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  1. Game 24- CMU

    The game was at 2:00...who the hell goes to a Zips basketball game at 2:00 in the afternoon... Yes attendance is down this year...but for god sake to pretend like Saturday 2:00 games were packed houses before.
  2. 2018 Feb National Signing Day

    This pumped me up for some reason. LOVE THAT!!
  3. Game 11—Bobcats @ Zips

    I was meaning this year...they mentioned it on the show at the time when OU used it, I was just relaying what the talking-heads on ESPN radio were musing about lol
  4. Game 11—Bobcats @ Zips

    Mike-and-mike (which is now Golek and Lingo? or whatever...) I heard mentioned how it was first used by Ohio University this year...and then everyone played copycat. At least that's what he said on Monday after the superbowl, kinda cool call out for sure.
  5. 2018 Feb National Signing Day

    Seems like the Zips have lots of potential at the RB position. Why does the tweet say "four" new players when the graphic very clearly has five?
  6. 2018 Recruiting

    And here I was thinking our recruiting sucked... And yet, with our diamonds, we went to the MAC Championship game.
  7. Bobblehead Nights

    Those coasters are pretty sweet. I'll need to make sure I pick mine up. Once-upon-a-time we were guaranteed bobbleheads too. Not that I need anymore of those dear god, do more stuff like the coasters Athletics department...
  8. 2018 Commitment List

    I'm actually shocked the responses I get from Zips players on Twitter...but they grew-up with twitter where we didn't so it must be different to them.
  9. Five-Star Fridays

    Thanks for substance.
  10. Five-Star Fridays

    Most aren't though, which is what I outlined as a concern above. Most every student I knew had classes M-F. So I suppose it's a push. But here's another angle: UA is limiting the opportunity to choose. One of my students who's graduating and going to Akron in the fall I've been helping/giving advice to; was shocked to hear that there would not be Friday classes next year...and didn't feel confident that not having Friday classes would be good for them. He said, she said, I know. I just don't feel as if this is a move meant for students. They'll use students and "community and professional" as a PC shield, when in reality it's some type of move designed to save money in some way, while actually denying students the opportunity of choice.
  11. Five-Star Fridays

    I will conceed that perhaps there's been a whole-sale change in when laboratories are offered I rarely had one on a Friday, and I took labs in physics, chemistry, biology and geology. The only ones I had on a Friday was a summer course (which was every day), and Genetics which met Friday morning (which had another section that I couldn't take because it conflicted with the other labs for other science courses). But I don't agree with you, I don't believe most programs are structured that way at UA. Pulling up the Chem Labs via the master schedule right now of labs that meet on Fridays: General Organic/Biochem II: 4/11 (all non-friday aren't evening and are in prime times for other classes on a M-Th schedule, hence my concern) Chem I: 0/3 (the two that aren't evening are in prime times for classes on a M-Th schedule, hence my concern) Qualitative Analysis: 0/9 (this is a twice a week class) OChem II: 0/5 (twice/three times a week) Advanced Chem lab: 0/1 So in the Chem Laboratories offered at UA in the Spring 4/29 (13%) have one on a Friday, and the majority of those during weekdays are during "prime-times" hence my vocied concern. And if you're taking classes, with multiples labs, from even multiple departments...good luck fitting them if it looks anything like the Chem department's. (hint: it does; that's the reality I lived for 5-years at UA...delicately making/planning schedules so that I could actually take the classes I needed when I needed to). I worked on campus for two-ish years signing freshman up for classes in science. It is, by no means, organized the way you imply it is.
  12. Five-Star Fridays

    I'm not. I'm the guy who says it has to be more complicated than simply stating "the sky is blue" as a fact, and there must be an explanation for why we perceive it that way. I'm just not as easily convinced as apparently other people are, that this is a good idea, and expressing it. My lengthy response was because someone wanted to try say that I'm not consistent/hypocritical. Which I'm not. The length of the class 25-30 min longer isn't the issue. It's the time slots that are. Because you're then going to have less options, less flexibility, less physical time to schedule certain classes because their now longer. There's now greater chance that one-time long commitment classes will overlap with the 3-credit (but now 25-30 min longer) classes. I do care about UA. And "unique" moves like this make me worry that UA will not be viewed as a reputable-institution and revert to that "Hill-Top-High" view of the general public. But w/e...I'm a badguy for voicing concern...guess I should just fall in line and blindly accept whatever's thrown against the wall...or better yet not care like the vast majority of people who graduate from UA. IMHO, that sounds awful. And students would be on board for that?
  13. Game 19—Ohio University

    Always great to see a W against the Bobkittens.
  14. Five-Star Fridays

    1) Okay...which ones? And their reasons are so they can intern at government agencies. My friend (and alumni) texted me and said she was shocked. Had Akron been on a Mon-Thur class schedule she likely wouldn't have attended. Neither likely would I, past the first year (it was already hard enough with M-Friday courses to schedule all of the labs and science courses and other courses I had to take, and time is a factor...). 2) Yes; students should be consulted on governance of the university, and decision making. That doesn't mean because they were consulted (I don't consider a survey true consulting), therefore it is a good decision. Especially when the 5,000 that responded, are motivated to respond. This is not, IMHO, the correct way to say "students are on board with this". Because it's inherently biased. They sent surveys to 15,000 undergrad students; 1/3 responded...and those are likely the ones motivated to respond (for whatever reason). That's not a good way to make informed decisions. See below for further: 3) I would like to see that "Comprehensive Survey." Surveys can ask pretty nebulous questions that don't lead to very clear decisive courses of action. I'm sure any student you could ask if they would like to have Friday classes, or no Friday classes and have "experiences" instead they'd choose the latter without actually having a frame of reference for it; a certain number would pick it simply because they never want to have Friday classes, not because it is tangibly better for them. I'd argue it's tangibly worse, because M/W/F science courses are far easier to manage with T/Th labs...especially if your taking multiple science courses at the same time...if the classes are only M-Th AND the 3-hr lab is being crammed in there...somewhere...for multiple courses...that sounds awful, just awful, and doesn't to me seem like a recipe for success...or for graduating on time. Not to mention if you don't live on campus, your day has just become a lot longer. Why would High School Counselors and High School Principals have ANY bearing on what would be positive at the Collegiate level? Employers? Really? Which ones!? Which ones in this immiediate area have that much of a need to have students coming in to do "experiences" on a Friday that are somehow radically different than the internships they would be preforming on a regular basis at another time in the students collegiate career. Call be a skeptic, not buying it. I'm just straight shooting here; I don't buy it. This sounds like another "flavor-of-the-month" thing being flung at the wall to make "Hill-Top-High" seem regionally "unique".
  15. Five-Star Fridays

    This sounds like a gimmick/flavor-of-the-month type of move made in desperation to stand out in the crowd; in the ilk of the previous university president. I don't see this having any practical, or tangible change. Hope I'm wrong. I guess my question is: are there any other serious main-stream institutions that do this already? If the answer is no...we shouldn't be either...if we're to be considered a "main-stream institution".