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  1. Gueye transferring

    Its official per Verbal Commits that Gueye will be transferring. we officially have no Centers as Sayles is listed as a PF.
  2. 2019 Offers

    SG Anderson Kopp has received an offer from Akron 6'5" SG from Houston TX St. Thomas HS. still recruiting in the Houston area is a nice sign!
  3. Game 20- Northern Illinois Huskies

    they need a run! that is only way to generate interest. Parking sucks and is BS for $10. I'm OK with concessions but what about apparel? an ice cream truck is bigger then our team shop! yeah...t-shirt give aways are cool. but who wants to wear a t-shirt when its 4 degrees out side and you have to walk 500 yds to get to the arena?? get some threads in there. set up a little shop upstairs too, like the consessions. Someone mentioned giving tickets to area youth basketball programs. That is an outstanding idea! Hell...have them gather at their rec center and pick em up in a Zips van...like they are part of the team and then drop them off! How cool would that be?? you could have them feel like part of the team. give them a couple of trinkets. bottom...we need to win, hopefully its in March......Go Zips!
  4. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    its a fair question and yeah....i dont know the answer but this is a pattern that has already been established. Its a young team that hasn't played enough together; but i remember the promise and excitement back in Nov. now...its predictable. shoot a lot of 3's and hope. this could have been year one of an improvement...now it's trending to be year two of disappointment.
  5. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    where is the leadership on this team?? I saw bad shot selection, lazy passes, sure there was some energy but that is after they surrendered the lead multiple times. Honestly, I would change my lineup. Put some people that give effort or are hungry to play. IDK....just 2nd half letdown is BS. I dont want to say the year is lost with all that has happened to this program. But ITS LOOKING LIKE THIS YEAR IS A LOSS....and it sucks cause it's Jimmond's Sr season with us! I may go Tuesday and I may seriously leave at halftime if this effort is what they consistently put in the 2nd half. Geez....get pissed Akron...
  6. Scholarship Chart

    Thank You!!!!!
  7. Scholarship Chart

    ummmmm...with all the movement in recent days, weeks, months. can we get the scholarship chart updated PLEASE???????? GET OFF MY LAWN! THEY WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND AND I DONT EITHER!
  8. Game 14- Western Michigan Broncos

    all those houses are leveled on spicer by infocision.......so just park on the grass!
  9. Game 10- Marshall Thundering Herd

    No one complains cause hardly anyone attends. they are all watching the OSU game somewhere. i have always said that i'll never understand why akron or other MAC schools may try to schedule the same time as OSU is on and at home. Their job is to fill up their stadium for their game. You if gave a choice of attending an Akron home game or watching an OSU game that's on at the same time....OSU will win. and friday night is reserved for HS football and to a certain degree Saturday night is as well...with all the catholic schools. i would try odd times. like a noon, or 5pm, 6pm for football. with basketball...everyone is in the same pond(MAC, Horizon) we don't have to compete with a OSU basketball, or Xavier, UC. Simple solution is just win and you'll get back to primetime! OH and schedule a home & home with UC.....hell they played OSU this year at home..so in some circles of hell....its freezing!
  10. Game 10- Marshall Thundering Herd

    TRU DAT!!! i see that marketing guy with the Akron basketball website...but he is always walking around. I think he walked down the stairs back to his seat at least 7X during the marshall game! Oh. and on FB...the Tennessee St. game was slated for midnight..a few hours later it was changed to 7pm. Really all the saturday games are 2pm? sorry...but that sucks, i could see a handful..especially for Non conf. but not for MACtion!!!
  11. Game 11- Tennessee State Tigers

    he's gotta be first! like its my thread!! MY THREAD!!!
  12. Welcome Tom Arth!

    Dammit!! I really thought we had a shot to land Urban!!
  13. Possible Candidates

    stop making sense!!! and lets keep KD!!
  14. MAC Hoops 18-19

    Ohio U beat Marshall 101-84 last night. Is OU that good or did Marshall p#$p the bed!
  15. 2020 Offers

    got an offer from Michigan!!! WOW!!! and VC'd!!!!