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  1. That is a terrific point. And who knew Nevada-Reno had a bigger fan base than Nebraska!
  2. And I would add the boundary for ND is the most inaccurate of all. To say the Irish fan base is confined to the top third of Indiana is pretty unrealistic. The interlocking ND logo should probably be in every state.
  3. Any credibility you ever had just vanished with that ludicrous statement.
  4. I could be wrong but it seems like OU struggles to blow out MAC teams recently. I just can't see a 20-point win - even in front of "25,000" people. My only worry is that maybe BUGS opened some eyes in terms of pressuring Dalton Williams. I don't think he - or his offensive line - have seen that kind of pressure so far this year.
  5. Not so sure Can't is a mirage. That game looks a lot tougher now than it did three weeks ago.
  6. I mean no disrespect here, but if that's the first thing you think of in a situation like this, then you have completely missed the point and are part of the problem. Whether you root for Akron, Can't, Ohio, Central Michigan, Penn State or Morgan State, these kinds of stories hurt everyone. The bottom line is, who knows anymore if one program is any more clean than another. We don't. The disturbing thing here is this is going far beyond "boys being boys" and "making college mistakes." We all here were 18/19 years old at one point. We made choices, some good, some not-so-good and some bad. Athletes are going to drink underage. They are going to post incredibly stupid things on social networking sites. But when you are talking about violence, theft and driving under the influence - when lives are at stake, it isn't "boys being boys" anymore. The situations at OSU and PSU have placed all of us on heightened awareness. There are journalists out there - many of them young and eager - just waiting to bust you for the slightest misstep. Everyone knows athletes are resented because of the academic free rides, book money assistance and other perks. Now, more than ever you have got to stay on that straight path.
  7. If it is irrelevant why is Can't always making such a big deal about hitting their marks? Not trying to be smart, just wondering. Would the NCAA ever reprimand the Zips or someone like Eastern Michigan for not averaging 15k per home date, or is that all propaganda?
  8. No offense but we might want to think about drawing more than 8,211 on a beautiful September day before we start talking Big East.
  9. I like the show a lot. They do a nice job of getting some really interesting guests on there in reference to relevant topics. They just really need callers right now, that would really help. More production wouldn't hurt, either. Sound bytes, news and sports update sounders, humor, theme music, etc. would really help, I believe. Keep up the good work guys.
  10. 13,000 at that crypt!? LOL pass some of that $hit to me bro, must be some potent stuff...
  11. The MAC is a joke when it comes to those weekly awards. Most of the time they "spread the wealth" so to speak to keep everyone happy.
  12. Be careful of too many students... anyone stay up late Saturday night to see the final minute of BYU/Utah?
  13. Hey remember that time all OU had to do is win at Dix Stadium in front of 900 people to go to the MAC title game? They didn't even get in Can't's end zone, much less Detroit. They finish the year there this year as well and I'd be willing to bet they'll either blow that one or at home against the Zips.
  14. This is a very big issue in South Bend. Last year at night against USC, fans were being ejected left and right by ushers and stadium personnel for standing and cheering too loud on 3rd down, etc. It really is troubling.
  15. Boise State of the Midwest escapes Deliverance country with 27-24 win. Dueling banjos had 14-0 lead and threw terrible INT on potential game-winning drive on first down near the OU red zone with a minute left. On to the BCS National title game for Solich.
  16. At the risk of sounding cynical, OU's MAC schedule is pretty much a joke. I thought the MAC used to align it so the good teams played the good teams (in crossover games) and the weaker ones played the weak ones. OU's games against the West are Eastern and Ball State. Where's Toledo, Western or Northern?
  17. Yeah, Heaven forbid a fan base get excited about starting a season 2-0. And if they somehow go into East Lansing and win, who will you compare the Spartans to in order to discredit the win? Roo's points above are pretty much right on the money. ND, like it or not, still considers itself somewhat of a "national parish" and so being free to schedule games from coast to coast is very important to the most influential alumni base in college sports. And one thing I'd like to add - say what you will about ND's schedule, one thing you'll never find on it is a I-AA team. There are no "warm-up" games like Towson or SEMO St on it. More times than not - and often at their record's expense - they are diving right into the frying pan. It's a shame despite what certain teams do, they'll never get credit in the eyes of some haters. Part of the business, I guess.
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