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  1. Game 6—@Buffalo Bulls

    Glad I never turned it on.
  2. Will Bowden get a contract extension?

    I'll rephrase that...we're technically off to a potentially good season.
  3. Will Bowden get a contract extension?

    I love Bowden. I've grown restless this season because of the cancelled game, early bye and egg laying to Miami. I think we're all afraid, based on the rack record, that the Zips will disappoint us this year (as evidenced by the Miami debacle). But by all accounts, we shouldn't have been in the MACC last year and were. Perhaps we should give them a chance to work this out...and by "we" I am directing a lot of this criticism as myself. Akron is not in any financial situation to be firing coaches. Any changes that will be made to the coaching staff I'd envision would be similar to Kent's recent coaching change. Bowden has brought stability to this program. We're still technically having a good season, and a win this weekend would certainly go a long way to making us look past Miami. Hopefully I will not be eating those words as well...
  4. Race To Detroit (2018 Edition)

    The list is updated for this weekend's games. Buffalo still holds the lead...that is until they play the Zips this weekend. NIU is still in the lead in the West by virtue of having more MAC games than Toledo. This week is make-or-break week for the bottom rung of both divisions. 4 MAC losses is a guaranteed elimination, 3-losses is pretty much as well. EMU is on the verge of elimination; as is Kent, BGSU and CMU. Luckily for the Zips, if they can make it through Buffalo, they've got a trek of mostly teams that will have been eliminated from contention.
  5. Three For Thursday [Zips @Bulls]

    Back from a week long angry hangover...go Zips! (please for the love of the universe don't go out and lay an even bigger egg and make me eat my words).
  6. Will Bowden get a contract extension?

    Correction: He inherited a team that had 2 wins in it's previous 2 seasons and proceeded to go 1-11 in his first season. Just saying.
  7. Will Bowden get a contract extension?

    Did you and I switch? you're sounding like me! It's really the body of work/Position for me. Kato isn't a new starter. The Zips played well in the OCC and then layed a 41-17 egg to a 1-4 MAC team. It's embarrassing and I'm getting tired of constantly being embarrassed as a fan. I always talk of the Zips...and to have them lay an egg every...single...time. Zips had a golden chance for this to be "The" year. But it just feels like after losing to Miami they'll hobble their way to another "maybe they' get 6-7 wins. I agree...that's good for what were historically...but when is it OUR turn to have "THE" year, you know?
  8. Race To Detroit (2018 Edition)

    No major changes; NIU is technically still the front runner in the MAC West by virtue of having 3 MAC games already and winning them all. Eastern is effectively eliminated barring a miracle, they will be statistically eliminated soon. For the Zips...they HAVE to win this week against buffalo, or they basically will have to go undefeated and get some help from other teams. I'm not holding my breath.
  9. Will Bowden get a contract extension?

    I am the biggest Bowden supporter here (I think) and I'm losing my patience as well. Now that I've had a couple of days...and at the very least got to celebrate a Browns win...I'm still angry as hell and glad I didn't finish watching that shitshow; but they could move me off the ledge if Bowden could pull off a miracle against buffalo this week. Any given day in the MAC a team can lay an egg...perhaps Miami is the mulligan this year and they go out and beat Buffalo this weekend. But until I see that happen, I am growing restless myself.
  10. Game 5—Miami RedHawks

    Students use their Zip card to get into the games. Usually the lines are for giveaways of some sort. If I saw correctly there was a free shirt giveaway to the first 1000 fans...which probably means that there was also a shirt giveaway for students. But I don't know just spitballing. Completely agree with you; they should make the gameday experience 1000x hassel free for students, so they enjoy their experience and want to come back. Kinda hard to get them to come back when you lose 41-17 to the freaking Miami Redhawks. I'm sorry guys, I'm usually the optimistic one...but I can find nothing to be optimistic about. All the upside from beating Northwestern and playing pretty decent against Iowa State is gone. If they can somehow find a way to miraculously beat Buffalo next week then I'm willing to give them a mulligan on this game...but I'm not holding my breath.
  11. Game 5—Miami RedHawks

    Glad I didn't stick around for this one and stopped watching when I did. Losing to 1-4, 0-1 Miami on the Homecoming game...after beating Northwestern...and being 2-1 going into conference play, when having two-weeks to prepare for this game...is absolutely unacceptable. It's beyond embarrassing. The Zips had no business losing to 1-4 Miami...let alone 41-17. I'm personally almost ready to call it quits on this season. Hopefully you guys can talk me off the ledge...I've been in a foul mood lately...and the Zips were supposed to be my diversion for the week.
  12. Game 5—Miami RedHawks

    14-0 done watching this crap show. More stuff to do on a Beautiful Saturday in October than to Watch the Zips crap themselves. Have fun everyone.
  13. Game 5—Miami RedHawks

    Jesus christ. down 7-0 with Miami Driving. Can we ever just take care of business against shitty teams
  14. Race To Detroit (2018 Edition)

    Don't look now...Kent is up to an early lead on Ohio...
  15. Now that OOC play is done for the Zips here's a look at the 2018 Race To Detroit. I will do my best to keep this updated week-to-week and in the proper order based on head-to-head and with remaining game. Since MAC Scores matter most they will be first and overall will be in parenthesis. MAC EAST Frontrunner: Buffalo 2-0 (5-1): AKRON, Toledo, Miami, Kent, Ohio, BGSU Still in the Hunt: Ohio 1-0 (3-2): NIU, BGSU, Ball St., WMU, Miami, Buffalo, AKRON Miami 2-1 (2-4): Kent, Buffalo, Ohio, NIU, Ball St. AKRON 0-1 (2-2): Buffalo, Kent, CMU, NIU, EMU, BGSU, Ohio Bowling Green 0-2 (1-5): WMU, Ohio, Kent, CMU, AKRON, Buffalo, Kent State 0-2 (1-4): Miami, AKRON, BGSU, Buffalo, Toledo, EMU Eliminated: MAC WEST Frontrunner: N. Illinois 3-0 (3-3) Still in the Hunt: W. Michigan 2-0 (4-2): BGSU, CMU, Toledo, Ohio, Ball St., NIU Ball St 1-0 (2-3): NIU, BGSU, EMU, Ohio, Toledo, WMU, Miami Toledo 1-0 (3-2): BGSU, EMU, Buffalo, WMU, Ball St., NIU, Kent C. Michigan 0-2 (1-5): Ball St., WMU, AKRON, EMU, BGSU, Toledo E. Michigan 0-3 (2-4): WMU, Toledo, Ball St., CMU, Akron, Kent Eliminated: