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  1. They have a real good radio show on that 1350. They do a real nice job over there on that AM dial.
  2. This is the mindset that all MAC coaches that want to "Think Bigger" should have. The MAC is a stepping stone for these guys, not a career gig.
  3. I have heard the new coach will be Jamion Christian.
  4. Wow, I'm impressed how much you know about all of these guys.... I can't wait to see your NFL Mock Draft #1
  5. I would qualify his MAC experience as good..... He won more games in the NCAA Tournament in 4 years than all other MAC coaches have in 15+ combined! You are right when you say he didn't reach 20 wins in 2 of the 4 years he was there but, one of the years OU had 19 wins.... 70 wins in his last 3 years at OU. I'll take it.
  6. Jim Christian has a job already! No need to worry about him coming to UA and cutting his salary in half.
  7. We often bring up the word "poison" on ZNO... Geno is poison. Right now there isn't a school that wants to touch him as a head coach. He's got a lot of making up to do before he gets another HC job.
  8. Fans they are.... fanatics they are not. Since you chose to single them out.... The way I see things, Morris & Balsy are fans that care about the athletic programs and the school. To me, they have opinions that are outside of athletics and more of a whole school approach. You are a fanatic and walk with blinders and look past the facts. I wish ZNO was full of posters like Morris & Ballsy and would love to see the ones who just spew nonsense "go away." But that's what makes ZNO entertaining.
  9. I can't see how? They're broke. UA can't afford a $600,000 coach.
  10. Being the son of a HS coach who averaged 12.48 wins per year for 25 years hardly puts you at the top of any list. lol
  11. I have seen McNees come up a couple of times now.... What in the world makes people think that his name should be mentioned as a Division 1 basketball coach with ZERO coaching experience.
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