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  1. Terry's next endeavor

    I was replying that he said something about teaching a class or something...I thought I missed something somewhere that said he was going to teach a class...hence why I was confused
  2. Welcome Tom Arth!

    I hope to be back on board...
  3. Welcome Tom Arth!

    I hope the hopefuls are correct...right now I'm the apathetic . Please make me eat crow Tom Arth. PLEASE make me eat crow...
  4. Possible Candidates

    Hope my initial gut reaction is wrong.
  5. Possible Candidates

  6. Possible Candidates

    (shrug) There seems to be a lot of people excited about some guy who had success at some D-III college.
  7. Possible Candidates

    Fair enough. This is my first coaching change I've had to follow beyond Ianello -> so I was expecting something more...exciting...
  8. Possible Candidates

    Bowden was 140-62 before coming to Akron... and 5-7 was a solid turnaround from 1-11. I'm just saying I don't get the Hype on Tom Arth. And if people don't like him at UTC, why should we like the idea of getting him here?
  9. Possible Candidates

    If Tom Arth is hired as coach of the Akron Zips, I'm done. That hire would give me 0 confidence in the future of the program. At least Terry had winning seasons at Northern Alabama and had the Bowden name...
  10. Possible Candidates

    WTF is this response? Riveting stuff.
  11. Critiquing Coach Bowden

    The NCAA isn't interested in parity, only the illusion of parity. The only thing that matters is $$$$$$$, plain and simple. The only thing that will change the focus on $$$$$$ is that a P5 school, with considerable success and $$$$ feels like it's getting cheated and lobbies hard for a change.
  12. Possible Candidates

    Why is this particularly interesting? 9-13 record at UT Chattanooga...
  13. Terry's next endeavor

    What now?
  14. Possible Candidates

    When was Cleveland's Population 1,000,000!? 1960s?
  15. Possible Candidates

    Yes but you should also be prepared for the out-of-nowhere coaching candidates that might express an interest in the job after it is announced which is something you cannot plan for. After Ianello was fired, I doubt anyone thought Bowden would end up as the next football coach of Akron.