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  1. Has Sincere Carry ever shot >35% in a big game? Genuine question.
  2. Disaster avoided and sanity prevails. Zags remembered they were the Zags. Carry isn’t very good in these big time games.
  3. Flashes up 4 at the final media. 68-game Zags home win streak on the line. Yeah, they’re for real. Zips have a big hill to climb this year.
  4. Kent is hanging around with Gonzaga at the break. Zags shoot like the Zips from the perimeter and free throw line.
  5. Yup. This is without a doubt a good move, and I would imagine he'll do well there. It sounds like the staff pool at UC has exploded, he'll be getting a hefty bump with a much better chance of landing a really good P5 HC job barring disaster. He has shown he wanted out of Kent badly, which is not surprising at all when you consider all the factors. Horrible scheduling, dump of a stadium, terrible facilities, bottom of the FBS salary, midweek home games in empty dump of stadium, small staff pool, fan interest that makes Akron's fan base look enormous. It's just a bad place to coach, especially if you're there for more than a couple years. It was only a matter of time. MAC coaches have done this move plenty of times before. Pete Lembo, Dan Enos come to mind. Jason Candle was rumored to be a candidate as OC at Miami last year too.
  6. Man he wanted out of there BAD 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  7. Thamel is reporting Sean Lewis is the leading candidate for Prime’s OC position
  8. Harrison Waylee of NIU hit the portal a couple days ago. That’s a huge one, as he was the most important player in the program besides Lombardi. Bad things are happening in Dekalb. Next year is a make or break year for Hammock.
  9. Not surprising. Thanks for sharing @94zipgrad
  10. It depends. The one from this past Friday I would be more inclined to say it was one Undercuffler, but it could also be on Price. The CMU one was 100% on Price, and Joe said as much. Sucks either way, that's for damn sure.
  11. I went back to 2004 to take a look at kind of a goofy-but-telling stat I've had in mind as the season went on. How much greater was the Zips' biggest loss compared to their biggest win in the MAC schedule? In just three seasons since 2004, the largest margin of victory was greater than the largest margin of defeat. In 2005, the Zips beat Kent by 32, lost to Miami by 28. In 2017, the Zips beat Ball State by 28, lost to Toledo by 27 (though I would argue the MACC was a bigger butt-kicking). In 2022, the Zips beat NIU by 32, lost to OU by 21. 2022 was also the first time since 2004 that a first-year head coach won at least two games, as Bobby I, Terry, and Arth combined to go 2-34. Other numbers, notes, and observations: In MAC play, the 2022 team scored 82 more points than the 2018 team, while giving up just 12 more In MAC play, the average scoring margin of the 2022 team was -3.75. In 2018 it was -12.5 The 2021 MAC Champion, NIU, went 6-2 in MAC play with a -1 scoring margin DJ Irons finished 5th in QB efficiency and 5th in total passing yards, playing in only 6 MAC games. The TD numbers weren't there, but Akron did finish tied for 4th in rushing TDs in MAC play, despite the lowest rushing totals in the league. The Zips scored 26 TDs in MAC play. The defense gave up 26 TDs in MAC play. Zips finish 4th in MAC rushing defense, allowing 3.8 YPC and 138.1 YPG Despite having the no. 1 passing attack in the league, the pass defense never really came along. They come in 9th in the MAC, and only intercepted 5 passes in MAC play. Unfortunately, Durant's final pick should have been a game-winner, but... Special teams cost the Zips at least one more win on the schedule (BG), and the numbers back it up. They only averaged 34 net punting yards all year. Zip kickers were 8-12 on the year. Definitely need improvement in these areas next year. The Zips allowed 36 sacks in MAC play, while only coming up with 13 of their own. That contributed greatly to the field position deficit throughout the year The defense was the best in the MAC at getting off the field on 3rd down, allowing just a 30% conversion rate. Conversely, they were 10th on 4th down conversions, with Friday's game-winner being the most egregious Zips finished 4th in red zone conversions, scoring points 28 times in 32 trips. They were 8-8 on field goals from the red zone. 20 touchdowns was definitely not enough though.
  12. Sanity prevails in Cincinnati. Lewis or Linguist would have been gone within 3 years.
  13. Predictions? I’ll throw out a couple names, without looking at the roster. QB Dijon Jennings—behind Jankowski on the depth chart is telling if you ask me, especially with Wasel coming in. TE Tristian Brank—one of the better Arth guys. About on level with TJ Banks, but could soon get lost in the passing game in another year A couple WR not named Alex Adams or Daniel George. Perhaps Anthony Williams hits the portal once again. Caleb Anderson seems like a nice prospect, hopefully he sticks around. Could see Tony Grimes leaving, the staff seems to be more bullish on Bobby Golden. LB Andrew Behm—Arther, doesn’t belong here. Had a moment or two. RB Jonzell Norrils—another Arther that perhaps on a far worse roster stood out more. It’s a shame because I was really excited about him when he committed. OT Xavior Grah—incredible size, incredible ineptitude. Great human who has a great future.
  14. Two of the leading finalists at Cincinnati are Sean Lewis and Mo Linguist. No, I’m not kidding. It has warped my mind for 24+ hours now and it still doesn’t make a lick of sense to me.
  15. Free throw shooting: awful Three-point shooting most of the game: awful The last lineup on the floor: Mitchell, Lyles, Mayfield, Wilson…………Garvin Clarke Onto Mo Williams and Jackson State.
  16. JU is a great backup. He will not go out and win the MAC East. He was forced to win it with his arm today without the new and improved Cam Wiley run game, and he played decent, but too many times he wasn’t able to finish any plays with his feet, and had we had the option today, the Zips would have gone out on top. The problem moving forward is Irons will be sidelined for quite a while with this shoulder thing, I think into spring ball and perhaps longer. Wasel is indeed coming in early, and could in turn get some more quality reps in spring and perhaps put his name in the hat. This offense can only go so far with a pocket passer. And while the win over NIU was absolutely huge and valid, NIU has been in tank mode and now their program is falling apart, so the Zips were also fortunate to catch them at the right time. The Zips played excellent with both QBs at different points of the year. Like Joe says, this is a meritocracy, and whoever leads the Zips offense in Lincoln Financial Field will be the one who wins the job.
  17. Average PPG differential in MAC play: -3.75. A field goal. The 2021 Northern Illinois Huskies were MAC champions by winning closely nearly every week in MAC play. The 2022 Akron Zips finish dead last, losing 5 of 7 MAC games by a touchdown or less. A game of inches, and the Zips are closer than college football thinks. I’d expect the o/u on 2023 wins set by sports books will be in the 4-5 range. Bet the farm on the over.
  18. Flashes up 14-2 on South Dakota State in the blink of an eye. Amazing.
  19. Every single Achilles heel made its appearance today. Field position, late half TD, untimely sacks in late game situations, Clyde Price fumbling with a chance to easily seal the game. They played well enough to win in almost every MAC game this year. This one sucks man. Absolutely sucks. Bright future though. What a roller coaster ride. Edit: Aginst St. Francis to open the year, they converted a 4th & 10 in OT to survive. In the season finale, the defense fails on 4th & 10 again. Crazy
  20. Can these boys overcome their 2022 Achilles heels of late half TDs and losing the field position battle?? That would be huge.
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