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  1. The article clearly states he's not cutting sports or jobs in the near term. I'm guessing there's a ton of cost in the "game day experience" within the InfoCision tower, yet very few suites used. I am certain football, basketball and soccer will continue to get most of the bucks. I do think he's naive to believe increased football revenue will make up for half the difference each year. Akron has not shown it will support the Zips in adequate numbers and I'm not sure that will ever change. I find it particularly naive in the next year or two, which will be rebuilds in many respects. The killer in all of this is that the cut increases by $1 million every year for eight years. But who knows, maybe some other MAC programs will follow suit. They all subsidize their programs to a great extent. Only difference is Akron's debt level is a lot higher thanks to President Proenza and the board's decision making. If you've read Green's strategic plan, you may know that increasing the number of foreign students is a big part of closing the revenue gap over the next decade. Unfortunately, our country's leader has done everything he can to make U.S. schools less attractive. Student visas down.
  2. It's hardly surprising. They were pouring concrete in January and February to get work done in time for first season.
  3. Based on tracking multiple flights of OU President's plane to and from Long Island, with one scheduled for 6 a.m. tomorrow.
  4. Boy, did that need to happen. Saul's program strategies were stuck back in Wisconsin circa 1965.
  5. Saul is gone. Done deal. Nice guy but his model of the type of player needed to win in the MAC couldn't be more wrong. Slow, white, cerebral players are getting crushed by pure athletes. Huge miss on the part of Ohio's AD, and he knows it.
  6. Tyrell might see the move from Hoban to a MAC school as beneath him. Can't say I disagree.
  7. I had never heard this, but apparently when A.J. Oulette was offered preferred walk-on status at Ohio, he declined to commit until he made his last scheduled visit, to Akron. He got up early on the appointed day, drove 4 hours with his family...and no one from Akron's staff showed up for the meeting. He ended up signing with Ohio, earned a scholly after his first game and has been one of the most productive backs in program history. Had ~180 yards last night.
  8. A lot of kids want to go away to college. Can't fault them for that. Who says they weren't approached by Bowden and co.?
  9. I think Kent has an excellent coach now. He's done a good job on the recruiting trail as well.
  10. It's gonna be Arth unless he turns it down.
  11. There's a rumor that Tim Tyrell is leaving Hoban. Just sayin'
  12. Today's ABJ includes some stunning facts: 1. UA lost 2,600 "qualified" students to attrition in the past year - not low-quality, hope-for-the-best students; students who qualified with decent grades and test scores. That's an astonishing level of attrition. This points to a severe "student experience" crisis and a significant, further drain on budgets. Additionally, and shockingly, the board's three-year strategic plan seems to ignore the need to enrich the student experience. It's more about raising revenue. 2. The U is exploring the concept of selling off the stadium and Stiles and then renting it back. This reeks of desperation. 3. One of the strategies for revenue generation is to increase the placement of students in dorms, with athletes specifically identified as a target. This tells me the U is going to require that scholarship athletes live in dorms. While a revenue generator, it will invariably become a disadvantage on the recruiting trail. 4. There's a clear re-emphasis on moving as many classes online as possible. This raises the specter of Scarborough's online university push. As we know, these students are not likely to be engaged in the university experience; they will not value athletics, for example.
  13. Solich explained afterward, including to TB, that the last score was to retain OU's total points leadership over Toledo...as a means to get a better bowl bid.
  14. I can't believe the Board would be stupid enough to authorize this move and light (another) fire related to perceived financial mismanagement.
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