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  1. My biggest frustration with this team is that they were the same team last night that they were in their first game. They may have even regressed. Still getting beat with dribble penetration, Big Dog still trying to guard guys 20 feet from the basket, no leaders on the floor, still making mistakes in guarding the pick and roll...on...and...on...and...on. Our opponents eventually figured out what we were doing on offense and defense and no changes were made to counter them.
  2. My comment relative to Kent being a 14 or 15 seed was in response to someone predicting a Cinderella run for them and my feelings on the weaknesses of the MAC. He'll yes I'd take a 14 or 15 seed for the Zips.
  3. ...and the solution is? Remember, for every successful young up and comer there's a Coleman Crawford or Dan Hipsher. Be damn careful what you wish for.
  4. Anybody who thinks the MAC deserves more than one spot in the NCAA tournament should have to watch that sh!t show game on an endless loop. What a disappointing finish to the season. What a disappointing last month. Congrats to Kent. They outplayed the Zips. Most importantly, they played defense with significantly more intensity than thE Zips. When they doubled Big Dog, they quickly recovered to defend the perimeter. They gave Kwan nothing all night and no one fIgured out how to counter it, despite having seen the very same thing twice before this year. I'll be less angry/more cogent in the morning. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!
  5. Frustrating half. They are doing the same thing to Kwan that they did at the JAR. He needs to figure it out. Glad we're still in it after that awful half. Somebody needs to step up.
  6. Amen guys. I can't stand watching that repeated second half slumber when they allow teams back into games. I'd like to see the wagon train back to Portage County kick in with five to six minutes left in the game.
  7. Thanks, but I'll take my $60 general admission seats and find my own seats, after being essentially ignored when I had reserved seats.
  8. The free tickets I got from t-mobile are club level at half court. I'm just glad I didn't get free tickets for a Ball State- PCC final.
  9. I think we'll need "that guy" tonight. The guy who's not usually a major contributor who steps up in the clutch with big plays. My thought is that Big Dog and "Where's My Laptop" Hall will cancel each other out and that the Flushes will be all over Kwan, even in transition, limiting his good looks. In the end, I see an Utomi or Josh Williams having a big game and putting the Zips over the top. Zips- 73, PCCC- 69,
  10. Here's hoping for a triple overtime thriller with multiple ejections in the OPU/PCCC game. Actually, I'm excited that in the event the Zips win tonight they'll play one of those two teams. They've been great rivals.
  11. Yep. Who'd want to go to Prom with a pituitary case like him. Awful of him.
  12. Great pics! I really like the one of Noah shooting the three and every eye in the house on the ball.
  13. Ball State really gave the Zips a run for their money at the JAR. I remember a couple of Jimmy Chitwood types making some serious bombs down the stretch.
  14. It wasn't all that long ago that many thought these two might match up in the MAC final. Instead EMU finishes 16-16 and has an early exit at the hands of the Zips.
  15. Goodnight Raven Simone....errrrrrr...I mean Raven Lee....errrrr....I mean Ray Lee.
  16. Here's a little secret about Matta. He wins when he has better talent. His recent recruiting has not been very good and it is showing up in OSU's record.
  17. The radio guys get a vote. My bet is that the KSU play by play guy, Ty Linder, voted for him.
  18. I thought Waters was a good hire when CSU got him after he got dumped by Rutgers. I figured he'd have a leg up coming back into NEO. Unfortunately, rather than duplicate the success he had at PCCC, he duplicated his misery at Rutgers.
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