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  1. Right. But then there is the $4-million cost for the Stadium. And I get that we cannot go back in time and not build the damn thing, but yes all athletics costs X, and the vast majority of the money coming in comes from Football. But it's still a loss. Combining the two programs (probably using Infocision because it's newer) would get closer to being solvent. IDK, this is one thing I've struggled with for years now. I don't want to see the Zips not be the Zips vs. Kent. But how in the hell is any of this sustainable anymore? It's time to stop kicking the can down the road and operating like it's 1960s. Decades of mismanagement by entire generation of leaders putting things on the creditcard has led to this.
  2. I'm not trying to argue with you I do appreciate that you take the time to write out a thoughtful response, I think we're both talking about the same thing. I'm just frustrated that UA is in this position, and I'd really like to see more discussion at large of how to rectify it. I do appreciate your outspoken-ness, and we need more of it from the UA community.
  3. You got FFS because you straw manned my entire argument. You got asshole because you called my post "one of the dumbest you've seen" before you straw manned my position. You got delusional because your counter to an additional pay-day game was ticket-sales which I broke down...cluelessness wasn't you directly, it was directed at the leadership that UA has had for the last two-decades that acted as if "build it and they will come" by using the creditcard instead of realistically planning a successful future for the UA and athletics. I wanted a good back and forth conversation, but you decided to be a jerk first, and I defended my position. Don't write a check your ass can't cash (a Dr. Phil reference because I apparently have to explain things).
  4. I'm sorry I was quickly writing that. I mistook the $33million total as football only and not the entire sports department. I'll correct that. I changed it to "Sports costs" and not just football. The $24-million is still the subsidized cost of the entire sports programs. I still don't see even with a ~$10 million/year budget how football is anywhere close to solvent. Infocision is a cost being shouldered, and it doesn't even make enough at full capacity to cover it's own cost. Hence the need for money/pay-day games. The same article that lists the ~$33 million overall cost, put the total "revenues" at ~$35 million which would make it look like the sports department made money. But it's really not a "gain" of two-million...it's a net loss of $22-million as a result of the subsidy. It seems that the entire Sports department is able to gross ~$11-million, which isn't even 1/3 of the operating cost. Which is why I brought this up. There has to be a way to be more solvent. I agree with adding the teams makes absolutely no sense.
  5. You're more delusional than I am if you think this is a better viable solution. Whom and from whom? The Akron community already has shown it doesn't care (butts in seats), the Alumni already for the most part show that they don't care (butts in seats and donations). This is a pipe dream. Sports costs the University some 24,000,000 it could use elsewhere (that come from student fees/tuition). 30,000 total fans can attend the game...minus 5000 for the various student sections... Even if you were SELL OUT on season tickets (and I'm just spitballing here): 16 Suites ($20,000 ea = $320,000) Some 600 Club Level seats (200 at $1000 = $200,000) (400 at $500 = $200,000) Some 400 Priority Reserve ($250 = $100,000 Some 600 Priority Upper Reserve ($200 = $120,000) Some 1200 Reserved ($150 = $180,000) Some 1200 other reserved ($120 = $144,000) Some 1200 Other Reserved ($90 = $108,000) And the rest of the stadium, some 19,000 at the GA Season Ticket (price of $60 = $1,140,000) You get a grand total of $2,312,000. For the whole season, not even the value of two pay-day games. With a program that has an annual budget around $33,000,000 with the Student Body subsidizing that by about 70%;. And the numbers I present here are "best case scenario". And we all know well that we will never fill that stadium 100%. We won't even scratch 60% if they're doing well ($1,387,200) which doesn't amount to a pay-day game. Donations I won't even attempt to quantify; because it's just not realistic. Who in the hell is going to give money to a glorified Community College that continuously cuts full-time staff and programs with no sense of vision or direction, to flush $24,000,000 down the toilet on football, under rudderless leadership? I sure as hell am unwilling to give more of my money to the University of Akron; and I'm a freaking Akron diehard. Your "plan" just seems like the same cluelessness Akron leadership has had for the last two-decades. See what you did...you brought out the bitter 20-something again.
  6. For the record: still waiting on your suggestions for how to deal with the financial disaster and waterfall of a leak that is Akron Zips football... considering this is the "What's going to Happen Now" thread.
  7. For fucks sake no it isn't! It's called reading comprehension dude. I'm merely trying to suggest an avenue to become more solvent. and then you go off and strawman at every opportunity you get. I regret coming back to this crap show.
  8. It seems like you're more dedicated to being against FCS teams. FCS teams are going to be a reality. Period. I can't imagine YSU or a closer school would be paid exactly the same as one coming from further away. Part of the sum paid to the FCS teams is covering the fact that they have to travel/hotel it up. YSU or a closer FCS I can't imagine would go through the same expense. It's the payout I'm advocating should be better at saving money. It's should be possible for both teams to win (FCS get a decent payout, and we save money) if the FCS is close enough to not need the flight. But it's also impossible to know without doing a public records request on the contract details. But again for the sake of the god I don't believe in, I'm spitballing here. What suggestions do YOU have Zippy5 to make the Football team/University of Akron more solvent without some sort of voodoo economics? We're all patiently waiting... Because here's the fact: The University of Akron's football team costs too much. Something is going to give on it eventually if a solution to this dire financial situation isn't found. You can't cut full-time professors/teachers at an institution of LEARNING while fielding a shitty D-1 football team flushing money down the toilet. It's just stupid.
  9. Not viable? Of course it's viable! The whole point of bringing up Youngstown and Dayton (which I was corrected by other members isn't the type of FCS team that would get us our one game towards eligiblity...so stop focusing on Dayton it's frankly irrelevant) was to float the idea that there has to be perhaps either CHEAPER or BETTER DRAW opponents that would at least have some sort of meaning for the one FCS game every year. The whole point was 1 FCS team to guarantee a win, with two pay-day games. Stop focusing on Dayton and focus on the point. If that's "not viable" how would YOU propose we make more revenue/cut costs in football? I mean we might as well scrap football and be done with it. End this madness right now. The University HAS to find a way to be more fiscally solvent that isn't raising tuition on students; which would further discourage students from enrolling at Akron.
  10. I don't care if the conversation doesn't go the direction I want it to go; I care that your first inclination is to insult someone's intelligence, and then go on to only addressing the minutia and not the heart of the argument. THAT is what I have a problem with.
  11. You're talking as if the Football team and the University aren't in dire financial straights. Yeah...you're going to have to set yourself at 2-2 absolute best going in to MAC play. You freaking don't have much of a choice financially. It's not 1974 anymore. Akron football has been irrelevant forever. Stop trying to beat the joneses and find a way to be semi-not-even-halfway more solvent.
  12. For Fucks Sake...it was only a suggestion, and the article I read listed it as an FCS team. But with your attitude we might as well go ahead and scrap the football team. It will never be close to solvent and students are going into debt to support a bullshit athletics team that's not worth supporting. And sorry for trying to get some conversation going here. Asshole. I read a list of FCS teams and it listed both Dayton and YSU as the only two FCS teams in the state. So I apologize for on the spot trying to come up with a cheaper more sensible option than brining Howard or some other bullshit FCS team here.
  13. I was talking about this with my parents the other day because they kinda have become "honorary" Zips fans because of me. I've got a solution for football that would hopefully cut-down on expenses/increase revenue. Keep making schedules like that of 2021. -Make YSU and Dayton the "FCS" team we play every-year. I don't think YSU would complain, and I much rather watch Akron play YSU and Dayton, Ohio Schools, than "Howard" or some other nonsense. -If you can't get YSU or Dayton every year, get one of the closer FCS teams. (this already appears to be what they are doing btw when they scheduled St. Francis U which is in Pennsylvania). -Schedule 2 pay games per year. In 2021 the Zips will play both Auburn and Ohio state. I haven't found any numbers on the 2021 contracts, but last year OSU paid Tulane $1.5-million, and Auburn paid UMass $1.9-million. The Zips had two "payday" games this past season as well with Northwestern ($1.2 million) and Nebraska ($1.17million, albeit reduced as the game was cancelled). This should be a directive TBH moving forward in my opinion as scheduling TWO "big-name" pay-day teams gives you another roughly $1-million in revenue, and hopefully by scheduling the closer FCS team you save money. Whatcha think?
  14. Thank you! It was time for me to get to my old circa 2014 posts and not bitter mid-20s something posts.
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