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  1. It's a darn shame you've let your misplaced priorities get in the way of our fun. Thanks for making the effort. I look forward to when you get it up and rolling again!
  2. Too bad this wasn't in place in time for the stellar Adrian game. Instant classic material there.
  3. Curious to see BGSU guard Antwon Lillard. He's the kid who was a standout at Cleveland Central Catholic who had a monster dunk in the last minute of the state championship game but got t'd up for hanging on the rim, resulting in tech free throws and the eventual loss of the game in OT. Always felt a little bad for the kid. http://highschoolsports.cleveland.com/news/article/-6951888627710125408/central-catholics-antwon-lillard-says-he-hung-on-rim-after-late-dunk-against-defiance-to-protect-himself/
  4. Ummmm, that they were one of the top two teams in the Mahoning Valley.
  5. One of the talking heads on ESPN today, while speaking of the various weaknesses of assorted top teams, said that Gonzaga and Creighton could be the best two teams in the country! Hmmmm.
  6. I think we run the table at home and drop 2 or 3 on the road. I think we also see the rotation start to tighten up a little. I'm starting to worry about Noah's ankle. Hopefully, this break will bring some healing and get him healthy for the rest of the way.
  7. We're only nine days out from the Bowling Green Falcons coming into the JAR to open up the MAC season. Every MAC team, with the exception of BG (5-7), Buffalo (5-7) and WMU (3-8) come into the MAC season with .500 or better records. At this point, for what it's worth, the Zips are second in the MAC in point per game (to EMU) and are giving up the fewest points per game. Chime in on what you expect to see/hope to see in the MAC regular season.
  8. The reality is that rotations generally get tighter as the season goes on, especially once you get to the league schedule, they don't get deeper. As such, we may well see those borderline rotation guys like Poke and Utomi get fewer minutes as the season goes on.
  9. I like it when GT criticizes the team's effort from his couch. I remember Frenchy going off on that a couple of years ago after a loss at Miami.
  10. So the good people of El Paso get a basketball game with 3 sub-.500 teams and a Sun Bowl without McCaffrey!
  11. I thought there were more general admission butts in the seats than any other game this year, but the season ticket seats had some major gaps.
  12. The Zips head out for Christmas week at the Don Haskins Sun Bowl Invitational in El Paso. In the opener on Wednesday the 21st, they play 5-7 UC Irvine. If they beat the Anteaters, they play the winner of the UTEP (2-7)- Maryland Eastern Shore (1-10) game in the championship on Thursday the 22nd.
  13. The Zips did seem to get lost in a lot of switches. We lost a couple of guys for easy baskets off of in-bounds plays. It always makes me nuts to see an opponent score off of a good out of bounds play as it reminds me of the Zips lack of them. There were plenty of turnovers but I'm hoping it was a symptom of the frantic nature of the game.
  14. I think Ivey got a little mad with a call and was jawing at the ref. As for the dance team, most of them were probably on break.
  15. Wow, that was an entertaining game. Marshall sure runs the floor and moves the ball. If they have one or two even average big men, they could be really dangerous. They will win a lot of games. Zips did a nice job on Elmore. Antino didn't do a lot offensively, but really worked hard on Elmore. I really liked the surprise 2-3 zone the Zips threw in there unexpectedly. It seemed to catch Marshall a little by surprise too. We also handled the 1-2-2 press pretty well. Nice rebound after the tough ones against Creighton and Gonzaga.
  16. Nope, not listed anywhere in their stats.
  17. For some reason, I'm a little worried about this one. Hope I am wrong. Our years old inability to stop penetration by quick guards has me worried. It should be a little of a contrast of styles with Marshall pushing the ball and chucking up shots while the Zips run a more deliberate structured offense.
  18. Interesting story, especially in that he started at YSU. A much better story than the one I read about the WMU guard charged with murder.
  19. Another reality sometimes is that a kid doesn't want to stay home to play. College for many is a chance to venture out into the big world. In that instance, a kid might choose an equal or program for a chance to go away.
  20. Next time you watch it, pay attention to the guys on the Nets' bench. Hilarious.
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