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  1. I'd like to see Reggie and Jake take a lesson from this. Occasionally putting the ball on the floor will pay dividends as the D won't always look to run at you at the 3 point line.
  2. I can feel the anticipation building- no posts for 30 hours. LOL.
  3. Amen. We have too many guys without the skill or inclination to occasionally put the ball on the floor and drive (McAdams, Kretzer, Kwan, etc...) rather than hoist the three every time. I love the threes when they are dropping, but there needs to be some fear by the other team that if they run at the shooter he will go by them. I'd really like to see Kwan work the post a little more rather than shoot so many threes. We were also pretty awful in transition last night.
  4. UGLY. Conversation with my lovely wife during the game that summed it up: Wife: "How did we lose our big lead?" Clark: "By sucking."
  5. Hopefully, the game is such that we can all leave early when the Zips are way ahead and working in the backups. My memory of last year is that little Coppin point guard driving Noah crazy. He must have had 5 or 6 steals.
  6. Just to clarify, this is not Arkansas Pine Bluff!!
  7. I like how the NCAA sped up the game with the 30 second shot clock, but now have the refs calling everything. Nothing like lots of foul shots to bring excitement to the game.
  8. Love how Antino went over and gave KD a hug in the middle of his tirade. Too damn funny.
  9. I love the depth, but at times I fear it works against us in developing that "go to guy." Every team needs that guy they can get the ball to in a pinch and count on him to get you a bucket. Tree was getting there, but those guys have been few and far between in recent years.
  10. Good start. The team looks to be one with a lot of interchangeable parts.
  11. Does anyone actually think that successful mid-majors like Gonzaga, Wichita State, Butler and the like built there programs by having top teams come to them????
  12. News flash. 18 to 22 year old males occasionally get in trouble. Every case and kid is different and needs to be dealt with individually. In most circumstances, there's no formula like Spurrier's "three pots and you're out" rule. As for Tree, I remember him getting in trouble in the Valley very early in his Zips career, but in any event, that's water under the bridge.
  13. Sounds like a good decision for him. Wish him luck.
  14. The biggest threat is the common attitude of today's college athlete. The second is an administration that doesn't reward success. As for MAC teams, Buffalo is the reigning champ and there's no sign they will drop off with Moss returning.
  15. I'd love to see a lot more of teams like Creighton, Rhode Island, Princeton and MTSU, and fewer Coppin States and UAPBs.
  16. OK, I watched it against my better judgment. I kept expecting Escalade, The Professor or Hot Sauce to come trotting out at any moment.
  17. Nick will score 2 in the next game and stay in his seat and sulk during timeouts when he's not in the game. Nick's issue has never been talent, it has been his attitude. No ZIp has EVER frustrated me as much as Nick Harney and my blood pressure welcomed his departure.
  18. Agreed that it is ridiculous for the women to have a 30 second clock while the men have 35. How about we have no shot clock or backcourt violations and make it like the AIAW women's basketball of my youth where they'd run a full court four corner offense to kill the clock. LOL. I have no problem with the proposed changes.
  19. OK, we have a great looking floor. How about we reconfigure the seating so that you can see the full floor from all of the seats?
  20. Several sources have Geno Ford on the short list of candidates for the Crestwood High School GIrls JV Head Coaching job.
  21. I don't like Bobby, but I really like hurling insults at him. They have such talent that they will be back in the mix next year, unless they hire someone awful.
  22. Malcolm sees the writing on the wall with potentially 3 point guards ahead of him, all of whom are in his class or younger. He'll help somewhere, but he's not well suited for top D1 play with his shooting deficiencies. I wish the kid well.
  23. From the team's response to his mystery injury, it seems like he was battling whatever it was most of the year which may have limited him. I think he'll be a loss, buy not a major one.
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