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  1. Game 16—Bowling Green

    Yes, if he actually has a concussion, lights and noise might bother him. That might be what you're trying to say here. But, watching a girl's basketball game is unrelated to whether he's under protocol. The protocol is a list of steps that an athlete needs to accomplish in order to be cleared to play.
  2. Game 16—Bowling Green

    Mayborg has always hated the Zips. The fact that he's watching the women's game would have nothing to do with whether he's in concussion protocol.
  3. Duquesne Basketball Coach Keith Dambrot

    Read the posts. It wasn't about more money for himself.
  4. Matt Kaulig (Racing) Former Zips QB

    Helmets required. And give them each a couple of ramps to go over.
  5. Duquesne Basketball Coach Keith Dambrot

    This is indeed correct. I have stated it previously. People should at least be able to put 2 and 2 together on the first part, knowing that he had turned down other lucrative offers, and had already turned down Duquesne on multiple occasions.
  6. E-man

    Unbelievable, but expected.
  7. Matt Kaulig (Racing) Former Zips QB

    Terry Bowden driving a midget car around the field while he's coaching maybe? I think we need to try anything at this point.
  8. Game 15—Buffalo Bulls

    I think it's fair to evaluate coaches based on what they are doing with their current talent. Instead of just giving them a pass because they have a "young team", etc. I think we should all expect them to show what they can make out of what they have. I think it's also fair to include what we are seeing at Duquesne right now as part of the discussion. I doubt that they are dwelling so much on what they don't have. On the other hand, we don't stop talking about it.
  9. Game 15—Buffalo Bulls

    No doubt. The problem is that these things can easy happen when you're losing repeatedly. The "why the hell am I doing all of this if we're getting our a$$es handed to us" starts creeping into your head. It takes a cohesive effort by the players and coaching staff to keep going. For the players, you have to be able to see that there is some reward for the effort. Even if it''s way down the line. For the coaches, they need to do their part to convince the guys that we'll someday get to those rewards. We'll see how this unfolds. In the first half, we tried way too hard to work for "good shots", and there were none to be had. In the 2nd half, some guys decided they'd had enough, and began to take the punishment in the paint to produce some points for us. I think that's what was different.
  10. Game 15—Buffalo Bulls

    I was never Zeke's greatest fan, but lets be real here. Zeke was nearly to 1,000 points by the end of his Jr. year, and had already surpassed 500 rebounds. Maybe you consider that "underwhelming". That's your opinion. But, to even remotely hope that this guy might follow a similar path is crazy. What we saw from Zeke as a freshman is light years different than what you're seeing with Kostelac. The fact that he plays only a few minutes per game to give a "Center" of Poke's quality a breather is very telling. That should tell you everything about what the coaches see right now too. And remember, he's also had one year of post high school development. This isn't the first post I've seen that appears to be hoping for Kostelac's development to save Akron basketball. And again, I will respond by saying that we better hope that other big men are on the horizon for us that have far greater ability.
  11. Game 15—Buffalo Bulls

    Oddly enough, it was the smallest guy on the floor. I'll go with 1,000
  12. Game 15—Buffalo Bulls

    I can at least tell you that very few people will be there to witness it, one way or another. Tonight, noticeably, the fans are showing signs of giving up too. As far as the players are concerned, Cotton showed me some balls and desire tonight. If that's someone who still wants to display some guts and go all out, and isn't going to spend the night continually throwing up his arms in frustration, then please give him 30 min. at the point on Saturday. That guy earned my respect. We have nothing to lose. Unfortunately, it seems we've already reached the point where we need to find out who wants to try to save a sinking ship.
  13. Game 15—Buffalo Bulls

    For me, it's just sad to see the distance between Akron and the upper tier of the MAC grow so large in just one year. The even sadder part is that I felt that Buffalo could have probably held us to under 20 points tonight, if they wanted to do so. When they were really locked in, there were no shots, no passing lanes, and no uncontested dribbles. To watch us look like that against another MAC team was a nightmare.
  14. Duquesne Basketball Coach Keith Dambrot

    Sure, I can see that some of the details of their OOC schedule were not impressive. But you have to see this within the context of how awful this team was before he arrived. I'm definitely not expecting some fantastic run of victories to follow that 2-0 start. They will probably struggle yet this year. But, maybe they will surprise me again. EDIT: Make that 3-0, with another blowout win last night. Wow.
  15. Game 14—@ Toledo

    I think that's the first time I've ever heard someone refer to a loss as a "tune up game" for the next opponent.