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  1. Swimming and Diving

    ZipsVoice - Appreciate your support and attendance at the swim meets. Look me up at the MACC's next month. I also attend every meet so let's sit together. Even with a few injuries/illnesses this season, Brian has the team peaking at the best time. Will be exciting to see Ocasek Natatorium packed for three straight days. 72Roo - I don't know crap about P5 swimming and diving budgets so since your the expert I will assume that you have done an analysis. Sad to hear we are at a severe disadvantage. To be honest with you I don't know the dollar amount of UA swimming budget. What is it? Since the athletic department does not have control of the UA facility does that make our budget less than other universities that allocate the facility expense to the team?
  2. Swimming and Diving

    Come on 72, the team is going for their 6th straight MAC Championship. Your NOW comment makes it look like they are just getting to the top of the league. They have dominated the league for 6 years. Glad you finally noticed.
  3. Game 23- PCCC Golden Flushes

    Wrong. It is the other arm and surgery on the wrist is scheduled for early this week.
  4. Jimond Ivey

    Isn't this kind of an insult to both Jimond and LaPear. LaPear has been injured and not available for games and has missed significant months of practice since the back injury this summer. I assume LaPear will make this a red shirt season and hope his back improves in the off season. Jimond is having a senior season we all hoped for. Comparing him to an injured team member is not a true compliment.
  5. Terry's next endeavor

  6. Game 10- Marshall Thundering Herd

    NWAkron said "Kent plays all of their home games at 7pm" Wow. Thanks for that info because I've must have been watching some other KSU this season. 11/18 Alcorn St 4pm 12/1 Norfolk St. 4pm 12/8 Wright St. 4pm 12/31 Oberlin 2pm
  7. Cayman Islands Hoops Classic

    Jimmy Ivey and Dan Riak will improve. Utomi is a shooter. Keep him shooting.
  8. Zips Dominate Pool

    Please correct the spelling of her name. It is NOGAJ. Pronunciation is no-guy
  9. Scholarship Chart

    To give you another challenge.....name the 13 players on a scholarship for this season!
  10. Scholarship Chart

    You can not have 15 scholarships in D1 Men's basketball. Women are allowed 15. Men only 13. Nice roster list you made but not material for an accurate update to the chart.
  11. @ Seattle

    So much for all the fuss about the preseason rankings. Can we even make it to the NCAA's post season?
  12. ESPN Deal

    Getting factual may be spitting hairs but the article you reference reinforces my point. if you measure the percentage of an age group who does not buy a product, then Millenials are the largest "cordless" demographic group. If you measure the group who has purchased the product in the past and no longer buys the product (ie cord cutting) then the Boomers are the largest demographic group. Millenials avoid many purchase decisions that the preseding generations made regularly. Home purchases, first class seating on airplanes, etc. That doesnt make the Millenials inferior but just more frugal than their parents generation.
  13. 24/7 LeBron

    The Daugherty/Williams/Nance/Price/Ehlo Cavs is the best team to ever play basketball in Summit County.
  14. ESPN Deal

    On 7/2/2018 at 2:08 PM, kreed5120 said: Millenials make up the largest group of cord cutters so we obviously don't find it all that entertaining. This is probably not relevant to your discussion because you guys already have your positions staked out but your data is not correct. Baby Boomers are the largest consumer grouping that has removed cable/satellite service. This trend has been in effect for over 20 years. They represent the highest penetration of cable users and so they would naturally have the highest defection rate. For the most part Millennials never bought the cable/satellite services in high numbers so they are not the "largest group of cord cutters" . A more accurate description would be the largest generational group to have never purchased cable/satellite service.
  15. ESPN Deal

    Disney-Fox merger approved but they must spin off Fox Sports Ohio and Sports Time Ohio. ESPN will not get access to additional programming assets in NE Ohio. https://bit.ly/2MsTnTs