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  1. Couldn't agree more. The ridiculous quantity of 3 point attempts coupled with the decision making on the #5 position has frustrated me from day 1 of the Groce era. But especially this season. This team is so much better when playing bigger and aggressively attacking the rim. We have the ability. Why so infrequent?
  2. Missing that killer instinct. Hope it doesn't bite them in CLE.
  3. He's doing better than Reece at this point.
  4. Improved? How can you tell? He's been on the bench all season. Somebody else mentioned good hands and footwork. The primary attributes of an effective big man, in my opinion. Why has someone with these natural abilities not been playing? I just don't get it. I've watched Jayden since he was a freshman. He was coming into his own until that horrible season ending fall. Has not really had much of an opportunity since. I'm not surprised he was effective last night. I'd really like to see him become more of a factor going forward. Lord knows we need help at that position.
  5. For the life of me, I don't understand why Groce has not been playing Sayles all season. Hopefully he has now seen the error of his ways. This team is MUCH better when Sayles or Reece are on the floor.
  6. Kids bailed Groce out. Good for them!
  7. I'm not understanding Groce's substitution strategy. At all.
  8. Sayles forces their big into a travel. Immediately gets pulled. Where's the sense in that?
  9. Why does it feel like we're down 20?
  10. Tough 4th on Reece. Guess that can happen when he's your only player with an inside presence.
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