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  1. Having known French at OU, I'm guessing he's 63. Perhaps he just decided to retire? Well deserved if so.
  2. Reportedly three "no" votes for fall football. Any chance Akron is one of them?
  3. And yet the Force never made a profit. Papering the house with free tix is not a long-term marketing strategy. Bart Wolstein bitched about the losses for years. I have a friend who worked at a high level in the organization - their ultimate plan for profitability was through their Force soccer/fitness centers, and that didn't pan out. Wolstein pulled the plug at the height of their popularity because the losses were rising.
  4. Even in great years, I'm guessing average attendance was in the 3,700 neighborhood. It's not a function of the team or program - it's the local sports culture and the embedded role and personality of the university within the community. UofA has been trying to be "something else" since it became a state supported urban university in the 1960s. It's time to take pride in what it is and build on those strengths.
  5. I'm sorry, but Akron has had a consistent championship caliber B-ball team over the past 15 years and still averages no more than 3,500 fans per game. There isn't a large local fan base that is or will ever be interested in mid-major sports. Just a fact. Throwing money at the problem (InfoCison Stadium) is not going to change that. It's time to be happy in our own skin.
  6. May you win the Darwin Award.
  7. Our spoiled society is devoid of discipline and sacrifice. We get what we deserve.
  8. Still waiting for your reply. Name a single FCS conference that offered Akron a spot over the past 10-15 years.
  9. Please, blame it on the conference? Which other, larger, stronger conferences have lined up to offer entry to Akron?
  10. I wonder if USC will be eliminating their crew program? Aunt Becky got her kid into school just in time.
  11. This analysis means even less than most. Each year different schools have different needs from a position standpoint.
  12. These analyses are meaningless, especially at the mid-major level. Ohio is always fairly low yet is consistently near the top of the league performance wise. Intra-conference rankings are also based on raw numbers - Ohio had far fewer openings for 2020 and thus a smaller class. I saw an article the other day that indicated that many/most current NFL players from the MAC were just 2-star recruits out of high school. Shows you that it's about finding the right kids for your program and then coaching them up.
  13. There are times when you row the boat and others when you bale out the water. This period calls for the latter.
  14. Anyone who is throwing money away on a self-sponsored NASCAR team - a sport that is absolutely dying before our very eyes - cannot be described as whip smart. Okay, so he's a "gutter" king. Wow. Go any Tuesday at lunchtime to the Rockne's on Steels Corners. Kaulig and his CFO have lunch at the bar - same seats each week - and Kaulig bitches openly about how most of his businesses do not make money. He was looking for a way to dump Kaulig Media the last I heard. He's a paper millionaire, similar to our president who is at best a paper billionaire. Lots of self-promotion. Real rich guys don't do that. Wouldn't be surprised to see that house of cards collapse.
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