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  1. Aziz, heading to Utah Valley. that is all
  2. Who’s Henderson??? I thought we got Hankerson???? 🤷🏼‍♂️
  3. Gabe Wiznitzer 4⭐️ Prospect transferring from Louisville to Ohio. what’s the bio on this cat??
  4. Travis Steele new BB coach for Miami(oh). MAC just got tougher. I think he’ll do great things for Miami.
  5. Travis Steele maybe the lead candidate for the Miami(oh) job
  6. I’d like to see a lower tier big ten team or big east like penn st or Georgetown. Would love a match up with Maryland if we are getting recruits from that area.
  7. Xavier job opened up today. That’s the only job that scares me about reaching out to Groce.
  8. Whitfield out at ball st. Nine years with the Cardinals for Whitford, who never made the NCAAs and went 131-146. This is a lower-tier MAC job. The school last won a league title in 2001.
  9. Game is @ 9:50pm on TBS rush the court posted the start times
  10. Yes!!! I’m traveling back from FLA for work. I get home at 7:30. Drive home, eat some corn beef and drink a couple of conways and turn on the zips game.
  11. Akron!! The new beast of the east!!!!
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