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  1. I'm waiting for the ESPN play by play guy's voice to start changing.
  2. The last time we were able to stop dribble penetration they had to stop the game after every score to take the ball out of the peach basket.
  3. Thanks but no thanks to Miles. That guy annually pi$$e$ away top 10 talent through idiotic playcalling and game management. How in God's name LSU renewed him when he was solidly on the chopping black last year continues to perplex me. My greatest college football wish is that Harbaugh goes back to the NFL and Miles returns to his alma mater.
  4. The thought of quick guards scares me since the Zips haven't stopped dribble penetration since Nick Dials was here...
  5. Well, this one goes back to the top. CMU is now 10-5, coming off of a lost to NIU. Keene is now averaging 29 per game while Rayson is averaging 18. That's two 5-9 guards combining for 47 a game. Nice 1-2 punch. They are already 0-2 in the MAC, falling to NIU and EMU.
  6. Josh can dribble penetrate. Unfortunately, the one time he did it last night he got in too deep, left his feet, tried to pass it back and bounced his pass off of the bottom of the backboard. RIght now, the only people that take the ball to the hole with any regularity are Antino and Ivey.
  7. I hope that's what it was and they'll shake themselves out of it. I'd sure like to see some more consistency and aggressiveness out of Josh. I think he may be adjusting to heading back to the bench. He's become just a little too much of a catch and shoot guy and I think if he'd put the ball on the floor a little more he'd actually see defenders back off a little but and give him more room for the 3.
  8. That was AWFUL. Thanks to some atrocious late free throw shooting from WMU, we were able to squeak by a below average team with 8 freshmen on the roster. Good teams won't allow us to play like that and escape with a win. I can't get my head around this team. Are they just one of those teams who will play to the competition and just well enough to win...or...are they just not as good as we thought they might be? I am really missing Antino having the ball in his hands as he did when he was at the point. They're also looking like another one of those deep Dambrot era teams without a go to guy or strong leader.
  9. I just hope they get out in front enough to rest him regularly and keep him healthy. 300 pounds plus wears on a body over a long season and they guy has had ankle problems previously, so I think something is inevitable. I'm just hoping it's nicks and dings and not something then sees him have to sit out.
  10. I like it as an alternative to always kicking it out for a three. Ivey's developed a recognition of when he's being left alone and slashing to the low post when they come to double Big Dog.
  11. I don't have a problem with the promotions. I got a purple Peters shirt once and the kid behind me caught a TaylorMade mini-basketball once. I sit on the edge of my seat for the "hippity hop" ball race every game, and has there ever been anything more compelling than the Simon Says game at the half of the BGSU game?
  12. The Broncos come to the JAR with a 4-9 record. Tough to tell what to expect here. They had respectable losses to Villanova (76-65), Washington (92-86) and UCLA (82-68), but got absolutely throttled by CSU (85-62) and OU (89-58). They've also had a player arrested for murder, which might be a minor distraction in the middle of a season. http://www.freep.com/story/sports/college/2016/12/12/joeviair-kennedy-murder-western-michigan/95348646/
  13. I know his original major was sports management. Any idea what the masters is in?
  14. KD's quotes regarding the defense: "I guess we can score, but we can’t guard anyone.” “I will hold them accountable on the defensive end.”
  15. Wow, the Zips CANNOT play that way against the better teams. BG shot 54% from the field and had only 8 turnovers. It felt like we had 8 turnovers in the first 3 minutes. Some of that was them playing over their heads, but much of it was listless and inattentive defense. We gave up ten points more than they're averaging on the season against lesser competition. Glad to see Ivey's continued development. Him slashing has become a great alternative to kicking it out for the three when Big Dog gets doubled. I sure would like to see the ball in Antino's hands more.
  16. It's a darn shame you've let your misplaced priorities get in the way of our fun. Thanks for making the effort. I look forward to when you get it up and rolling again!
  17. Too bad this wasn't in place in time for the stellar Adrian game. Instant classic material there.
  18. Curious to see BGSU guard Antwon Lillard. He's the kid who was a standout at Cleveland Central Catholic who had a monster dunk in the last minute of the state championship game but got t'd up for hanging on the rim, resulting in tech free throws and the eventual loss of the game in OT. Always felt a little bad for the kid. http://highschoolsports.cleveland.com/news/article/-6951888627710125408/central-catholics-antwon-lillard-says-he-hung-on-rim-after-late-dunk-against-defiance-to-protect-himself/
  19. Ummmm, that they were one of the top two teams in the Mahoning Valley.
  20. One of the talking heads on ESPN today, while speaking of the various weaknesses of assorted top teams, said that Gonzaga and Creighton could be the best two teams in the country! Hmmmm.
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