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  1. Overall I had a fun day. I left a little early unfortunately. I absolutely loved the surplus sale, and was kinda blown away that there was a long line to even get in at 11. I got a nice real Jersey, a couple of Zips Baseball t-shirts and the Z gloves for like $60. Totally worth the wait, but by the time I got there the vultures (yes you damn zips fans are vultures) had already picked over the good sizes in jackets/polos. I thought overall the game was unimpressive, I don't think that's outside the norm. They basically ran a few base plays out of the same formation pretty much the entire game it looked like. There were a lot of really talented players who weren't playing today, so very difficult to guage the team either way. I thought Nick Johns had better decision making and field vision than Kato, but I think Kato had a better throw. At this point I'd honestly say that I that Woodson is still the top. I felt after watching the game it's Woodson - 1, Johns - 2, Nelson - 3.
  2. I do. Because you're basically being the guy who wants to judge the whole season on practice. Chill out.
  3. There's a LOT of players not playing today.
  4. They used to have them at Zees, you could buy them there in like the cookie section from time to time. Of course this was when I was on campus like 5 years ago....but they weren't all the time. They'd be there randomly. So they probably mass produce them for conferences and things, and when they make them the extras are sold through Zees.
  5. Sorry guys, I don't care if we're the only ones there and there's 15 of us...I'm still going to enjoy to hell with attendance.
  6. I work with teenagers unfortunately I'm exposed to their, language, on a daily basis. Swag they do use on occasion, but now they most use "on fleek". So you've got to go make sure to grab yourself some swag, so you can be on fleek in the office? Or something like that... I'm always scratching my head...and I'm relatively young...
  7. Spring game is next weekend, here is a thread to discuss all things spring game. From the Zips: Zips Fest, including inflatables and activities for the kids, will open in the Field House at 11 a.m. Please enter through the Football Helmet on Vine Street. The stadium gates open at 11 a.m. with kickoff slated for Noon between the Blue and the White squads. Team rosters will be announced next week. Additionally, fans will have the opportunity to purchase authentic Zips' gear during a Surplus Sale on the main concourse. Available for purchase are: old game jerseys (including football), t-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, winter jackets, pants, shoes, football cleats, track spike, and more. Has anyone purchased the surplus stuff before? Is it good? I'm interested in checking it out this I need to bring cash with me? Or do the accept cards?
  8. Now I'm pumped for Zips Football! Can't wait for the spring game, next weekend!!!
  9. +1,000,000. My dad an I frequently have this conversation. I currently do not have cable (television); though I do have Sling TV (which I can change my level of subscription instantly...$20 a month, and can cancel it for the summer when I don't watch television. The problem is, for schools like Akron, is IDK if we benefit from the artificial more than we benefit from the reality. Because the nasty side to online services, is they compensate by actual viewership and not pretend viewership as cable does. To Kreed's point: I already think it's a viable option to Cable. Most of my friends do not have cable, and the others always actively talk about ditching it. Cable is on it's deathbed unless it adapts to the younger generation: (al le carte).
  10. Because no one gives-a-damn over there.
  11. So basically the same thing we had with KD, no change. I'll take a chance on no-change basically the same, with the possibility of elevating the program because of something new. In fact, I think I'm a little more energized/excited about Zips basketball (on the anticipation alone) to see what is in store for the Zips. I enjoyed KD's run while he was here, but now that he's officially gone I'm looking forward to something new.
  12. It looks like we're about to head down the road of "Dambrot built teams/schemed around winning the MAC regular season, while Groce and other coaches build/schemed to win the MAC Tournament" discussion.
  13. is that maintaining 16 teams?