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  1. Yep, no killer instinct. Add that to no team leaders and it can be a recipe for a disaster. Sometimes, you need a player to take the bull by the ............
  2. The VCU debacle was a perfect storm scenario. The Abreu fiasco played right into the high pressure D of the VCU Shaka Smart squad. The illnesses of some of our players compounded it. That being said, I'm not sure we're in that game even at full strength. To this day, I'm still perplexed that Shaka kind of rubbed it in and did not let up when the game was well out of hand.
  3. My summary of the MAC season- The MAC sucks. The Zips have sucked the least.
  4. Do I sit at games and love every decision made by KD and his staff? Heck no. That being said, the Zips couldn't do any better than KD on the open market. Lord know, with his record, he'd have been gone long long ago if not for his CMU skeleton. Also, you can't discount the fact that his close friend, LBJ, is now a face of the school and contributing millions of dollars. KD's not going anywhere until he wants to. I'd also love to see an NCAA run, but let's look at the odds of that actually happening. Sure, there's a mid-major team every two or three years, a Kan't, OU or George Mason type team, that pulls it off. The odds of being that team are very very slim, explaining the excitement and legend when it occurs. As such, it borders on an unreasonable expectation to judge the program (or coach) by the failure to be one of those rare teams. I know many may see me as a defeatist. I think I'm a realist. I love the Zips but maybe, in reality, this is as good as it gets.
  5. I started the BG, Kan't and Miami threads. I feel your pain!
  6. My favorite part of the Tim Rogers article- “We got what we deserved,” Dambrot said after an extended stint in the locker room. “We were emotional and paid the price. We’ve talked to refs all season and tonight we paid the price. We let bad plays bother us and we paid the price. We took command of the game and let them hang around. It is unacceptable behavior.” Translation- "Stop being whiny little b!+che$ and go play hard." Curious to hear mivid12's suggestions for improvement. There are a ton of young talented coaches dying to come to a midwest MAC team and spend their lives here. Once we get into the ACC, the list will grow even longer.
  7. I'm going to tear the ears off of my head the next time I hear the terms "RPI" or "Kenpom" in a Zips conversation.
  8. I think Dog has now solidified Marcus Keene's MAC MVP season. Just so damn frustrating as they continue to make the same mistakes they've made all season. Big Dog can't defend beyond 3 feet from the basket and can't make free throws, they play matador defense on dribble penetration, they rush threes, they build leads to pi$$ them away...on...and...on...and...on...
  9. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Damn that was frustrating. The Zips should beat a team like that by 20, giving our seniors a chance to get on that floor on senior night. Instead, they pi$$ away a 15 point lead with awful defense and 3rd grade level CYO passing. As they're presently playing, their MAC season will be over around 2:30 PM next Thursday. Oh, and I'd once like to not have to watch Big Dog try to play tight defense 20 feet from the damn basket and have someone for once STOP THE DRIBBLE PENETRATION. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!
  10. Kreed and I are competing in the hippity hop ball race. Get your tickets early!
  11. Wow, this thread is blowing up. You can sense the anticipation for the game.
  12. He's the Zip that can stop dribble penetration.
  13. Plenty of fault to go around. Heck, I'm always perplexed at the number of suits on a college bench. Can't one of them count? Also, these kids are old enough to know to stick with the group. Mom needs to crap her trap rather than draw attention to the fact she raised an irresponsible goof.
  14. I think it's part of the equation. Too bad Aaron Jackson has fallen out of the mix. I can't blame KD and the staff as he shouldn't be taking time from guys like Kwan, Ivey and Utomi, and he's had trouble when he has played. I thought going into the season that he could be a high energy 10 minute guy, but that certainly hasn't happened.
  15. Kwan, Big Dog, Carlitos Anderson and Mark Noble take the floor for their last JAR game Tuesday night as Miami comes to town. Miami is 10-19 overall, 3-13 in the MAC, and has lost 4 in a row. Hopefully, the Zips can pull away early, get the team a little rest and enjoy cutting down the nets post-game.
  16. I don't think it's been a part of any bigger plan as much as it may have been the product of closer games. I have no more of a basis for the conclusion of there having been more close games, but it just feels like we've had very few runaway wins and many games have been up in the air until late. As the games are tighter, you'll get more of the core of the 1 thru 7 trusted core kids in the last ten minutes. Also, three players whose minutes have suffered due to different circumstances are Utomi who took a while to get into the rotation, Hughes who was injured and got behind, and Aaron Jackson.
  17. Agreed. I want to see PCCC's trail as difficult as possible.
  18. Ummm, it's TWO words- prima donna (and inaccurate).
  19. I, like many, was critical of Noah. That being said, the bulk of us weren't ready to give up on him. His 5 game stretch of a total of 21 points in five games heading into the BG game had people rightfully concerned as he wasn't putting pressure on the defense. I hope he's "back on the beam" now. The Zips are one hell of a better team when he is.
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