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  1. 2019 Fall Season

    That is good news (let’s hope it is true).
  2. Inspiring story about Diogo Pacheco

    Wow....wonderful story. Awesome young man to have on the team.
  3. 2019 Fall Season

    What a great year by our team! In my mind nothing better to get me cheered up again than talking about next year. Thanks Ben, Morgan, Ezana and all of the other seniors. Does anyone know the status of our inderclassmen, specifically Egbo and Carlo? Will everyone be back besides our seniors?
  4. NCAA Tournament

    No matter what happens this has been a wonderful season. It didn’t start off that way but it matters how you finish.
  5. NCAA Tournament

    You are posting just right TennZip.
  6. NCAA Tournament

    Has anyone heard anything on Carlo? I think Marco Micaletto had his best game of the year. Great time for it. I had been hard on him this year but he proved me wrong with just the one pass. Also I have been extremely hard on Ezana, I was wrong on him as well. He has been playing great soccer the last few games. I have to ask but did anyone really think we had a chance at the college cup after the Northern Illinois loss? What a great year.
  7. NCAA Tournament

    Watch party was great. Nice crowd.
  8. NCAA Tournament

    Where is Carlo?
  9. Eric Hester

    Did anyone ever figure out where Hester went? Thanks.
  10. other matches

    Boy it sure is tough to win a national championship at Akr......I mean Louisville. Lolla might want to go to a school where he can win a title......
  11. NCAA Tournament

    Does anyone have any video of any of our goals?
  12. NCAA Tournament

    Nothing better to punish Syracuse for not broadcasting the game. Great win boys!!!!
  13. NCAA Tournament

    Agreed looks like we were #17. A lot better than I expected after the Nothern Illinois game.
  14. Morgantown - MAC Tourney

    Terrible, terrible, terrible.
  15. WMU - Saturday, Nov. 3rd

    I still think it would be nice to hear what is going on. We can agree to disagree. The 4PM start for the NCAA tournament game was because of the b-ball game that night. I know that for sure.