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  1. Boca Raton Bowl–Zips @ Owls

    And Ohio University has probably had the most consistent success of any of the three teams being discussed over the last decade, and we beat them this year. I'm just trying to point out that it's kinda fruitless to come to the Zips forum to spill out why FAU is so awesome. We don't care. Because we think Akron is awesome. There can still be an exchange of comments, though it's fruitless to take the apologetic approach. Cause really, we're already dealing with our own apologetics for our own team...we don't need to read it for another team. The comment above is an example of said apologetics, we ultimately don't care.
  2. Boca Raton Bowl–Zips @ Owls

    I haven't seen a single person here underestimate FAU. I think most here have had a relatively unbiased position; a loss to Buffalo is still a loss to Buffalo, which means FAU isn't unbeatable, irregardless of the apologetics fans will do to justify why they lost a game. If there is a team being underestimated, it's Akron...not FAU.
  3. Boca Raton Bowl–Zips @ Owls

    Did you pat yourself on the back after posting this? nobody cares for these "fun-facts" because you're basically painting the picture that Akron-Sucks, FAU-is-Awesome, with some apologetics mixed in...on a Zips Forum. Cool. Seriously who cares about any of these stats other than FAU fans?
  4. OU, just a bunch of wankers

    When I first started reading it I expected it to be because they were flushing so many condoms down the toilet. That's far more believable.
  5. A good number of the season-ticket packages are Z-fund donations. My Akron-Alumni package ($170) in some part counts as a Z-Fund donation as well, though it's not listed as a "season ticket" purchase, because if gives season tickets to all sports.
  6. 2017 Bowl Watch

    One better than the MAC Typically draws. We did it this time...with a 7-6 team. Boca Raton is a step-up (financially speaking). I honestly don't care that much at the end of the day. I get to continue watching Zips football for a 14th game, and get to add a new patch to the jersey.
  7. Boca Raton Bowl–Zips @ Owls

    Thanks for sharing! Yeah it was very interesting, we had a very similar situation here saying that we were going to another Bowl, and then suddenly announced the Boca Raton Bowl. Which is obviously a step up in the $$$ department, ($300k).
  8. 2017 Bowl Watch

    So what I've learned from this...the "Bowden" name has a draw (still). If we could get Akron to a high win season...say 10-2, or 9-3... and win the MAC, there's a chance we could get a super awesome bowl? Make it Happen Terry. Make. It. Happen.
  9. Now that it's official: The Akron Zips will be playing FAU in the Boca Raton Bowl. Feel free to discuss all game related items here.
  10. 2017 Bowl Watch

    Apparently FAU fans aren't too happy about it.
  11. 2017 Bowl Watch

    I get that they need sponsors...but c'mon companies make it UNIQUE! like "The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl" Good name, memorable, cute...kinda hokey. But I guess there's no way to make Cheribundi Tart Cherry unique...but hey Purchasing the sponsorship has had it's desired effect: never heard of them before...and now I've been to their site.
  12. 2017 Bowl Watch

    The Cheribundi Tart Cherry Boca Raton Bowl...what an awful name. Just keep it at Boca Raton Bowl, sponsored by Cheribundi Tart Cherry....good lord.
  13. As always, some beautiful work!
  14. 9100 Attendance

    We already know that.
  15. And the CFP Rigging Begins!

    Indeed. I was listening to ESPN radio this morning (really early) and there was one person laying out how "Ohio State has THREE wins in the top-25!...therefore they're resume is soooooo much better". Again no talk about how one of their losses was really, really, really bad, by comparison. I hope the committee does the right thing.