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  1. The P5 schools need to separate themselves from the rest of the D1 schools. Even Cincy couldn't beat a half assed SEC team. Lets get the MAC's, AAC's , Sunbelts etc. into there own playoffs. Stop the delusion that it is necessary for those schools to get stomped on every year just for a pay check and to get kids beat up. The Akron's of the world need the cash. Thats another problema. Fans could give a flying U know what to watch Akron get beat by OSU by 4 TDS.
  2. Agree that there will be competition at QB. Though I am not sure that at this late date Nelson is really going to be in the mix, at least initially. I thought he might get some PT last season but he never got on the field. Gotta believe if Arth thought he was going to be a longer term answer he would have played him. Not sure what was going on there. Also agree that better QB play will not only help the offense but also a very shaky defense. Score more points consistently. Gibson appeared to be very one dimensional and did not consistently make good decisions. The QB still needs to be able to bail out the defense with his feet. Want to see Irons on the field to see if he can more of a threat than Gibson appears to be. The O-line will grow. They can already run block adequately in front of a decent RB. Better QB play will help them.
  3. Bowden took the program as far as he was going to take it. He got it back to somewhat a level of respectability. But, it was time to try to go to the next level in the MAC.
  4. This guy should have at least been given a chance to take the program into D1. Would he have been better than Faust? Who knows. But he ran the last consistently winning program at Akron.
  5. I still have some hope for the O-line for next season. Right now they can not pass block competently. They can run block but when your defense can't help control the game you lose the ability to utilize your decent run game. And, Gibson hasn't really shown the ability to help carry the team when they can't run. Again, I am surprised that the D hasn't shown much improvement over 6 games. Are the players that bad? Are the coaches not able to 'coach 'em up' or come up with competent game plans on defense? What do we thinl?
  6. Agreed. I understand that the AD doesn't make the big decisions about the overall direction of the football program. If the administration decides that the financial situation is really dire, its decision will go far beyond whether coaching changes need to be made. I am sure it is hoping some 'sacrifice' games get played next year so some big paydays come in. If not what happens?
  7. I guess I was surprised that another QB showed up in the last game of the season. Arth has seen enough of Gibson already to know if he will improve to the point where he can be even competent in the MAC. Otherwise, Arth better start now to figure out his next QB. Guess under the circumstances, short season, eligibility changes I might have worked in other QB's during the season to get a better idea of which direction to go next season.
  8. I was hoping the defense had actually progressed to the point where it could help control a game against a decent team. Obviously BGSU was even worse than we thought. Only thing the O-line can do even close to competently is run block. But Akron only ran the ball 24 times other than the QB's.!! Only threw 18 passes.!!!!!! The defense is absolutely no help to this team. Buffalo only had to throw the ball 10 times because Akron's defense can't control a decent run game. Somebody said Akron should make Vantrease beat 'em. He didn't have to. Arth is going to have to take a real hard look at the coaches on the defensive side of the ball. He is also going to have to take a hard look at the upper classmen who are playing on the defensive side next season. They are not getting it done against good teams. Looks like Gibson may be on the way out. Problem,, break in another new QB next season. I am very disappointed in the lack of improvement even over 6 games. Thought it might be a little better. But right now Arth doesn't have enough players capable of playing at the MAC level. With Bowden apparently coming off the books early next year, the athletic department is going to have to make some more hard decisions next year.
  9. If Akron's offense can't control the ball to some extent, either approach is how you say, moot?
  10. I agree with part of this. Looks like Dollard will be the best SINCE Biggs. Don't agree that he didn't have talent, however. And, J.D. brought in some other important pieces to supplement what Owens had left him. Getsy was a big part of the reason that team did what it did in '05.He was a good game manager for J.D.'s offense. So was Hixon, and some of the O-line. Certainly can't argue that Biggs, by example was a leader on that team. That was still my favorite Akron team since they went D-1. Maybe the current regime can pull this thing together so the Zips can become competitive again.
  11. I certainly don't expect a Zips win. As I said elsewhere, hope the defense plays as if it is continuing to improve and doesn't allow UB to get big plays early. At least keep the game reasonable in the first half. Might have to try to control one aspect of the UB offense and hope for the best. With the secondary being as leaky as it has been, may want to send reinforcements there and try to make Patterson carry most of the load for them. Obviously he can do that. But Akron just can't give up a lot of quick scores through the air if they want to keep it reasonable. On offense Zips MUST run. Gibson is not ready to carry the load against a team like UB. Might even go with some 2 back and extra TE on a regular basis to beef up blocking. Throw to the backs and TE's. Try to run, dink and dunk to keep the defense off the field as long as possible. A decent performance against UB even a loss, helps for next season.
  12. I thought about Kennedy also. Think he was a transfer from OSU, not sure. Thing about Kennedy was he didn't always show up on every play. He also ran too much east-west at times. Didn't like to hit the holes hard. He got better during his senior year. Biggs had no fear running inside and showed up every play. Looks like Dollard has that same attitude and is bigger a little faster than Biggs. Hope Arth can put some better offensive pieces around him next season. Whoever the QB is will have to take some heat off the run game. At least there is hope on that side of the ball.
  13. Only things I want to see from the UB game are 1) improvement of defensive play over what we saw in the WMU/KSU and Miami games, 2) play from the O-line that doesn't make every offensive play look like a jail break for UB's defense and 3) and a QB who can play with more composure when plays break down. Doubtful Zips beat UB.That would be way too much to ask. But, they could gain a lot of confidence by at least playing well against a really good team and not getting blown out early. At the very least run the ball consistently and try to keep the defense off the field as much as practicable. Tall order.
  14. They list Dollard a 5-11/ 205#. Is he fast enough to play on Sunday's?
  15. Certainly the best since Brett Biggs in '04-'05.
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