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  1. MAC Tournament Game 2: Buffalo

    Good to hear. Sounds like I should check in on the recruiting forum periodically. Thanks for that feedback.
  2. MAC Tournament Game 2: Buffalo

    Difficult to 'fill the pipeline' with 2-year transfers. My hope is that he starts focusing more on HS recruits. I will be watching for that before renewing my season tix. Time to start building from the bottom up.
  3. MAC Tournament Game 2: Buffalo

    I thought you were done posting after the OU game 😄. Having said that, I agree with you.
  4. MAC Tournament- Game 1- Miami

    Great start!
  5. MAC Tournament- Game 1- Miami

    We're you at the 2nd Ohio game?
  6. MAC Tournament- Game 1- Miami

    I too fear that tonight's game has the potential to be a repeat of the 2nd Ohio game. But for a different reason. My big fear is that the team is tired and ready for the season to be over. I just don't sense any 'fire' coming from the guys. I know it's only been 2 years but Groce's UA teams haven't shown much improvement, either during the season or from year to year. Kinda reminds me of the Hipsher era (minus the nepotism). Wish I was more optimistic......... Regardless I will be in my seat rooting us on tonight. GO ZIPS!
  7. Game 29- Ohio University

    Exactly! Nobody seemed to be the least bit upset. Including the coaching staff.
  8. Game 29- Ohio University

    Definitely did not come to play today. What a shame.
  9. Game 29- Ohio University

    I predict a home 'coming out party' for Jeremy Roscoe today. I think he will be a key element in any success we enjoy during the MAC tourney.
  10. Game 27- Miami Redhawks

    The wife and I were wondering if he was under the weather. He did not look like himself out there.
  11. Game 27- Miami Redhawks

    Agreed. Usual good defensive effort. Add in the ball movement and better shot selection on offense and it all added up to a comfortable win. In control all the way! Go Zips!
  12. Game 27- Miami Redhawks

    TEAM is playing better with Cheese and Roscoe in together. Love LCJ's heart and effort but he is just too small.
  13. Game 27- Miami Redhawks

    Need to take care of business at home to finish .500 in MAC play and host a 1st round game.
  14. Game 26- Bowling Green Falcons

    Exactly! Need to start recruiting 4 year HS players. This juco transfer strategy has to stop. Yes this will take time but I think it's the best course of action in the long run.
  15. Game 26- Bowling Green Falcons

    When do you think that will happen? I bet he turns over half the team again.