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  1. Good Day Zips Fans! A quick update on Kwan. He's having a GREAT season over in Spain. He's expecting another son with his wife Emily
  2. Hello Fellow Fans! I thought I would update you on Kwan. This past year has been crazy, but despite the craziness Kwan has became a father to a little boy named Kyler James Cheatham. He also got married on Aug 7th to Emily Rose Correal. Lastly, Kwan will be playing in Israel this season. We are so proud of the man Kwan grown into. His career as pro baller has afforded him to see the world. God is good and we truly blessed!
  3. Hello My fellow Zips Fans! Just wanted to share a picture of Kwan from the Fiba Europe Cup 2019-2020.
  4. Hello Zipsnation, Kwan ask me to post this on his behalf. As a family we would like to thank the University, fans , and coaches who supported our son through his 4 years here. Go Zips
  5. I must comment on Kwan's performance last night. Kwan can only be productive on offense if they are including him on the offense. There were many opportunities in the second half where Kwan was open and the ball didn't come his way. Kwan is an unselfish player and he does whatever is ask of him.
  6. Yes, I'm sad that we lost on Senior Night and upset my son foul out! But we should of still won even without him in the game. Basketball is a team game and when one goes down the next man needs to step up! As a mom I'm very proud of Kwan and I know he works his butt off to come out here and try to win games. He will continue on this journey on becoming a great player & and just a better man. He's still trying to figure this out. He is just a passionate young player who wants to win and make his teammates better. Trust and believe God has a plan for my son. At the end of day Kwan leaves Akron with a degree and a masters so with that being said I THANK Akron for giving my son the opportunity that most young men don't get. Thanks to all the fans that supported him through all his ups & downs and will continue to support him.
  7. I know everyone is frustrated and concerned... trust me I'm feeling the same way I wish I had an answer but I'm even lost for words. This is a team that has so much upside and they are just struggling for whatever reason. I truly believe they will figure this out and win and win BIG! We just got to Trust the Process and believe in these young men!
  8. If your truly a fan you will take the good with the ugly. This game was a game we should of won and we didn't. We can say it was this or that , but don't you think they are beating themselves up for losing. I'm proud of what they've accomplished so far and the season isn't over. I believe they will win in Cleveland and win some rounds in the NCCA tournament.
  9. Congrats to KD for COY....Well deserved As a parent I'm so Blessed to have KD and the rest of his coaches coaching my Big Guy Kwan. KD has a way with our young men and I thank him for all he has done with my Big Guy... Thanks Coach D
  10. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for all the support you gave to the team and the coaches!!! I wish I was able to attend the game but that week we were finalizing the move back in our home (we had a house fire back in Oct 2014) But we watch all the games and I follow all the Blogs and news that was out there regarding the Men's Zips Basketball. As a parent and fan I was so PROUD what this team was able to accomplish through all the adversity they went through. After the game I told Kwan hold your head high because you were able to prove to yourself and everyone out there you guys could do it. No one ever thought you guys would even get this far alone getting to win 21. I just let him know that what you went through this year will prepare for next season. I'm looking forward to the next season because this team will go further than you could ever could dream of. This team actually has a brotherhood that you don't see too often in a basketball organization. I love it and I'm a PROUD mom and fan - Thanks again to all the fans I met over this season we look forward to meeting more of you guys in the next two years. See you next season - GO ZIPS #2 ZIPSMOM
  11. As a mother myself I find the comment you made not fair...because not all mothers are the same. I welcome the criticism either good or bad about my son. I know for a fact he likes to hear the criticism regarding his game. He actually uses the information to better his game. As his parents we keep it real with him. He has the ability to be a really special player in the future. Kwan knows he still has so much to learn and grow...So, thank you for any good or bad comments you made have, because as parents/player we welcome that feedback. Go Zips ZIPSMOM#2
  12. Hello Zips Family.... After seeing Kwan get hurt in the Toledo game... I was really worry he wasn't going to play this game. Kwan really hasn't had to deal with injuries. So, I was concern how this would effect him. Well... I must say he actually did good despite being injury. I spoke with him after the game and he said "that he felt good and he knows he has to really step up his game on Saturday against Central Michigan". I have to say I really enjoy watching this team play this year. They seem to really like each other and play well together. I'm excited to be a ZIPS mom and fan....GO ZIPS!!!
  13. This is my own opinion and I do agree that some of the responsibility falls on the coaches and I do feel Coach KD takes responsibility when needed. But it also depends on the player and if that player has what it takes to get to that next level. A coach can take a player as far as a player will allow himself to go. With that said players have to be willing to put in the time and I feel that this year despite all that has happen that we have a group of young players that are willing to do whatever they need to do. Yeah... we are going to have some ups and downs and struggle at times. This is a team that will be good once they get through some of the hiccups. These players are coach-able and they want to win. Everyone has seen what they can do...hopefully by MAC conference play they will be ready to do what they need to do get to the BIG dance. I know that my son still has a lot to learn but what I've seen so far I know he will do whatever it takes to help himself and the team win games. Also, I really don't care what school you go to if you are good they will come calling. Coach KD has built a great program with a great fan base. I'm so thankful that Kwan chose to come here. On a side note his sister was just accepted to Akron a few days ago and we are very excited about her attending school with her big brother. GO ZIPS!!!! We are happy to be apart a GREAT PROGRAM
  14. Can someone explain to me what is RPI? I never really understood what this meant. Thanks in advance for explanation
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