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  1. Is my memory failing me again? Maybe, I don't remember Harney getting many minutes in either game. So I looked up the boxscore for the OU Championship game and the debacle against VCU. Harney didn't start either game in 2013. Carmelo Betancourt started both games and played more minutes than Harney in both games.
  2. If you plan on attending the Zips MBB game at Kent on 1/31 6:30pm, this is your chance to purchase floor tickets or center court lower bowl seating. Every seat except one is available thru the KSU ticket office. Anti-Zip quoted from FlashFanatics: "Got my season tickets in the mail the other day... Then got an apology email because apparently they printed all season tickets with the same seat number for the Akron game. Yes, that's the one game all year where your seat number matters because there will be a bigger turnout. That's not going to be a nightmare for the ushers I'm sure..."
  3. Pretty much the same paper stock and packaging they have used for the last 10-15 years. Glad you liked it.
  4. They have been a little on the thin side the last few years.
  5. We have several players who are unavailable now and others unfortunately who will be unavailable as the season progresses. My response to Zips96 was that the coaches played all the key players that were available. His comment insinuates that key players where not put on the floor by coaches decision. Obviously #4 and #1 are a significant part of our offense but each guy must get healthy in order to make this a successful season.
  6. Come on.....do you really believe that either coach would waste a preseason scrimmage by not playing all of their "key" players. Obviously none of us were in attendance but to think Groce would blow this opportunity to see his "key" players in action is ridiculous. Injured and unable-to-perform players are not "Key" players.
  7. It will be fun to watch the team swim a longer pool on Friday evening at Ocasek Natatorium. This year is the Olympic pre-season for our ladies. We have several athletes that I expect to march in the Olympic Opening Ceremony in Toyoko.
  8. Suffered from Head Coach turnover and lack of fan support. Only Senderoff at KSU remains from the coaches that originally agreed to the annual event. Each team agreed to host it once which has occurred. Attendance never measured up to other Coaches for Cancer events around the country. It never raised much money for the cancer society compared to the effort they put into the event. I personally liked the event, attended all of the events and volunteered for several years to sell tickets. It just never caught the interest of the fans.
  9. The "Make Baseball Great Again" Stadium.
  10. My understanding is that E-Man is immediately eligible. Welcome to Utah County E-Man.
  11. WVU released their non-conf schedule. Zips play at WVU on 11/8. WVU will play in Youngstown at the Covelli Center against the Penguins on 12/21. Mountaineers will be at the Fieldhouse in CLE on 12/29 to face the Buckeyes. https://bluegoldnews.com/west-virginia-mountaineers/wvu-announces-non-conference-mens-basketball-schedule/
  12. 4/20/2019 - He accepted a scholarship to DII Tampa University according to VerbalCommits.
  13. Both Kent and Ohio are now up to 4 players in the Transfer Portal.
  14. Nice article describing his defensive intensity. https://247sports.com/college/iowa/Article/Iowa-Hawkeyes-Basketball-Maishe-Dailey-Transfer-Akron-Zips-Fran-McCaffery-Big-Ten-131227486/
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