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  1. Good to hear. Sounds like I should check in on the recruiting forum periodically. Thanks for that feedback.
  2. Difficult to 'fill the pipeline' with 2-year transfers. My hope is that he starts focusing more on HS recruits. I will be watching for that before renewing my season tix. Time to start building from the bottom up.
  3. I thought you were done posting after the OU game 😄. Having said that, I agree with you.
  4. I too fear that tonight's game has the potential to be a repeat of the 2nd Ohio game. But for a different reason. My big fear is that the team is tired and ready for the season to be over. I just don't sense any 'fire' coming from the guys. I know it's only been 2 years but Groce's UA teams haven't shown much improvement, either during the season or from year to year. Kinda reminds me of the Hipsher era (minus the nepotism). Wish I was more optimistic......... Regardless I will be in my seat rooting us on tonight. GO ZIPS!
  5. Exactly! Nobody seemed to be the least bit upset. Including the coaching staff.
  6. Definitely did not come to play today. What a shame.
  7. I predict a home 'coming out party' for Jeremy Roscoe today. I think he will be a key element in any success we enjoy during the MAC tourney.
  8. The wife and I were wondering if he was under the weather. He did not look like himself out there.
  9. Agreed. Usual good defensive effort. Add in the ball movement and better shot selection on offense and it all added up to a comfortable win. In control all the way! Go Zips!
  10. TEAM is playing better with Cheese and Roscoe in together. Love LCJ's heart and effort but he is just too small.
  11. Need to take care of business at home to finish .500 in MAC play and host a 1st round game.
  12. Exactly! Need to start recruiting 4 year HS players. This juco transfer strategy has to stop. Yes this will take time but I think it's the best course of action in the long run.
  13. When do you think that will happen? I bet he turns over half the team again.
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