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  1. Yea. Its certainly not all on Irons. Right now he has no run game to speak of to keep the D honest. And, if he is still hurting that doesn't help. He is not a QB who can drop back 52 times and win ball games doing it. Joe has to figure out a run game that fits what he has. If Irons could be moved around with options,sprint outs it seems it would put more pressure on defenses and help loosen up his receivers. The D still has a few too mnay breakdowns that give up too many yards and points. They played better in the second half but there were a couple of critical breakdowns. Can't wait for Saturday. Hope the weather is decent.
  2. Didn't watch the game but watched a lot of highlights and perused the stats. The bad: 1)Secondary still looks lost at times. On one Liberty TD the receiver stood between 2 DB's who were at least 5 yards away from him. 2) Defense still doesn't get much pressure and then gave up 152 on the ground against second and third stringQB and RB. And, gave up big play on the ground in the second half. 3) Zips had 52 yards on the ground? Still no consistent run threat from RB's or Irons. Joe has to get that fixed or the wins going forward will be few and far between.3) Irons is not or can not use his legs. If he is still hurt and can't run he takes away half his game. I said before Joe should have held him out of the UT to heal. 4) Had to throw the ball 52 times (29 completions). Irons is not that type of QB. Has to be a run threat to keep the D from teeing off on the rush. Several times he held the ball too long and created sacks. He is taking way too much contact. Now, the second half looked much better in certain areas. The D tightened up a little. They had chances in the second half but gave up couple of big plays. The D got some pressure. Jacques-Louis had nice return. They are making some progress. But until they can control the ball on offense, the defense will keep getting exposed. After seeing some of the MAC scores from the last 2 weeks I am not as confident as some about wins in conference. BGSU won again. Buffalo beat EMU. OU won. Maybe waht the Zips need is finally getting a home game. This Saturday will tell us a lot about the rest of the season.
  3. Liberty may have even more motivation to prove they can win without some key parts. Zips mmight move the ball a little more if the O line holds up and Joe can get a run game going. How healthy is Irons? If he is still limited that offense is going to struggle. I am afraid the D may give up big plays. I just want to see a more competitive game. Zips have to be tired of playing the teams they have on the road all month.
  4. Little to be gained from 'sacrifice' games except the paycheck. Kids get hurt,fans get discouraged etc. Franly, I would have held Irons out of the UT game to let him heal. I am waiting to see how competitive the Liberty game is. After seeing some of the MAC wins from last weekend, I am wondering just how many wins the Zips might pick up in the MAC. If the Liberty game is competitive thats a better barometer than MSU or UT. If not... But, there are areas where these guys are playing better than last season. I think Irons has improved and I am not a big Irons fan. Generally, the offense seems to be moving the ball better. But,until they establish a consistent run game and the O line learns how to pass block its still gong to be tough to score enough. The defense seems to have a few serviceable parts but not enough to to help control a game. Again, justwant to see a more competitive team in November than we are seeing now.
  5. OK folks, take a deep breath. Akron was not going to hang with MSU(the check is in the mail). They are not going to hang with Tennessee(the check is in the mail). The Liberty game might be closer,but not going to be a win. If the BGSU game goes south then there is more of a problem than we thought. Relax until 10-1-22.
  6. Hello Mudda, Hello Fadda...?
  7. Was at the game. What I saw was not that much different from last season. Starting with QB play, Irons end of game numbers are deceiving. He still misses too many open receivers. He still holds too long. He is not accurate with intermediate passes. He got locked in on one receiver too much. I was surprised Moorehead didn't option him more, let him use his legs. Wouldn't be surprised if at the end of the season things are not going well, Moorehead will play one of 'his' recruits if it doesn't mean burning a redshirt season. I was surprised Moorehead didn't run more. Seemed Wiley was starting to get into a groove and the O-line still can't pass block. A little puzzling with the lay calling. Saint-Louis seems like the real deal though. The defense is still the defense. Little pass rush,can't handle a running QB,poor tackling and DB's out of position. But, it made a big play to save the game! Too bad the next three weeks are going to be well....you know. As I said pre-season, I want to see a better team in November than in September. Its going to take the coaching satff a while to figure out who can play at this level and who can't. But, at least my wife enjoyed the game!
  8. I was and have been unable to acces my online account. I paid for seasons couple of months ago. I was told that somehow there were/are two online accounts in my name which was causing the problem. I requested they send me 'hard' copies of the tix. I finally received those this past weekTicket office said they would see if they could correct the problem at their end. So far, no go. Not exactly a smooth rollout.
  9. Agree. No 'blowouts' in the MAC. I ignore Tennessee and MSU. Win your opener at home. That helps get some positive attention. Putting out a number of wins isn't always helpful. BUT,it would be nice to win maybe 3 in the MAC with one being KSWho. I want to see a team thats playing noticeably better in November than in September. Still think there are too many questions at key positions, like QB among others to start counting wins.
  10. I finally went to the ticket office and paid my renewal in person. I was told that I should be receiving an email with a PIN,with instructions to 'activate' my account. After numerous attempts I stopped. Contacted the ticket office, and was told that my season tickets are confirmed but that they won't be available until some time in August. I am to receive another email from Paciloan so I can access my tickets. I requested that I receive 'hard copies' of the tix if I can not access them on line. Not very confident at this point.🤕
  11. I am starting this in the football section because those tickets are the ones I am dealing with. Has anybody had any experience with Paciloan? I just renewed my football season tix and was told that outfit will be handling all University ticketing going forward.
  12. Don't like the fact that its indoors. Wasting a nice day that have been few and far between so far. Agree way too small. And, the 3PM start really screws up the day. I would think even with lacrosse at Infocision the times could have been adjusted to accommodate both sports.
  13. According to GOZIPS, 3PM in the field house. Wonder why to both?
  14. JD spent some time in Texas. All about the boots.
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