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  1. Welcome Tom Arth!

    We should NEVER assume anything. But, with Arth's background as a QB at the highest level,the QB play hopefully will be significantly improved this year,no matter who the Q
  2. 2019 Predictions!

    Nelson the O MVP,interesting. He may very well be the starter. Not completely convinced of that with a new sheriff in town. Lets see.
  3. Rank Akron's FBS Head Coaches

    The best FBS coaches. Glad you limited it to FBS because those are not the best coaches who have been at Akron. Not gonna numerically rank 'em. But, Owens RECRUITED some really good talent. Hixon,Blackburn, Fry,Smith and more. Couldn't turn it in to a MAC Championship. Brookhart,took that talent,added some of his and won a MAC Championship. Actually I think the weakness in those 2006 and 2007 teams was defense. AND,Brookhart admitted it himself that he brought in some kids,David Harvey just one who were not college students but self centered athletes. Don't have a lot of love for Faust. Always thought Dennison should have at least been given a shot. But,the AD at the time thought he was smarter than everyone else. IMHO,that set this program back far more than fans realize. Thank goodness thats over now.
  4. 2019 Recruiting

    The OC or the QB?
  5. UR correct! Can't tell anything from an early workout with a new coach and staff at the helm. Lets see what happens at the spring game and end of August.
  6. 2019 Predictions!

    Was it? OK. But, we know who the folks are who will begin the negative posts if the first few games don't go the way they think they should have.If it was a 'fun' exercise that's fine. Don't show up later and tell us I told U so,please. Nobody is more tired of the mediocrity in this program than I am. Lets see who is still standing in August,please.
  7. 2019 Preseason

    Wasn't he a DB? Thats what he is.
  8. 2019 Predictions!

    Obviously we know U R not serious. If they can win 6 games in the MAC they might very well get to the MAC Championship game. They only have to win one OOC game to get legit bowl eligible. Everybody who is an over the top optimistic needs to take a step back. Always hiccups when a new regime comes in. Shoot we don't even know if Arth wants Nelson as his starting QB do we? Roster won't be set until August. Relax!
  9. 2019 Preseason

    Would hope the offense will be more consistently productive than in the past few seasons. I was briefly looking at some Tenn-Chatt game highlights. Noticed some things about that offense. Arth runs a with wing back consistently. One back set from the shotgun. But also noticed used an actual tight end frequently in the highlights I saw. He also had the QB under center at times and ran from a one back AND I-formation from that set. Looks like a little more 'power' running than we have seen recently. I wonder then if Arth is going to go with Kato at the QB? I just wonder if he is going to take a long look at Ramart or somebody else he brings in. I didn't notice their QB doing too much running. Could have just been the game I was watching.
  10. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    IMHO the folks on this site need to steer clear of religious and political discussions. Whatever your poly/religi opinions are take them to a non-sports site....please. Too much of that crap going on in other places. Go there to make your personal opinions known.
  11. 2019 Preseason

  12. 2019 Schedule

    Not a bad sched. No really short weeks except one day between the Miami/OU game.Both at home. If Arth can get these guys together in the first month the schedule isn't working against them...finally.
  13. 2019 Recruiting

    Well it does matter IMHO. Couple of reasons. Has to fit the personnel he has inherited and recruited. He only recruited one that was listed as a QB. So, apparently he either uses Nelson or Ramart this season. From what I have seen those two are not the same type of QB. So I wonder if Nelson is going to be the starter. Second,the O-line might have to get a whole lot better if Arth runs a more diversified offense. Given his Pro background my guess is he just might. Hopefully. Lets see.
  14. 2019 Recruiting

    Arth is bringing in some good size O lineman. The kid from Jackson could turn into a road grader if he can learn some technique and move his feet. Speaking of a change in system,what type of offense is Arth going to run?
  15. 2019 Recruiting

    Penn Hills. Hope Arth gets some more kids out of Western PA. Been some good ones here in the past. Kid is big. Never hurts to have receivers/RB's thinking about getting run over by a freight train if they have the ball.