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  1. Game 20- Northern Illinois Huskies

    The Zips have never been “too far”, so you’re correct. I think the point was this team suffers from 3 point shooting. Those two were fairly solid. Let’s hope our current roster shoots lights out today!
  2. Game 20- Northern Illinois Huskies

    Been thinking all year how much better this team would be with a Reggie or Jake on the wing!
  3. Game 12 - Nevada

    Can you honestly say the results would have been any different tonight with KD coaching?
  4. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    What happens when or if he gets injured? There clearly is no back up. If I were Groce that would keep me up at night more so than the lack of production from the ‘bigs’.
  5. NCAA Tournament

    I’m assuming the penalty was inside the box and from what I understand any penalty in that area warrants a shot from the penalty spot. I’m sure someone can correct me though.
  6. NCAA Tournament

    What a “unsatisfying loss”. You can take it when you get clearly beaten but to lose just because a player lifts his foot too high trying to clear a ball. It’s almost like they should have just flipped a coin and not played the match. Oh well! I did really enjoy watching every second of their run. I have no doubt they will be back next year.
  7. NCAA Tournament

    This was a thing of beauty! It also shows how little I know about soccer....during this whole sequence I’m like “what are they doing”. I think if more people saw this kind of soccer there would be more soccer fans.
  8. NCAA Tournament

    For those that can’t be at Stanford or the JAR and have Direct TV like me...I just saw that FUBO TV carries the PAC 12 Network. FUBO TV has a free 7 day trial. Just sayin’. Go Zips!
  9. NCAA Tournament

    WTF. The NCAA really knows how to increase interest in college soccer!
  10. NCAA Tournament

    Just downloaded the PAC 12 app on IPad. The game is listed. It doesn’t appear to cost anything.
  11. NCAA Tournament

    Getting pumped about the trip down to Wake Forest tomorrow. Supposed to be sunny and mid 50’s. Should be some great soccer. Got my $5 over 55 tix in hand. Go Zips! Hopefully I’m not the only Zip fan there!
  12. There is a Big10 app. Can watch with TV provider log on.
  13. MAC Tourney

    If you have a smart tv, there should be a Watch ESPN app. As long as you have a cable plan that includes ESPN you can use your cable acct info to watch all ESPN 3 games on that app. Or download the app to a tablet, or just search ESPN 3 on the computer and watch there.
  14. 2017-2018

    Can someone help me understand how a D1 athlete with a demanding practice and game schedule is able to get their bachelors in 3 yrs. Especially when the 4 yr grad rate at Akron is 15.6% and the 6 yr grad rate is 46.2%. I'm going to call BS on these degrees unless someone tells me Akron gets not only great athletes but great thinkers also. I'm sure this is not a Akron specific phenomenon.
  15. Miami @ Zips, 2/28/17- Senior Night

    Down by 2...why would you play thru BD? You knew they would foul him!