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  1. 2017 Race To Detroit

    Anybody know? Is Ragland out for the season? I couldn't find it on the Miami website.
  2. Game 7—@Western Michigan

    Had to look at the game stats to see how this rolled out. Obviously if you didn't know the score you would think the Zips got steamrolled. WMU: Total yards-426; Rushing yards-244( Franklin-130); Passing yards 182(17-29-1); First Downs-26; TO's-1; Penalties-6-62 Akron: Total-215; Rush-88(Morgan-53); Pass-127(13-24-1); First Downs-14; TO's-1; Penalties-9-93. But,14-13 on the board. Go figure.These are the types of games that happen during a season that can help a team do special things. But,with the lack of offensive production that we see here,you aren't going to win anymore like this. The defense set up the offense big time for one TD on Kyron Brown's pick. Give that side of the ball a lot of credit. It made some big plays at crucial points in spite of giving up a ton of yardage. But,the offense can't keep putting up numbers like this and expect to win from here on out. In 2015 it was the defense that carried that team. In 2005(the best season in my memory) some crazy things happened that led to a MAC Championship. The last month of that season was crazy fun. Who knows.
  3. Game 7—@Western Michigan

    If you lose to Toledo and then to OU you are behind in the tiebreaker if OU wins out. HAVE to beat OU THIS season.
  4. 2017 Race To Detroit

    Again'the Toledo game is going to be difficult. Have to win the East. That means must wins against OU(finally?) and UB(a must). Miami is swallowing hard right now w/o its starting QB.KS.U is KS.U. If you lose to the East teams its like losing 2 games in the standings because you lose the tiebreakers. If they can beat OU and UB, they win the tiebreaker against OU and eliminate UB. 7 wins gets you the division . 5 wins means you have lost in the division and probably are out. 6 wins with one against OU(damn) and you probably get it. Gonna see what Bowden and his crew are made of!!!
  5. Game 8—@Toledo Rockets

    Now,just win the East. That means you HAVE to beat OU,finally. The division games now become THE most important. Even if you don't beat Toledo,you hold serve at home against UB,OU and KS.U likely with those 6 wins you get the division. And,Miami is taking the hard swallow right now. So,you hang a second loss on OU,and that IS the key game,come up with a big effort against UB who is really solid,in good shape. UB has 2 losses. Miami has 2 losses. OU only 1 loss. If it comes down to KS.U last game,I think it ends like 2005. Just don't go to sleep on UB. We don't need no stinkin' tiebreakers.
  6. Game 7—@Western Michigan

    OMG! Maybe the Zips have to lobby the MAC to have games played on 'the day of rest'. JUST KIDDING! Knock me over with a feather! This is definitely a signature win for Bowden!. Now just win the East!
  7. Three For Thursday [Zips @Broncos]

    After watching WMU last week and given what we have seen from the Zip's D its gonna be tough for them to slow down the WMU running game significantly. They have a very physical O-Line and Franklin is a horse. And,they have two other backs who are very effective. Unfortunately the strength of the Akron D aside from Gilbert appears to be the CB's. Does Amato take the chance of trying to put 7 in the box consistently to make WMU throw a bit more and hope the DB's can play head up? What they can't do is commit penalties! No penalties! On the other hand, Woodson is going to have to play his best game. And,the WR's are going to have to give him some room to throw. Gotta have a completion % over 60 so there are not a bunch of '3 and outs'. No turnovers. 0! If Woodson can't find an open receiver he has to throw it away or better yet run the damn ball. He hasn't consistently shown the willingness to do that this season. If Wolf can get himself open and Woodson looks for him Wolf could be a big possession receiver this week. I think the only way Zips run against these guys is off the pass. They might be able to break a couple if they don't try to slug it out with the WMU D-line. Zips O-line isn't capable of that. That said if they could steal this one you might have a 'Novemeber to Remember'. Remember 2007.
  8. Game 7—@Western Michigan

    Watched a good deal of the end of the WMU-UB game. I would agree that UB is much better than most believed. Leipold(is that correct) has done a nice job up there. And,UB got hosed on a couple of questionable calls from the good old MAC officials or the outcome might have been different. Oh,well. What I saw from WMU scares me. They have a big physical O-Line. They have a big physical RB in Franklin who runs through people. They can throw the ball when they need to. Their D-line is big and physical. UB had a nice looking QB and a couple of receivers that gave WMU some problems. Its easy to see what kind of players Fleck was recruiting to WMU. He wanted to look more like a Big-10 team than a MAC team. If WMU gets their run game going early and Akron can't throw the ball effectively and accurately might be a long day in Kalamazoo. BUT,remember 2007, the Zips 'Akroned' them.
  9. Game 6—Ball State

    Was at the game. Not going into the stats. This was a game Zips had to win. Nothing new there. BSU was reportedly without 5-6 starters on offense including starting RB and others. They looked it on that side of the ball. Didn't really notice anything I hadn't seen previously from the Zips on offense.They were able to move the ball when necessary on a mediocre defense. Wodson still runs hot and cold throwing the ball. Made some really bad throws. But,two of the TD passes were on the button. Woodson worked the ball in a few times when the receivers had little separation. Wish he would cut down on some of the on-field antics though when plays don't go right. Completion percentage does need to improve. Play calling at times seemed to lose focus which affects what happens on the field,obviously. Didn't hurt to much this time however. Akron defense played well against a short handed offense. Thats what you are supposed to do. Still gave up way too much on the ground. That will kill them against WMU if it continues. With OU and Miami losing at home the task is much more clear. Win at least 4 of the next 6 and that gives you a realistic shot at winning the division.
  10. Game 6—Ball State

    Jim Tressel on the left. Coach at Youngstown State at the time. Jerry Faust on the right. Coach at Akron at the time. Game at the Rubber Bowl in the early 1990's if I am not mistaken. Y.town was D-1AA. Akron full D-1. Somebody help me with this. Was this the game where Y.town beat Akron on a freezing cold afternoon?
  11. Game 6—Ball State

    5-3 in 2015. You are absolutely correct.
  12. Game 6—Ball State

    The 'Movin' A' making a comeback. Thats going back aways.
  13. Game 6—Ball State

    Ya,its time for a Bowden coached team to show that it can at least be competitive in the East. Have they had 5 wins in the MAC since he has been here? That would be a big step forward. Beating OU AND Miami would be a tall order this season. But at some point they have to get by OU to be legit. We will get a better idea this week about how much actual progress Woodson has made. The run defense still scares me.
  14. Game 5—@Bowling Green

    Tight end. Some have been saying for years,find one and use him.
  15. Game 5—@Bowling Green

    Had to look at the stats Akron(Woodson)-13-24-168; Wolf-6-68 Rush-178(net)-Edwards-14-70, Woodson-24; total net yards-361. Defense-2 Picks-gave up 181 Rush;195 Pass Net-376. Thankfully BGSU imitated Akron in the penalty department. Zips amazingly only 1 for 5yds.!!!!??? The loss of Ball will be a 'killer' over the rest of the season. It takes away one of the few legit. threats the offense had. Nothing remarkable about this game. Zips beat a team that is worse than they are. Thats what you do. They have a chance at home against Ball State this week. They better do it because after that it could get ugly on the road against WMU and Toledo. The only way this works out favorably is if Akron beats Testicle Tech. Then,they have to win at least 3 out of 4 of the games in the East against OU,Miami,Buffalo and KS>U. Which of those 3 do they win? Not just hoping for some bowl game at 6-6 here. They need to show they can at least compete in the East. That would give them 5 wins in the MAC for possibly the first time under Bowden? Please correct if wrong.