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  1. MAC Bowl Games

    I agree...I was mocking, ironically, the previous statement about "participation trophies" by Kreed. Same!
  2. MAC Bowl Games

    Isn't anything other than the National Championship game is a participation trophy?
  3. MAC Bowl Games

    Couldn't think of another place to post this, so why not in this thread.  CFB looks to add 3 new bowls by 2020. Myrtle Beach Bowl would look to possibly have tie-in with C-USA or MAC.
  4. 24/7 LeBron

    LeBron Executive Producer of documentary on NCAA student exploitation.
  5. Nyles Evans drops a bomb

    Wasn't Treadwell kicked off the team for missteps of his own?
  6. Will We Always Have Football

    OL dies after being hospitalized following a workout. Sad to read articles like this. Most likely an previously unknown issue.
  7. Football Roster

    This roster was from over a year ago... I will probably update it as we get closer to fall
  8. Friendly Zips Wager

    Soooo roughly $10, and $7 respectively?
  9. I thought I'd put this out there (and moderators feel free to change this to off-topic) but who's up for a Friendly ZN.O wager for the 2018 season? I thought it was kinda fun last year to make a little wager against each other for Z-Fund's benefit. Anyone game for this season?
  10. Why is this a position?

    Thank-you for at least being honest and admitting that you jumped to a conclusion without throughly investigating it, or understanding it. Takes courage to do that. And no, I'm not saying that condescendingly... You have more information at your fingertips right now than the previous 20,000 years of human history combined, with little more effort to access than moving your fingers around. If you are seriously interested in knowing the answer to this question; hasten forth and go look it up for yourself! I'd also like to point out that I don't believe you understand what admissions criteria that is diversity-based means. I believe you disagree with a conservative straw-man of admissions criteria that is based on diversity, but not the ones in reality. An excellent place to start would be by contacting the University of Akron's own office and directing your questions to them directly.
  11. Why is this a position?

    Triggered? No. I'm not going to let you post abhorrently biased/political stuff here without response. Of course you couldn't imagine that a person running a department like that might make that much money, you haven't bothered to look it up or research it other than when Breitbart mentions it. You fell into their biased trap of outrage; their article gave no context for the position, and triggered you to respond with "I can't believe this outrage!?" If it's something you actually care about: here's the contact information for the members of the board of trustees, you can ask them yourself about justification for the job if you wish, or you can attend the meetings if it's something you actually care about. The fact is; you don't actually care about it...what you do care about is an agenda and sitting on your high horse. That's why you posted it, that's why you posted it the way you did, that's why you gave it the title to the thread you did. We're not stupid. You didn't post this because you were actually curious.
  12. Why is this a position?

    You don't see anything political with that article that was posted? Please don't play dumb, Breitbart is a notorious hyperbolic site to begin with, everything in the headline: "Ohio University Diversity CZAR to make $200,000 per year". The term "CZAR" is used as an inflammatory muckraking term, one that the writer knows the audience (breitbart's readership) will respond to. It's written not to be informative, but to enrage. The body of the piece compares the salary to the entry level salary/salary of other positions at the university, WITHOUT informing the reader of the duties such position entails (like I did in my post). It's pretty clear there is a bias in that article: inflammatory headline to catch the reader "diversity" position thrown around (without being given context) and then mentioning other universities that are paying considerable amounts for these positions. The last part of the article is the most damning of it's bias: "A pending case against Harvard University has the potential to revamp the diversity and affirmative action policies at universities around the country. The case, which was filed by an Asian-American activist group, claims that Harvard University discriminates unfairly in their admissions practices against minorities." It's essentially leaving the reader with Diversity positions such as these at universities actually discriminates unfairly in admissions practices. However, as I pointed out in my post, the position involves so many more things than admissions or recruitment. In fact, it appears it's only a minor part of the job at the University of Akron, as I would assume it is at Ohio University as well. That article is absolutely biased, because it gives no context for anything. It's written: DIVERSITY CZAR ------> Paid Lots of Money --------> Affirmative action = Descrimination. Hopefully you can see what I'm talking about.
  13. 2018 Schedule Released

    No, we won't.
  14. Why is this a position?

    Yes the university has a department called "Office of Inclusion and Equity" which is a office that formerly went by another name, which at Akron is managed by Jolene Lane. The Office of Inclusion and Equity runs many diversity learning opportunities throughout the course of the year; Black Male Summit (which is a huge HS outreach thing UA does every-year, and brings A LOT of people to campus, for the record), China Week (FYI UA has a partnership/sister university in China, and is a Confucius Institute just incase you were unaware); as well as oversees the UpWard Bound Program (which is a fantastic program between UA and APS), amongst many, many, many other things. You know...the crap a Public University should be doing. Also, a position like "Office of Diversity" like that of UA doing the things as described above, is not uncommon among universities (both Public and private). In fact, it's uncommon NOT to have one! Ohio State Has one. Kent State Has one. The University of Alabama has one. The University of Tennessee Has one. South Dakota State Has One...(literally go to google and type "(university name) Office of Diversity" and you'll find it has one. Hell, fortune-500 companies dedicate resources (some of those resources coming in the form of scholarships, internships...which directly relate to universities) based on diversity initiatives; Walmart, ExxonMobile to just name two. So either this is some vast, radical thing...or perhaps its something universities and companies do to remain both tight with the larger community, and competitive. Funny, how these radical right-wing websites that you sited this report from were silent on the Pretend-Play-Military Czar UA created under the Scarborough administration who was getting paid $100,000 (to oversee college kids playing military), for a program that does about 1/1,000,000 of what the Office of Inclusion and Equity does for UA, the community and City of Akron. No, instead these radical right-wing websites pedal snake-oil; without context; without research; without any gumption of credibility, honesty, integrity or honor; to whip ignorant people into a frenzy over something they know nothing about. Your woeful ignorance of the topics you mention yourself, and lack of willingness to do basic research (freaking google) of things before commenting is disheartening, and part of the problem both in the UA community, and at-large. Please keep your politics off the forum. Thank-you.
  15. Future OOC Schedule

    I love dressing in my Akron gear and going to the shoe. Love to see this matchup TBH. And c'mon now, it's once a decade! Let's take it when we get it