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  1. Game 3—Iowa State Cyclones

    Unless it's a sunday they won't sale you Wine until after noon. Which makes literally no sense.
  2. Nicknames and Mascots

    Akron Zippers first appeared in 1923 (BF Goodrich product name) and then The kangaroo mascot first came in 1953. Making it's debut as "Mr. Zip". Mr. Zippy transformed into Zippy, and he became she. I actually like that Zippy is a girl, makes us like one of three schools with a female primary mascot.
  3. Next week's episode of TruTV's Adam Ruins everything; will be exploring college. Here's a wonderful segment on College Rankings. I've loved this show for awhile now, mind you it's pretty good information told in a slapstick way. Youtube link because I can't figure out how to place here.
  4. Penn State

    The Volleyball team and WSoc team was also in attendance.
  5. UA to Renovate the JAR

    haha yes it was an ongoing joke about what we would do. But honestly, if we were to publish an amateur fan-made publication I think we'd name it ZipsNation and forego a trademark. Who's going to rip us off, the ABJ? For what it's worth it costs $69 to get a word trademark, from my limited research.
  6. Penn State

    For the record, there was a lot more than 12 people there...more like 24 I was pleasantly surprised for a Wednesday afternoon.
  7. Penn State

    The "Akron" Beacon Journal is dead to me.
  8. KSU Lawsuit

    Could this end up being a death-penalty like situation for the Golden Flashes? $20-$30 million lawsuit...that's one year's athletic budget...
  9. 2017 Camp Thread

    I've always liked Tra'von Chapman. I hope he has a really, really, really good season.
  10. UA to Renovate the JAR

    Sounds like a plan haha
  11. Women Win!

    I think the proper term is WSOC or Lady Zips...
  12. Zips in the NFL

    They drafted 4 WR and 1 TE in last year's draft. They drafted another TE in this year's draft. Of the 4 they drafted last year, Jordan Payton played 4 games before becoming injured, Corey Coleman missed the first four games due to injury. Rishard Higgins and Ricardo Louis were the only two that played all year. This year the Browns Drafted Jabril Peppers (S/PR/KR). Is JoJo Natson a better prospect than any of those guys at either WR, PR or KR? Is Jerome Lane really a better prospect than any of those guys at WR? Lane looked okay against the 3rd string. I doubt it. I do wish the Browns would have taken a chance on one of them UDFA, but they did take a chance (and still have) Jamal Marcus, who most here assumed was the most NFL ready of those going into the draft last year.
  13. 2018 Commitment List

    Nice Catch! Fixed.
  14. Zips in the NFL

    I dont' think anyone picked him up, so that means he's on the Browns IR if I'm not mistaken.
  15. 2017 Camp Thread

    Totally agree. I used to write those for the Buchtelite, and I hated it. My Editor-in-chief expected them though, so I really couldn't say no. Totally agree! Ugh, all this talk about better writing has me fired up!