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  1. Former ABJ sports writer terry Pluto was present last night. Cavs must really be getting to him!
  2. What about my non-player Akron player bobble head? The only one I figure would have any lasting value.
  3. I am the same age as your Dad! I went to games when I was a student, but after graduation I attended very few. You dad re-kindled my interest in the program and my wife and I have bought season tickets for several years. We really enjoyed your Dad's years as coach. Some of those Kent, Ohio and Miami games were unbelievable. I wish him all the best. I know he'll always be a Zip to the core of his soul!
  4. LOL! Your getting confused with the INFO!!!!!
  5. Where's all of our fans? I was at the game as usual. Gee whiz! It is sad this Team is getting so little fan support. Was there 1,000 in attendance last night? We just pummeled two MAC teams in a row!
  6. Is this game the one where season ticket holders have a pregame lunch?
  7. Caught the game on 1350 last night. Nice win! I think this team can slay some Dragons!!!!
  8. Can someone tell me why the game nights have changed so much? I went to SCU game and attendance was putrid. Whatever happen to the Wednesday ,Saturday scheduling.
  9. Just another Howie Chizek knock off! Stick to your day job! Willie's the man!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I was at the game. We need a lot of work in the 3-5 spots. IMO
  11. Brandon Biscoff St.V-M is still playing. I know for certain he plays on all kickoffs.
  12. Wasn't one of our former players, Reggie McAdams working on the re-design and enhancement of the JAR? Come on Reggie!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I think we look better in the second half, when the opponents starting players are on the bench. At least in the UAB game many starters were pulled in the third period and did not return.
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