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  1. The Zips are in for a long season on the road. I'm afraid the misery continues tonight.
  2. Do I think a UA NCAA tourney run is probable? No. However, I've seen enough of teams like CSU, Richmond, George Mason, VCU, Davidson and so on to think there's not a shot under the right circumstances. Also, what were once great Cinderellas like Butler, Gonzaga and Wichita State have transitioned into becoming powerhouses, so I am not willing to concede UA can't some day have a run.
  3. About .500. But I've only been here 6 years.
  4. The Zips head into Toledo Friday night to take on the 8-6 Rockets. The Rockets finished last season 17-17 and 9-9 in the MAC. Gone from last year’s squad are three starters that all made significant contributions. Senior G/F Colorado transfer Tre’Shaun Fletcher leads the 2017-18 Rockets in scoring (18.1 ppg), rebounding (8.4 rpg) and assists (3.6 apg). The Rockets also have West Division Preseason All-MAC guard Jaelan Sanford who averages 16.1 ppg. The Rockets were predicted to finish 3rd in the West in the MAC Preseason Poll.
  5. Yes, and he eats them with condensed Campbell's tomato soup.
  6. Then I am afraid you're waiting for him to be a miracle worker. Given the circumstances of KD leaving and the related fallout, this was at best going to be a 15 to 18 win team. This team is young and thin, especially at the bigs. What we're seeing should not be unexpected. If they're here in a couple of years, they hired the wrong guy, but to give up now is woefully premature.
  7. Amen. Sounds like the blogger is already printing his Sweet 16 tickets. I think we start seeing the fruits of Groce's labor next year too, but the blogger's just a tad too optimistic.
  8. I think we have an unpolished player in E-Man and two undeveloped freshmen and our home games have been against teams with less than stellar bigs. What we saw early was an apparition.
  9. The Zips travel to Kalamazoo Tuesday night to face WMU. The Broncos were voted the top team in the MAC-West in the combined media/coaches preseason poll. They are 7-5 and have an 11 point win over CSU and a 21 point win over App St., common opponents that the Zips beat by 10 and 5 respectively. The Broncos are led MAC player of the year candidate by 6-3 senior guard Thomas Wilder at 18.9 ppg and 6-5 junior guard Josh Davis at 7.8 rpg. We finally get to start seeing where our Zips line up in the MAC.
  10. Yep, tough to gauge much from that game. I'm starting to get a little frustrated with Parrish, especially his defensive lapses. He just got lost on defense a couple of times tonight. I also wasn't a fan of him stopping and trying to get backcourt called on Concord as the ball came back up the floor. I'll be curious to hear what the deal is on Cotton. I wonder if the Ivey spat wasn't an early indicator of some issues.
  11. That might be me from the quality of this game. Concord makes Radford look like the mid-60's Celtics.
  12. ...and on cue, the noggin bounces off of the hardwood...
  13. How long until there's a serious injury from the dizzy basket race?
  14. I'm going. Not sure if it is my team loyalty or a bad habit!
  15. I messed up and peeked at the results before I voted which shuts me out of voting. If I had a vote, I would say WMU or Miami.
  16. In prior seasons, this would be an easier call. We could identify a bottom feeder and make the call. This year, between the parity in the MAC and it being a down/transition year for the Zips, who knows?
  17. I wish they were the Grapes. Adrian College rejected my request for them to become the Barbeaus, but I have hope that I can get UT Chattanooga to become the Choo Choos. These places are passing up great marketing opportunities!
  18. The 8-3 Concord Mountain Lions come into the JAR this Friday to meet the Zips fresh off of their Hawaii trip. In their three losses is a 106-70 loss to common opponent Marshall. The team doesn't seem to have much size with their biggest players at 6-6. 6-1 Junior guard and Chillicothe native Tommy Bolte leads the Mountain Lions. Bolte is the only player in the nation with multiple 40 point games this season (3), and is averaging 34.1 points per game at the Christmas break. The team averages 81.5 ppg and gives up 77.1.
  19. Well, I was hoping for a win or two in Hawaii, but in the end I keep hearing Dennis Green's rant "they are what we thought they were." Young, short handed and too thin at the bigs. A .500 or slightly better team. The zone troubles have been obvious all season. They were just magnified in Hawaii. Way too much dribbling and not enough movement. I trust Groce and his staff to work it out.
  20. Very simple: 1) Don't go sideways; 2) Don't go backwards; 3) No excuses.
  21. After the UT Martin game I concluded it was only a matter of time before Sayles and Parrish were starters this season. Looks like that may have come to fruition last night. As I've said many times, I think E-Man can best contribute off of the bench in high energy spurts that him to go 100% and not worry about racking up fouls.
  22. Amen B & G. As I've sat and watched the Zips this year, he's the one departure I keep thinking could have flourished for and helped the Zips this year.
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