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  1. MAC Tournament- Game 1- Miami

    Sweet Game !!!! Let's keep it going! Let's toss the cow chips into lake Erie !!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Game 31- PCCC

  3. MAC Basketball Attendance Article

    We only drew 2600 for the Canadians. A top 25 team. Frenchy mention the attendance during the post game show. I know several people who quit buying season tickets after KD's departure!
  4. Game 24- Buffalo Bulls

    Nice effort last night. The first several minutes of second have hurt us. I think we only had 6 points at the 13 minute mark.
  5. Game 23- PCCC Golden Flushes

    Hope he didn't punch someone at practice!
  6. Game 23- PCCC Golden Flushes

    What is the status on JS? I noticed he was in street clothes with a cast on the wrist. Didn't look good!
  7. MAC Basketball Attendance Article

    Since you mentioned the ABJ, the hit job they conducted on U of A for two years was disgusting and regrettable. I know for a fact their relentless assault on the school had severe and lasting negative ramifications. The local paper is a disgrace. I wouldn't wipe my rear end with that rag!!!!!!.
  8. Kostelac Possibly Transferring

    t’s quite obvious there is a racial component to this. I think Groce should be relieved of Head coaching responsibility until the entire issue is resolved in court. At that time a determination can be made on Groce’s future.
  9. Game 14- Western Michigan Broncos

    These 2:00 games stink! I would like a good explanation for why the scheduling times have changed?
  10. Game 9- Purdue Fort Wayne Mastodons

    Anyone have status update on DR?
  11. Game 5—Miami RedHawks

    My thoughts exactly!
  12. I realize this is a sports forum, so I guess I am off base, but I see things differently. Let's put $100/mil into the College of Engineering, the College of Polymer Science, the College of Business administration. We need a massive effort at job creation through the U of A. I love the University and I love Akron, but we are in a massive economic decline IMO. First Merit bank gone. Lockheed Martin gone. Omnova Solutions gone. Ashulman bought by European company. Sterling jeweler shedding employees and struggling. Parker Hannifin has closed Akron operations. First Energy about to shed massive numbers of employees. City of Akron officials worried about passing an ordinance to eliminate Columbus day and replace it with Pocahontas day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, These Economic issues feed directly into the U of A. We have declining enrollment. A declining population in general. We need a massive effort including the U of A to create Business’s, Employment and growth in the local Economy. Every time I hear a local official talk about affordable housing I shudder!!! We have nothing but affordable housing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE NEED UNAFFORABLE HOUSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. 2017/2018 End of Season Thoughts

    I feel good about the Team, and the program. I have zero expertise. I am just an Alum and a fan. I yearn for the day we can win an NCAA tournament game! And be in the Saturday night game at the Q consistently. Thanks Guys! Looking forward to next Season!!!
  14. Game 31—@WMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 1]

    We shall fight at the Arena!!! We shall fight at the JAR!!! We shall fight at the Q!!!!!!! "We shall never ever surrender".