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  1. Completely agree in the discipline and sacrifice. Unfortunately, the victims are often people who don't deserve it. They're often older folks who did their part only to have some selfish dimwit infect them.
  2. Transfer + Transfer + Transfer = Malcontent
  3. The rate of mask wearing does seem to be picking up but the whole country lost a little discipline post- Memorial Day.
  4. 1) I have criticized the MAC and the Zips leadership in my time here, thanks; 2) My measure in life is not to impress anyone on an internet forum; 3) Still waiting for an answer as to the conference you think the Zips should be in.
  5. You haven't answered the question. Bitching is easy. Solutions, not so much. People who don't see another home for the Zips aren't homers. If anything, they are quite the opposite. They're realists or defeatists.
  6. Adam Schefter...Kirk Herbstreit...Adrian Wojnarowski...Jay Bilas...Baseball Dad...
  7. Yep, replacing them with P5 in conference. I can also see independents Notre Dame and BYU filling their schedules and filling out P5 conference schedules by essentially joining a P5 conference for football (e.g. ND playing an all ACC schedule).
  8. This is another step in the separation of the P5 schools from the rest of the NCAA.
  9. You don't get your NCAA Basketball Tourney money and now you won't get your victim's assistance compensation for getting peeled by a P5 team. It gets uglier by the day. That Clemson money is swirling in the bowl as we speak.
  10. Made me think of this hilarious old SNL skit. It may be 72 in training-
  11. To clarify, that would be sold tickets not actual attendance. By actual butts in seats, Stanford squash as well as lightweight rowing would compete with Akron football.
  12. Can't like this one enough. People are acting like asking them to wear a damn one ounce mask is akin to being asked to wear a 50 pound ball and chain. We are a country of such little discipline and commitment.
  13. Losing squash, lightweight rowing and synchronized swimming would indeed be heartbreaking. Just think of the TV and tournament money they'll be losing.
  14. You are hereby sentenced to watching a game from the upper level through the glass railing for the entire 2020-21 season.
  15. Basketball season can't get here fast enough.
  16. Here's the Beacon article about the union's statement- https://www.beaconjournal.com/news/20200706/university-of-akron-administration-faculty-spar-over-athletics-budget Sigh.
  17. I like it, but it appears we've found a place with defense equal to that played in the Akron Canton Pro-Am League! I hope there's a lot of free throw shooting that didn't make the highlight tape.
  18. Those kids will all be cleared by August. I think the reality is that some coaches are hoping for their kids to get it quickly so that they can be cleared before real training starts. They're assuming that getting it makes you immune to it.
  19. Let's hope his QB's are more accurate than that one when he's running uncovered!
  20. From the old news desk, Clayton Murphy is still unhappy and Marla Ridenour is about a month behind- https://www.beaconjournal.com/sports/20200630/olympian-clayton-murphy-says-uarsquos-handling-of-eliminated-sports-damaged-reputation-relationship-with-donors
  21. I'm hearing that the staff received an email today warning them of 20% staff cuts on July 15th.
  22. There have been recent games where we could enforce the 6 foot limit and still not use any of the upper bowl.
  23. Are you guessing at their intra-squad scrimmage record?
  24. The Zips recruiting footprint is huge. The recruiting director at Hiram is concerned.
  25. I think you guys are going to love Dailey, on and off the floor.
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