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  1. As long as Akron is winning, I won't be too concerned about the bench. Especially when you can actually depend on getting 20 on the night from either one or a couple between X, LCJ, or Cheese. As for postseason play, they need to have a bench that contributes more. Far too often during these droughts in games or stretches where the opponent gets back into it do you look at the lineup and notice that X isn't in the game. Then he almost needs to be rushed back in. Again, not a problem right now, but in March that could mean an early exit. I'd like to see Groce take more of a chance in games that are already pretty much decided or in games against weaker opponents, maybe by throwing the bench mob out there for a full 4 minute stretch between media breaks. After all, I firmly believe the only reason he is burning Dawson's redshirt is so he has another contributor come tournament time. My concern with the bench, though still relatively small, grows with every passing game.
  2. The defense is beginning to concern me. 54 in a half is unacceptable against anyone at this point. X shouldn't have had as many issues as he did today considering his matchups. Cristian is the best little guy to ever wear the uniform. These boys got poise, as I've mentioned before. But certainly credit to Ohio, they've got a fire under them that they haven't had, and once they get good the league as a whole will be better. On to Buffalo. Let's go 1-0 on Tuesday.
  3. There's a video on Twitter of KD talking post game on their radio broadcast about how the team responded to adversity like that for the first time this year. He talked about how they need to be emotionally tougher and keep their heads and they were sulking etc. As someone who wants to see him succeed, it's disappointing to see the same shortcomings that have been holding him back for so many years. I hope he can adapt at some point before he retires.
  4. First of three huge games against rivals. I don't care what the state of their program is, they'll be fired up in the stands and on the court and tough to beat. They're not a great offensive team, so a replication of some of our better first half defensive performances can hopefully set the tone early. They don't have a lot of weapons, so hopefully the perimeter D can take them out of the game early.
  5. Lots of good games tonight. Toledo stays hot and Buffalo had a huge second half. Always lovely to see Kent lose, especially at home.
  6. Zips have killed a ton of demons the past two Tuesdays. Keep it rolling.
  7. Easy group to get behind for sure. I've loved a lot of the teams over the last 15 years but I'm a big defense guy and seeing a Zips team play it like this group (usually) does is awesome. And they can run with anyone and shoot with anyone.
  8. Marreon Jackson filling it up once again in that game
  9. Missed you, Channel's Offense
  10. It was risky to burn Dawson's red shirt and I was hoping he would be a bit further along by now. He's put in some decent minutes early tonight which is good, I'd just like to see his impact a little more. Also, we're still waiting on the "Tribble game" where the MAC learns his name for the first time. I was expecting that at some point by now too. Not a big deal by any means, but going into March it would certainly give me some peace of mind knowing that there's some legitimate depth in case of emergency. Mind's just wandering. Nice half.
  11. I hate complaining about the officiating but MAN Frank Spencer is awful
  12. Man, that's the worst way to lose. I think we win if Reece is healthy, but that is a moot point. All teams go through injuries and adversity, it's how you respond to it that matters. I didn't have the chance to watch the WVU game, but this one seems like it was similar, you play well enough to win, but you just weren't good enough. That may be the craziest game I've ever seen at the JAR.
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