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  1. Frankly, there's a very real chance the Zips will be 0-0 for the 2020 season, along with every other team.
  2. While that's true, they played as well as they could have in the first half and failed to get it done. The program is still thin. Boals will make them a legitimate contender in 2 years. Saul Phillips was a $500,000/year disaster.
  3. Serious question: If Zips win the MAC Tourney (from what I've seen, it's going to be either Akron or Kent), does a bigger school come after Groce again?
  4. That's awesome. Had several friends who lived in "Gam."
  5. May I ask who your great uncle was?
  6. Well, if you're interested in facts... This young lady drove onto campus in Athens and turned on a very loud, train-like siren. She then exited the vehicle with a microphone and cameraman and approached an African-American student to request a "man on the street" interview. She then asked, "Don't you feel blacks should thank whites for the fact that we don't permit slavery today?" Question to an LGBT couple: "Why do you feel you have the same rights as everyone else?" With a few more of these gems, she had a crowd. She then started spewing crap about how she was going to bring an army of gun owners to campus. Gun Girl came to town with plans to upset people, capture some audio/video of students calling her names and then repackage that content - with strategic editing - to advance her agenda. The dangerous power of social media.
  7. If you want to see a coach get defensive, watch the latest Tom Arth press conference. Asked some tough questions, but boy does he go on and on and on in defending his approach to building a program. Average length of answer seemed like 4 minutes. Interesting note, this was the pre-Ohio press conference but there was not a single question about or mention of Tuesday's game.
  8. Really nothing left to spoil. Ohio choked again and is out of the MAC East race. Miami has the division title locked up.
  9. He went 9-5 and earned a GMAC Bowl slot in his second season, so it's not like there was a five year wait for results.
  10. Kent hired Sean Lewis 12/19. He was a great choice, IMO.
  11. You might be ignoring the fact that Hoban's coach is hated by many public and private high school coaches in the region due to his blatant recruiting. Hard to imagine they would step forward to help him fill gaps in Akron if he were offered the Zips job. Payback, as they say.
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