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  1. Oh, so now we're expected to rely on people who go to practices and games and interact with the players as opposed to people who read two articles in the Beacon and the box scores every week?
  2. I recall an article where they talked about him working on some project as a part of his construction tech degree. There has to be a way to ditch that damn track, improve the upstairs sight lines and get rid of that stupid glass wall behind the reserved seats.
  3. At the P5 level, it's about contributing now. The seasoned senior is the exception to the rule.
  4. Aaaaah, it seems like just yesterday people on Zips Nation were clamoring for Bowden to get Kato on the field and now here we are...
  5. GT apparently thinks we should be encouraged by the Zips second half showings. I tend to think a team does better in the second half in those situations in part because the team ahead lets up knowing that the game is essentially over. As such, I can't get too excited by the team's second half performances.
  6. Welcome Zippyroo! Nice post. It's refreshing to see a post that discusses the team as opposed to the perpetual p!$$!n9 contest over the coaching (past and present).
  7. Sounds promising. I hope you're right. I was hoping Dawson could be that guy but now he's off the table.
  8. I think Reece will play bigger than he is. He's not tall, but he appears to be a tank.
  9. Our old friend Kreed is right on point. The polling showed the citizens of Summit County didn't want to pay for a new arena and the issue died. I was really looking forward to the Ice Capades, Harlem Globetrotters, a circus that exploited animals, and monster trucks. The JAR is a dump but it's our dump. Sure I'd love another arena and wish some of the money put into the nearly always empty and decaying football behemoth had gone towards an arena or reworking the JAR, but those are worthless wishes. I think the JAR could be revamped into a more workable arena that would promote a better fan experience but that also requires money the university doesn't have.
  10. Riak isn't going to suddenly become an offensive force in his 4th season of college hoops. Sayles showed some promise as a freshman but went backwards after his initial injury. At the end of the day, the Zips have to rely on their defense, rebounds and put backs and find the offense somewhere else. I think X will be a player. I see Cheese with a year under him being even better. Banks should find his shot at some point. I sense LCJ is always going to be one of those up and down mercurial players. Reece and Roscoe should help from the bench. They may again be hurting for a backup point guard, forcing Cheese to move over at points LCJ is out. I think they'll be better this year and continue their growth and this looks to be a year of parity in the MAC.
  11. As I get older, I tend to eliminate things from my life that bring me misery. As such, I don't get why you continue to follow the Zips athletic program as it seems to bring you nothing but misery. Don't get me wrong, I don't begrudge you following whoever you want for whatever reasons, it just befuddles me a little. I guess maybe it's a loyalty to your alma mater or a hope for a return to the "good old times."
  12. Must we go through this evverrrrrrry time with a new coach? Anyone who thought this was going to be a smooth transition was wildly overly optimistic. I do agree that the discipline related errors are concerning but it's way too early to assess the staff. Rome wasn't built in a day. Hell, I was there last week and they're still not done.
  13. I can live with the OOC schedule. Sure, I'd like to see some stronger names at home. Maybe I've just become too accustomed to the Coppin States, Delta States and Bethune Cookmans of the basketball world. We're also in our 27th striaght year of whining about the OOC schedule, so I find it hard getting too worked up about it.
  14. Yep. And our most expensive has been one of the least successful.
  15. The Ice Cream Social was a nice event. The attendance wasn't great but OK. About 10 of the players were there. Some were in class. Spoke a little to Xeyrius, Dailey, Walter, Sayles and Roscoe. All very nice kids. Told Jayden it was nice to see him without a cast to which he responded with an emphatic "me too!" Maishe Dailey makes a great impression. Eloquent, makes eye contact and couldn't be friendlier. Coach Groce did a great job of working the room while not rushing anyone. From what I heard, Dawson is not a part of the team at this point and another potential contributor will not play this year. I don't want to openly air their laundry on here but feel free to message me for any details. The schedule is finalized but the MAC won't let them release it until after Labor Day as it is ironing out TV details.
  16. I heard he was last seen in the company of Eric Hester.
  17. Hoping the new president has some game. Wilson shooting against the students was one of the few entertaining game breaks in recent years.
  18. CSU has become such a non-factor in the life of the Zips that I can't muster much emotion for them one way or another. Now if they get good, get on our regular schedule and/or start getting players the Zips want, that may change. I hope Dru does well but not to the Zips detriment. If he does well, he won't be there long.
  19. Interesting tidbit from the end of the article that Morris says he's done for the season while Arth states no decision has been made. Arth quote- “We met today. We have not met with the doctors yet. Jonah has not seen a doctor for his knee, so there’s no decision being made,” he said. “It’s our hope we’re able to rehab him. He may miss a few more days, but hopefully we’ll get him back next week.”
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