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  1. Game 17—@ Eastern Michigan

    This is a tough game, but winnable. EMU seems to be the exact same type of team that they have been for a few seasons now: incredibly athletic and skilled, with no team chemistry and a lackluster coach. There is no excuse for a team as talented as EMU to be 1-3 in conference play. James Thompson might be the best player in the MAC and he seems to have matured a bit; I only see one technical on the season after averaging about 300 the past couple of seasons. They have a really good transfer from Robert Morris in Elijah Minnie, he is another big man that the Zips will have to find a way to contain. Outside of those two, Tim Bond, a MAC all-defense team member last season, is a great player as well. Looking at their roster, somehow they are actually younger than the Zips. They have 8 freshman this season and only one senior (Bond).
  2. Game 16—Bowling Green

    Whole bunch of whistles already again this game.
  3. New Uniforms Coming

    I'm not a huge fan of how it looks either. I do love how we are trying to innovate and not just jump on a trend though.
  4. Game 16—Bowling Green

    You think we will get a home game?
  5. Game 15—Buffalo Bulls

    Ok, how much would you have bet someone if they said that Kostelac would make the first shot for the Zips tonight? I would have lost a lot of money.
  6. MAC releases 2018 opponents home and away

    That is as easy of a MAC schedule as I could have possibly hoped for. No Toledo or Western Michigan and NIU/Central Michigan at home. This is a schedule that if Akron wants to be considered a top MAC team, they go no worse than 6-2. There are only three games that should be toss ups: OU and EMU on the road and NIU at home.
  7. Game 14—@ Toledo

    The key for tonight is how well the Zips contain Willie Jackson, a guy who, if I'm remembering correctly, barely chose Missouri over the Zips out of high school and was rumored to be transferring to Akron before ultimately ending up at Toledo. The rockets were not a very good team before he became eligible a few weeks ago, but have been on a tear since he joined the starting lineup.
  8. Game 13—@ Western Michigan

    Height means nothing when the guy looks completely lost every time he steps on the court. I don't know why you feel that just having a tall person would drastically change the team's outlook. I had as high of hopes for him before the season as anyone else on this board, but he has done NOTHING to show that he deserves to play any meaningful time whatsoever. He is slow, awkward, and cannot seem to find the flow of the offense, let alone guard his man on defense. Its ok, there are very few freshman centers that are able to compete at the D1 level and most of those are playing for top 25 teams.
  9. Game 13—@ Western Michigan

    Even if we do suck as you say, why should Kostelac be the one to get the minutes? It's not like he is behind a bunch of seniors who are leaving after this season. He lost all of his minutes to a sophomore and one of his fellow freshmen. Next year, I expect him to be even further back on the depth chart with the addition of Riak. If the goal is to give time to future contributors, then I believe that the minutes are being divided perfectly.
  10. Bowden Expectations (Through 2021)

    I agree, I'm not happy with .500 football from my coach that is now in the latter part of his first decade with the team.
  11. Akron vs Princeton

    What awful defense by every player on the court.
  12. 2018 Recruiting

    Zips announce 12 signings, including reannouncing Eric Bentley and Reggie Corner Jr.. Bentley, Corner, Hall, and White are early enrollees. http://www.gozips.com/news/2017/12/20/football-signing-day-release.aspx
  13. Will Bowden get a contract extension?

    Which might be true, but doesn't mean that the Zips don't need a new OC. If Bowden is calling the plays then they need to convince him to give it up and hire someone who can be more effective.
  14. Boca Raton Bowl–Zips @ Owls

    They do have a punter!
  15. Boca Raton Bowl–Zips @ Owls

    Maybe, also possible it wasn't offered to him. Kelley is back next year, might as well give him some reps in case we ever need him.