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  1. That section has been there for several years.
  2. What would AAC membership do for the Zips aside from doubling the cost of travel? Cincinnati is exiting, so...
  3. I get a kick out of these "we're getting out of the MAC" threads. Guys, if you haven't noticed, enrollment issues haven't turned around yet, so budgets are tight. That alone makes a conference affiliation move impossible, unless it's going downward to a non-BCS conference. Secondly, what does Akron (or any other MAC school for that matter) bring to the table for a larger/more prestigious conference? Great attendance? Big share of a large media market? Nope and nope.
  4. And now it gets even more weird. CSU President Harland Sands was fired today.
  5. Groce had team very well prepared for a tough matchup 3,000 miles from home.
  6. Are you saying BG made a mistake/overreacted to Chris Jans sexually propositioning/harassing coeds?
  7. We don't know that. That is an HR issue, not a player behavior issue. Two entirely different things.
  8. There are also Kent fans who are disgusted by the video and said so. Key question: Why wasn't there a coach in there to stop it?
  9. Very nice incoming freshman class but they'll be freshman...hard to see them being immediate impact players. I'd expect Boals to go after a couple of topflight transfers and edge out a couple of underperformers, including Ben Roderick, who started. We didn't have our starting center, Dwight Wilson, this year, so hopefully he'll be back in form after a year lost to an acl. My question for tonight is whether a bigger program comes after the winning coach.
  10. Ohio is done. Too tired and beat up. Carter and BVP have old legs. Time to retool in Athens.
  11. I don't think either program has had a starting guard arrested for drug trafficking or one player assault another during practice.
  12. Impressive performance by the Zips. Big crowd (9k) totally taken out of the game by hot shooting. The book is out on Mark Sears -- double team him and he can't find the open man.
  13. Anyone majoring in sports administration/management/business is being sold a load of manure from a career standpoint. Without a master's degree, you are qualified to become an unpaid (and highly abused) intern for a minor league baseball team. Are you a pretty blonde? You're who they are looking for to fire t-shirts into the crowd or lead the (also unpaid) National Anthem singer onto the field. Even a full-time job at the major league level will be almost exclusively commission based (ticket sales) while requiring long hours and offering virtually no opportunity for advancement. Team owners know there will always be suckers attracted to the promise of proximity to superstars. Of course, the stars won't even notice you and you will be warned to stay away from them. I know nearly a dozen sports ad grads from schools with much better programs than Akron who quickly realized what a sham it is. Go ahead and ask your professor how successful his/her career was in professional bowling/beach volleyball/kickboxing/auto racing and inquire as to why he/she is now teaching UA undergrads at minimum wage. You'd be far, far better off learning a trade such as welding, IT infrastructure management or pipefitting. Seriously, it's like majoring in English Lit. Just flush your/your parents' money down the drain because you'll end up going back to school to get a degree or certification in something that will actually put money in your pocket.
  14. Ton of OU alums in Cleveland, plus OU paying them $$$.
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