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  1. WSJ sports feature article as mentioned above.
  2. Showing your age Blue and Gold. Time to ditch the cursive bullshit. Old and dead and makes us look that way. Ask your grandkids to write something in cursive. They don't teach it anymore.
  3. The Women's team plays two games in Vegas the week before Christmas. 12/20 5pm vs UT Martin 12/21 2:30pm vs Marshall Southpoint Casino Arena.
  4. Better book your flights now if you plan on going. Last game is the day before Thanksgiving. Getting tickets for late evening of the day before Thanksgiving and the morning of Thanksgiving are filling up fast and are not cheap.
  5. I agree with Hilltopper. Their peers in the union have moved on. Time to shut up and dribble. Interesting they haven't found a job with similar pay and benefits in one of the tightest job markets in decades. Just wondering if any people on this board have kids or grandkids who plan on majoring in Library Science?
  6. The Zips also signed a really good point guard who is transferring from Detroit Mercy. Two years of eligibility remaining. Annika Corcoran played in high school at Gilmour Academy. She has a great chance of stepping into the starting role at point guard for the Zips.
  7. This will pass on April 28th. Going forward all D1 athletes in ALL sports can transfer one time and not have to sit out a season. http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/media-center/news/di-council-adopts-new-transfer-legislation
  8. Hey B&G, showing your age. Do students today even know where the library is located? Why do we even employ librarians? Freeman is smart enough to figure this out himself. If he needs help Groce will easily make one of his 13 available to Freeman . If he has a outside (non-university awarded) full ride scholly I bet he would keep it and stay out of the muck of NCAA athletic scholarship rules.
  9. Are you sure our MAC POY won't be back next year?
  10. Can we improve the discourse on this board by eliminating the low brow comments about the teams choice of uniform. This was a sincere attempt to acknowledge the loss of coach Robby Pridgen's mother.
  11. More variety than you'll find in our team shop. Nearest store to campus is Macedonia https://www.rallyhouse.com/rally-house-macedonia Zips gear available: https://www.rallyhouse.com/b/akron-zips
  12. I am glad to see that President Miller's Athletic Review Working Group has several long time season ticket holders and Z-Fund donors as members. https://www.cleveland.com/education/2020/09/university-of-akron-launches-group-to-consider-cost-saving-measures-for-athletics.html
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