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  1. Go out to Cuyahoga Valley National Park and run up and own the sled riding hills at Pine Hollow.!
  2. Coming back to NE Ohio. Hopefully the hamstring is healthy because he is not only a difference maker he is a warrior!
  3. Don't count on beating either YSU or NMSU. YSU will be sky high and the Zips won't know what they have in that first game. Making the trip to Las Cruces will be difficult.Actually may go. Have relatives out that way. They recruit from a better talent pool than the Zips. They get some Texas kids the big schools don't want. IF they could 'upset' YSU(ha ha) and beat Umass at home lets take it.
  4. Yep! I hope Arth was watching the KSUU QB. You can not have a QB who is not MOBILE no matter how big the arm. Not sure if that guy is on the roster right now. If not another long season in 2020. I hope Arth was watching the KSUU O-line. Yep,those guys were TOUGH!. They could pass block and run block. I hope Arth was watching the KSUU RB. Big! Could run straight ahead behind a big line. Their receivers were actually getting open AND catching the ball. Their QB looked ACCURATE. We have not seen any of this around here in 2-3 years. The KSUU defense kind of got exposed. But, that team has a toughness that Akron has lacked. A culture in a program doesn't happen 'overnight'. When KSUU does what they did this season,it should hit home hard in Akron!
  5. Gotta have a big back who can run behind a competent O-line. I am still old enough to believe that a team in the MAC still needs a running game capable of getting 100 yards week in and week out. Used to drive me crazy how much they ran the ball in the 70's under Dennison. BUT,while I know this is not the '70's teams still have to be able to have a credible run threat no matter the QB. Makes life much easier for any O-line. Don't know if they have a RB on this roster but they need to get one.
  6. Ya. Chain link fence,all the electrical poles,the little shed in the right hand corner. Like someone said looks more like pre-fab stuff. Anyway,interesting stuff.
  7. Oh, the'ad hominem' attacks start again. I normally do not adress the posters on this site directly. I'ts a waste of time. And since somebody was DETA,I am 68 years old. What the hell is with the 'Ashland friend' stupid comment'? I have no connection to Ashland, Ohio or that college. Please enlighten all of us, since some of you are back to the personal attacks again. If you can tell me my connection to Ashland,Ohio I might want to visit some long lost relatives or friends. I await.
  8. Don't know how old this Z. Bush is but he looks like my grandson might look in 17 years. My grandson is 9 months old. Sorry Sack, u have NO cred with the REAL fans.
  9. I am surprised Arth did not use any TE more in the offense. Thought he would especially since the O-line was bad and the run game was non-existent.
  10. WOW! Never thought after all these years,nay decades of watching Akron football that I would ever see another one of these. Not mad just really disappointed,deflated and on and on. I was hoping that Arth might be able to bring in some additional kids, add to what was already there and have the team show improvement from September to November. The scary thing is that there appeared to be no improvement over the season in O-line play, running game or QB play on that side of the ball. The defense was still unable to stop the run OR the pass consistently. Little pass rush,leaky secondary and not much ability to stop the run. Again,little if any improvement from start to finish. There were a few kids who played well at times thats true. But,since we saw little improvement during the season,I am now very concerned about how this program can 'bounce back' next season. What is going to be a 'strength' on either side of the ball. Very concerned.
  11. Dyer is a lightweight 'journalist'(I apply that term laughingly to him). While it is correct that there are and have been real problems with finances at the AD and the University in general. Its old news. Dyer is only good at piling on. He has done hard hitting stories like the speed limit on I-77(lol). Its usually fluff. But thats what people who read him want. One way to shut these kind of people up!
  12. Folks! I have had season tix since way back in the Rubber Bowl days. I did not attend last night not because I thought U of A was going to get blown out,which they did. BUT, because the game was meaningless, the Akron Athletic Dept. treats fans as if this is the Big 10. They think they can nickel an dime revenue out of attendance. NEVER HAPPENED! NEVER WILL! I did not attend last night. First time since 2009 I have not. See above! Whether Arth is the answer or not. Who cares?! Bleeding cash. Not winning consistently. Where do we go!!!???
  13. Great! Move the K/O again! On a shitty Tuesday night when nobody but a few of us would show up anyway, start jackin' the K/O time again. 6PM or 8PM ain't gonna matter this year. I know TV dictates some of this crap. But, EMU 30-10.
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