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  1. Zips to Recruit More Ohio Student Athletes

    Do we know if other MAC schools have/are imposing these same restrictions on sports recruiting? I am afraid what may happen is that after the best Ohio recruits are snapped up by bigger programs as usually happens now there may be even more competition for those Ohio kids who are left. Now lets say Akron has an Ohio recruit in its sights. And,that kid decides to go elsewhere in the MAC or another mid level conference. It happens. Is Akron now going to be limited to going after even 'lower level'(not using this derogatorily) Ohio recruit instead of being able to go outside of Ohio for a more highly rated recruit? IF thats the case the overall talent drop off within the program becomes more of a problem over time. If the program can't go after a Florida or Pennsylvania kid because of the new emphasis on 'staying in Ohio' what happens.
  2. Zips to Recruit More Ohio Student Athletes

    The only way it seems to me to help the University is financially. Again,the Info hangs like an albatross. Otherwise, there are several concerns for the football program in particular. First, the number of top quality DI athletes in Ohio is not what it used to be. Population out migration. The very best Ohio athletes are going to OSU or probably another Big-10 program. That leaves what is left for programs like Akron..etc.Then come the Toledos,Cincys etc that will pick off the best of the rest. Second,how many of the other MAC schools are limiting themselves in this way? That means that the out of state recruits that Akron may no longer pursue are going to go to places like OU,Toledo,WMU,Pitt,Cincy etc. if they come to Ohio at all. The repercussions of this have yet to be felt,obviously!
  3. Chase Blackburn Signs with Panthers

    What was his final year at Akron? 2004? Too bad he wasn't around for 2005. Talk about a guy who made himself a solid NFL player. Lasted a long time on the field. Wonder if he has any head coaching aspirations? Ummm.
  4. Bowden Expectations (Through 2021)

    I'll take 6 wins in the MAC for starters. Thats a minimum for me. Beat OU and Miami on a consistent basis. OU especially. Have to look out for Buffalo though. That also means you probably have to beat at least 1 team from the West whether it be a Toledo,NIU,WMU or whomever. 6 MAC wins is going to likely put you in good shape to win the East most of the time. Tack on 1 win against a bad 1-AA school you should have at least 7 wins. If after this amount of time 'in the saddle' this regime can't recruit enough roster talent to beat 6 MAC teams 3 out of every 4 years look elsewhere.
  5. Will Bowden get a contract extension?

    Thats the guy I was hoping would find his way back to Akron at some point.Oh well. Read somewhere a year ago that he was with the Packers in some 'quality control' gig I believe. Think he was at IUP for a while also. Western PA guy? Think you might see a noticeable improvement in QB play if you could bring a gut like him in here. He liked Akron enough to come here from Pitt with JD if I am not mistaken. Correct me if I am wrong.
  6. Boca Raton Bowl–Zips @ Owls

    We won't know how good or bad recruiting has been until these guys get on a college football field and play. Thats especially true at the level where most MAC teams recruit and play. The obvious exceptions appear to be the Toledos,NIUs,OUsand maybe a WMU. Those teams have been consistently good in the MAC and competed fairly well against higher level competition outside the MAC. I realize that Ianello did nothing positive for the program. But,6 years later we are finally in a MAC championship albeit against a far superior opponent. Now, this coaching regime has to take the next step and become more consistently competitive IN THE MAC. That is going to mean an upgrade in the athletes on the field. Bowden has been able to bring in some individual players who have excelled at this level. And,thats a start. But,after watching the Toledo and FAU games we realize that quality up and down the roster is not quite there,yet. Bowden has to find more Jatavis Brown,Ulysees Gilbert,Jojo Natson etc type players at more positions. He and the AD also need to take an objective look into what if any adjustments need to be made to what goes on on the sideline. 2018 now becomes another critical season because the program needs to take 'the next step'. It needs to consistently win 6 games in the MAC. And,thats going to mean being able to compete more favorably against the Toledos,OUs,Nius etc. Hope this season got them 'over the hump'.
  7. Will Bowden get a contract extension?

    Makes sense. Even if there was any consideration to making a HC change,and I do not think that would be appropriate at this point, you would at least hope the AD raises some of these issues people are posting about when an extension is discussed with Bowden. For recruiting purposes you have to go into to next season with at least a one year extension to Bowden. Maybe there is something in his contract that kicks in if he wins the Division and goes to a Bowl. I do feel that if we get into late October/November and we are seeing the same things we are seeing now it might be time to reassess. If they can win 6 games in the MAC next season they will have a shot again. I think that 6 MAC wins should be the objective every season. Oh well,lets see what happens.
  8. Boca Raton Bowl–Zips @ Owls

    If we were not willing to admit it after the Toledo game,we have to admit it now. This regime has not raised the level of the program to be able to seriously compete with the very top programs IN the MAC much less outside of it. I am speaking of course of conferences outside the 'Power 5'. Aside from the issues some see with the coaching staff there is just an obvious lack of speed and athletic ability at most positions to be able to realistically compete. There is a player here and there. But,there are not enough 'heres and theres'. This makes the AD's call on Bowden et. al tougher in my opinion. You can't show up on national TV and get embarrassed twice in the space of a few weeks. Neither the program nor the MAC benefit from that.
  9. Coaches and teams either embrace expectations and get motivated or coaches and teams shrink from the 'pressure'. Right now we know the coaches and teams in the MAC that improve with the expectation of getting better. So far I haven't seen that from this regime. If the coaching staff is 'scared' the players will be scared. 2018 is the critical year for this regime. I want to see if Bowden/Amato can coach like their reps depended on it. The first thing we will see or not see is if Bowden is willing to make some obvious changes to make this program beter. I am talking about coaches and position players.
  10. I think the loss of the big guy in the backfield really hurt. Ball was a real upgrade to the run game which statistically was pretty bad for the season. His presence would have helped Nelson or Woodson or whoever was at QB. It would have also helped a somewhat inconsistent O-line by giving defenses something they had to really respect. Now Bowden has to find a real threat at RB. And,he needs to shore up the O-line among other things. Hopefully,they will indeed have upgrades at WR. If he can find somebody,someway to 'coach up' Nelson,there should be improvement there. I am just not convinced that Milwee is the guy to 'coach up' your QB's. And,YES there will be expectations. Finally! Lets enjoy that!
  11. 2017 Bowl Watch

    Lets not complain too much after what happened on Saturday. Enjoy the fact that they got into 2 post season football games. Been a long time for that. BUT, hopefully Bowden/Amato has these guys a little better prepared for this one. Don't want another blowout 1) on national TV or 2) in an area where Bowden tries to recruit. Doesn't do the MAC any good for the future either if teams aren't competitive in post season.
  12. Was AT the game. First,Ford Field is GREAT Some random comments.Neighborhood is pretty rough though. Toledo is the BEST team in the MAC hands down,notwithstanding their 1 loss. They have lots more SPEED and more SKILL at critical positions,certainly far more so than Akron. That HC is from Mount UNION!!!! Akron's DEFENSE was overwhelmed in the first half.I said the first half not the entire game. I include in that realm KICK COVERAGE which was awful. They didn't tackle well certainly. The D-line and linebackers were chasing a lot in the first half. I know the offense was sputtering in the first half,but this was one of those games when no matter, The defense NEEDED to make a couple more stops early but did not. Got better in the second for whatever reason. But,no doubt the poor kick coverage killed them because even though the defense gave up way too many big plays, there were too many short fields for Toledo after kicks. Better look there for next season. Offensively,no question the offense sputtered especially in the first half. The O-line was being beaten at the point of attack a lot and Toledo was able to pressure the QB(whomever he was) and run down the backs. Toledo was quicker. Please don't try to hang the loss on Nelson. Its like somebody elsewhere said. Everybody loves the back up QB until.... I was talking to a guy sitting behind us in 105. We were both puzzled when Bowden pulled the plug on Nelson so early. Certainly,Nelson was struggling. But,a significant part of that was because the O-line couldn't keep the rush off of him and the running game was going nowhere,again. Frankly, we were not sure what Woodson was going to add on the positive side under the circumstances. Not really anything we hadn't already seen from him. And,in the post game Bowden clearly stated Nelson is the QB of the future. Nelson and the offense were better in the second half but,the O-line had a BAD breakdown on a backside blitz when Nelson got creamed and fumbled. Pretty sure I saw a Tight End(umm) trying to grab the blitzer form behind just as he hit Nelson. I am still not convinced that Nelson and the other QB's wouldn't benefit from bring in an assistant who could help 'coach up' the QB's a little better. But, this was one of those games against a much better team when not being able,or willing to try to control the ball on the ground to keep Toledo off the field could have kept it closer and made Toledo play 'honest'. The officiating wasn't great but didn't cost Akron the game. I thought the Toledo fans were 'bush' when they were cheering the player who got called for targeting and was ejected. Know the rule. Even if you don't like it it WAS targeting. Now,Bowden has to make some changes in order to build on this. Can't be sub-500 next season. Have to consistently get 6 Conference wins and be in the mix for Detroit.
  13. Been there a couple times before. Stayed in Dearborn before. Great place to watch a game.
  14. The Akron Athletic Dept. seems to be acting as if there was some kind of overwhelming demand for tix from Akron fans. There will be tons of TU fans at the game.They apparently still don't understand that only the diehards will go to Detroit. The rest will sit on their asses and watch a few minutes on TV. I remember in 2005, there were more people at the Motor City Bowl than at the MAC Championship game. The front runners will stay home. The AD needs to get its head out of their behinds when it comes to 'markerting' this program.
  15. Three For Thursday [MAC Championship]

    Still have not seen a seating chart on Gozips.com.