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  1. 2019 Schedule

    We will never fill Infocision again.
  2. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    Lose to Liberty. If we lose to Libertyr...an institution that has the audacity to charge people $17,000 a year to teach them that the world is 5,000 years old...an idea that literally kills brain cells typing/reading, and has a fervid white supremacist as it's figure-head...we deserve to nix our football program forever. Because losing to such an institution means we, as a real institution of education, shouldn't give them the time-of-day. So I do in a sense agree with you. No self-respecting modern University should give Liberty University the time of day.
  3. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    Thank you for saying what I was going to say. Their science department teaches that the World is 5000 years old. Embarrassing to say the least.
  4. ESPN3 vs ESPN+

    I pay the $20 a month for the other channels I get with it and watch during those seasons. So it made perfect sense to me. The new ESPN way is to screw over it's already existing subscribers for a shameless money grab for a product that no one asked for. I get what you're saying though. If this is the ONLY video product you consume it makes sense to go $5 over $20. But when you had a video streaming product that already gave you access to the content you wanted via ESPN3 and then they take that away from you and say "buy new shiney turd" it kinda pisses some people off.
  5. Most random reference to Akron

    A recent Episode of Adam Ruins Everything from TruTV constantly references the City of Akron. -The "main character" of the episode says he's from Akron Ohio -They talk about how flights out of Akron always have connecting flights -Mention how Akron is the Blimp capital It was random when I watched the episode but enjoyed that it mentioned Akron all the same.
  6. ESPN3 vs ESPN+

    I cut the cord as well. You could get ESPN 1/2/3 as part of a $20/month package that you can cancel at any time. That was worth it for me. Now that I no longer get Akron games via that subscription, I'm screwed. It's bullshit to me.
  7. ESPN3 vs ESPN+

    I don't want/care about that content. I want the content I was getting, for the same package that I already had. Not buy two packages to get to keep the crap I used to have. It's just a big middle-finger to the consumer. If I really gave a rat's ass about those other things...I'd sign up for them. I don't. But am forced to just to get to watch Akron football games. It's an absolutely joke.
  8. ESPN3 vs ESPN+

    I'm not happy. I don't feel like I got anything in addition to what I already had with my Subscription to ESPN/ESPN3 last year. Two subscriptions for the same amount of stuff I had last year.
  9. I will say, I'm still on the fence about how I feel about Arth. But this class was a pretty big class for not having much time to recruit; and certainly adds some bodies to the depth chart if nothing else; which had been lacking in the Bowden years. Of course, we have to wait 2-years to see how this class is panning out. But it's nice to see 23 recruits in a class verses the sub-20 we regularly saw in the Bowden years.
  10. I've been severely behind on paying attention to recruiting. How is the class panning out for us? Are we losing the Bowden guys, and who are we picking up? Thanks for anyone who wants to give a quick sorta synapsis
  11. Game 21- Ohio University Bobcats

    Beating the Bobkittens never gets old. Go Zips!
  12. Worst Stadiums in College Football

    What a garbage article and a grabage site...lol
  13. Terry's next endeavor

    I was replying that he said something about teaching a class or something...I thought I missed something somewhere that said he was going to teach a class...hence why I was confused
  14. Welcome Tom Arth!

    I hope to be back on board...
  15. Welcome Tom Arth!

    I hope the hopefuls are correct...right now I'm the apathetic . Please make me eat crow Tom Arth. PLEASE make me eat crow...