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  1. Game 18 - MIAMI (OH) REDHAWKS

    I really don't like singling out players, but I think the Zips offensive woes can be atrributed largely to Utomi. I am not sure that I have ever been so let down by a player playing so passively. Utomi is an athletic freak and can shoot the lights out, but a large majority of the game I forget that he is on the floor. I just looked it up and he is shooting 20-60(33%) and 11-39(28%) from 3 during MAC play. That is depressing coming from a guy who is as talented as any player in our conference.
  2. Game 16- Northern Illinois Huskies

    Gueye would have played for 2 years. I agree that it sucks to lose any player before we get a chance to see what he can do.
  3. Game 16- Northern Illinois Huskies

    I think Xeyrius Williams has way more potential than Gueye. USC might be a bigger school, but Williams proved that he can compete but was left by his coach and never got along with the new one. Gueye failed miserably at USC and transferred due to lack of playing time.
  4. As a person who always feels starved for info about the Zips, that #1 ranking in media exposure is pretty depressing. Just shows how little impact that MAC has if we are somehow the most exposed.
  5. Game 12 - Nevada

    I think that Riak's injury really hurt this team. He seemed lost at times on the court and missed a few shots that he had no business missing. When he gets back into the flow, I believe our offense will improve tremendously. Sadly, none of the other big options have stepped up yet this season.
  6. Game 12 - Nevada

    Offense has turned into everybody watching Jackson dribble around at the top of the key during the last few possessions. Need to keep moving the ball
  7. Game 12 - Nevada

    Zips came to play early tonight. Just need to focus on boxing out and this could be a game.
  8. Welcome Tom Arth!

    If this is correct, Arth is basically bringing his entire staff with him from UTC. For a lot of them this is their first time in FBS. They should be hungry to prove themselves, but I was hoping to get at least one coordinator with some big time experience at this level. Brian Cochran coached at Kent last season.
  9. Welcome Tom Arth!

    If Woody changed the play often, I must be misremembering. I remember frequently lining up and then checking back to the sideline for an audible from the coaching staff. This is not an insult by the way. Its just two different philosophies in my mind.
  10. Welcome Tom Arth!

    The only actual football answer that might hold some meaning is that Arth says that his offensive scheme is very dependent on QBs making reads at the line of scrimmage and calling audibles (which he mentioned is influenced by his time with Peyton Manning, the master of the audible). It will be interesting to see how the Zips can transition after what seemed like pretty rigid play calling under TB.
  11. Welcome Tom Arth!

    From what I was able to understand, GT asked Dr. Green how this hiring affects finances at the university. The response was that talent is expensive, but pays for itself in the long run. This hire is more costly than the last, but Arth's salary is still on the very low side for FBS football. He mentioned that this hiring does not change the outlook from the 3 year strategic plan that was just passed and athletics is still expected to lower their hit on the general budget by $8 million. The most interesting aspect of the answer to me was that we are in negotiations with Chattanooga to have Arth's buyout be (partially) payed through a guaranteed football game sometime in the future. Its not the first time I have heard of that strategy, but I have always thought it was smart so I am happy that UA is pursuing it.
  12. 2019 Recruiting

    I don't think it is fair to say that the coach is "taking" guys. Many players sign because they want to play specifically for that coach. I'm not sure that is the case for anyone here, but if players want to come and Arth thinks they are good enough, I would welcome them with open arms. I really didn't blame players for following KD either, especially Dunn-Martin who made it clear from the beginning that he had a lot of loyalty to KD due to only getting one offer.
  13. Game 9- Purdue Fort Wayne Mastodons

    Stream is not working for me either. Listening to French, I'm not sure that I want to see what is happening anyway.
  14. NCAA Tournament

    Zips are in white. The offside was called on the final pass from the right to the left. They called the player on the left for being behind the defenders when the player on the right initiates the pass. I really can't definitively tell from that angle. The AR who called it should have had a straight-on view and it would be more obvious to him.
  15. NCAA Tournament

    It was incredibly close and I would die inside if it had happened to us, but it appears to be the correct call.