still, definitely better than most games, but hardly a perfectly officiated game (are they ever?).
  12. Exaggerated a bit, but less than you made it sound lol
  13. Sorry not all of us have 100k a year jobs (yet :-) ) and/or low standards. Also, agreed. Wilbert's won me over before Tribe games. That place is hoppin' from 5-7 on summer evenings.
  14. As usual, the official bar for the Zips in Cleveland is a massive letdown (no one under 21? What were they thinking?!) so I'm just giving everyone a heads up that a sizeable group of alumni and current Rowdies will be at Wilbert's prior to the game. The owner has been Zips-friendly for years and as always they have awesome deals ($2 all domestic bottles, $3 bombs, etc.) and probably the best beef brisket and BBQ ribs downtown. So if you're sick of being squished into the Winking Lizard or just can't get in, feel free to cross the street and join our unofficial party. 812 Huron Rd E, Cleveland, OH 44115
  15. There were a few older people in the student section down low for the Can't game that are alumni that just sat down there for the big game. I was one of them. I've been to most of the games this year sitting in my season ticket seats, but due to witnessing some pitiful student output/turnout recently, I figured I'd help out. I'm sure the other guys felt the same and hell, maybe we all just want to relive our glory days... sorry! But seriously...to be honest, there ARE some serious issues with passing the torch. I don't think it's entirely the new leadership's fault, but partially the University. In the past there were some seriously rowdy people that would push the boundaries at games, and now everyone pretty much falls into line and is terrified of the faculty who they report to. I think the group has been essentially neutered by a few people who don't really understand the point of the group and/or don't have any sense of humor. Maybe somebody with some balls needs to be elected into Rowdies leadership or something, but currently I feel like there is no camaraderie and edge to the group. I also agree with the comment that we as fans need to stop blaming others and just lead by example. I don't know about you guys, but when others are sitting on their hands around me, I'm always vocal, loud, and chanting along. You do it enough and by the end of the game the others will start following. If you're on this site then you're likely a serious fan and a leader...so act like one!
  16. The two things that will tell us most about how good we will be next year: When... A ) Pohl transfers out B ) Bowden fires our OC If neither of those things happen, we will stink.
  17. Q did pretty much nothing wrong and he was suspended for an entire season. From the way this sounds so far, Tree did at least something wrong (I know, very little info out there)... so I wouldn't get any hopes up for Tree making a return.
  18. One of the worst QB performances in Akron history. Embarrassing normally, but far worse when we have a better veteran QB healthy on the bench.
  19. If someone posted "Fire Bowden" I don't know if i'd disagree at this exact moment.
  20. This is pitiful. Outcoached, outhustled, outsmarted
  21. Amani Davis shouldn't be allowed in same state when we are returning a punt, let alone actually be on the field. How does this guy keep working his way onto special teams?
  22. We gotta stop hitting the guy with the skirt... that's not allowed anymore.
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