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  1. Mr. Pinky strikes again. He wasn't worthy of COY of Portage County. Someone needs their credentials reviewed. Congrats to KD and Big Dog. I figured they'd both get screwed. I've been an NEO sports fan waaaaaaaaay too long.
  2. Macedonia had a bunch left at 11:30.
  3. Came to when thinking of his complexion while the flushes were getting hammered by the Zips Friday night!
  4. Beautiful! Just picked up 2 at Macedonia t-mobile. Section C109.
  5. PCCC can't afford to buy out Mr. Pinky. Thank goodness. They're just glad his plan has unlimited texting.
  6. My initial reaction when I saw the video was that the kids and KD seemed disinterested. It then struck me that their disinterest may be a good sign in that they see it as a very minor prize on their path to bigger things.
  7. They're the hot team (kind of like when we were playing Radford and Coppin State).
  8. It was the only name he recognized on the ballot. He saw him on TV 3 or 4 times.
  9. Interesting. if you add up the players from each team, no team has more more than 3, none less than 2.
  10. Yep, so many moving parts it's impossible to predict.
  11. The full list: 2016-17 Men’s Basketball All-MAC First Team Isaiah Johnson, C, Akron, Senior Marcus Keene, G, Central Michigan, Junior Jimmy Hall, F, Kent State, Senior Jaaron Simmons, G, Ohio, Junior Thomas Wilder, G, Western Michigan, Junior 2016-17 Men’s Basketball All-MAC Second Team Kwan Cheatham Jr., F, Akron, Senior Tayler Persons, G, Ball State, Sophomore Blake Hamilton, Wing, Buffalo, Senior James Thompson IV, F, Eastern Michigan, Sophomore Steve Taylor Jr., F, Toledo, Senior 2016-17 Men’s Basketball All-MAC Third Team Franko House, F, Ball State, Senior Braylon Rayson, G, Central Michigan, Senior Marin Maric, C, Northern Illinois, Senior Jon Williams, G, Toledo, Senior Tucker Haymond, F, Western Michigan, Senior 2016-17 Men’s Basketball All-MAC Honorable Mention Antino Jackson, G, Akron, Junior Zack Denny, G, Bowling Green, Senior C.J. Massinburg, G, Buffalo, Sophomore Michael Weathers, G, Miami, Freshman Jordan Dartis, G, Ohio, Sophomore 2016-17 MAC All-Defensive Team Trey Moses, C, Ball State, Sophomore Zack Denny, G, Bowling Green, Senior Dontay Caruthers, G, Buffalo, Sophomore Tim Bond, G/F, Eastern Michigan, Junior Deon Edwin, F, Kent State, Senior 2016-17 MAC All-Freshman Team Michael Weathers, G, Miami Jason Carter, F, Ohio Reggie Jones, G, Western Michigan Dylan Frye, G, Bowling Green Eugene German, G, Northern Illinois
  12. Just as a point of reference, last year's 12 seeds were South Dakota State (25-7), Chattanooga (29-5), Yale (22-6) and Little Rock (29-4). Yale and Little Rock pulled off upsets.
  13. Could you please be a little more specific?
  14. Eastern over NIU; WMU over Miami; Toledo over BG; CMU upset over KSU.
  15. Nice finish to the season for the struggling Zips. Nice to go to Cleveland with a little momentum. Noah and Ivey, and Utomi to a lesser extent, were huge. Noah made himself an offensive threat last night and that substantially improves the offense. Ivey was fired up from the opening tip-off and that fire is something they've lacked all year. He really led by example. The availability of Utomi was huge with Kwan again in foul trouble. No moment seems to big for that kid.
  16. To start a game as a freshman and letter is impressive!
  17. They really should schedule it for a Tuesday to get the team ready for the regular season.
  18. I can't get a feel for this one. Do we get the Zips of the first 20 games who tend to find a way to pull it our after trying to give it away or do we get the Zips of the last two weeks that draft off and never wake up? At their best, the Zips are the top team in a conference that is struggling this year, but on a bad night they are among the worst.
  19. ...that will look bad on TV because no one is in the stands.
  20. Would somebody please start a PCCC thread? I've been banned. I've received an engraved invitation and offer for a free Uber from the PCCC fans for the game.
  21. Just one? LOL. One thing I'll say for the guy who makes me cringe the most is that at least he tries hard.
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