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  1. As I said, Troy might be better than UAB this year! Yikes!
  2. He is getting paid. No tears here!
  3. It seems pretty apparent that the AD wanted to go with younger coaches hoping for a better long term return than SUB .500. OK! Then lets not compare b.ball and football. Two completely different situations. I am not going to assume that Arth and Co. are going to win a MAC champeenship. But I hope so! I didn't assume JD and Co. were going to win a MAC. NONE OF U DID! If u haven't figured it out by now, this is the sports life at U of A.. If U do not like it there needs to be a more drastic solution. Figure out what it is! See U at the game on Saturday! Right?!
  4. I believe that coaches can put players in better positions to be successful. In this case stop having Nelson throwing the ball 40 times/game. In practice get the O-line working on the run instead of pass 'protection'. If you don't emphasize the run in practice you can,t do it in a game against good teams. I do want to see what this team looks like in November as opposed to now.
  5. Troy MAY be better than UAB. Way too much talent for Akron to win the game outright. The best Sunbelt teams play at a higher level than most teams in the MAC. They have people coming back from last season. The new coach was there last season. Unfortunately unless something drastic happens and the lights come on for the Offense and defensive backfield the best that can happen is a 'moral' victory for Akron. Hopefully,Arth has a plan for next season. Whatever the problems with the O-line,and they are significant, I think Arth will take a hard look at another QB during the rest of the season. Will be at the game at least for a while.
  6. This has to be a game where Arth starts changing his offensive approach. Throwing the ball 40+ times a game ain't makin' it. Bight the bullet and line up to run the ball. Keep the Akron D off the field as long as possible.
  7. The O-line had to be a huge concern even before the season started. Thought the DB's would be a little more adequate though. If the lack of a run game is all about the O-line its been a problem for several seasons prior to this one however. This isn't just about Arth and Co. This goes back a while. Since what they are doing isn't working,how about going to a more 'power run' orientation. Use two backs. They did show a little I-formation a few times. Tighten up the formations and make the defenses crowd the line. Use the pass to make them respect the run. Might help Nelson and the Akron D.
  8. Touche'. But I was just kidding about being 'out until they win'. LOL
  9. Problem is as far as the game is concerned Troy is a whole heeluv'a lot better than Akron. Loss number 4. Wait until next year football fans!
  10. I do believe Nelson will NOT finish as the starting QB!!! And, probably should not be for a program stating over.
  11. Unfortunately, I am now convinced this will be no more than a 1 or 2 win season for the ZIPS. If You can't show any better than the worst team int he MAC, U are not going to win any games except by good fortune. EMU beat Illinois. Think that tells the tale of how bad this program is at this point. I am out until a win!
  12. Troy is an amazing program at that level. They made what seemed to be an almost seemless transition to D1. They recruit really good athletes. They are always competitive in the Sunbelt where the caliber of athlete is generally better than the MAC. They have returning QB's. They have a runnig back who gained over 1,000 yards last season. The defense was in the top 3 in the Sunbelt. It has looks like 6 returning starters. Maybe not quite as good as UAB but looks pretty darn close. Beat a big 10 team last season. Handled a good Buffalo team in a bowl. Another tough one for the ZIPS.
  13. Fully agree that Davis should move back to the back end. He is a 'security blanket' when he is back there. He knows how to play back there. And, yes Illinois and UAB had far superior athletes at almost every position. Bigger,faster. Thats the difference between Conference USA and most of the MAC. Concentrate on the MAC! Arth gets the same amount of time as the others before him. (I'll assume it won't be as bad as Ianello). CMU game is really important.
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