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  1. 2017 Race To Detroit

    So if they won vs. Toledo, Miami, Buffalo, Kent and lost to OU we should still fire him?
  2. 2017 Race To Detroit

    I don't say this often, but I'll actually be cheering for Kent over Ohio this weekend. Not that they stand much of a chance...but it would certainly help us in running for MACE.
  3. The Anything Goes Thread

    How of any that I posted, actually out of context? He either said to a grieving widow what he said or he didn't. Of course, it all depends on who you want to believe. A grieving widow, or the president who has a history of stretching the truth. And if you try to deny that he stretches the truth often, then you're more of a blowhard than I realize. The context that IS needed is this: Had Obama been accused of the same thing, you know...you KNOW, there would be 24/7 condemnation by all conservatives and Fox News. Fox And Friends wouldn't be defending Obama (as it did Trump), it instead would be ceaselessly attacking him. You know that to be true. If you don't, you're either a ignorant or lying. That's the reason I posted this, to point out the hypocrisy. So it's not using dead servicemen to score political points when it's Obama/Clinton and Benghazi, but it is using dead servicemen to score political points when it's Trump. That's a double standard. I'm one of the very few people who's logically consistent on this. I don't blame military people/the president for what happened in both of those instances. Confusion on the ground happens during an attack. So I don't actually think Trump is at fault, neither was Obama. I honestly don't think that Trump was wrong to contact the families, nor would be Obama. In fact, I don't condemn them if they didn't. I really don't think it matters to the families to get a call from the president TBH. But where it DOES matter, is that you conservatives aren't logically consistent. Either something matters, or it doesn't. You only care about something when it's a "Liberal" or a "Democrat" who does it. When it's your own guy, you couldn't give a rat's ass.
  4. The Anything Goes Thread

    Can you Imagine if Obama did this? Conservatives heads would have been exploded.
  5. 2017 Bowl Watch

    I know right? It's mostly because they're desperate to pump out some sort of click-bait that's going to make you have to shift through the whole list before you get to the "big" bowl games. I put the zips being the "Great Frisco Bowl" at about ... 0%.
  6. 2017 Bowl Watch

    This has the Zips in the Frisco Bowl against Houston.
  7. 2017 Bowl Watch

    Here is a current list of the Bowls that the MAC has contracts with (*Secondary Bowl for MAC): Camellia Bowl Bahamas Bowl Potato Bowl Dollar General Bowl *St. Petersburg Bowl *Boca Rotan Bowl *Quick Lane Boel Teams in the Hunt: Toledo Northern Illinois Ohio Akron Western Michigan Buffalo C. Mighican Kent Miami Ball St. E. Michigan Bowling Green Miami Teams Eliminated:
  8. Game 7—@Western Michigan

    He's one of Bowden's farmer players at East-Jesus Alabama (yes I know that's not the name...), Bowden liked him enough to bring him to Akron. Like him enough to give him the reigns of the offense. And has stuck with him despite there being problems of offense to us the outsiders. It just feels like to me he's going above and beyond for Milwee. Nepotism is huge in sports...this is why a lot of guys have jobs in the NFL who aren't that good, and continue to get jobs... I mean, IDK why everyone has had such a negative view of that comment. It was just a feeling...everyone relax.
  9. Game 7—@Western Michigan

    I told you in an earlier post, you may have missed it. AJ Milwee is the Offensive Coordinator for the Zips. He was brought in as a QB coach when Bowden was first hired 6 seasons ago, and was upgraded to Offensive Coordinator in year 2. The offense ran a lot faster/up-tempo when Bowden was HC/OC in his first season, or it at least appeared too. But that was also a 1-11 team so who knows. Needless to say a lot of people don't like him. I'm of the opinion he's here as long as Bowden is, and I've always felt like Bowden is grooming him to be the replacement when Bowden decides to retire.
  10. Game 8—@Toledo Rockets

    Amongst the Fans here, I think we could compile our own ZipsNation publication on just the Zips. Between photographers, writers, and stat-watchers, we'd have the most info of any MAC fanbase out there...and we'd put the guy who get's paid to do this crap to shame.
  11. Game 7—@Western Michigan

    And only 13 points...
  12. Completely agree with you. When I originally made these I just used the same template and changed the names and the title of the graph, so the trend line stayed for all the years within the range instead of cutting them out. The slope of the Trend is still the same for the actual years we have on record. Unfortunately I don't have access to that data (yet). I will be making updated charts at the conclusion of the 2017 seasons for all charts, and I'll update it then. I did have hope that when I have a little extra time I'd send a little email over to someone at athletics to see if I could get more historical data. Ideally my goal would be to get graphs for each sport going back as far as the record goes. This will be a work in progress. Thanks for the catch though! I also forgot to take off the R squared value for that graph...
  13. The Anything Goes Thread

    I wonder when Fox News is going to start talking about how Trump just increased Pennsylvania's Affordable Health Care Act premiums 30%.  Despite promising the opposite.  I be Pennsylvania is so proud! I wonder when Conservatives are going to start calling for hearings, and running 24-hour stories on Fox News about the Trump-Benghazi where 4-US arms servicemen were killed in an ISIS raid, and there was a lacksidasical, confused, and slow response to rescue them leaving them on the ground for hours. Are conservatives hypocritical, or are you consistent with what you say you believe in. Or will this disappear in a week or so because conservatives in this country get treated with kids gloves.
  14. National Anthem

    The Guy Who convinced Kaepernick to Kneel (Ex-Green beret)
  15. National Anthem

    I'm all for it, c'mon player's union...burn it to the ground.