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  1. Nope, two men can be bad football coaches at one time. I'm now ready to say that they both suck.
  2. 6'10" forward. 3 star recruit according to 247. He supposedly had offers to UCLA and Rutgers.
  3. I don't think the MAC has said that there can't be nonconference games. Toledo released their nonconference schedule last week and it has multiple home and away games. https://utrockets.com/news/2020/10/27/mens-basketball-rockets-finalize-non-conference-schedule.aspx
  4. Generally no. By rule, all sports must be played in the same division. There are some exceptions, but they are few and far between (most involve being grandfathered into the exception to the rule somehow). Its theoretically possible that the NCAA would allow it, but there is no reason to assume that they would waive the requirement.
  5. Its what he has been calling the Zips all season. I have assumed that this is the 119th year in Zips basketball history, but I have not actually confirmed that.
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