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  1. Its what he has been calling the Zips all season. I have assumed that this is the 119th year in Zips basketball history, but I have not actually confirmed that.
  2. 3 star LB from Princeton HS in Cincinnati. Looks like he originally committed to Kansas. Potentially big signing.
  3. I'm very excited for both of these Zips. An excellent start to the recruiting class.
  4. Its the same as a high schooler who commits to college before his senior year. You commit early to "lock in" your spot. He just stated his intent for the future.
  5. Absolutely, a big man that had offers from some big-time programs. If he has a decent offensive game, he is exactly what this team is missing.
  6. It looks like he has already committed to a lower level school for this season. Maybe a signing for next year? He is also quoted as going to Mott College in this article from July Edit: totally missed that he mentions Mott in his tweet. I still don't think he would be eligible for Akron this season and is probably playing for Mott for one year.
  7. It sounds like he did win a #1 spot, though maybe not the one you expected.
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