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  1. Can we improve the discourse on this board by eliminating the low brow comments about the teams choice of uniform. This was a sincere attempt to acknowledge the loss of coach Robby Pridgen's mother.
  2. More variety than you'll find in our team shop. Nearest store to campus is Macedonia https://www.rallyhouse.com/rally-house-macedonia Zips gear available: https://www.rallyhouse.com/b/akron-zips
  3. I am glad to see that President Miller's Athletic Review Working Group has several long time season ticket holders and Z-Fund donors as members. https://www.cleveland.com/education/2020/09/university-of-akron-launches-group-to-consider-cost-saving-measures-for-athletics.html
  4. I don't listen to WARF or WHLO except to listen to the post game show on the way home from a game. The WHLO tower is located at the intersection of Minor road and South Cleveland -Massillon Rd. in Copley. Kent State Flashes used this station for the last several years. This map is extremely generous with it's day and night signal strength. At night (which is 7pm in the winter) WHLO must power down to 500 watts. Most people in northernmost parts of Summit County can not get the signal at night. Kent fans complained of not getting the signal outside the MACC on winter nights.
  5. Former Zips on both teams in the Saturday 10pm tip-off. https://bit.ly/3dGYyMU
  6. A brief history of the event. https://bit.ly/2Xnryop
  7. B&G - Do you have info that Toles is even going to be playing next season? Fill us in on how his medical condition improved so much in the last 4 weeks.
  8. Great win. Really involved crowd. Good student body attendance. Walking around the arena in a Zips shirt you can tell we are their #1 opponent. I'll be back in Alumni arena at 6:30 for the 4th and final night of the MAC Women's Swimming and Diving Championships. We are set up nicely to win our 7th consecutive MAC championship. Big day for the Zips in Buffalo
  9. My favorite video from a Zips/Flashes contest. Singletary with his hands in the air telling the ref "Who me, no way". Geno playing the innocent leader of a group of thugs. Senderhoff sheepishly sitting on the bench.
  10. I am sure Kowalczyk is making arrangements for a new one after yesterdays win at Akron.
  11. Is Shaka on the hot seat again? http://insider.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/insider/story/_/id/28447581/the-2020-college-basketball-hot-seat-revolves-shaka-smart-acc-quartet
  12. Linhart was better than Williams and Cheatham. Linhart got assigned the toughest defensive job guarding the opponents best player, 2-5. Linhart can also take a punch. On offense Linhart played within 5 feet of the baseline. KD's offense feed off of him shooting from the corner or driving the baseline. He also crashed the boards much better than Cheatham. Love how much Cheatham contributed and cant wait to see more of Williams this year, but so far neither matches up to Linhart's four years of work.
  13. Agree...but I also miss the flat foot two hand set shot and the underhanded free throw.
  14. I am not surprised at all. He and the coaches don't want to waste an opportunity. In today's transfer portal environment both the player and the coaches want immediate satisfaction.
  15. He may bump some existing players down the ladder a step buy even our guys know what he can contribute and will welcome him mid-season with open arms. PS: I notice that Mom has deleted the tweet but Mikal still has it on his feed.
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