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  1. I knew that in the past 5-6 games that Akron has been on a tear shooting the 3 ball but I was surprised to see that we are now ranked 11th in the country at shooting the 3 ball at 39.3%. What is amazing is that last year we were last or close to last last year in shooting the 3 ball percentage. The most bizarre part of the story is that we lost our best 3 point shooter last year, Daniel Utomi when he transferred. Although we picked up the X man, somewhere between this and last season Banks, Cheese and LCJ are now shooting lights out behind the three line. I do not know if the guys are passing the ball better with a year long experience, they worked on their shot on the off season, or Groce had them all fitted with contact lenses. If the Zips keep up this shooting percentage this team will continue to win.
  2. Yes, it was a typo. My mind was thinking LCJ and my fingers typed Ali. In a couple of years maybe Ali will become a scorer. Not there yet. I corrected the typo. Thanks for reading!!
  3. This team is just shooting the basket amazingly well. You have 4 players, Williams, Banks, LCJ, and Cheese that can score from behind the arc or just about anywhere. I saw Miami play good defense and Akron not able to do anything and LCJ just squares up and hit a deep three. There is nothing you can do about that. We are blowing teams out on the road. Remember last year when we could not win a game on the road. I watch William come around the pick on the inbounds play and square up and shoot a 3. The guy just exudes confidence when he shoots. LCJ is just playing smart basketball. The one thing I have noticed is that in the beginning of the season we pushed the ball down the court and we were always looking to score in transition. Now we push the ball down the court but always work the ball for a good shot. Right now this team is fun to watch!
  4. I think the attendance will be a problem no matter how well this team plays. A popular coach leaves, have 2 years of mediocre basketball, never get past the quarter finals in Cleveland, get blown out in Cleveland by Buffalo last year. There are a lot of fans who left the program. Akron has done absolutely nothing to get these fans back into the building. No publicity, no marketing, nothing. I saw that Norhern Illinois was marketing 5 tickets for $25. That is more marketing than Akron has done. Akron tickets are $15 per game. They offer a season ticket program that gets worse as the season progresses. It would be nice if Akron did some marketing to get butts in the seats.
  5. Thanks. Not having him in there really hurt although they should be able to play better without him.
  6. I do not think I have seen Williams in the second half. Reese got hurt. Sayles and Ali look horrible on offense.
  7. Wow!!!!!! LCJ is having his best game as a Zip. What an ending to the half. Not sure if I can remember any Zip being that dominant in a half. Three steals, 4 or 5 3 pointers, 18 points. The 3 pointers have been from distance. I am getting used to the annoucers. They seemed worse in the beginning of the game. How about the time keeper not starting the clock when there were 2 seconds left on the time clock. He must have worked for the Astros before taking this job.
  8. Zips cooled off from the 3 line. It had to happen. Surprised to see Tribble miss that layup. I think the frosh have a more difficult time playing on the road.
  9. No, just a comment on the discussion above about the possibility of Jackson transferring to a major program. No guarentee that success at a mid major will lead to success at a higher level school for a player. (might say the same thing about coaches)
  10. Speaking of Utomi he is coming off the bench at USC and averaging 5 points per game and playing 20 minutes. Do you think transferring to USC has improved his chances of picking up a pro contract in Europe?
  11. In yesterdays game the team got the ball to Riak on 4 of the first 6 possessions on pick and rolls and he either missed the shot or fumbled the ball. I keep hoping that he will develop into a better offensive player. But he is a great defender and has been making his foul shots. However, we do have inside scoring with our players driving to the hoop and scorig or dishing off to a big man. Not having a post up player clogging the lane works to our advantage with this team in that it keeps the lane open to make it easier to drive to the basket. Watch LCJ drive to the basket and you will see how the lane is open when he starts to the basket and then the defense collapses to the lane leaving somebody open on the wing. I wish Klac the best of luck but most people on this board recognized that he did not have division one speed. He always seemed a step slow to the basket.
  12. Not sure if Jackson and William can play any better than tonight. I love the way Jackson controls the game. He is quick and can get to the basket. He has developed a nice floater and now is stopping short and taking a short jumper. Williams has been on a tear from the 3 line the last 3 games. In the first half Ball State played great defense creating turnovers and forcing the Zips to rush some shots. We also missed a lot of open three balls. The Zips usually come out flat in the second half but tonight that dominated the second half. Cheese is so good around the basket. The team has some great balence the way they are moving the ball. Looking forward to the next game.
  13. And they said that KD did not know how to draw up great inbound plays!!!
  14. Kwan was one of the KD players that really improved from his frosh to his senior year. As a frosh he did not rebound well or play great defense. However, he turned himself into a great rebounder and very good defensive player. His senior year he was playing amazing and many on this board thought he should be player of the year in the MAC. However, he went into a slump and had a good year but not a fantastic year. The only negative about Kwan is that he never had a great tournament in Clev and Akron did not win a MAC championship while he was with the team. Tough to compare the two players since Williams has not even played a third of a season. They are both good rebounders and play good defense. I like it how Williams is taking better shots and his shooting percentage is way up. I think Williams runs the floor better, drives to the basket better while Kwan could post up a player a little better than Williams.
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