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  1. My understanding is that E-Man is immediately eligible. Welcome to Utah County E-Man.
  2. WVU released their non-conf schedule. Zips play at WVU on 11/8. WVU will play in Youngstown at the Covelli Center against the Penguins on 12/21. Mountaineers will be at the Fieldhouse in CLE on 12/29 to face the Buckeyes. https://bluegoldnews.com/west-virginia-mountaineers/wvu-announces-non-conference-mens-basketball-schedule/
  3. 4/20/2019 - He accepted a scholarship to DII Tampa University according to VerbalCommits.
  4. Both Kent and Ohio are now up to 4 players in the Transfer Portal.
  5. Nice article describing his defensive intensity. https://247sports.com/college/iowa/Article/Iowa-Hawkeyes-Basketball-Maishe-Dailey-Transfer-Akron-Zips-Fran-McCaffery-Big-Ten-131227486/
  6. Too bad there is no one to blame but our own university for the deterioration at the track!
  7. I just scanned the Transfer Portal list on VerbalCommits. Leader with the most transfers out is UMKC with 10. In the MAC: BGSU 0 BSU 0 Buff 0 WMU 1 TOL 1 Mia 1 CMU 1 Ohio 3 NIU 3 KSU 3 UA 4 EMU 6 Previously mentioned on this board is Duq with 5.
  8. The contract with Disney Corp. is for all Zip Athletic events that are televised from our campus to be channeled thru Disney (ie ESPN). Disney has the right to sub-lease the broadcast to other platforms.
  9. Smart move. Hope he got more than $2m base salary. https://www.al.com/alabamabasketball/2019/03/alabama-hires-nate-oats-as-new-basketball-coach.html
  10. ZipsVoice - Appreciate your support and attendance at the swim meets. Look me up at the MACC's next month. I also attend every meet so let's sit together. Even with a few injuries/illnesses this season, Brian has the team peaking at the best time. Will be exciting to see Ocasek Natatorium packed for three straight days. 72Roo - I don't know crap about P5 swimming and diving budgets so since your the expert I will assume that you have done an analysis. Sad to hear we are at a severe disadvantage. To be honest with you I don't know the dollar amount of UA swimming budget. What is it? Since the athletic department does not have control of the UA facility does that make our budget less than other universities that allocate the facility expense to the team?
  11. Come on 72, the team is going for their 6th straight MAC Championship. Your NOW comment makes it look like they are just getting to the top of the league. They have dominated the league for 6 years. Glad you finally noticed.
  12. Wrong. It is the other arm and surgery on the wrist is scheduled for early this week.
  13. Isn't this kind of an insult to both Jimond and LaPear. LaPear has been injured and not available for games and has missed significant months of practice since the back injury this summer. I assume LaPear will make this a red shirt season and hope his back improves in the off season. Jimond is having a senior season we all hoped for. Comparing him to an injured team member is not a true compliment.
  14. NWAkron said "Kent plays all of their home games at 7pm" Wow. Thanks for that info because I've must have been watching some other KSU this season. 11/18 Alcorn St 4pm 12/1 Norfolk St. 4pm 12/8 Wright St. 4pm 12/31 Oberlin 2pm
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