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  1. Largely agree with CK. This team is very streaky offensively and defensively. There are moments of greatness where teams can't get a good shot in 30 seconds of shot clock and there are there fair share of easy driving layups like those final Dambrot teams gave up constantly. Toledo has about the same depth as UA, but their three-headed monster of Shumate, Rollins, Millner, and you can even throw in RayJ Dennis is absolutely rock solid. Being on the road in a gym the Zips haven't won in since 2013, I think we may need to see good games from X, Ali, Trimble, and even a jolt from Dawson off the bench in order to eek out a win. Toledo is playing the best basketball in the league right now, and it isn't really close. The BG game showed us just how great the Zips can be, and the Kent game showed us just how bad they can be. As everyone else has said, recent efforts, especially slow starts, will not be remotely good enough. Funny enough, both teams tonight have won every game they've played since losing @ Kent. In the grand scheme of conference play, this is certainly a loss that I would be unhappy with, but ultimately okay with. I'm sure the Zips are exhausted after this stretch of games especially with most of them being so close. Perhaps Trimble jumping right back into things after his absence has been the cause of his slump. I'm not sure. I fear we may see the Zips limp into this week off of games, but with a win they go into it with all the confidence in the world and the belief in the chance to win a title. Either way, I'm glad the little break is coming when the Zips don't have a ton of momentum, as opposed to when it came post-Wright State in December. Let's Go Zips!!!! (Edit: As of this post, the line is now down to Toledo -7. Vegas liking the Zips for some reason.)
  2. AKA, early bettors are hammering the Zips, dropping the spread to Toledo -8, which I find very surprising.
  3. Early bettors must be hammering the Zips. Spread already down to Toledo -8. Odd.
  4. I have been told that Guthrie did all he could to get out of the Liberty game in exchange for a more winnable home game, but the Flames aren’t having it. Conversely, he added the Tennessee game instead of perhaps searching for another home game. So it would’ve been vs. SFU, @ MSU, @ Liberty, vs. winnable home game but instead we lose out on another home crowd for the new staff while the weather is still nice. A big bummer, if you ask me.
  5. Toledo opens as a 10-point favorite. I'm curious as to the last time Akron was a double-digit dog to a MAC team.
  6. Loooove when the Rubber Bowl is brought up! The 2017 team intro video that they shot there gives me goosebumps every time. JoeMo wants the blue-collar Rubber Bowl attitude back!!!!
  7. I hope he retires for his own good. I really like Keith, and you can tell he's probably as unhappy as he's ever been in his coaching career right now. When UA was really good and would lose a tough game, he and the staff would often stay overnight in the offices working probably too hard. In a higher pressure league with twice the salary and a significantly older age, I worry about him. Time to hang 'em up and get an administration job somewhere so he's ready to be the AD here when Guthrie moves on in a few years.
  8. They are brutal for sure, I don't really understand why they are longer to begin with, especially a whole minute longer.
  9. They play quarters (obviously) with the media timeout coming at the 5 minute mark OR the first called time out of the quarter. EMU called a TO on a loose ball situation 30 seconds into the 4th quarter, so they played the final 9+ minutes without a media. And yes, their media timeouts are 2:30 in length, a minute longer than men’s. Off the top of my head, I can’t remember exactly when she called that timeout up 13, but I think it was with maybe a minute or two before the end of the 3Q, when there is a 2:30 break between quarters.
  10. Nice to get back into the win column by closing out another close one. Zips led by 13 after a pair of Dawson triples and Jackson iced the team’s momentum by immediately calling a TO. EMU followed up with a 12-0 run and kept it within 4 for almost the entire 4Q but could never get over the hump. Their best player missed a bunny in the lane that would’ve tied it with about 10 seconds to go. Fr. Reagan Bass continues to impress as she had 23 tonight on 8-10 shooting. She is a true post player that this team desperately needed. Dawson had a nice game with 22 pts, 18 boards, and 7 assists, but her 8 turnovers came at very costly times. The Zips stand at 5-3 in league play, good for 5th place with a very winnable game at CMU on Saturday. They’ve got a 2.5 game lead on 9th place, as of right now I like their chances to go to Cleveland. They haven’t been to the Q since 2016.
  11. Thank the good Lord, that was nearly disastrous. A win is a win, though. With that said, I expect Toledo to win by 20 on Friday. Zips just don’t have it right now, it’s a miracle they’ve won 4 in a row. They were double digit favorites over every directional Michigan school in the last week and beat them by a combined 7 points. It seemed like Groce toyed around with the lineups a little to try to get guys going, but it just never really panned out. In the end, it was relying on Ali and X once again and they delivered. That performance won’t beat the other 10 MAC teams, that is for sure. Gotta keep racking up wins though, so we’ll have to take it. Onto the next one.
  12. Missed Front end of 1-1 up 5 Foul 2 CMU FT Bad turnover to easy CMU layup
  13. X misses the front end of the 1-and-1. Seems about right for tonight.
  14. Big downside to having all of the MAC games on ESPN the last 5 years, all of these schools produce their own games and…yeah
  15. Can’t catch a break. Can’t hit an open shot. Can’t get a foul call.
  16. A lot of really stupid turnovers and poor execution, but we’ll take it. Nice half for Clarke. Worst half of the year for Trimble. Cut down on the turnovers and lock this one up early in the second half. Please and thank you.
  17. This is reminiscent of those Flo sports streams from the Florida atrocity, only these guys haven’t mentioned that KJ Walton doesn’t shoot threes very often a bunch of times
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