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  1. Fleming. Someone said he is/was at Delaware not doing much. Still think his call for a run blitz when they had Memphis backed up on its own goal line killed the Zips comeback in the Motor City Bowl.
  2. There is a significant number of us like you out here. Goes way back to Gordon Larson and Jim Dennison. We can remember and have seen consistently competitive football. I still like the Brookhart, Moorehead, Getsy etc. group. They couldn't play much D consistently but that offense was humming. Lets hope Moorehead can assemble an experienced staff that can organize and evaluate better than the last group. Hope Gibson changes his mind. He could get 'coached up' and have better support with the incoming regime.
  3. J.D. has been out of football a long time hasn't he? But that would be interesting wouldn't it. Getsy would SEEM to be a good option. Like him over Frye because of the type of game he played here. But...Can't see why either he or Frye would leave the gigs they have. That seems a stretch. The D coordinator is going to be a very, very important hire considering how bad that group has been for the last few years.
  4. Watched the interview with him from Oregon. Seems very confident. He wasn't just spewing out cliches like Arth and Stefansky. He has seen more than enough at all levels so probably not much will rattle him. Guess is he is going to be able evaluate what he is inheriting better than Arth and will be able to get things organized around what he has. Think Arth wasn't able to figure what he needed to do with the players he inherited and brought in. (I admit I thought Arth might be a decent hire. Wow!) Assuming this comes off I think the one thing Moorehead should be able to do is get the program to be more competitive than it has been the last 5 years or so. Probably not too many wins at first but at least competitive. Reup those season tix.
  5. By the way, he is 5 years younger than I am. Looks like he has only been out of coaching since 2020? Lets see, any other retreads who have come in here who have been 'elderly'? And ya I get the whole Wyatt Earp, Tombstone thing. Duh. Maybe we can dig up Bobby or Woody or Bo or PB.
  6. So anyone who actually knows the answer to my honest question, please tell me when Holliday ,'retired' and how old he might be at this point. Was not looking for a 'cute' answer', which this was not. Honestly don't know. Oh by the way .... ...!
  7. That was actually quite a game. Bad call by the then DC during an Akron come back attempt may have cost them a chance.
  8. Again, they pretty much have to wait until these other schools finish their regular seasons at least. If an assistant is taking a head coaching job the school would likely release him prior to any bowl game. I still keep liking the idea of bringing in someone who has had some fairly successful head coaching experience elsewhere. Not Petrino! Don't need his crap here. Got enough problems here. How old is Doc Holliday? How long has he been retired. That's an interesting name to me. Things may start to crystallize a little after this weekend.
  9. They may be looking more at assistants at programs who are still playing. So may not get any news at least until the regular season is over. Still hope they look at a 'retread' who has had some success at a higher level. If not go after a successful D2 coach ala Brian Kelly who is willing to move.
  10. Progress will be if they hire a coach who has some high level D1 experience, who may have been fired. Convince one of the successful ones to come here for a while. Some are out there. Otherwise go to DII or FCS try to find someone who is competent enough to get this shipwreck turned round in 2 seasons.
  11. This is football. Lets get off someone who has no connection to UofA football. He is in L LAY. He can stay there!
  12. Was at the game. Did not expect the Zips to win but expected a little more of a competitive game. The defense wa the usual warm bucket of spit it has been all season. Can't tackle, can't get off blocks, can't pressure the passer. All Kwho had to do was run,run, run. Can't tackle the ball carrier. And, they are totally based on play action and the O-line zone blocking. All of the coaches and players on that side of the ball should start looking elsewhere immediately! Was surprised the Offense could not at least put up a few points. Kwho is not a great D. I watched at different times from both end zones. What I saw was an O-line that can't pass block, saw receivers who couldn't create separation! That was big. Then Gibson started holding the ball too long. Kwho is fast on D but should be vulnerable to the run.(see CMU). Think there is some retainable talent on the O side. Not so much on the D. Again,wait until next year.
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