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  1. Because 18 to 22 year old males can be impatient and petulant, transient, get in trouble...
  2. I think we will see them on the floor together quite a bit. KD obviously has no problem playing two smaller guards together (e.g. Robotham and Evans) and I can see him doing it with these two. Hopefully, these kids both stick it out at UA for their entire college careers.
  3. Being in a position to debate which of our outstanding FRESHMAN point guards will start next year is a pretty nice spot to be in.
  4. Good info. I saw it and was perplexed. I was happy to see Deji encourage him after.
  5. It was Deji. Seems like KD gets caught up sometimes in what he thinks should happen and loses perspective. I will take that flaw. My thought would have been to have Jake, who was guarding the inbounder set up at half court or three point line to help stop the person who got the inbound pass. That's a much easier plan to implement from my easy chair than it is in the heat of the moment. I am proud of the effort of our shorthanded team and how the staff had them prepared.
  6. I think BJ has some potential to develop into a decent 3. He seems to press a little now, but will settle down with more games under his belt. He may be the only person on this squad that tries to go to the basket too much. I think Reggie could also be a viable 3, but I sense we may see him in the dreaded 6th man role. I think Aaron and Jake stick as 4's.
  7. I hope they have a blue court like Boise's blue field.
  8. Certainly disappointing, but looking back, I think this team fooled us with how well they played early and in mid-season. Early on, with the loss of Treadwell and the youth of the team, I thought we'd be hard pressed to get to 20 wins, We then started playing really well and I got caught up a little in the enthusiasm. In hindsight, my initial guess was right, so I can't look at this team as underperforming or poorly coached.
  9. I am really hoping Kretzer and McAdams have permanently awakened from their slumber. I think that's a key to any success going forward this season. As for the 1-3-1, it seems like it was used successfully a couple of times last year, but KD seems to hate zones. I like mixing in a zone occasionally to mix things up and give teams another look that they may not be familiar with or prepared to handle.
  10. Yes, Dayton is a Catholic university.
  11. ...and a much more aggressive kangaroo as our mascot.
  12. You mean we should value the judgment of a person who has spent their career coaching basketball and who sees the kid play 10 to 12 hours a week over fans who see a kid in games maybe 50 minutes a week? Don't get me wrong. I get frustrated with KD at times as it seems like he makes substitutions off of a predetermined schedule, often taking out a player that is hot at a given time in a game. That being said, I figure he is in a far better position to make those calls than me. Regardless, this thread is a great commentary on Deji. As Dave points out, Deji hasn't always been held in such high regard by Zips fans. He has obviously worked very hard to improve his game and it shows, and the result has been him going from one of the Zips most critiqued players to a fan favorite. I hope he has a huge night on Senior Night and a nice tournament run to end his career.
  13. They are undefeated this year when they've had to play 5 games in 6 nights!
  14. Sounds like we need the Wizard of Oz on our coaching staff.
  15. Another late game failure. Ugh. No one stepping up. Plenty of bad decision making.
  16. Pat's short range misses are going to drive me to drink.
  17. Too much standing around on offense. MAKES...ME...NUTS!!!
  18. I don't see anyone on Akron's squad that can stop Moss inside. I was impressed with Ford too. I hope this is where the Zips turn the corner and break out of the funk, but I am not optimistic.
  19. Even after the Zips won the recent game at Akron, I concluded they'd lose at Buffalo. With the injury to Noah and the general funk that's taken over in the last couple of weeks, I'm even more certain of a Bulls' win.
  20. This has been a problem on many Zips team. We tend to have a lot of balanced talent, but not that go to guy you can count on in the clutch.
  21. Exactly Dave. While the season has had its low points, we've been in much better hands at point guard with the three freshmen this year than we were with Carmelo and Evans.
  22. I'm just glad Harney scored those 48 at Fairmont State. My blood pressure has dropped into the healthy range since he left. As for Evans at the point, let's not forget he split time at PG with Carmelo Betancourt, to combine to be the worst point guard tandems in recent memory, and when everyone is healthy, he is at best our 4th point guard. I like the kid, but I am not ready for a regular diet of him at the point.
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