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  1. Didn’t see the game- did we have any chances to score? It just doesn’t seem like Egbo has enough help. Jackson isn’t ready at all.
  2. Agreed great crowd - last 30 minutes or so Stanford dominated possession. David Egbo had a great game - in my opinion he looked like one of the best in the country tonight. Need to clean up some things and Egbo needs more help but this team is dangerous if they are clicking.
  3. Does anyone know the amount given? I saw what it was last week but just curious.
  4. How about “Embick commits to Akron.” That is our best commitment this year. Merry Christmas
  5. Tim Sullivan @TimSullivan714 Multiple reports out of Akron say Jared Embick has decided to stay put with the Zips. Several #Louisville insiders thought he was going to be Ken Lolla's replacement. Would guess U of L leverage helped Embick land a new deal, a la Jeff Brohm.
  6. I agree with TennZip. The first year I got season tickets were the first year Caleb was gone and was unsure of Jared. In fact I was unsure of him for a few years and boy has he proved me wrong. He has been a blessing to our program. Please stay with us - Jared.
  7. Wow....wonderful story. Awesome young man to have on the team.
  8. What a great year by our team! In my mind nothing better to get me cheered up again than talking about next year. Thanks Ben, Morgan, Ezana and all of the other seniors. Does anyone know the status of our inderclassmen, specifically Egbo and Carlo? Will everyone be back besides our seniors?
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