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  1. Folks! I have had season tix since way back in the Rubber Bowl days. I did not attend last night not because I thought U of A was going to get blown out,which they did. BUT, because the game was meaningless, the Akron Athletic Dept. treats fans as if this is the Big 10. They think they can nickel an dime revenue out of attendance. NEVER HAPPENED! NEVER WILL! I did not attend last night. First time since 2009 I have not. See above! Whether Arth is the answer or not. Who cares?! Bleeding cash. Not winning consistently. Where do we go!!!???
  2. Great! Move the K/O again! On a shitty Tuesday night when nobody but a few of us would show up anyway, start jackin' the K/O time again. 6PM or 8PM ain't gonna matter this year. I know TV dictates some of this crap. But, EMU 30-10.
  3. Lots of people on this board do not like Frank. Yet ,he and his program at OU are only what we could dream about being. Consistent winning. Guy knows what he is doing!
  4. Football gets $1.5 million for EACH sacrifice game? Ummm. What did it get for the South Carolina game? Not sure.
  5. Do I WANT Akron to move back down to FCS or DII!? Hell I don't want them to! But given the financial state of the ENTIRE University and the financial state of athletics specifically, moving wouldn't bring in any more money, but it would cost less to operate the AD which could free up some money to go to other areas. No, the bill on Info wouldn't go away. Never said it would. But costs would be reduced. Students wouldn't be footing as much of the bill for an activity in which the vast majority have little or no interest. How many attend games on a regular basis? Yet, part of their student fees go to support the AD,no? Would the athletic teams be more competitive at FCS or DII? Who knows for sure. But, they were previously. What would happen to swimming/diving, soccer and track/field?No sports at U of A are self supporting are they? This is all gonna depend on how the new Prez sees an urgency to make changes. And, no the University can not afford to pay off another fired coach whether it be football or basketball. Oh, and baseball comes back in the spring. But,it got a big infusion of money from an outside source. Given the states of the football and basketball programs,2020 is going to be a very important year for athletics here. Can we at least have a few fans to show up for the EMU game, please?
  6. My wife and I were at that game. I was standing in the aisle at Ford Field throwing some'f' bombs before the final drive. NIU just ran out of gas and Hixon ran right past his defender. Still think Getsy was one of at least the top 3 'QB's in Akron history. Not the best athlete. But, he could run a game. Thanks Luke.
  7. Do I know $ figures for what might be saved? No. But, overall expenses would be less at FCS or DII,no? As far as competing in the MAC,gone,obviously. Whether the University would want to continue to try to compete at the DI level in lets say soccer or T and F,probably couldn't. Recruiting would be impossible. Could Akron eventually compete against the likes of YSU et. al on a regular basis? OVC? They were there once. More likely there than what they have been trying to do since what, the early 1990's or earlier. Shoot, if they were still DII I'd love to see them playing teams like IUP,the 'Rock',Clarion,PSAC. etc. They could play Ashland (Lee Owens), Sag. Valley,Wayne State. Info. is the 5000 lb. elephant in the room. A shame. Never was gonna be the jolt people thought. Maybe we can explore the costs a little more. Winning cures all. We need wins ASAP!
  8. Well, we all know rumors are like a certain part of everyone's anatomy. But,you all know I have been throwing this out for a few years now. Not because I want to see it happen. But, because I think the new Prez. was brought in to try to 'clean up' the financial mess that that one of the (unamed) previous Prezes put the U of A in. This may be less about athletics than FINANCES!! NO!? The 2 main varsity sports, football and basketball are financial losers. Big expenditures,little return. Soccer, though generally successful doesn't add to the bottom line financially. I am not so sure that possible recruits are going to see all this and walk away from Akron,unfortunately. If football and basketball can have successful seasons in 2020 it may postpone anything drastic....but.
  9. I don't disagree. But, 'follow the money'. Unfortunately a lot more going out than coming in.
  10. I was OK with letting Bowden go. Thought he had taken the program as far as he was able . Was hoping bringing in a younger more energetic HC might get the program to the next level. That is being able to CONSISTENTLY compete with the best teams in the MAC. That hasn't happened almost 15 years. I am totally disappointed, as are others here with the apparent lack of progress in the performance on the field. It really gives the appearance that this staff is 'lost' right now. That is very,very troubling considering we are into November. Whether Arth et. al can produce next season is a huge question. If not, as I and others have been at least suggesting, the football program may be in for a drastic,drastic overhaul. Not just talking about another new coach. With a new President who is painfully aware of the financial issues issues of the University and who is painfully aware that the Athletic Department has been and is a huge drain on those finances there may be sentiment to play at a level that will at least be less expensive to the University. 2020 may be a watershed year for major atheletics at the University.
  11. There are no bigger wins than the 2005 MAC Championship game. But, the playoff games in 1976 are close. Makes me wonder if the program should drop back down at some point.
  12. Did Kareem Hunt play? Or am I in the wrong decade?
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