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  1. Zips were offered, said no thanks. According to French on WNIR this morning. I think Kent accepted because the opponent (ULM) footed the entire bill. Most of the time these tournaments are "pay-to-play" whether home or away. I'm hearing ULM forked over around $40K for the home game and Kent's travel expenses.
  2. Its pretty crazy that its only a 17-point game. Zippers shot 16 percent in the first half.
  3. I am so over Oats, Perkins and Buffalo. Their sh!t got old, quick.
  4. I’m not sure it matters, but Bryan Anslinger is one of the single worst basketball officials I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t trust him in a game at the Y.
  5. Just saw two Zips fans pack up and say they are headed to the casino.
  6. If someone wants to throw nearly 3 million at me to coach a kids game, they can bounce me anywhere they want.
  7. OU makes it official: http://www.ohiobobcats.com/sports/mbkb/2018-19/releases/20190313e5qneg
  8. It may already be there. They have a guy on BA clamoring for Saul's removal in favor of Pitino or Chris Jans. Yes, that Chris Jans.
  9. It's been my experience that first tournament game is always the toughest. Buffalo probably knows its already in. Likely as a 7-9 seed. Wish the Zips woulda saved some threes for Thursday but if they defend like they have for big chunks of the season, this will come right down to the final minutes.
  10. I've never been impressed with Miami's representation at the Q. And I don't think they've played past Thursday in more than a decade. Also, Steve Hawkins' seat is nowhere close to hot. He is incredibly close with Kathy Beauregard and basically has what amounts to a professor's tenure. That job is his until he wants to be done.
  11. Gotcha. I noticed Groce storm off right after the game but then return, wait for the Kent players to finish celebrating and congratulate them in the handshake line. For what its worth I thought that was pretty cool. He could have just as easily kept walking to the locker room.
  12. Annnnnd so much for that
  13. Gotta admit though, that was one of the more unique ways to win a ballgame by KSU. Even made #1 on Sportscenter's Top Plays.
  14. ^^^^^^^^^ Just spit orange juice all over my desk.
  15. #4 on Yaz' list made me laugh the most, yet it's also the most realistic. Sigh.
  16. Like we need a hole in the head.
  17. Not sure it's quite that big of a separation between Akron/Ohio and the other 10. In record, sure. But Can't lost twice to Ohio by scores of 69-68 and 78-75 in OT and they beat us at home. I thought the Zips were slight favorites this time last week. Today I honestly think it's anyone's tournament. It all comes down to conditioning, breaks, talent and defense - not necessarily in that order.
  18. Awesome win. But let's not jump their crowd too much, they did get 11,109 in there and it would probably take us four games to get that. Not worried about a trap. Buffalo stunned at the buzzer tonight is probably a broken group.
  19. French has a "style" which is kind of cool among announcers these days. He isn't over the top, doesn't try to "Sportsenter it up" and does what a radio announcer is supposed to do: paint the picture, give time, score and where the ball is on the floor. Not liking his style is one thing, saying he is bad at what he does is misguided and ignorant. As far as other announcers in the MAC I actually think there are some decent ones. Ohio has a nice crew, Miami and WMU also. I think Can't does a good job too.
  20. A couple of thoughts from me - not that anyone should care... I thought at times this game was a microcosm of our season. So close, plenty of offensive firepower but just too many mistakes. It was 3rd and 7 with the game on the line and we committed back-to-back penalties totaling 20 yards. K e n t S t a t e isn't doing that this year and they also didn't seem to panic down 14-0. No one likes Can't State but I am not going to be one of those troll fans who says they are a fluke 8-1. Troll fans who say every win by a team they don't like is because the opposition is overrated. K e n t is 8-1 and has won at Rutgers and we couldn't do that. They have won five MAC games. We can't do that. As much as it sucks, sometimes you have to give the slightest modicum of credit. I love the fight in our kids. A little more discipline and a break here or there and we win that game. Finally, I went to the game in my Zips gear fully expecting a very rude and hostile treatment in enemy territory. I didn't get that. Instead, I had a fellow Akron fan in front of me... 40s or 50s or so feel the urge to stand up and hit the Can't State fans with a barrage of f-bombs and middle fingers. A grown man acting like a junior high school punk. He gives us all a bad name and our team, university and fan base deserve better. I hope I never see him at one of our events again. Go Zips.
  21. Wait so now it's little league? Everybody gets a chance? Everyone should get to play in the big tournament? For decades, the 64-team NCAA basketball tournament has been arguably the finest spectacle in sports. Yet people are always wanting to fix something that is not broke. From a coaching standpoint it makes sense to have more teams in because it adds to their job security. Just as football coaches can boast on their resumes that they made it to the Continental Tire Bowl. basketball coaches can say they made it to the NCAA Tournament round of 300 against Savannah East Technical A&M State. I would assume Coach KD and Senderoff are irked about OU being "the third best team in our league" over the long haul last year yet got hot at the right time. Well, I have some advice for the MAC. If you want to be taken seriously as a multiple-bid league, STOP LOSING TO THE HORIZON LEAGUE. The league needs strength from top to bottom. The top half of the teams in the league need to go out and beat four BCS teams in a weekend like the football teams did this year.
  22. Can't's win in 1954 was its 10th straight and our then-AD was able to get the series suspended for 18 years.
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