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  1. The MAC coaches saw UA and PCCC as the 5th and 4th best teams in the MAC coming into the season. Most of us saw the two teams as being in the second pack of the MAC coming into the season. The teams are very close in talent and they have the most talented scorer on either team in Insincere. They were beat by the better and harder working team on Friday night. The better and harder description may not apply later in the season but it was on full display Friday night. I was most disappointed in how the defense let Insincere run roughshod and the coaches did not appear to take any steps to adjust and slow it down as he scored 19 points in the final 9:14 when PCCC pulled away. As such, I am not buying that Groce outcoached Mr. Pinky. Also, as @kreed5120 referenced, they got killed on the boards, by 11 total, by a team that averages fewer RPG than the Zips. That's effort and execution.
  2. I again have 2 tickets for this one if anyone can use them. PM me.
  3. I suspect they are doing more of that to get teams back on the road and out of town early to avoid having to spend the night during Covid.
  4. Any word on Hoban grad Emma Tecca? She missed a bunch of time early to what I understood was a non-Covid health issue then had a couple of games where she played a little but now she's again disappeared from the box scores.
  5. I sure wish some of those who fled KD would have come to UA as revenge. 2 of the top 5 scorers in the MAC are escapees of KD.
  6. Western Michigan comes into the JAR on Tuesday to face the Zips. The 4-12 Broncos are fresh off of a loss to Miami. Their 4 wins have come against Hope, Purdue Fort Wayne, Southeastern Louisiana and Aquinas. The Broncos were predicted to finish 9th in the MAC preseason poll. 5-10 sophomore guard B. Artis White was selected to the preseason All-MAC second team, but he’s only played 5 games thus far. 6-1 junior guard Lamar Norman Jr. leads Bronco scoring at 19.3 ppg, with no other player averaging in double digits. Hopefully, the Broncos will give our Zips a chance to get their feet back under them and work out some of the kinks
  7. Things I would like to see going forward: 1. Consistency in individual performances. So far the only consistent player has been Freeman. 2. More aggressive offensive play from Castaneda. 3. Somebody to step up as a team leader. 4. More under control play by Ali. He's really grown as a player but he just occasionally appears to want to put everything on his shoulders and gets out of control. 5. Tribble to use his athleticism to become a lock down defender. 6. Continued growth from Aziz. 7. Trimble to look to score from mid-range and drive when pressed off of the 3 point line. 8. Clarke to stop going backwards and build on last year. 9. More mixing up of defenses 10. More movement on offense and use of the big man in the pick and roll. The big man NEVER gets the ball in the pick and roll. 11. Michael Wynn to show us something...Just something.
  8. A lot of overreaction in here. Sure, it was ugly but it's a long season and the Zips always have some of these, especially when it comes to travelling to Brimfield. Don't forget, the Zips were not the favorite going in. Too many were judging PCCC on its bad losses and not considering its good wins. That's Mr. Pinky's history- his team playing up or down to the competition. This is the most balanced ZIps team in a while. The down side of that is there's not ""that guy", the guy who gets you a hoop in a pinch or pushes the rest of the team. PCCC has one of those. I think it's too late to develop one in this season. The transfer portal can bring a quick fix to this. From here on out, they'll lose in Athens, at Toledo and at Buffalo and drop another game or two along the way. They'll make it to Cleveland and have a fighter's chance there. It's not the end of the world. It's a predictable loss in a rivalry game. On to the next game.
  9. The only positive is that I only had to listen to this abomination.
  10. Still looking for a leader on this squad.
  11. Yep, outhustling and playing harder. As much as it pains me to admit it, while Mr. Pinky's teams have some unexplainable losses, he sure gets them up for the Zips.
  12. If that's her, that's okay. She's handicapped and has passion, but this sounds like a dude.
  13. Could someone at the game identify the screaming idiot hear the radio broadcasters?
  14. Good, Carry get a little pissy. Stay in his grill.
  15. Here's hoping that the recent trends of UA being a strong second half team and PCCC being a bad second half team continue tonight.
  16. 6 points total from Ali, Trimble and Tribble. Yikes.
  17. 36% shooting isn't going to hack it. X needs some damn help. Another ****ty first half. Lucky to still be in it.
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