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  1. Yes, he certainly did !! Averaged 1 point and 2 rebounds, per game.
  2. My nomination for Most Creative Post of the year thus far.
  3. It wouldn't be the first time that some people on this forum got enamored about a newcomer, before he even puts on an Akron uniform. It seems to especially happen with the front court guys. Maybe it's just the hope that the next Tree or Romeo just stepped onto our campus. For example, just look up some of the before-floor-time comments on this forum about some guys named Swiech, Bardo, Egner, or Euton. The truth is that it's anyone's guess, although coaches tend to take bigger risks on guys with size.
  4. I said "low level" D-1A for a reason. I'm talking Sun Belt. They've all pointed it out to me immediately. And I've been to games at some of their schools over the years as well. The fans even all stand to chant the fight song at those schools along with the band (like they do at OU). It would pee you off. The pride here among the fans who do attend our games sucks.
  5. I'll tell you this. I have had friends from as far away as Tennessee and Florida come to visit us during football season, and have come to games with us at INFO. The very first thing they notice is that so many people come into that stadium wearing whatever they pulled out of their closet that morning. One of them once told me "look around", and I saw their point. Some people might not understand that this does NOT happen at other D-1 football stadiums. Some of these people graduated from some pretty low level D-1A schools, and they've proven to me that this is definitely a problem that's pretty unique to Akron. No pride in this town.
  6. I see what you're saying. And I guess you'd be right if everyone who's in attendance is always from the group of the most avid fans. Without listing every other type of attendee that could be in that stadium on any given night, let me just give you this as an example... I will never forget when I was walking up and down the hallway up in the Suites 2 years ago, on the night that Michigan State beat OSWho in Columbus. I'd take a rough guess and say that 90% of the people cared far more about what was happening to Ohio State. If you had looked inside every door of nearly every Suite, everyone was standing in the lounge area, sulking while gluing themselves to the TV. They would have barely even been able to see what was going on in our stadium from where they were standing. Those people would not have been the Dr. Z's of our City. And sadly enough, it was on the same night that we clinched our first bowl eligibility in a decade.
  7. Thanks for coming to the board. I'm sure we'll be asking you for information as the game draws closer. I know there will be many of us making the short 3 hr. trip, including myself. Congratulations on your Championship last year. I know it's been a long, painful road for you guys getting back to that point. And your win over the Suckeyes last year may have been my single most enjoyable Saturday night of the entire college football season.
  8. Me too. I can't read it either.
  9. Please, read carefully before resuming this behavior.
  10. Like I'll always say, we need about 10,000 more people just like YOU. And just to put this into perspective, that's only roughly 1.5% of the entire population of the County. That seems like such a reasonably attainable number. You're not in the minority on this forum. But you're certainly infinitely in the minority in this town. Sad.
  11. I just feel that the word "elevated" seems so inadequate to describe the rise that we experienced. "Yuuuuuge" seems much more appropriate.
  12. Lets not go there, and get this off track. You may want to do a little research on what "reported attendance" means. In fact, there's plenty of material on that subject right here in the archives of this forum. So, I'll stick with my comment that I'd like to SEE 50,000 people during a season of Akron football right about now.
  13. I'd like to see 50,000 for a SEASON here in Akron. That would be an accomplishment. I get the idea that people connect with your team. We definitely don't have that here. But since we know that "quality of opponent" is a factor, where do you think that your 50,000 attendance would be if you played a MAC Schedule vs. a Big 12 Schedule ?
  14. Solution: Turn the INFO into a stadium-style hockey venue, make Hockey a school-sponsored sport, and host outside hockey all winter long. Maybe some people around Akron would actually get excited about something like that.
  15. Lets face it. Most of the MAC teams aren't getting Joe Akron off of the couch on Saturday afternoon, even if it's just to drive 10 minutes and buy a $15 ticket. Our record going into those games matters little. "Joe" couldn't even tell you what our record is most of the time. Joe? Are you still here? I don't think you've made an appearance for awhile.