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  1. There is always the "old fashioned" way of accepting the call and keeping your mouth shut.
  2. Wow GK4Herd, I wish we could get a preview from our opponents like that for every game. Thanks!
  3. I recall the FW coach on EPSN in the post-game thanking Tom Crean for being willing to play the game at FW.
  4. The Thundering Herd comes into the JAR on Saturday 12/17. This could be a very important OOC game. It will also be a good barometer as to development of the team and a strong test going into the holiday tournament and MAC play.
  5. Soooo, ummmmmm, the Zips lost to the #8 team in the country and our take away thought is that they will never win a tournament game under Dambrot. Allrighty then...
  6. I don't know how Poke will develop where he is or will be offensively, but on the most basic level I just like that he looks like he's trying so damn hard all of the time. In a world of lesser efforts, I love seeing an "all out guy." I think that's what's getting on the floor ahead of some other more talented guys, like Utomi.
  7. Gotcha, I just use Poke to shorten his name (as opposed to butchering it).
  8. Good and bad tonight. Way too many turnovers. Ivey is so much more under control this year and it is really showing on the floor. Keith was really on Dunn-Martin in the first half, but the kid bounced back which is promising. Poke continues to play hard and impressively, especially on defense. The refs were out of control with the whistles and both teams were in the bonus very early. Interesting note- Coppin State hasn't won an out of conference road game since December of 2013! Who knows what the plan was with the t-shirts. I've been a season ticket holder for 5 or 6 seasons and have 2 shirts, one of which I picked up last week. The only time I saw them tonight was when the president and some kids were walking around and giving them to people.
  9. My favorite George quote from the article- "UA’s opening loss to Youngstown State should serve as a cautionary tale for a team that has a tendency to play to the level of its competition." I wonder if Radford and Adrian agree. Dear George- just give me the facts on what happened in the game, etc., and spare me the "insights" and opinions.
  10. Joe Jakubick leads the nation in scoring in 83-84. 1986- Huggins leads a group of overachievers to Akron's first NCAA tourney where they give Michigan a run for their money.
  11. I'm just hoping it's as exciting as the rubber duck toss. Toilet paper on the Coppin State game somehow seems...appropriate. I wouldn't want to be in the first few rows.
  12. 0-10 Coppin State comes to the JAR Wednesday night to face the Zips. In their ten losses are losses to Georgetown, Clemson, BYU, Valparaiso and Utah. They lost by only 2 to Ball State. Pretty solid OOC schedule so far. Leading scorer is 6-5 G/F Josh Treadwell at 10.3 per game. The team averages 57 points a game and has given up nearly 84 per game. The anticipation for this game should reach a fevered pitch by tip-off Wednesday night.
  13. When the Zips lose games likes this, it imperils their chances of getting into the ACC (sorry, just resurrecting a ridiculous conversation from last year). The loss was about what I expected. I'd much rather see them with a road loss to Creighton than a home win against Adrian. It certainly prepares them better for the rest of the season.
  14. Exactly. I think he has much more offensive talent than Poke, but I think his defense, which is primarily grit and effort, is getting Poke on the floor ahead of him.
  15. I was surprised by the crowd when I got there about 12 or 13 minutes before the game. I think 3 to 5 people entered after me. I would say it was the largest crowd for an Adrian game this year as their crowds have been 1009 (at Detroit), 245, 0, 575 and 334 according to their website..
  16. I can't imagine there were 3K there. There were a few students in the upper ends. No band tonight. The AKRowdies are a non-factor so far this year.
  17. Wow, Adrian makes Radford look like the mid-60's Celtics. I stayed until the Zips were up 48 with 10 minutes left. Not sure what, if anything, we can take from that one. Continue to be impressed by Poke. Plays hard with his head in the game. I think his constant effort is getting him minutes.
  18. Exactly. At least give an area team the chance if you have to play one of these.
  19. The Adrian Barbeaus come to the JAR Wednesday night fresh off of consecutive losses to powerhouses Siena Heights and North Park. Their tallest player are 6-6 187 pound forward Michael Gold and 6-6 210 pound forward Isiah Crofford. Guard Devonte Harris averages 22.3 ppg. On the Clarky Dynamic pricing scale based upon ticket demand and competition level, UA will again owe me after this one.
  20. At $60 for a GA ticket for all games, that's $4 a ticket. With American and Radford, I think I've overpaid thus far!
  21. The $5 is a permanent thing. They told me about it when I picked up my season tickets last week. Fortunately, they also give the season ticket holders a parking pass for each game, even the cheapo general admission guys like me. The attendants were there Thursday night when we parked. Frenchie mentioned how our opponents' play by play guys are going to love those uniforms last night, referencing how he couldn't call the game if he didn't know our players by sight. Who knows what they were thinking. Poke's certainly not going top be a regular 5, but it's nice to see his versatility. Heck, I could have played the 5 for a couple of minutes last night given the way that one went!
  22. Utomi had unbelievable offensive numbers in high school. I suspect his problem in getting on the floor has been his commitment to defense, which is always KD's priority. Defense can be a tough sell to a kid who scored 27 points a game in high school. Poke even played the 5 tonight, with Big Dog and Big Mike out. I'd like to see more of both of them, but I can't think of whose time I think they should take.
  23. Tough to assess much from that one as Radford is just plain awful. Very encouraged by Utomi and Olojakpoke.
  24. Not a big fan of the DJ. I suspect they moved the band away from our bench due to the volume and the difficulty of hearing in the huddle when they're playing. That then relegated the Rowdies to the other end of the floor.
  25. Much to work on. I thought we were going to see Kwan with his back to the basket more often, but that's apparently no the case. Glad to see Ivey's development. He's finally finding his stride and confidence. I get the idea of putting our three best guards on the floor with Noah, Antino and Josh, but I'm not sure it's working, at least yet. Keith will find the effective rotations before long. JT3 has to be happy. His Georgetown offense is no longer the most plodding offense in DC.
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