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  1. Akron made the tourney 3 times and lost 3 times, including by 46 points. Kent made a run a decade and a half ago. Winning your first round game is not a "run" in the tournament. For MAC schools to gain respect on the national level, the MAC representative in the tournament needs to consistently make noise in the tournament, or the MAC as a whole needs to have an amazing nonconference run to start the season. Just winning games in the MAC doesn't mean anything because you are only beating MAC teams, which everyone else assumes are bad. Obviously, Akron being the team in the tournament would be best for us, but that didn't happen this year, so the next best thing would be for Buffalo to do well. To use the Gonzaga comparison that everyone seems to love, do you think they will be satisfied if they go home on Saturday? If not, why do we use the same scenario as a win for the MAC? In the end, I am not the kind of fan who needs Akron to compete for national championships to be happy. I am perfectly content with just fighting for the MAC, for the same reasons that I get just as much joy cheering for the Rubberducks as I do the Indians. My comments are purely for the people on this board that claim Akron should be constantly looking to move up.
  2. One run in the tourney by OU doesn't help in the slightest in Akron getting ranked. If a MAC team (and more importantly, the same 2-3 MAC teams) consistently can make a run, then the ranking might actually start to become an easier reality.
  3. If you think one season changes opinions, you are sorely mistaken.
  4. If Akron ever wants to be respected at all on a national level, we will need at least one more MAC team to make a jump with us. Buffalo sure seems like the most likely candidate. Go Bulls (for this specific tournament)!
  5. Game 32—EMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 2]

    I doubt the Zips would be a 16 seed if they made the tourney. It is easy to forget that the MAC is solidly a mid-major and even though it is way below the "Power" conferences it is still way above the low majors. The 16s are almost always the representatives from the really low conferences like the MEAC and SWAC. There would be a small chance since we would be below .500, but there would have to be absolutely no upsets in a lot of the other conference tournaments. Interestingly, I have read that a lot of the smaller teams are really happy to play in Dayton. The NCAA counts it as a round of the tournament, so they get a full extra payout if they are able to win and get to the next round. I believe that last year, the winners of the play in round made $3.4 million instead of the $1.7 million they would have made if they went straight to the game against a big school and got beat.
  6. Game 31—@WMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 1]

    I will never doubt again! We're going to Cleveland!
  7. Game 31—@WMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 1]

    That pass didn't even need to be thrown! The shot clock was off!
  8. Game 31—@WMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 1]

    I switched to the Cavs game. Looking forward to next season.
  9. Game 31—@WMU [MAC Tourney Rnd 1]

    Has neither team attempted a 2 point shot yet? I know the announcer said that WMU hasn't and I haven't seen one from the Zips.
  10. Non-Conference Future Schedules

    So in 2019 we have no FCS opponent and in 2020 we will most likely start the season with one. That seemed like the two biggest wishes from the thread on the noncoference slate this season and they are going in both directions in the next two years.
  11. The Houston Area Pipeline

    Cute. The guy that has to pick apart every single comment on this site accuses someone else of trying to start arguments.
  12. Game 29—@ Buffalo

    No, that would be allowed. Its also why you can throw an inbounds pass into the back court. You do not have possession unless you hold the ball inbounds.
  13. Game 29—@ Buffalo

    I mean a shot counts as loss of possession. That's why every defensive rebound doesn't count as a steal.
  14. Game 29—@ Buffalo

    They never had possession. The free throw counts as a missed shot. Its an open ball until someone grabs it. A tip doesn't count for possession.
  15. Game 29—@ Buffalo

    Wow, absolutely no flow to the offense. but somehow it is working so far. Lets hope that the Zips can start getting some shots a little closer to the basket.