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  1. As Keith mentioned in the post-game with Frenchy, if they make their regular average of free throws they run away with it. That was one ugly damn second half, from all of the fouls, to the missed free throws to the double review that took 5 minutes. At least the EMU ugliness could be in part attributed to the Zips defense. Josh Williams is LOST. With Utomi, Ivey and Dunn Martin playing well, I'd prefer he find himself in practice at this point.
  2. Poke has to be among the ncaa leaders in blocks and allie oops per minute played. LOL.
  3. With as frustrating as portions of that first half were, it's probably good that I did not have a large piece of glass in my hand.
  4. Yes, I can pass on registering for the Athens Messenger. As much as I enjoy beating OU, I'd much more enjoy beating them with Campbell. I was listening to Joe Dunn's show last week and according to him Big Dog has a long history, going back to their time in the Cinci area, of outplaying Campbell.
  5. I just know I'm going to get another Proenza bobblehead.
  6. Kwan drove me to distraction with his hoisting of threes at inopportune times in past years, but he's really rounded out his game this year. He seems to be exercising better discretion on the threes and has developed a very nice inside game. He's also working much harder on the glass. I've also seen an improvement in his attitude when he misses a shot or makes a mistake. In the past, he tended to sulk and appeared to get down on himself, while this year he shakes it off and keeps his head in the game. Glad to see it come to him as he seems like a good kid.
  7. Let's say 500 of those fans were students. We then take 450 of them and put them in the north and south end stands, which seat 1000 people. That's just a bad recipe for their involvement. Unfortunately, I'm not sure there's a fix for that within the JAR physical plant. Right now, the only students who appear to be engaged in the games are in the band. Skip makes a point though. It's as much of an effort thing as it is the physical plant.
  8. Good call. I can't see much of a future for Senderoff over there.
  9. I knew it was coming the second he did it. I just wish he'd have gone on his way. No reason to invite the whistle. I was more perturbed by the technicals called on two players from each team in the second half after conferring at the scorer's table for 5 minutes. Figure out who caused the problem, make the call and move on. The crowd issue was more the bright blue empty seatbacks than the GA and student crowd. For what was the biggest game of the season thus far, that's a little embarrassing.
  10. Portage County Community College goes down again!
  11. Nice win. A lot of good came out of that game. It looks like the team is really starting to come together. Some random thoughts. I'm still concerned about Noah and Josh. They seem to be regressing. Same for Aaron Jackson. On the other hand, Ivey, Utomi and Poke seem to be coming into their own. The spark Utomi brings is going to make them find minutes for him. The ball was in Antino's hands a little more tonight which is something I've been hoping for. Dog seems a little tired which I am sure has some correlation to Mike Hughes' injury.
  12. Nice run. Keep it rolling. 60-43 Zips, 11:16 left.
  13. Dear Jimond, please just go play D after you score...
  14. There is a bobcat in a walking boot, I assume Campbell.
  15. I get that Skip. Those are good points. I'm just having a tough time buying into this team. I can't get feel as to whether they are a talented bunch with that ability to just win or just not as good as I thought they'd be. I am hoping to get an answer tonight.
  16. I think we learn a lot about the Zips tonight. People can talk about this being just one game, but the players and coaches know better.
  17. It would be nice to beat the boobcats at full strength. I'm curious to see how the Zips respond coming off of the road and playing stronger competition.
  18. The Bobcats come into the JAR at 11-4, fresh off of a four point loss to EMU. OU big man Antonio Campbell was injured in the game and played only 3 minutes.
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