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  1. Game 12—@Ohio Bobcats

    Other than that,no problem.
  2. Critiquing Coach Bowden

    Did a little looking at records of MAC coaches. I picked out 2 who have been coaching for during the same period of time Bowden has been here. I did not include this season(2018) as obviously it is still in progress. So these numbers include 2012 thru 2017. These are records that include in and out of conference games.1) Rod Carey Northern Illinois-Overall-44-24. And,2) our old buddy Frank Solich down in Athens-Overall-47-31(obviously he has been around a lot longer). Since taking over at 'Harvard on the Hocking"(lol) in 2005 Solich has had only 2 sub-500 seasons. Terry Bowden-Overall-31-44. If I had included the records for 2018 the records would be even more skewed toward Carey and Solich. OU and NIU are two of the top tier MAC programs. I know as we have heard over and over and over again that Bowden inherited a BOS. Not disputing that. But,this program still has not been able to consistently compete and I say consistently with the top programs in the MAC. Starting with the MAC championship game last year this program has been trending down. At some point we have to stop comparing this program to the lowest common denominator just to make it look respectable. If you don't compare yourself to the best,you will never be one of them. Maybe we will be shocked and Akron will beat OU and South Carolina. But...
  3. Game 11—Bowling Green Falcons

    Was at the game. This had the feel of a team that had 'quit' on this coach. Nelson couldn't play ,physically. And didn't look like he really wanted to play after the first few series. KN do not let the door hit you when t is likely a new regime will be here. Sorry. I am not anymore a Kato Nelson fan.
  4. Critiquing Coach Bowden

    Hopefully Bowden will be a decent human being and retire. He doesn't need the buyout money. He has to know...duh... that after this Williams won't keep any of this pile.
  5. Game 10—@Eastern Michigan Eagles

    If the point was to say that because Woodson's stats were better than Ramart's for one game that Ramart isn't possibly going to be a decent QB then that person should apply for a head coaching position. Obviously able to see into the future where others can not.
  6. Game 12—@Ohio Bobcats

    OU will have a few extra days to prepare and rest. They will be playing at home. They MAY be playing to win the division(if UB loses). And have to figure they might have a little revenge in mind for last season's loss. OU is a really good MAC team. They are significantly better than the Zips at this point.
  7. Game 11—Bowling Green Falcons

    How do we know how to figure the Zips? Don't know for sure who will be at QB. They could come out and actually try to run the all day(please do it) and run up 200 yards on the ground. The defense could create havoc,turn BG over multiple times and win the game. They could continue with the same type of offensive game planning that we have seen all season. They could have a back-up QB who 'finds his footing' so to speak and LEADS the offense. OR they could have read some of 'the handwriting on the wall' about the season and come out flat. The back-up QB could be put in a bad position again and have another bad game. The starter could come back and not be physically ready to play. Obviously, we hope they show up ready to play and salvage something out of this. Who knows?
  8. Game 12—@Ohio Bobcats

    Black Friday? Ummm
  9. Game 10—@Eastern Michigan Eagles

    Nobody is blaming'every single loss on coaching'. What objective fans are doing is looking at patterns over the past 7 seasons. Just because some think all fans are idiots doesn't mean its true. Some fans can actually watch ballgames and understand what is and is not happening. This is not personal for most folks. But after 7 seasons this program should not be losing its first two conference games. It should not be getting waxed by the NIU's MU's,UB's and EMU's. The offense should not be as pathetic as it has been. That is seen most markedly in the poor O-line play and lack of a running game. This is finally about being consistently competitive with the best programs in the MAC. Clearly this program is not.
  10. Game 10—@Eastern Michigan Eagles

    This is not about how many picks Woodson threw in any game. As I said earlier, do not hang this on Ramart. One game is not a career. What Bowden has not been able to do in 7 seasons is, develop a consistently good offensive line(they do not have one now), develop any CONSISTENT running game (even though every week he keeps harping about having to run the ball),develop CONSISTENT discipline on the field(stupid penalties,blown assignments and the inability to develop a solid QB who can lead an offense(that's also another reason the OC has to come under some severe scrutiny). Maybe these guys will surprise and win out. But,as I also said earlier, the AD has to take responsibility for the call. The interim Prez is not likely to want to get involved. Hell' he's a Poly Sci guy.
  11. Critiquing Coach Bowden

    No culture of discipline has ever been developed under Bowden.
  12. Will Bowden get a contract extension?

    EVERY week Bowden keeps blabbering about how they HAVE to run the ball. Well Terry,either your coaches,your players or both are not listening to you IF you really mean that!
  13. Game 10—@Eastern Michigan Eagles

    Thats Milwees' fault!
  14. Game 10—@Eastern Michigan Eagles

    Do not know about recrutting' but Bowden hasn't developed much in 7 years.