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  1. But for the playing field to be 'even' all FBS schools,OSU,Mich.,Alabama etc. have to do it.
  2. Even fewer schollys,even worse.
  3. They don't go for 'free'. Just like I didn't go for 'free'(as I posted earlier) in 1970,1971,1972,1973 or 1974. My student fees helped pay for the athletic programs just as they do, even more so, now.
  4. Again, didn't say numbers, but a possible reduction in the value of EACH of those 85 schollys.
  5. That is not really the issue. If those 85 schollys are INDIVIDUALLY going to be worth less than currently what are the ramifications? Big difference.
  6. If I read correctly the statement was made by either Miller or Williams was that scholarship amounts going to student athletes in football would have to be reduced. Not sure if he/they were including all other remaining sports or not. I read that to mean that the amount going to individual participants would be reduced. Anybody have any further info.?
  7. Appears Miller is at least hinting at another 'shoe is going to drop'. I would suggest going back and looking at some of his previous statements. He is telling the department heads on the academic and athletic side to come up with additional cost saving measures. If those are adequate in his mind OK. If not there will be further austerity measures. They 'reorganized' the academic side. Then Miller made the statement that the heads of the 'new' colleges would be responsible for coming up with more cost cutting suggestions. This isn't over on either side yet.
  8. Think a lot of folks who take personal affronts to other posters here are trying to convince themselves that things may not change materially with athletics. You may post 'ad hominem' attacks to make yourselves feel better,that has been going on here for years by those who won't wrap their heads around change. Those are the folks who talk around the opinions they don't like. Most of us hope that the University can come up with a solution that doesn't decimate Akron athletics. Raise your hand now if you know the definitive answer and please name your sources. Me..I am hoping to watch Akron play NMSTU in Las Cruces and attend the Hatch Chile Festival. Look us up if you make it.
  9. Respectfully disagree with your comment about about those who talk about football 'dropping down' are 'anti-football'. Speaking for myself I will hazard a guess that I have been attending Akron football games longer than some posting here have been alive. As for purchasing season tickets for decades...nuff said. Many of the comments I have seen here come from people who want to adjust the focus of University spending. Support the educational process and students who participate in that process first. Athletics can support the University and be supported at a level that does not detract from the primary objective of any university,preparing students to contribute in society by applying what they have gained through a college education. That can be the polymer scientist,the teacher,the lawyer or the cornerback on the football team. Guess we will find out soon.
  10. With the FBS playoff system what it is and what it may become,the BIG schools may be better off not scheduling cupcakes like Akron,KSUU, etc. Level of competition is becoming more of a factor as to which teams get into the FBS playoffs than actual 'wins'. You could still lose to an FBS team and get into the mix if you took care of business otherwise. Thats the way it should be. Its evolving. A win against an Akron early may not be as meaningful as a close loss to a Texas,Oklahoma,USC etc. Play real competition if you are OSU. Play in your lane if you are Akron.
  11. Many of those 'people' U said U never heard from have been posting here for years. By the way basketball is another thread.
  12. A number of posters on this site keep talking about the 'sacrifice games, the 'payday' games, 'guarantee' games as if they have been or will be the life preserver for football here. Akron and schools like Akron have been playing those games for years. Even all that money has never gotten football out of the deep hole its in. We are here because DI sports at Akron and schools like Akron have historically not attracted sufficient interest or money to stay afloat without huge inputs of 'institutional support'. Ah, thats fees from people who have little to no interest in athletics. DannyHoke unfortunately is correct in that regard. As far as Infocision,the elephant in the room, who wants it other than the University? Don't know. Again, this situation has not occurred just because of COVID 19. COVID 19 simply further exposed the flaws that have existed for years. Even if the University administration decides Akron must go elsewhere to have a viable athletic program I will purchase my football season tickets as I have done for decades. If the decision is made to conduct business as usual, I'm not so sure.
  13. Too bad soccer doesn't draw 25,000.
  14. Who said it was a 'distaste for the AD or present coach.?
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