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  1. With fall sports being cancelled today by the MAC and winter sports including basketball being in limbo with no end in sight to this pandemic, how many fans are going to renew their season tickets. My buddy just told me he is not renewing because of the pandemic. It is time for our Athletics Dept to send out a letter asking basketball season ticket holders to put down a minimal refundable deposit ($50?) to hold their season tickets until we know whether the season will take place.
  2. I do not believe it was a technical. He made the first and then missed the second. We had a double digit lead that game and just blew it. I remember that Patton had picked off several offensive rebounds that year off of missed foul shots and thought it was a bad move to take him out at that point in the game for Klac.
  3. I talked about that game and it was close at the 2 minute mark when Utomi missed the free throw: "Duvivier ended the 14-0 Eastern Michigan surge with a free throw at the 1:59 mark to bring the Zips within two, 60-58." I did not know that Cotton applauded when Utomi missed the free throw. I was upset when Groce took out Patton for Klac. The Hurons scored the last 7 points of the game.
  4. I agree that Sayles should have a great senior year. Akron had a talented team last year and won the MAC. Sayles was our third center and usually saw limited minutes or no minutes. The problem with being the 3rd center is that there is little room for error. Toward the latter part of the season he was playing well and getting minutes. During one of the last games a player beat his man and Sayles was under the basket and never made a move to block the shot or contest the layup. Groce yanked him. I don't think I saw him in the lineup after that play. However, even with limited minutes he was always cheering his teammates and seemed to have a great attitude. He got recruited as a back to the basket center. However, Groce wanted faster play and used the center to set screens and cut the basket. Sayles lost weight and tried to play the up tempo even though he seemed to struggle finishing at the basket. (our starting center also struggled to finish around the basket but played great defense)
  5. I usually trust Groce's judgment on player situations but in Groce's first year in our first playoff game in Cleveland we were down a few points in the last minute and we had a free throw. Groce substituted Klac for Patton. I went crazy. Patton was a hustler and had come up with several offensive rebounds off of missed free throws. In the last minute we needed that rebound if there was a miss. Our player missed the rebound and Klac was running down the floor to play defense and did not go for the offensive rebound. The next offensive possession we threw the ball to Klac and it went threw his hands and game was over. I do not blame Klac. Groce should never had made the substitution. I just did not feel like Klac had great instincts for basketball and that is why he was always a step slow at division 1 basketball. I wish him the best next year and hope he is a starter for Walsh.
  6. I saw this topic and wondered what type of year he had at Walsh. Did not start any games and only averaged 10 minutes per game. I thought he would play better in a lower division. Maybe next year he will improve.
  7. In hindsight, the decision to cancel the tournament was the right decision and probably saved lives. I am healthy sitting at the computer and thankful for my health and the health of my family. I hope all Zip fans stay healthy to cheer for the Zips next year.
  8. I wish Jaden the best wherever he lands. I thought he was always a great cheerleader on the bench. He slimmed down and played with more intensity during the season. He had some great minutes and was scoring on some nice assists by Jackson. He also worked hard on defense and pulled down some nice rebounds. However, I think it was in the Ohio game where a player drove the lane and Jaden did not move to block his shot and the guy had a layup. Groce pulled him and I don't think he saw the court again. I felt bad for him but when you are at the end of the bench there is just no room for error. I was looking forward to seeing how much he progressed next season.
  9. I would like to give a shout out and well done to the above and also Clark Griswold who predicted the 3 guard starting rotation of Jackson Banks and Cheese along with Riak and Williams. I was always concerned about the number of transfers but you were correct that Groce was just getting players who wanted to be in his system and would work within his system. Nobody predicted that Groce would be coach of the year or that Jackson would be player of the year. The Zips finished the season strong and beat Buffalo in Buffalo. I cannot remember the last time that happened. We had a great season!!! It just ended too soon.
  10. I believe that you would have to do that for all sports that were affected by the cancellations. It would be very costly but I think it would be a great idea to give student athletes the option.
  11. Bizarre, just saw a trailer for "A quiet place, part 2"
  12. I am not happy with the decision but I respect it considering there is a national emergency. We can watch the game on ESPN plus or the CBS sports network. “The best way to prevent a catastrophic explosion of new cases in the next few weeks, many experts think, is to break potential chains of transmission by preventing sick people from coming in close contact with healthy ones, whether it means canceling conferences or relying on individual decisions to avoid crowded public transportation or postpone weddings,”
  13. So basically, our basketball game will look like a Tuesday night Akron home football game from this past season.
  14. The Ivy League Cancels Conference Basketball Tournaments- I know that this may be the correct thing to do but I feel bad for all the seniors who will never get to play their last game. I think holding the tournament without fans may be the best compromise if they go in that direction. What about the Cavs? How do you justify canceling the MAC tournament only to have the Cavs fill the arena next week?
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