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  1. Game 1—@Penn State Nittany Lions

    K92...lets try this. Win or Lose. If you are going to make a weekend road trip.... Would you choose to be at one of those 3 exciting games? Or. One of the typical blowouts?
  2. Game 1—@Penn State Nittany Lions

    Every time I go to one of these big road games, I hope for a repeat of one of the following.... 1) A repeat of the first 3 Quarters of the game against the Suckeyes in 2007. 2) A repeat of the first half against Tennessee in 2012. 3) A repeat of the entire game against Michigan in 2013. I'll prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. But like you say above, I want us to PLAY TO WIN the game, more than anything else. As you see in 1,2, and 3 above, anything can happen if you play to win.
  3. Game 3—Iowa State Cyclones

    Thanks for providing that. By looking at that list, have I always been missing out by living south of Akron? State Liquor Store on South Main - Closed on Sunday State Liquor Store on Manchester - Closed on Sunday Acme Portage Lakes - No 80 Proof Liquor Sales at all. (only 1/2 proof shelf liquor) Giant Eagle Waterloo - State Liquor Store inside, but it's closed on Sunday.
  4. 2017-2018

    I liked your post, even though you all know how much I begged for Keith to challenge so many of his Akron teams during the OOC portion of the schedule. There's certainly a time to go weak in the OOC. Limited personnel and a tough conference schedule this year makes sense. If his teams over there ever get really good and/or the conference gets softer, I will call him out again for not challenging his team. And if we get back to top form, and start rolling in a weak MAC, I'll certainly jump on our own lack of a strong OOC to challenge our own guys too.
  5. President Matthew Wilson

    Great find, Hilltopper. So, I get it. When LeBron used this platform to spew his latest election displeasure with the "so-called president" comment, maybe he was talking about Scarborough and not Trump??
  6. 2017 Camp Thread

    Way to go, George. You might have the potential to be a Journalist some day.
  7. Game 3—Iowa State Cyclones

    Please share location. You might be thinking of the Half-Proof shelf "liquor" that's by the beer and wine aisles, which is indeed restricted on Sunday until after noon. All the State Liquor Stores, including the ones inside the Giant Eagle stores that sell 80 proof and higher are closed on Sunday.
  8. Game 3—Iowa State Cyclones

    One thing I can add.... If you are staying for the weekend, make sure you buy LIQUOR on Saturday. All you'll find on Sunday is the 50% reduced proof crap in the grocery and convenience stores.
  9. KSU Lawsuit

    In one sense, I say that's a great question. In another sense I have to ask.....what Recruiting Success does Kent State have anyway, even without bad publicity and some possible NCAA sanctions?
  10. Game 3—Iowa State Cyclones

    Yes, it is an old joke. That goes back decades to when it was first discussed that we might consider a Dome. But it still makes me laugh. Con-Dome
  11. KSU Lawsuit

    From a practical perspective, I'd say that having an unknown heart condition that caused someone's death during simple conditioning drills wouldn't have changed because one of the trainers had an active certification, or did not have one. But even legally, I don't know how you find some other person liable for that type of occurrence. Yet, I will repeat again that this probably will get nowhere near a courtroom, a few million dollar settlement will be paid to the family, and we'll never know everything. But, if it's proven that Kent State knowingly had a trainer who was uncertified, I wonder what the NCAA penalties would be for something like that?
  12. Game 3—Iowa State Cyclones

    If we had ever put a roof on it, we could have called it the Con-Dome
  13. Game 3—Iowa State Cyclones

    And with all of the news we've heard over the last few years about "major multi-million renovations", it should look better than ever !! What a great idea for our Iowa State fans to see the beautiful legacy of our football tradition. The "Jason Taylor Played Here" feeling would certainly be an experience that the Iowans would never forget !!
  14. KSU Lawsuit

    Lotsa unanswered questions. If I wanted to speculate about any of this any further right now, the scenarios would require the longest post in the history of ZipsNation
  15. KSU Lawsuit

    It won't matter since they will likely just pay a settlement for a much lesser amount before it even gets to that point. That takes care of the "legal" part, without any more detailed explanation needed. But any NCAA sanctions would hinge on what the penalty would be for Kent, if they should find that they knowingly had a trainer with a lapsed certification.