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  1. Unfortunately if I was just a casual basketball fan watching that game last night I’d conclude that the MAC wasn’t a good league also. Even when we were way up in the first half were still missing easy shots at the rim...it’s just Kent looked awful. And the last 10 minutes were like a comedy...definitely not D1 basketball play. Overall it’s like we have 3 players and 2 bodies on the court at anytime. I hope 4&5 materialize before the tourney but at this point maybe we have seen what we have.
  2. Any BOGO ticket offers being advertised for the tourney?
  3. There are worse things than a .500 women’s BB team....Watch a Zips FB game lately! Just sayin
  4. LCJ and Sayles got it going on. Why isn’t he in the game
  5. At the game...looks like Banks is fighting some painful back issues.
  6. Got my tix a couple days ago...$45 for 4 games not bad. Looking forward to seeing this team for the 1st time in person. Go Zips!
  7. Did anyone NOT expect that last corner for Butler to go in? Love the build up possession game but no one seems to be a finisher. The kid from Iceland had a great chance at the end but it was a halfhearted attempt and then he didn’t follow up the rebound back his way. Hate to be negative but spent 2 1/2 hrs in Mc D using WiFi to watch another loss.
  8. The Zips have never been “too far”, so you’re correct. I think the point was this team suffers from 3 point shooting. Those two were fairly solid. Let’s hope our current roster shoots lights out today!
  9. Been thinking all year how much better this team would be with a Reggie or Jake on the wing!
  10. Can you honestly say the results would have been any different tonight with KD coaching?
  11. What happens when or if he gets injured? There clearly is no back up. If I were Groce that would keep me up at night more so than the lack of production from the ‘bigs’.
  12. I’m assuming the penalty was inside the box and from what I understand any penalty in that area warrants a shot from the penalty spot. I’m sure someone can correct me though.
  13. What a “unsatisfying loss”. You can take it when you get clearly beaten but to lose just because a player lifts his foot too high trying to clear a ball. It’s almost like they should have just flipped a coin and not played the match. Oh well! I did really enjoy watching every second of their run. I have no doubt they will be back next year.
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