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  1. So are we and we haven't gotten a voucher for at least 2 seasons. Guess you are paying more than we are for you season tix. Section 212 Row 14. Since the place opened in 2009 and long before!!!
  2. Ya, I was surprised when Kato was named the starter. That ship sailed couple of seasons ago. Now Arth has screwed up the QB situation and is going to have to go with Irons. I am going to be interested to see what happens at the end of this season.
  3. As someone said earlier, stop with the ad hominem attacks. Not intelligent, not insightful.
  4. On the 'belt tightening' subject, as soon as my wife and I walk in at gate 1 what do we see? Already long lines at concession stands. As we walked by I was looking at all the concession stands that were closed. That was most of them. Pretty much long lines all thru the first half at least. The point? The athletic department seems to want to pinch pennies when it comes to customer services as others have pointed out. I heard people grumbling after having to stand in line so long. If your someone who attends games occasionally or rarely, you don't want to see people waiting in long lines to get a pretzel or a beer or whatever. That isn't a way to get people to return especially when they have to watch a bad product on the field. Oh and remember they stopped giving season ticket holders food coupons several years ago. Seems a bit of 'penny wise and pound foolish to me'.
  5. Wasn't going to post this season. But... Went to the game and for 1Q I saw a good RB running behind some decent blocking by the O-line. Problem was the when Temple adjusted and shut down the running game Akron didn't or couldn't adjust. All Temple did was sit back in a 2 deep, played a 3 or 4 man front and their linebackers and corners were able to react to stop the run or clutter up the secondary. Akron couldn't pass block, receivers were running into coverage and both Kato and Irons were afraid to throw the ball. Coaching staff didn't help with some of the play calling. I don't think either Nelson or Irons are real comfortable as pocket passers. Seems that maybe if you ran some play action like the Browns do with Mayfield and get them out of the pocket they might be more effective. Defense doesn't look a lot different, still not much pressure. That could have been a nice win for a struggling program. Next week might be the only other chance this season. Gulp!
  6. Has anybody heard what if any attendance restrictions will be in place this season? I e-mailed the ticket office last week and never got a reply.
  7. The P5 schools need to separate themselves from the rest of the D1 schools. Even Cincy couldn't beat a half assed SEC team. Lets get the MAC's, AAC's , Sunbelts etc. into there own playoffs. Stop the delusion that it is necessary for those schools to get stomped on every year just for a pay check and to get kids beat up. The Akron's of the world need the cash. Thats another problema. Fans could give a flying U know what to watch Akron get beat by OSU by 4 TDS.
  8. Agree that there will be competition at QB. Though I am not sure that at this late date Nelson is really going to be in the mix, at least initially. I thought he might get some PT last season but he never got on the field. Gotta believe if Arth thought he was going to be a longer term answer he would have played him. Not sure what was going on there. Also agree that better QB play will not only help the offense but also a very shaky defense. Score more points consistently. Gibson appeared to be very one dimensional and did not consistently make good decisions. The QB still needs to be able to bail out the defense with his feet. Want to see Irons on the field to see if he can more of a threat than Gibson appears to be. The O-line will grow. They can already run block adequately in front of a decent RB. Better QB play will help them.
  9. Bowden took the program as far as he was going to take it. He got it back to somewhat a level of respectability. But, it was time to try to go to the next level in the MAC.
  10. This guy should have at least been given a chance to take the program into D1. Would he have been better than Faust? Who knows. But he ran the last consistently winning program at Akron.
  11. I still have some hope for the O-line for next season. Right now they can not pass block competently. They can run block but when your defense can't help control the game you lose the ability to utilize your decent run game. And, Gibson hasn't really shown the ability to help carry the team when they can't run. Again, I am surprised that the D hasn't shown much improvement over 6 games. Are the players that bad? Are the coaches not able to 'coach 'em up' or come up with competent game plans on defense? What do we thinl?
  12. Agreed. I understand that the AD doesn't make the big decisions about the overall direction of the football program. If the administration decides that the financial situation is really dire, its decision will go far beyond whether coaching changes need to be made. I am sure it is hoping some 'sacrifice' games get played next year so some big paydays come in. If not what happens?
  13. I guess I was surprised that another QB showed up in the last game of the season. Arth has seen enough of Gibson already to know if he will improve to the point where he can be even competent in the MAC. Otherwise, Arth better start now to figure out his next QB. Guess under the circumstances, short season, eligibility changes I might have worked in other QB's during the season to get a better idea of which direction to go next season.
  14. I was hoping the defense had actually progressed to the point where it could help control a game against a decent team. Obviously BGSU was even worse than we thought. Only thing the O-line can do even close to competently is run block. But Akron only ran the ball 24 times other than the QB's.!! Only threw 18 passes.!!!!!! The defense is absolutely no help to this team. Buffalo only had to throw the ball 10 times because Akron's defense can't control a decent run game. Somebody said Akron should make Vantrease beat 'em. He didn't have to. Arth is going to have to take a real hard look at the coaches on the defensive side of the ball. He is also going to have to take a hard look at the upper classmen who are playing on the defensive side next season. They are not getting it done against good teams. Looks like Gibson may be on the way out. Problem,, break in another new QB next season. I am very disappointed in the lack of improvement even over 6 games. Thought it might be a little better. But right now Arth doesn't have enough players capable of playing at the MAC level. With Bowden apparently coming off the books early next year, the athletic department is going to have to make some more hard decisions next year.
  15. If Akron's offense can't control the ball to some extent, either approach is how you say, moot?
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