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  1. My under 4000 bet for the crowd is in peril. I'm guessing......3997.
  2. I'm feeling a big night for Jimond. I see Buffalo fronting Big Dog and bringing backside help when the Zips try to throw it over the front, leaving Ivey open.
  3. Zeke was the ultimate "you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone" for me. He drove me bonkers for 4 years, but the second he wasn't on the floor for the Zips, I realized just how valuable he was. With our perennial inability to stop dribble penetration, he was the perfect solution. He eventually became decent on defense. RIght now, he gets my vote. That may change in the next couple of months, but for now, I vote Zeke.
  4. I was going to vote for Big Dog. but the Bulls have some size. I think we're going to see a lot more of team fronting Big Dog which could cut down on his chances.
  5. Every time we start discussing the tournament a chill goes up my spine and I want to lock all of the ZIps players up in a hidden location to keep them from an outside world of suspicious packages, women and all of the other temptations that can and have taken down seasons...
  6. I am going to be the contrarian and take the under (4,000). I think the fans showed up for OU because of the long term in state rivalry and for EMU because of their record. We might get 4,000 of the Beacon jumps onboard for a couple of days, but I don't see it happening. I still don't enjoy the Buffalo games nearly as much without Bobby Hurley on their bench. I went home hoarse from those games from screaming at him.
  7. I'm not giving back the win, but I'd like to see a killer instinct out of this team. When push comes to shove, polsters want to see good old fashioned @$$ kickings on the schedule.
  8. Hughes was in the warmups Friday night but was moving very gingerly. We're going to need another big this season, so let's hope he's mending quickly.
  9. Wellllll....there's one thing that looks worse that empty blue seats- empty gold seats.
  10. I'm still trying to figure out whether this is a down year in general for the MAC or what we're seeing is a result of parity. With my considerable basketball knowledge, I'm confident that I'll have it figured out by the end of March.
  11. I hear WMU has some killer guards- http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaab/2016/12/12/western-michigan-basketball-player-charged-murder/95350492/
  12. I think we should get blow up dolls for the empty seats, like the auto pilot from Airplane but in Zips gear. The Zips aren't going to let people move into already purchased seats.
  13. I haven't seen an official number but it looked bigger than any other this year. Too many empty blue seats, but the GA crowd was big. My best guess is 3600.
  14. Exactly. We've all seen him either hoist the three too quickly or put the ball on the floor and turn it over. When he puts the ball on the floor he seems to be penetrating too deeply to under the basket and getting caught in a tough spot. I like the kid and think he'll eventually be OK, but right now I cringe when I see him at the scorer's table.
  15. As Keith mentioned in the post-game with Frenchy, if they make their regular average of free throws they run away with it. That was one ugly damn second half, from all of the fouls, to the missed free throws to the double review that took 5 minutes. At least the EMU ugliness could be in part attributed to the Zips defense. Josh Williams is LOST. With Utomi, Ivey and Dunn Martin playing well, I'd prefer he find himself in practice at this point.
  16. Poke has to be among the ncaa leaders in blocks and allie oops per minute played. LOL.
  17. With as frustrating as portions of that first half were, it's probably good that I did not have a large piece of glass in my hand.
  18. Yes, I can pass on registering for the Athens Messenger. As much as I enjoy beating OU, I'd much more enjoy beating them with Campbell. I was listening to Joe Dunn's show last week and according to him Big Dog has a long history, going back to their time in the Cinci area, of outplaying Campbell.
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