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  1. Welcome Tom Arth!

    According to 247 Sports Shelton Felton a QC coach at Tennessee bailed on them and reunited with Arth, Looks like he left UTC to go to UT then decided he liked Arth better. Says he was a recruiter on the road at UT. Ummmm
  2. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Pretty fertile ground for D-I capable talent in GA.If he can pull just a few out of there and really upgrade activity in Ohio and Penna. he might be able to bring in some talent to supplement what he has on the roster already. JD did it in '04-'05. He just couldn't sustain it.
  3. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Looking quickly through these bios. appears that most of these guys have experience coaching and/or playing in Ohio.So they are likely going to have contacts established around here already. A couple have experience in California and down South. They have mostly not totally recruited for the D-III level. They are going to have to be able to snag TRUE D-I capable athletes from the area in order to get the program to progress. That means competing with not only Big 10 schools but also more higher profile MAC programs. Thats tough because there is a limited number of that caliber of athlete from around here to go around. Still gonna need to bring in athletes from outside the area to upgrade the talent level. Going to be interested in seeing where they concentrate recruiting besides this area.
  4. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Not that either Lomardo or Tyrell might not do an excellent job at the D-I. Who knows. Would still like to see assistants who have at least some experience in D-I, D-II or D-III. Mat not get D-I assistants at this level. But, would be beneficial if they have college experience and recruiting experience. Still want to see him recruit more in Western PA. It appears Arth has plenty of cache in this part of Ohio.One of the keys is to get the HS coaches to be willing to 'talk up' considering Akron when choosing a school. If you can get a couple of kids from the Mentors,St. Ed's,St. Iggies,Hobans etc. to commit to Akron,if the program improves others will follow.
  5. 2019 Preseason

    Apparently this McCarty guy runs a football academy of some type.
  6. 2019 Preseason

    Not sure about 'reading in'. What I am thinking is that the new coach has no allegiances to anybody on the roster who doesn't perform up to HIS expectations. Thats from the QB on down. Would imagine that some folks who started last season won't be this season. New sheriff, new deputies.
  7. Welcome Tom Arth!

    As far as engaging the fan base,the twitter account doesn't seem all that significant.
  8. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Thank you.
  9. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Yep.Understand your point.I might behave myself. But its not always the person who is behaving himself/herself that causes the problem. Its those folks who don't 'behave' themselves on Twitter that can cause problems. Thousands of people can see your 'tweets' and you don't know who they are. They start posting stuff and it goes on and on. I would have to assume that at least some of his assistants are on Twitter if they want to use that as a recruiting tool. And, they do a lot of the initial recruiting. Phones are still in use. Personal visits though obviously limited are effective. As far as the fan base getting engaged,did Bowden have a Twitter account? I don't know. Want to get a fan base 'engaged'? Win football games!
  10. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Good for him. He won't get caught up in all the Twitter BS. Too many instances where coaches/players think they are 'invisible' on Twitter and it bites them in the ass. The guy in the White House is a perfect example. There is NO requirement that anybody be on social media!
  11. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Never been a Pluto fan even when he was with the Leakin' Urinal. Wonder if he will ever get to the Baseball HOF like his 'buddy' at the ABJ, Sheldon Ocker? It seems Pluto writes the same articles week after week, year after year but just changes some of the names. If you listen to him on WKSU he sounds as if he is preaching to the 'unwashed'.
  12. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Thats the way it works. You get something you give something. That Bowl was never close to being full for any games other than Acme Zip. Thats when the team was actually consistently good and going to the DII playoffs. If the University didn't take advantage of having all those people in the seats that was its problem. Sell concessions,souvenirs etc. Acme wasn't getting all the money from ticket sales. Just gotta say it was amazing to see close to 40,000 butts in the seats at that old place.
  13. Terry's next endeavor

    I understand what you are saying. Don't agree with it but I understand. Don't know if you have made millions of dollars over the years coaching football,appearing on TV. Maybe you have made millions of dollars over the years over the years in your chosen vocation. I know if I had gotten 'fired' from my job the amount on my pay check would be $0.00. No choice to retire and still get a ton of bucks if I didn't do my job the way my employer thought I should. I'm sure Bowden would have been happy to coach two more seasons. His employer didn't like the way he was doing his job. A significant number of fans felt the same way. I know the practice when hiring coaches is that unless you terminate 'for cause' the coach gets the rest of the money in the contract even if he is not performing up to expectations. Thats not the fault of The University of Akron or of Terry Bowden. Thats a fault of the system. Maybe thats what upsets me about this kind of crap. Option? Bowden didn't need all that money to 'survive'. Could the University and Bowden have negotiated a smaller buyout? Sure. But $600,000 for this school is a huge chunk of change. Akron has wanted to 'play big boy football' for years Unfortunately, for the University its ATM might not have enough cash to continue to do so in the future unless the program starts performing at a significantly higher level.
  14. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Think this was suggested already.
  15. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Beside winning games,this program needs to get fans interested again. I'm not talking about the students. If the team wins, a FEW more of them will show up. These kids never have been a dependable fan base. Williams has to get the community involved. Like they did with the Acme Zip game decades ago. A known name like Kosar would at least get some of the older crowds attention. Look ,this program has never been a real big draw. The most attendance was decades ago at the Bowl at the Acme Zip games. Used to 'fill the Bowl' at least for one game. And, they were winners back then. The football program is approaching a crossroads over the next few years. Better do what they can if they want to save it!