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  1. Agreed - let’s talk one day at a time. Last season was disappointing....I get it but don’t jump off the ship yet. Someone can correct me if I am wrong but aren’t we (and Stanford) the only teams that have been to the final four 3 of the last 5 years? Let’s support our guys - this is going to be a good season hopefully JZIP you won’t miss out.
  2. Thank you - do you know who started at GK?
  3. Will Jackson had both goals. He scored 2 all of last year or am I missing something?
  4. I agree - if you want to be a pro - come to Akron.
  5. I am curious why Mani transferred but that being said good luck to him and let’s hope he will regret leaving when we get our SECOND STAR!! 👍🏻😁
  6. Let’s hope so. We need an influx of talent.
  7. Great question - where was Bradley Chick? Was he injured? I though he was our answer at right back.
  8. TennZip - great call. I thought I was missing someone from last year. Morgan Hackworth improved significantly during the years he was at Akron. He constantly gave great effort and he was a stabilizing force in the midfield last year. Someone else that we struggled to replace this year. Also someone who proved me wrong. I didn’t think he was Akron material but I was happy to eat my words last year.
  9. My opinion is that we didn’t realize how much we were missing from last years team. I thought we could replace the players who left and boy was I wrong. Starting with the GK. Ben Lundt never seemed to do anything spectacular but he was solid. He would make a great save now and then. Our current year goalkeeper play was anything but solid. I can’t remember thinking in any game - wow Saunders just made an unbelievable save. It was always the other teams goalkeepers that made the unbelievable save. Anytime a save was needed this year by Saunders it didn’t happen. Next position right back. That was a problem for most of last year till Abdi Mohamed settled in and by the end of the year he was an MLS draft pick at right back. No disrespect to Lue-Young who played well at times but he just wasn’t the player that Abdi was at the end of the last year. Next - Marcel Zajac. This is when the team really started clicking last year when Zajac came back from injury and we had a second scoring option. Zajac was able to create opportunities on his own and that is something we could not find on the this years team. Last year - Zajac and Egbo could score. This year it was Egbo and ...... I do think that all the parts took a bit of time to come together last year - Abdi was moved from the midfield and took some time to settle in at RB. That was about half way during the season when that occurred. Marcel returned from injury about half way during the year. Add a few games for getting to learn teammates in a new position and boom. There you go - inconsistent at the beginning of the year and a monster at the end of the year. In addition - after seeing Skye Harter’s performance last night, we really missed him this season. He was very dangerous last night. He and Egbo worked well together. Him not playing most of the season really hurt our offense. He played like a true #10. Lastly I think we have to admit that some of our players just didn’t play as well as they did last year. There can be many reasons for that and no reason to get into them but it’s hard to argue. That’s just my two cents.
  10. Wow.....we had so many great chances, they had one. Although, it was one of the worst officiated games I have ever witnessed. How did Egbo get a red card? I am still trying to figure that out. I have never seen Jared so upset - he doesn’t react like that - so in my mind something was wrong with that call. Thanks seniors. I have never been a big fan of Skye but boy he played very well. Great game Skye. We were so much better when he was in the game.
  11. Nothing like wonderful preferential treatment for the universities premier sports program.
  12. What is the tiebreaker? Have we all ready clinched the MAC tourney at home? Even with a loss - only one other team will have 10 points. I assume we have the tiebreaker over SIUE since we beat them but what about Western Michigan? We tied them so if we lost and Western wins - who will host the tourney?
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