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  1. Exactly! What would we wear? We'd have to by all new Elite 8 t-shirts...all that travel....
  2. Old Clarky is a little slow on the uptake today!
  3. This just in (from the desk of George Thomas)- Elvis AND Keith Dambrot have left the building.
  4. I read John Groce's palm, from the stands with a telescope. I've also had visions of you getting blasted yet again by the t-shirt cannon. That could be: 1) my psychic abilities; or 2) wishful thinking.
  5. I need to remind myself to look back on my original expectations of this team when I start getting bogged down in their current plight. I thought they were a 15 to 18 win team. I thought they would beat the "lower" teams in the MAC, maybe split with the middle of the pack and lose to the better teams. With the OOC record, 15 wins was a reasonable expectation. With the injuries to the two big men, a 3 to 5 game variance from a 15 win season can't be unexpected. As such, I need to temper my enthusiasm when they do well as well as my disappointment when they lose. At the end of the day, we've been damn spoiled. Also, the OOC schedule really got our hopes up. Looking to the future...sigh...
  6. I was starting to get used to the 2:00 games then they threw in that noon game last week. I have been surprised by the crowds with the move to afternoons.
  7. The 15-9 Chippewas of Central Michigan come to town Saturday afternoon to face the Zips. The Chips are 4-7 in the MAC. 6 foot junior guard Shawn Roundtree and 6-6 freshman forward lead the Chips at 15.2 ppg. 6-7 sophomore forward David DiLeo leads rebounding at 7.2 rpg, while also contributing 12.5 ppg. The Chips MAC wins are against OU (twice), BG and NIU.
  8. His story today has OU going "16-of-27 (29 percent) from behind the 3-point line." Ugh.
  9. OK, I'm just some schlub that likes basketball who once poorly coached some youth basketball. From that perspective it makes me absolutely bonkers to watch a team get beat on something I as a complete amateur can identify as a key in the game, in this instance taking the 3 point shot away from Dartis. I can't tell whether the kids weren't clued in on this or aren't executing, but neither if those possibilities are a positive for the Zips.
  10. Groce looks like he may hurt someone (maybe himself) at half.
  11. They are 73% from 3 point range. Ugh, the Zips are just a bad basketball team.
  12. Guarding the 3 point line and running shooters off of it will be important tonight. Block killed the Zips in the first game from the three point line and Dartis can get really hot from out there.
  13. From your mouth to the basketball gods' ears Captain!
  14. He certainly does appear to have bought in. One thing I have noticed the last couple of games is some awful body language, especially on defense after giving up points. Rather than appear angry that they were beat, I'm seeing a look of "Damn, here we go again." Hope that's not a sign of anything.
  15. Interesting. Wonder if someone mixed them up as I got 2 Wilsons as they advertised.
  16. George's most recent article regarding Groce and his statements about the team's attitude/effort- https://www.ohio.com/akron/sports/university-of-akron/university-of-akron-basketball-john-groce-says-zips-need-to-develop-better-habits-more-toughness
  17. I think this is the first time Utomi has struggled. He was a huge scorer in high school and didn't have any real expectations placed on him last year. This year, the exodus of so many players combined with his early season play against inferior opponents sent the expectations of him through the roof and I am sure he bought into it to some extent. Now he's being forced into strange territory from jumping center to start the game to guarding the other teams' bigs. I certainly hope it doesn't push him towards a transfer and that he sees reinforcements are on the way. He could be a big part of the future.
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