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  1. I love when people say "move on"...it's lazy, and paves the way towards acceptance and apathy. UA in my opinion, deserves better. The only way you do better, is by analyzing the mistakes of the past. Firing Terry Bowden was a mistake. Holding on to Ianello for too long would have been a mistake...hell letting him have a second year was a mistake. We need to understand that, and we need to prevent it from happening in the future, or there won't be a UA football program worth saving. Yes it is that obvious that he should have been kept: your University is strapped for cash, he had two years left on his contract, he had been in the history of D-1 football at UA the most successful coach, and there weren't any viable options of replacement out there. It's pretty damn clear he should have been kept. And we need to learn that lesson.
  2. Where was this comment in regards to Bowden? Like the hypocrisy on comments like this is just laughable...DON'T trust the process with Bowden (a proven commodity)...but Please trust the process with Tom Arth (an unproven commodity). Sometimes you DO have to just cut and move on...to use the Browns as an analogy: you didn't need season 2 and 3 of Hugh Jackson to know that Hugh Jackson wasn't going to cut it.
  3. That's fair. I know I come across as die-hard-Bowden...I'm really not. I thought Bowden brought us a little fun out of a miserable siutation...but if we hadn't seen another winning season by the END of his contract, then I would have been okay seeing him leave. I just feel that there was/is way too much good will for this staff by virtue of them being new. I really, really, really don't want to see this team dismantled the way it was under Ianello again. I highly doubt there is another Terry Bowden sitting out there to come rescue us back to middling mediocrity instead of utter dumpster fire.
  4. There is no doubt in my mind there were vocal VIP (or at least think they are VIP) alumni who were starting to run their mouths. They might not be on this forum; but there is no way in hell there wasn't alumni making a stink to people who can make the decision to jettison the coach.
  5. Funny how the Bowden-Sucked-Trust-The-Process people are slowly tapering off. The thread should probably start after we lose to BGSU in embarrassing fashion. Can anyone really tell the difference between these two seasons: Oh wait...the season on the right we'd won a game. The guy is a disaster in WAY over his head. And it saddens me that there are serious Zips fans on here who were happy jettisoning what we had for this.
  6. Have you been to the vast majority of Ohio? You might as well be in North Dakota...
  7. And they have far more success and Fan support than Akron will EVER have
  8. He already attended grad school...at AKRON. (yet we jettisoned him for a guy with no connection to Akron, a 9-13 record, no notoriety in college football...). It's to keep his "Resume Recent" and he probably just wants something to do that doesn't jeopardize the two-year free paycheck for Akron jettisoning him prematurely. I've heard the Clemson area is very nice. lol. If I was collecting two-years salary to sit on my ass...shoot, I'd go do just about anything I've ever wanted to do.
  9. Yup. Ianello 2.0. No. No We wouldn't. We would at the least have two wins under Bowden, maybe 3; and we would have been far more competitive in the games that we lost. Welcome to the darkside my friend. We have taco-tuesdays and yuengling on tap. Don't hold your breath.
  10. Not going to happen. This team is the first 0-12 Zips team.
  11. Kent Sucks. Go Zips. Here's to hoping we'll overcome 20% chance...at home...
  12. And yet...those same 16-17 year old recruits somehow give a crap about Jason Taylor being an NFL Hall-of-Famer who played at Akron? It's really not that hard to understand. Bowden THE NAME carries a hell of a lot more weight than Arth, Ianello, Faust, Brookhart could ever hope to carry...combined. That's just a plain, straight-up fact. The 16-17 year olds may not know the Bowden Name, and what that means...but their coaches, their administrators, even their parents would. It's not 1967, there is this thing called the internet. And as someone who teaches 16-17 year olds...with $600 computers in their pockets...its pretty easy to google. When you google Bowden, Auburn and National Championship would appear. When you google Arth you'd get...9-13 at EastJesus Tennessee University? If you're a 16-17 year old actively being recruited in football; you'll probably take the half a second to google the school that expresses interest in you.
  13. RooWards was pretty cutting-edge with all social media being attached to scoring points/competing back when it first came out. Stood the test of time though? No. That's because, if I'm not mistaken, the guy who came up with it was a graduate assistant and then entry-level who found employment at another University. Because you know...their good enough to go elsewhere but not good enough to hire and attempt to keep at Akron. Akron's motto should be: "Think Small" -HillTop High.
  14. I'll state this flatly again, just so I'm not misunderstood: I don't contend that there was an increase in donations, I'm saying it's not substantial enough to really matter as an argument. During the relative success of the Bowden Era and Dambrot Eras the University of Akron went through it's toughest times financially; and athletics has been the number one hole. Obviously there was not enough of an increase to even remotely even get close to making either program solvent; because anyone who remotely follows the financials released by the University would know that. I'd wager any increase had far more to do with the people involved and their charisma: Tressel (a name) and Bowden (a name) and Dambrot (became a Name to alumi), than the Zips being a "winning program". But the increase frankly in the scheme of things, is irrelevant. Jettisoning said names for unknowns (Tressel for Scarborough...Bowden for Arth...and Dambrot for Groce) certainly doesn't help.
  15. It's objectively not True with Akron. Basketball had the longest winning streak of like 25-games in 2013 and got an NCAA Bid. They had 3 NCAA bids in the Dambrot era. Was there a substantial increase in Attendance/Support/Donations? No. An increase? Sure. Substantial increase? No. Bowden got the first 8-win season in school history, and won the first Bowl Game in school history. Was there a huge increase in people attending games? No. Was there a huge increase in donors to the now "winning program"? No. It's just an objective fact what you say here simply isn't true. There is a much deeper, far more long standing, cultural issue with the wider University of Akron Alumni/student/NE Ohio base that's affecting those things.
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