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  1. 2018-2019

    Cayman Classic 2018. Five teams announced. The last three spots are reserved for SEC and ACC teams. League sponsor is Mountain west. TV network is CBS. https://cayman27.ky/2018/01/cayman-islands-classic-confirms-5-teams-for-2018-edition/
  2. All-Americans

    Akron will host next years MAC Women's Swimming and Diving Championships at the Ocasek Nat.
  3. 2017/2018 End of Season Thoughts

    I also watched the Houston game for the same reason. I wasn't rooting for the Cougars, just wanted to see how they had progressed in he last 12 months. Since the Nation seems to be in a mood of finding fault with the accuracy of statistics and comparisons in this thread, I just wanted to point out Skip that the NIT game last year was not played on the campus of UH. I attended the game and it was played at Texas Southern University.
  4. MAC Officiating

    The "MAC basketball officials suck" logic is so flawed. You guys are dreaming up false reasons for losing. Do officials make mistakes.....yup....every game. Are the MAC officials worse than B10 officials...not possible. The two big basketball official organization in the eastern part of the country make the game assignments, grade their employees accuracy and proficiency, fitness for the profession, etc. The leagues provide grading and training suggestions but the official's organizations do the work. On the east coast the D1 basketball officials work for the MEN'S BASKETBALL OFFICIATING ALLIANCE. The alliance started with coverage of BigEast, ACC , A10 and Colonial conferences. In 2017 the alliance began providing officials for the Big South, Ivy, Northeast and Patriot conferences. In the Midwest the basketball officials work for the MEN'S BASKETBALL OFFICIATING CONSORTIUM. This group has been providing officials to the Big10 and MAC for several years. in 2017 the consortium began providing officials to the Horizon, Metro Atlantic, Summit and Norther Sun conferences. .
  5. Rec Center Smith

    The roster has been updated.
  6. Game 6—IPFW Mastodons

    Hey Skip...your info is way out of date. http://es.pn/2jbds7V
  7. Two new head coaches with Akron ties will coach their first games this evening. Congratulations to Nick Dials and Lamont Paris. Nick Dials story http://bit.ly/2i484Qe game video link for 7:30pm ET tip http://bit.ly/2yNJJZj Lamont Paris story http://bit.ly/2zAAEAg game video link for 9:00pm ET tip http://bit.ly/2ezV06D
  8. UA to Renovate the JAR

    You are thinking of the north end of the floor which has storage areas and a hallway behind the wall. The wall in the picture is at the south end. Behind the south end wall currently are concessions stands and the team shop.
  9. UA to Renovate the JAR

    Question by lilroodude "When is that wall getting torn down and floor-to-rafters seating being added?" Answer...When your check for $5M arrives.
  10. UA to Renovate the JAR

    Several fellow zn.o members have texted me asking about the corner board in the back ground of the picture. The corner board was full of numbers just to check for placement. The board is set to show the following "team" stats going from top to bottom. Both teams stats are shown side-by-side: FG FG% 3FG 3FG% FT FT% BLK AST STL TO D-RB O-RB Score
  11. UA to Renovate the JAR

    But note they are only in the 3rd half!
  12. UA to Renovate the JAR

    Fabric canopy covering of the underside of the score board has been installed.
  13. Swimmers Tough Out Win

    Miami's Pei Lin was the biggest scoring factor and that was totally expected. No one in the MAC can come even close to her on the 1M and 3M boards. She will sweep the MAC Championships in those events again this year. Miami has also improved their free style performance from last year. Zips still very strong in the relays. Agree with you that Nogaj is a great addition to the team.
  14. UA to Renovate the JAR

    One section of the new scorer/press tables. There will three of these on each side of the floor.
  15. UA to Renovate the JAR

    Northeast corner board viewed from track on the west side of the arena