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  1. Really nothing left to spoil. Ohio choked again and is out of the MAC East race. Miami has the division title locked up.
  2. He went 9-5 and earned a GMAC Bowl slot in his second season, so it's not like there was a five year wait for results.
  3. Kent hired Sean Lewis 12/19. He was a great choice, IMO.
  4. And he does like the young ladies...
  5. You might be ignoring the fact that Hoban's coach is hated by many public and private high school coaches in the region due to his blatant recruiting. Hard to imagine they would step forward to help him fill gaps in Akron if he were offered the Zips job. Payback, as they say.
  6. If you're looking for proactive reporting by George, you're barking up the wrong tree. "I do exactly what is expected of me and nothing more."
  7. Arth never kicked off to start both halves of a game. But, come on, way too early for this.
  8. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. For those of you going to UMASS, they have an awesome tailgating experience. Thousands of fans in the parking lots. Amazingly, however, very few actually go into the stadium for the game. Weird. Their stadium, BTW, is straight out of the 1960s - a solid piece of concrete covered in countless coats of paint. Totally devoid of charm.
  9. It also erases the opponent's scoring opportunity.
  10. After his opening statement, I had to go back to confirm that the Zips did not win Saturday's game. Strange. The answer re the Takeaway Pencil was especially odd.
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