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  1. Nice looking get! Runs the floor and finishes like Cheese, but with a bit more size. Groce is building something special, hopefully he sticks around a few years to see it through!
  2. Totally in over his head from the jump, as would just about anyone. The entire strategy of bringing back baseball and adding WLAX was a total cluster*** by Larry Williams & Co. Thank goodness for the Skeeles family for donating the funds to at least give us a D1 facility. But UA baseball is not currently setup to even be average in the MAC. UA half-assed the revival to this point. Big opportunity here for Guthrie to right the ship.
  3. That's just a byproduct of the transfer portal. These guys were severely under-recruited so it has worked into Groce's advantage. These two additions are very exciting. It'll be interesting to see what this rotation turns into.
  4. This is an insanely talented team on paper. Repeating in sports is one of the hardest things to do, especially in this league. I think Buffalo is the only team to repeat recently since Kent in the early 2000s. With that said, I feel that this team could face similar challenges that the title team did. While there may be some early season struggles with guys figuring out their game and the staff playing around with lineups and matchups, I firmly believe that we'll be back in the thick of the title race once again. I am a bit concerned right now about the lack of a second true center, especially for foul trouble situations and when the shots just aren't falling. It's always nice to have Freeman to throw it into for a high-percentage look after all. I'm excited for the possibilities with the shooting. Clarke is a decent shooter, X is a great shooter, Dawson is a really good shooter, Hunter has shown potential other places, Hankerson is a great shooter, Kobe Mitchell is supposed to be a great shooter, Tavari Johnson is supposed to be a great shooter, Ryan Prather is supposed to be a great shooter, Mosengo is billed as a great shooter, Amani Lyles looks like he can be a shooter. On top of that, all of these guys look to be supremely athletic, still with plenty of potential to continue to bulk up. As I look at it right now, I simply see a lot of options for this coaching staff. They've got the whole offseason to come up with a plan of who to redshirt, who to put at the end of the bench, who to put in each lineup, and then watch it play out in the early goings. If we've learned anything from this past season, it's that we shouldn't get too high and too low no matter what we see on the floor in November and December. A long list of highly touted guys will be putting the uniform on for the first time this year. While I would've hoped a guy with experience like Ali would've stuck around, we've got a great mix of young talent and seasoned vets. X is one of the most experienced basketball players in the country, Freeman is one of the best centers in the country and has been here for a ling time, Dawson has blossomed into a tremendous glue-guy and he's been here a long time, Clarke has been here for a while now. This could be special. I won't get my hopes up yet because we all know that potential is just that--potential. But wow, this is amazing and we're lucky to have Groce.
  5. After watching the video, I got very excited about this guy. Whether he lives up to that potential is up in the air of course. The thing that caught my eye is how active he was in a lot of the clips of defensive possessions. While he’ll be playing much better competition at this level, it was great to see so much defense mixed into a highlight reel. He’s got a nice athletic build that could use some bulking up, and he doesn’t appear to be shy to shoot either. Could be a decent step up from Ali in the long run, especially if he and Groce stick around a few more years. I’m very curious as to how this roster is going to play out, there’s so much potential for this upcoming year!
  6. A fun time. Always nice to have a cold beer at a ball game no matter how ugly the game is.
  7. I’m salivating for the gold hoodie and navy polo they teased on Twitter. Come on UA!!!!
  8. Thank you for gathering this info. I can definitely see a few things from the old logos being incorporated, including what looks like a FedEx-esque arrow hidden in there. I guess my issue with it is they're so very very subtle that it almost seems like a stretch to me. If the Z was a bit more obvious I think this would have gone over a lot better. Also is that supposed to be a kangaroo shape at the bottom? Again, it's great that these things are included, but the people this logo is geared toward will largely only ever see a fancy A. Die hard fans can see the nuances, but that's about it. I guess I would just like to hear from Guthrie/Miller a dissection of the logo and how exactly it signifies moving forward and all that jazz that they claim.
  9. Haha! Thanks for the info, of course they post all kinds of merch on social media and aren’t selling any of it yet other than the most basic.
  10. What all did they have at the bookstore? Did they have the gold hoodie?
  11. Court looks sweet, helmets look nice, field looks okay. It’s been a roller coaster but the logo is fine and at the end of the day, I’m Akron til’ I die. Time to order some merch! Go Zips! #1Akron
  12. Well said. It’s been stated that UA alumni and fans were consulted, well it must not have been many, or ones that actually care. Joe Bosack has designed some cool logos, this ones is lazy and boring and most importantly, it doesn’t say AKRON to me at all, in any way.
  13. The Akron Black Stockings vintage baseball club isn’t thrilled either 😂
  14. On one of the Facebook pages there’s a link to the bookstore that just has a navy blue T shirt or hoodie right now.
  15. “The Athletic” has an awfully similar look
  16. Fortunately I was expecting to be underwhelmed so I don't really care. It's a fine A. But if you showed this to anyone who either didn't watch the video or didn't know anything about Akron, the Z gets completely lost. I like the idea, but a more prominent Z or the Z logo were accustomed to being included in this design would be much better. Design was done by Joe Bosack's company, who is the creator of the MAC shield logo and I believe the A-Roo as well. I would have expected better. Oh well.
  17. Very strange to see the Hoban exodus, that's for sure. Tecca's brother-in-law and former Zip Will Fleming is the offensive coordinator at Valpo.
  18. I am always skeptical of new logos. It feels like almost every sports team I’ve ever seen change logos ends up embarrassing themselves with something overly flashy or silly. I’ll wear the gear, but I’m definitely nervous.
  19. Jalin Billingsley heading to EMU
  20. Love the move by JoeMo. Atmosphere in the field house was great, and the game itself was simple and quick. I thought Irons looked pretty good. Ant Williams and Cam Wiley looked great out of the backfield. Adams and Grimes all over the place in the secondary. Bubba stuck out to me on offense. Norrils could’ve been better. I like the direction of this team, and today was a great day to be a Zip! Hopefully the guys can put a lot of good work in this summer, this is going to be a special few years.
  21. Moorhead wanted it inside also. If he wanted it outside, they would have made it work. I am bummed, but I get it. I would imagine it has to do with practicing inside for every practice so far, and the turf at the stadium is sh*t compared to the field house. Plus lax. It’s a great day to be a Zip whether they’re in Infocision or the Norton Middle School auditorium.
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