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  1. Zips—2019 NFL Draft

    According to twitter LB Brian Bell has been invited to Browns rookie mini-camp on a tryout basis.
  2. Baseball's Coming Back

    At any rate; I was surprised how knowledgable he was about Akron baseball. Gave me a little hope about the future of the program?
  3. Baseball's Coming Back

    Not at all actually. He's one of my favorites students that I've had for multiple years. There is nothing in his personality to just make up something as trivial as a $-fee to decommit from a program. Perhaps it's not an NCAA fee, but perhaps an Enrollment fee of some sort that is not sports related? That would make it more difficult to find out about.
  4. Big Buyouts at U of Akron

    Unless that's been the plan all along. Board of Trustees members of public universities are appointed by the governor and approved by the senate. Board of Trustees members are in charge of overseeing administrations and picking new administrations. Anyone following politics in the state of Ohio in regards to public education will have seen this strategy at work. I'm personally split because I love my Akron Zips; however I'm also a huge advocate of significant lowering in the cost of attendance at public Universities for all college students in the state of Ohio.
  5. Baseball's Coming Back

    One of my students recently told me that they were offered by UA to play baseball. He was bummed because he said he'd much rather play D-I MAC baseball; but already made the commitment to another school (not D-I MAC). Apparently there is a significant $-fee to pay in order to decommit from a program...who would have known? Based on his home situation/background decommiting is not in the cards. At any rate, I wanted to mention this because I talked to him for awhile and it kinda blew my mind a little bit how knowledgable he was about Akron's baseball situation and it showed me that local kids do pay attention to our baseball program. Kinda got me a little excited about Akron Baseball for the first time...like ever. Just thought I'd pass that good vibe along.
  6. ESPN3 vs ESPN+

    I mean it wouldn't be ZNO if I wasn't complaining about something...
  7. Zips in the NFL

    Guy on CBS, 7round Mock-Draft has JD going the Browns.
  8. President Matthew Wilson

    Swore he was committed to Akron...(while applying other Universities). Said it was too stressful for family life, so he steps down...but not too stressful to become the president of another university.
  9. 2019 Predictions!

    Oh dear god...and so begins the "bye-year" discussion for Arth. (this is a joke...kinda...ironic maybe?) Hey, I might actually attend 2 whole games this year. Especially since the Kent game is FINALLY IN A REASONABLE MONTH! Agreed. Except I think it's hard for any of us to pick anyone other than the QB. Ramart didn't look to good last year (product of the offense?) and Neither did Nelson...but who has Arth brought in that could supplant either of them? It's mostly an easy go-to thing.
  10. 2019 Predictions!

    Let's get a thread a way-to-early thread going about our predictions for the season. If anything it's fun to quote at the end of the season when some people think we're going to go 1-11 and others think 11-1. Let's have fun again! 1) Overall record, 2) Offensive MV, 3) Defensive MVP, and 4) MAC Champion next year. Here's next year's schedule for #1: @Illinois vs. UAB @ C. Michigan vs. Troy @ UMass vs. Kent vs. Buffalo @ N. Illinois @ BGSU vs. E. Michigan @ Miami vs Ohio
  11. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    What is with the burst of future football scheduling by the Akron Zips lately? I can barely keep up! I like the 1-2 arrangement. They come here first; and University of Kentucky is a "name" that could draw at least some more fans than usual...and is a program we could marginally have some sort of potential parity with? (assuming we're headed in the right direction under Tom Arth & Co).
  12. 2019 Predictions!

    Lol, I appreciate the mid-week drinking homerism. I wish I could muster it myself
  13. 2019 Predictions!

    Oh I did! Nice pick!
  14. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    I like that 2022 schedule! FCS, Liberty and New Mexico State are good teams for Akron to play in hopes of getting 3-1 in the OOC schedule. And Michigan State is one of those Big-10 teams that we can hopefully hit on a down year and have an entertaining game. I like it only slightly less than 2020 where we play YSU. 2021 schedule is brutal...Auburn AND State Ohio in the same OOC slate. Here's to hoping State Ohio waddles in mediocrity by the time we face them that year...and Tom Arth puts together the first Akron Zips team to win 10 games in a season.
  15. 2019 Predictions!

    1) 6-6 L @Illinois L vs. UAB W @ C. Michigan L vs. Troy W @ UMass W vs. Kent L vs. Buffalo L @ N. Illinois W @ BGSU W vs. E. Michigan L @ Miami W vs Ohio 2) Kato Nelson, to Balsy's dismay! No longer strapped to an awful offensive coordinator; a mediocre to average offensive coordinator finds a way to make him into something more. 3) Alvin Davis 4) Miami vs. Toledo; Toledo on top.
  16. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    Totally agree. It's as if Akron knows their fanbase on ZNO and specifically scheduled Liberty to stir the pot. It's been awhile since the pot had been stirred here.
  17. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    If you make judgements based souley on skin color you are correct, that is woefully ignorant. But if you pretend that the color of someone's skin doesn't impact their lives and that we're all magically equal...you're definitely woefully ignorant. I agree with you that skin color shouldn't matter, only the content of one's character should. But to pretend that our society is not still highly impacted by radical racial tyranny and suppression that existed for generations; is just flat out sticking one's head in the sand.
  18. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    I don't think anyone here in the context of this conversation stated they were either "liberal" or "leftist"; which would be projection on your part to assume everyones views on race is derived from a central identity of "left" or "right" rather than a thoughtful consideration and nuance of observation. But you have to be woefully ignorant if you don't think skin color (which is derived from amount of producing, amount of storing storing and type of melanin) does not have an impact in our society on people. This isn't a "left" view; it's observational fact. And if you deny that it is...well, frankly you're kidding yourself.
  19. 2019 Schedule

    We will never fill Infocision again.
  20. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    Lose to Liberty. If we lose to Libertyr...an institution that has the audacity to charge people $17,000 a year to teach them that the world is 5,000 years old...an idea that literally kills brain cells typing/reading, and has a fervid white supremacist as it's figure-head...we deserve to nix our football program forever. Because losing to such an institution means we, as a real institution of education, shouldn't give them the time-of-day. So I do in a sense agree with you. No self-respecting modern University should give Liberty University the time of day.
  21. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    Thank you for saying what I was going to say. Their science department teaches that the World is 5000 years old. Embarrassing to say the least.
  22. ESPN3 vs ESPN+

    I pay the $20 a month for the other channels I get with it and watch during those seasons. So it made perfect sense to me. The new ESPN way is to screw over it's already existing subscribers for a shameless money grab for a product that no one asked for. I get what you're saying though. If this is the ONLY video product you consume it makes sense to go $5 over $20. But when you had a video streaming product that already gave you access to the content you wanted via ESPN3 and then they take that away from you and say "buy new shiney turd" it kinda pisses some people off.
  23. Most random reference to Akron

    A recent Episode of Adam Ruins Everything from TruTV constantly references the City of Akron. -The "main character" of the episode says he's from Akron Ohio -They talk about how flights out of Akron always have connecting flights -Mention how Akron is the Blimp capital It was random when I watched the episode but enjoyed that it mentioned Akron all the same.
  24. ESPN3 vs ESPN+

    I cut the cord as well. You could get ESPN 1/2/3 as part of a $20/month package that you can cancel at any time. That was worth it for me. Now that I no longer get Akron games via that subscription, I'm screwed. It's bullshit to me.
  25. ESPN3 vs ESPN+

    I don't want/care about that content. I want the content I was getting, for the same package that I already had. Not buy two packages to get to keep the crap I used to have. It's just a big middle-finger to the consumer. If I really gave a rat's ass about those other things...I'd sign up for them. I don't. But am forced to just to get to watch Akron football games. It's an absolutely joke.