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  1. Did we get a penalty kick? At about 80 minutes live stats said we were awarded a penalty kick but it didn’t seem like we actually took one? Thanks.
  2. Let me copy off of Top Drawer Soccer - AKRON IS BACK!!! Great game by both teams - a draw is a fair result but if we continue to improve - watch out!! Great crowd and atmosphere - it was a fun night. Go Zips!
  3. AkronRick - the scrum at the end started with above described situation. In my opinion the ref let the game get out of control. Pitt was constantly complaining and it just got gradually worse. The end was just a carryover from something that should have been taken care of during the game. #19 is an aggressive player and he is a good player - but his actions were pathetic.
  4. On a positive note - very good win in spite of the ref. He let the game get out of hand and the Pitt coach didn’t even try to contain his players at the end. Go Zips!
  5. .#19 of Pitt is a dirty player. He took out our #10 and while our guy was on the ground called him a fuc….. puss….. and believe me that wasn’t the only incident. #19 this message is for you - Go home - loser.
  6. TennZip I agree with almost everything you say - but the Nick Scott goal was a bad cross that just happened to turn into a great shot. I won’t complain though. Beautiful night to watch soccer. Hopefully a big crowd for the next game.
  7. Just watching the stats it looks like they were dominated for the first 65 minutes or so. What changed? They really came on strong.
  8. Wow, Akron looked good. Crisp quick passing, quick switching of the field and speed. Great start!
  9. zippypitt I agree with you. Colin scored a huge goal vs Stanford on the way to the College Cup vs Stanford but over the past two years he has disappeared. Good luck to him but we will be fine without him.
  10. 3-0 down? Wow.....this season can’t end soon enough.
  11. Does anyone know the current policy on fans? I thought it was parents only but today’s game looked like there were more than just those individuals. Dewine is increasing the limit for fans with the pro teams in Ohio....why can’t Akron do the same?
  12. Agreed - and Shookalook as well. I don’t think Jackson is capable of scoring enough goals using only his left foot.
  13. That is disappointing.....Summit County probably won’t change anything until 2022. Why can’t you be outside with a mask? Family can’t even watch? That is ridiculous.
  14. The MAC I believe was 3rd or 4th in the RPI last year, so no it isn’t a cupcake league as it used to be.
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