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  1. Basketball season can't get here fast enough.
  2. Here's the Beacon article about the union's statement- https://www.beaconjournal.com/news/20200706/university-of-akron-administration-faculty-spar-over-athletics-budget Sigh.
  3. I like it, but it appears we've found a place with defense equal to that played in the Akron Canton Pro-Am League! I hope there's a lot of free throw shooting that didn't make the highlight tape.
  4. Those kids will all be cleared by August. I think the reality is that some coaches are hoping for their kids to get it quickly so that they can be cleared before real training starts. They're assuming that getting it makes you immune to it.
  5. Let's hope his QB's are more accurate than that one when he's running uncovered!
  6. From the old news desk, Clayton Murphy is still unhappy and Marla Ridenour is about a month behind- https://www.beaconjournal.com/sports/20200630/olympian-clayton-murphy-says-uarsquos-handling-of-eliminated-sports-damaged-reputation-relationship-with-donors
  7. I'm hearing that the staff received an email today warning them of 20% staff cuts on July 15th.
  8. There have been recent games where we could enforce the 6 foot limit and still not use any of the upper bowl.
  9. Are you guessing at their intra-squad scrimmage record?
  10. The Zips recruiting footprint is huge. The recruiting director at Hiram is concerned.
  11. I think you guys are going to love Dailey, on and off the floor.
  12. I'll take very ACC and Big 10 "failure" the Zips can get. If you can get recruited into one of those schools, the reality is that you are well above the curve of the average MAC talent. Keep them coming.
  13. Let's hope that translates to the OOC schedule. Teams like Concord, South Carolina Upstate and Southern are more like Silly Putty than steel.
  14. Me neither and the Zips email didn't have a link.
  15. The weekly Zips email today proudly informed me that according to the Lindy's Pre-Season All MAC Team, the Zips possess a first team center, a second team safety and a second team returner. I hope in the final analysis, the Zips have better talent than just the best center, second best returner and 3rd or 4th best safety or is could be another long season.
  16. The Zips got a seven footer! I thought you'd be out celebrating!
  17. The good news is that Groce teams don't rely on post players much for offense. The kid is pretty nimble for his height but he needs some work. He might even be red shirt candidate to get him up to speed before throwing him into the fire.
  18. I'll give him a pass as I believe he was pregnant at the time.
  19. Looks like Clayton Murphy has cut his ties to the athletic program- https://www.beaconjournal.com/sports/20200618/ua-track-standout-olympian-clayton-murphy-cuts-ties-with-athletics-department Some interesting quotes from the article- “I have posted and presented to them our analysis and evidence that refutes their assertions pertaining the need to cut cross country for either financial or Title IX reasons,” Murphy wrote. “We have raised money to cover the team’s budget for more than a decade, however during both conversations I was told we appreciate your passion but have nothing to discuss since the decision ‘fits into the athletic profile or ecosystem of the University.’ “I was also told this was a minor decision and that while our analysis was good, it was also flawed. In the next breath, they refused to share their own analysis since “that’s not how we operate.” It’s hard to take them at their word when their lack of transparency is so blatant.” “I can no longer stand with a university which continues to stand behind a publicity stunt and refuses to support a track and field/cross country program that has done nothing but continually produce successful men and women on and off the track: a program that just 4 years ago was used as a highlight of your public image. I will no longer allow the university to use my image and likeness for marketing or as a promotional asset.”
  20. Pretty pathetic showing for the Golden Ticket Raffle. The draw is at the end of the video. There can't be 20 tickets in that drum.
  21. https://gozips.com/news/2020/6/15/mens-basketball-in-their-own-words-postcard-from-maishe-dailey.aspx?spMailingID=5551186&spUserID=MjUzOTI2MDE2NzM3S0&spJobID=1040699231&spReportId=MTA0MDY5OTIzMQS2
  22. I received my ticket renewal notice today. A brief ray of sunshine in an increasingly gloomy world. And, for yet another season, I will say $60 for a full season GA ticket is the best deal in town.
  23. One of this week's Postcards from the Zips is from LCJ- https://gozips.com/news/2020/6/3/mens-basketball-in-their-own-words-postcard-from-loren-cristian-jackson.aspx?spMailingID=5513667&spUserID=MjUzOTI2MDE2NzM3S0&spJobID=1040406366&spReportId=MTA0MDQwNjM2NgS2
  24. More like Disorientation Thursday.
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