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  1. Yep, the refs association doesn't want anything higher than a 5 on any jersey, but the NBA has allowed it (Mikan, Rodman...). https://www.sportscasting.com/college-basketball-players-cant-wear-nos-6-9-and-its-a-problem/
  2. Well the folks at SVSM would be disappointed to know that Ali Ali is currently wearing his number.
  3. In the rafters does not equal retired number.
  4. Turner is a real player but the kid I like on that team is Plowden. He's 6'6", plays strong defense, rebounds like a much bigger guy, has a high motor and shoots at a high percentage both in and outside of the three point line. He had 18 points and 10 boards in the JAR last year. He had 10 points and 13 boards at BUGS. Turner is obviously the focus of that offense but Plowden is the lynchpin for that team, getting on the boards, locking down on defense and making important shots.
  5. I don't think that preferring Jackson over Turner puts you that much in the minority. I have a tough time comparing them or choosing one over the other as they are such different players. Jackson is a ball dominating point guard while Turner is a more traditional shooting guard. If you told me I could have one for the Zips, I might take Turner as we already have a ball dominating scoring point guard, but they're both great talents.
  6. Davin Ziegler pulled a "Dylan Frye" a couple of weeks ago and bailed on the Falcons.
  7. I get they just scored 95 points so it is tough to find flaws in the offense, but there are still times when this offense gets caught watching LCJ and losing its movement.
  8. Beacon article- https://www.beaconjournal.com/story/sports/college/zips/2021/01/16/university-akron-mens-basketball-zips-edge-toledo-95-94-ot/4189049001/
  9. The Zips head to Bowling Green for a night game this Tuesday. At last, we won't have to sneak a peek at work to watch a weekday game. BG, like Toledo is way ahead in games played, having played 13 games thus far, standing at 10-3 overall and 6-1 in the MAC. Their only MAC loss was a 24 point shellacking at Ball State. Their losses came to Wright State, Michigan and Ball State. They are coming off of a 5 point win at Niagara Falls. After exploring the free agent market in the off-season, All-MAC guard Justin Turner returns to lead BUGS at 21 ppg and 5.3 apg. 6'6" G/F Daeqwon Plowden is also back, averaging 11.3 ppg and 8.8 rpg. Many think BUGS is the class of the league. They were chosen as the top team in the MAC pre-season poll while Turner was named first team All-MAC while Plowden was named to the second team.
  10. Kudos to LCJ for drawing the defense and picking it to a teammate for a three on both the Ali and Dailey threes. With the way he's being defended there needs to be more of that and his teammates have to be ready to step up and make those shots. It seems that the Zips play up or down to the competition but it think it's actually more of a case of a team that's still coming together in this weird damn year.
  11. LCJ should not be on Jackson. Bad matchup and bad switches.
  12. He better get used to getting bodied up. That's now the league wide anti-LCJ formula.
  13. Jackie Windon is so good. I'm a little surprised ESPN hasn't moved her up to higher level games.
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