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  1. Students are starting in on the hill at the South endzone! That would totally be my spot if I hadn't graduated already.
  2. Great link...thanks!Now all we need is Tailgate Cams!I was just thinking that.I would love to see the UofA first on campus gameday experience.I hope our locals going to the game takes lots and lots of pictures. AMEN! Being out of state sucks, but I am pregaming all the way in Virginia where Yuengling is flowing, listening to online radio, singing along to Blue & Gold, stadium cams are on, Zips Zone online broadcast is up, and I'M READY! GO ZIPS!!
  3. THANK YOU!!! I live all the way in Richmond and couldn't get back for the opener, so between this, stadium cams, online radio and Zips Zone broadcast I think I'm set. THANK YOU!
  4. Just an FYI I found airtix on kayak.com for $200 out of CAK. MASS is within driving distance but with gas at $3.20+, it's just a thought for anyone fortunate enough to get off work and out of family obligations. Apparently Easter is kind of a big deal.
  5. That's a really interesting matchup, when I saw the possible matchups earlier this season I really wanted VCU, just because I know the school. VCU is a lot like Akron. It's a metro campus in the middle of Richmond. Their student body is a lot like UA's and well actually our campus is nicer. Ha. Funny. How often do I get to say that?! It should be a great matchup. VCU to my knowledge tends to be dominant at home just like UA, but they get to come to Rhodes arena. I'm looking forward to it and hopefully a lot of people come out for it... including an ESPN crew of some sort.
  6. http://media.www.buchtelite.com/media/stor...n-3179238.shtmlDemolition is my new favorite pastime at Akron. Not only have they torn down the residence halls for the stadium, but they are also beginning Carroll and Memorial. Happy happy joy joy. And yes I will begin to take pictures daily of the construction site, I had to find my camera though it was mia.
  7. Done. Or at least I will in the future. I live across Spicer from the construction site, so my vantage point is pretty fun.
  8. Well it did come across Zipmail finally, and truthfully the Union has been mayhem this week. So there could be a decent amount of people there. I would be there if I could but I'm at work... and on Zipsnation.
  9. You have raised your kids right... That's awesome that the public schools have an in-service day, I love seeing all the little future zips there. They have no shame cheering, dancing or screaming their heads off, it's great.
  10. I simply want a replay of my birthday/blizzard/bashing of OU last year... 31 points, hello.
  11. Charlie Coles made my night with this quote: “McNees, wow. No mercy. The thing I hold against him — and I’m mad at him — we didn’t beat him last year. What does he have to be mad at? He was red-shirting! His baskets should be stricken from the game.”Oh and McNees is now known as McNash in my book, I always thought he kind of looked like him, and maybe thought he was Steve Nash... but with that performance, I've accepted it, even if Rasor wants to call him McThrees.
  12. Thanks for the pics. I should set up a camera considering I live across the street from the buildsite... oh and I second the comment about missing Brown Street Hall.
  13. JWood's quotes are funny. 10" added. Yikes. He finally is back to 100% and maybe more with the weight drop.
  14. Go vote for Zippy! She needs the support right now. She's down, and that simply can't happen. She's undefeated, let's keep it that way.www.capitalonebowl.com
  15. Yes. Yes it is. Just kidding, kind of. I'm a business student at Akron, and there can't be a better location downtown right now for further expansion. This is brilliant, almost as brilliant as the idea that me and a classmate had to do the exact same thing, in the same place. hmmm interesting we had one problem, lack of capital. That's a great place to build though, the buildings that are there are condemned or should be, but the surrounding area is already built up for it. Next step- Mayflower takeover. Now that would change the image of downtown Akron.Whoops. At first I thought this was for the same area except north of exchange... now I'm questioning it a little. I know that Jillian's building is vacant and all, but it's still fairly new and could be converted. Whatever. The Don is going to try to help downtown by finally using UA. How novel.
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