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  1. Walter Brady (Grad Transfer)

    Wow, he could be the missing piece that helps tie the defense together. SI has a great article on Walter here. I guess he didn't get the P5 offers he was hoping for.
  2. Khadim Gueye transferring in

    I see Khadim is from Victory Rock Prep. Same school as Deng Riak and Loren Jackson (whose dad is the coach). Quite the connection if these guys work out and we keep getting quality players from the program.
  3. Khadim Gueye transferring in

    No. Unless one of the new people is walking on for a season, somebody else must be leaving. I have noticed on Verbal Commits, it says that Xeyrius Williams is committed without an offer. I thought it was just a dumb mistake, but that might be the extra scholly
  4. Tyler Cheese - Committed

    Obviously that list doesn't state if he received offers from the big boys, but he had to show something to even get looks from some major conference teams. I don't know if EJ Brown is Tyler's dad/coach/whatever, but he has a ton of tweets about Tyler's progression through this past season.
  5. Tyler Cheese signed with the Zips!
  6. Zips Bball's Future

    While I agree with this sentiment, I found a couple studies really quickly. Here is one that states donation money is way up (more than double) for athletically successful schools versus the average university. Here is another one that found a large increase in enrollment for smaller colleges when they added or devoted more resources to athletics. My take away from this one though is that the extra athletes themselves caused much of the increase. Both articles are from 2015, so I doubt much has changed since then. I was not able to find studies about enrollment increases related to division 1 athletics from the past few years during my three minutes of googling, but there were many articles dated in the 2011 range that showed positive correlation.
  7. 2018 Offers

    From what I can tell, Roscoe will be coming in as a sophomore and Banks as a junior. Is that correct? JG is showing early that he is not afraid of looking to junior colleges for players. The three signees in this class is already more than Dambrot had in his entire tenure with the Zips. I've always found JC players interesting, trading one or two years of eligibility for someone who comes in a little more experienced and developed. This is not helping our messy scholarship distribution though.
  8. Zips Bball's Future

    There are about 10,000 more pressing issues in the city of Akron than a new arena for the Zips. Would I love one? Absolutely, but to say that Lebron doesn't care about the city because he won't help fund an arena is asinine. If you haven't seen his foundation is currently in the middle of founding a school for at risk children. He just announced a partnership with Verizon to bring more technology into a bunch of the other schools around here. Both of those accomplishments are more than just about anything else that has been done by any other person and it is without mentioning the hundreds of kids he has already helped.
  9. 2018-2019

    Ok. I thought so, but was not sure so I thought it would be relevant to post. It could still be one of the major sources of rumors.
  10. 2018-2019

    "Also, on senior night, the Zips honored 6-5 swingman Jimond Ivey, even though he has a season of eligibility remaining, leaving his future as a Zip in question." Taken from this article in the PD. Seems unusual.
  11. NCAA Tourney Thread

    Wow, what a brainfart on my part. I knew Dan was offered the job but immediately switched to Bobby in my mind since we are talking Buffalo.
  12. NCAA Tourney Thread

    Teams are still scared of the fact that Oats was coaching a high school 5 years ago. I can understand why teams are a little leery.
  13. NCAA Tourney Thread

    Akron made the tourney 3 times and lost 3 times, including by 46 points. Kent made a run a decade and a half ago. Winning your first round game is not a "run" in the tournament. For MAC schools to gain respect on the national level, the MAC representative in the tournament needs to consistently make noise in the tournament, or the MAC as a whole needs to have an amazing nonconference run to start the season. Just winning games in the MAC doesn't mean anything because you are only beating MAC teams, which everyone else assumes are bad. Obviously, Akron being the team in the tournament would be best for us, but that didn't happen this year, so the next best thing would be for Buffalo to do well. To use the Gonzaga comparison that everyone seems to love, do you think they will be satisfied if they go home on Saturday? If not, why do we use the same scenario as a win for the MAC? In the end, I am not the kind of fan who needs Akron to compete for national championships to be happy. I am perfectly content with just fighting for the MAC, for the same reasons that I get just as much joy cheering for the Rubberducks as I do the Indians. My comments are purely for the people on this board that claim Akron should be constantly looking to move up.
  14. NCAA Tourney Thread

    One run in the tourney by OU doesn't help in the slightest in Akron getting ranked. If a MAC team (and more importantly, the same 2-3 MAC teams) consistently can make a run, then the ranking might actually start to become an easier reality.