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  1. The Pirates still exist? I kinda purposefully left out the Crew and the Jackets. The Blue Jackets IMHO, are a Columbus thing for the most part. Though I guess we should add them to the list. 8 Pro Teams (Browns, Indians, Pirates, Crew, Blue Jackets, Steelers, Cavs, Penguins).
  2. Another excellent point! I totally overlooked the media/sponsor bit. It's easy to get behind something, if it's the only thing in town...but when there's limited advertising $$ who are you going to focus in on, the Pro team, or 1/12 local colleges? Totally agree with the "Big-Yawn-10"...I don't understand why so many people watch OSU games? I mean I get it, they want to be a part of something that wins...and wins a lot. But there's no stake in the game at all. You expect them to win, and win big. If they don't win big, you're upset. If they lose, you're even more upset. Like where is the fun in that? When you already know the outcome... Of course we're a bit biased, but watching games that have a level of parity is far more enjoyable.
  3. Touche. I meant to double check Temple...but apparently forgot. My bad. Still...12 programs instead of 13...
  4. Where's info on Logan Hawkins? I'm just trying to keep the list at the top as up-to-date as possible
  5. I thought I'd pull this out. I think you've just made the one point that many of us just doesn't realize is as much of an impact on our attendance as it truly is. Within Two hours of Akron: We have 5 D-1 NCAA programs (OSU, Kent, Toledo, Bowling Green, Pittsburgh), 5 pro-teams (Cavs, Browns, Steelers, Indians, Penguins). As much as some will say this is "making an excuse" it really isn't. Our market is over-saturated with sports choice. And if most people were to rank the top-5 of the teams available within their area to go to a game/follow on a regular will be a mix of 3ish pro-teams (Browns or Steelers, Cavs, Indians or Penguins) and a college team or two, one being State Ohio University for almost everyone. So this is probably the biggest factor impacting our fanbase. If we were to expand it to 3 1/2 out the numbers increase to like 13 NCAA D-1 Programs (Cincinnati, Penn State, Ohio University, Marshall, Michigan State, Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Temple), and 10 Pro Teams (Lions, Tigers, Pistons, Reds, Bengals).
  6. I mean, I do find it kinda pathetic on their part... but I wear Akron stuff to an State Ohio University game...there's just more of them than there are of me. I'll take 17,000 Ohio State wearing fans in the stands if it means filling that place up, and then focus on getting them Akron gear, then not having them there at all. Hell, wear steelers, Browns, who-ever gear and be at the stadium. If we could get game day to have the look/feel off the following pictures I'd be ecstatic vs what we have now. To hell with having the right colors or not. 1) Fill the Damn thing up. 2) Make it fun/worth while 3) Market something uniquely cool/Akron to go along with the fun/worthwhile.
  7. Yeah. It's funny how division/conference title mattered when State Ohio University was on the bubble and needs it to matter, and then suddenly how it doesn't matter when State Ohio University is on the bubble and needs it to not matter. There's a few on this board (me included) that believe that any excuse will be made for several programs in D-I football because of $$$$$$.
  8. I like the drive, but I don't think surveys have the power they once did. We're drowning in surveys today...after we talk to customer service, in our emails, phone calls...and it's surveys are already inherently flawed as data gathering tools: 1) it relies on self reporting, 2) they're only taken by those who gave-a-damn enough to fill them out and, 3) can't filter BS answers from real ones. Not to sound like a broken drum, but they've got to make the games a community event, make the community have a stake in what's going on at Infocision stadium. I don't know how to do that...but however we do that, perhaps that's where we start? Hell I'll take the Ohio State loving bastards in my stadium as well.
  9. Honestly, IMO, (and it was quite on this forum) you guys should have been in the Championship Playoffs last year > the likes of State Ohio University. But oh well.. I, like skip, enjoyed that win of yours equally.
  10. Doesn't that account for the the 9100 who are already always there? Like...we don't need 10,000 more like Dr. Z...he (and the rest of us) are ALREADY there. We need the OTHER 10,000 non-Dr. Z's there who might reasonably follow/go to a Zips game. What does it take to get THEM there?
  11. Unless he's retiring at the end of the season next year, I put it at about a 10% chance he's not a Cavalier in 2018/2019.
  12. Power of the Pen folks, the power of the pen.
  13. This really sucks to hear. 19-years old. Probably will turn-up to be a previously unknown heart condition. Thoughts out to those in the Kent State community. Rivalries are a fun, but we can always get behind each other when a tragedy like this happens.
  14. They did. But Apparently that plan is shot because of last season.
  15. Jarrod Pughsley is hardcore Akron rep.