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  1. Is there an 'official' schedule out yet? Or, are we still waiting? No fans. Wonder which network might pick up some of these games? Since it looks like week nights maybe one of the ESPN clones. Fox Sports? NBCSN?
  2. Back in ancient times they never had a problem 'filling the Bowl' with the Acme Zip game. 2 for 1 tix at Acme stores if I am not mistaken. And that was at the Bowl(RIP). There must be a local business that might be willing to enter in to a sponsorship of some sort for one game to get people into the seats. Those games were a helluva lot of fun. And that was when they were DII. And more often than not they won. Take a shot at it. And yes,the performance on the field must be consistently better season after season. Not just once every 4-5 seasons. Easily said. Not easily done.
  3. Does this mean no more French and Dunn???!!!
  4. Never said anything about wanting to 'eliminate' football. Have said that over and over. And yes, I was a commuter back in the early 1970's. And yes I went to football and B.ball games on my student ID. Not because I was paying the fees,but because I loved watching football and basketball. I paid my own parking fees too. And yes the entire University is in financial trouble. But no, the target is not just the athletic department. The administration is making drastic 'cuts' on the academic side as we write. How will that affect the viability of the University in the future. Stay tuned. If the money from the 'sacrifice' games in football or basketball games for that matter put the ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT on the positive side of the financial ledger we would have been there long ago. We are not there. Why? Someone please tell me.
  5. Looks like the only plan that is REALLY working so far is the so called 'bubble'. The NHL and NBA have sequestered all players and teams in very limited locations. They are however reportedly spending millions of dollars to do so. NHL was smart to go to Canada. But,those are professionals not college 'students'. I suppose that if universities could 'sequester' athletes when the attend classes and play sports it might work. But,somebody else mentioned it earlier. If the schools are just using them to play sports and not requiring them to be enrolled for classwork then they are not student/athletes. Besides the cost of doing what the NHL and NBA are doing would be way beyond the financial abilities of all but a small number of schools. By the way the NHL playoffs have been great.
  6. So where do we go from here? I highly doubt football will be played in the spring. Where is the money going to come from to do that? Loss of 'payday' football games doesn't help. But those games have been played for years and the severe financial problems at schools like Akron,Kant etc. continue. So what do we think a permanent 'reset' might look like for the Akron's of the world? Again the problem has been there for years. The pandemic simply is forcing the the issue to finally be dealt with now. Please, no more 'kicking the can down the road'. What does the 'reset' look like? Any ideas?
  7. We see comments now about 'separation'. I am not real clear on what this 'separation' might look like. Are we talking about about the P5 schools,the real big boys, leaving the NCAA? What about the so called G5 schools like the MAC? What are they going to separate from? I doubt the P5 schools would really want or need those lower level DI schools hanging on to them if they wanted to go there own way. The bottom line for schools like Akron,Kant,OU etc. is to reduce the costs of running athletic programs,drastically. It obviously does not involve playing 'sacrifice' games year after year,after year. Been doing that forever and the financial problems are still there. Continuing to soak the general student body with 'fees' drives students away from the University. It costs too damn much to attend. So what are some possibilities for permanent,realistic COST REDUCTION in these athletic departments? Lets see some concrete ideas. The time for gnashing of teeth is over.
  8. Unfortunately the University can't auction off Infocision and its burden. Also unfortunately, numerous UofA administrations have 'kicked this same can down the road' for years and years and years. The pandemic simply forced this administration to finally have to make decisions that should have been made decades ago. Proenza knew the situation of the Athletic Department in particular and the the University in general when he was in charge. Subsequent administrations have passed it on...until now. Should athletics be more drastically downsized? Should football be played at a lower level if at all? Your response depends on your personal opinion toward athletics at this level. Personally, I hope football doesn't completely go away. But at whatever level Akron plays football I will watch. But, its obvious that its time to pick up this can and finally throw it in the trash.
  9. Thank you! As we now know the University is not done 'looking at' how to possibly make UofA athletics less of a drain on University financial resources. It appears the blowback from the cuts on the educational side has forced the administration to again at least publicly acknowledge that resources going to the athletic department might be 'adjusted' to place less of a financial burden on the student population in general. That population keeps shrinking which means an even smaller financial base to draw from. Can the situation as it stands now continue? Has there even been a FINAL decision as to whether Akron and/or the MAC will even play football this year? Anybody know for certain?
  10. But for the playing field to be 'even' all FBS schools,OSU,Mich.,Alabama etc. have to do it.
  11. They don't go for 'free'. Just like I didn't go for 'free'(as I posted earlier) in 1970,1971,1972,1973 or 1974. My student fees helped pay for the athletic programs just as they do, even more so, now.
  12. Again, didn't say numbers, but a possible reduction in the value of EACH of those 85 schollys.
  13. That is not really the issue. If those 85 schollys are INDIVIDUALLY going to be worth less than currently what are the ramifications? Big difference.
  14. If I read correctly the statement was made by either Miller or Williams was that scholarship amounts going to student athletes in football would have to be reduced. Not sure if he/they were including all other remaining sports or not. I read that to mean that the amount going to individual participants would be reduced. Anybody have any further info.?
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