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  1. I don't expect Big Dog to be Mark Price at the line, but he's better than he's shown. It is pretty apparent at this point that it is in his head.
  2. I feel bad for OU having to go through the season without Antonio Campb.......naaaaaaaaaaaah.......screw 'em. I hope we beat them by 50.
  3. Curious to see how the Kittens have adjusted to the loss of Campbell. I think they were still reeling from it at the JAR a couple of weeks ago. They're 2-2 since they saw the Zips, so the adjustment doesn't look like it is going well. Of particular note is a loss to 7-14 WMU.
  4. So, you're saying it's better than the average GT article? I heard Franshon Bickley is also back on campus.
  5. I remember a tight game at the JAR earlier in the year when Jimond had a transition dunk and the team came back down the floor and every kid on the Zips was pumped up, up on the balls of their feet and in the grill of the kid they were guarding. They were chomping at the bit. I remember thinking how great it would be if it didn't take a big play to bring out that intensity. Last night's second half performance gave me a similar feeling. It's kind of funny. Now that we've seen them do it, we know they can do it and it will cause even more grief when they don't. Keith knows what he has here. He's made it very well known that "we can't guard anyone." He deserves credit for recognizing what he has and doing well with it, even if it drives him a little nuts.
  6. Maybe they're one of those teams that will always do just well enough to win.
  7. We need to see that defense for entire games, not just when their backs are against the wall.
  8. Let's hope this is a preview for the rest of Antino's season.
  9. Exactly. NIU's strategy seems to be to double him when he puts the ball on the floor, generally from the blind side. Worked well early.
  10. I don't need to see Josh Williams or Austin Jackson until they find their games.
  11. He's become a specialist with no specialty.
  12. Even the damn commercials are irritating tonight. Same ones over and over and over. I've had enough of Antonio Brown at the reception desk!
  13. Kwan and Antino are going to have to win this for us.
  14. This is the worst Zips team defensively I've seen.
  15. I'm sensing a "dysfunctional" Zips locker room at half.
  16. Rough start. If Maric's going to keep beating Big Dog down the floor then somebody needs to step up, stop him and look to switch if and when Dog gets there. Big DOg looks completely out of sorts.
  17. This one worries me for some reason. I can't put a finger on why.
  18. Big Dog couldn't handle their big men when they went to the perimeter. They shot well enough to make him have to come out on them, but then had the speed to go around him when he came out. Poke is in a much better position athletically to handle that situation. I think Keith also knew Big Dog was he was getting gassed and wanted to save his energy for the offensive end. I honestly couldn't tell you the last team we had that was decent at defending dribble penetration. Maybe it's something the Zips defensive strategy sets them up for. A couple of defensive things I've noticed and would like to see modified. First, we trap the ballhandler every time on a high pick. We never switch it (until after the trap) or just play through the pick. As a result, we're vulnerable to a team that moves the ball finds the big man quickly coming off of the pick. Also, I don't recall seeing a second of zone this year. I'm not a bog fan of the zone, but It is something we ought to trot out occasionally, even for a couple of possessions, for a different look.
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