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  1. Joe on Zips live: “our schedule is not set up for us to be successful”


    Love his honesty. Said he told all players who have ever won more than 2 games at Akron to raise their hand and Bubba was the only one. Said it’s a massive culture change and he feels they’re moving in the right direction so far. 

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  2. Another one I can't watch, but will be listening in. Dave Skoczen is okay, but I miss Frenchy. He definitely wasn't what he used to be, but he was fun to listen to a lot of the time and told the story of the game very well. The complaining went a bit too far toward the end, but I'll forever miss listening to him call games. 


    I haven't had the chance to watch much Liberty, so I'm thankful to a few of our posters giving a nice scouting report. With the report of the QB situation, the line has gone down a few points. The Zips are +26.5 as I write this. I look at Liberty as if they're a very good MAC team this year, perhaps the talent level of a team that's favored to win the MAC. With that said, they're in a bit of a rebuilding phase after losing a freak QB last year. And their coach, while a scumbag, is a hell of a coach. This is a very challenging game for Akron, but not impossible.


    While the SFU game was a near disaster, I think this will give us a better idea of what we're looking at with the Zips this year than any of the other three games. Joe said after SFU that in camp leading up to the game, he felt a sense of excitement and looseness, and once we got to September 1, he felt a cloud of anxiety over the team, and they played like it. Fortunate to get that W. Just as Liberty was fortunate to get one over So. Miss to open the season. 


    The results the last two weeks have been extremely frustrating, so far beyond getting blown out when you know you're going to get blown out. A couple of fumbles in the red zone when moving the ball, dropped passes, dropped touchdowns, it's just been annoying. But I would much rather have that issue than overall constipation like we've seen on offense the last couple of seasons. At some point, you hope to see a breakthrough where those missed opportunities and field goals start turning into touchdowns. While I don't expect Joe to empty the playbook, I see this game as a great opportunity to show the college football world that Akron football isn't going to be what they think it is anymore. Liberty has won a lot recently, and their players know how to win. Akron's players have won just as often as they've eaten Thanksgiving dinner over the last 4 years. 


    I don't expect to win, but I truly expect this to be a semi-competitive game. I see no reason why it shouldn't be. Here's how I will look at the results:


    1. Zips get blown out and Liberty covers with ease--we've got a looooong road ahead, and will be fortunate to win another game, let alone two in MAC play

    2. Zips keep it within a couple scores, and maybe even have a chance to tie in the second half--IMO, this should be the minimum expectation at this point. While I'm not expecting this to be a championship team in 2022, I'm going to hold Joe to a high standard, you can see it in his eye and hear it in his voice that he is going to get this going, and that he's not just going to bow down and accept mediocrity, even this year. While I wouldn't mind if he plays this one conservative and waits until MAC play to turn it up, I would like to think he would realize how much of a statement and how meaningful a win or competitive fight would be. 

    3. Back and forth game and the Zips either lose close or win close--The more this group can figure out how to win and play in close games, the better this season will turn out. It's almost a blessing that SFU went the way it did. They saw themselves pull out a close ball game where they trailed a lot of the way. And it was perhaps a bit of a wake-up call. In the previous regime, though they didn't play in many close games, when they did they would pee down their leg (Miami 2019, OU 2020, WMU 2021).


    I'm antsy. I'm ready to see Akron football turn the corner. It's been too damn long. I believe in you, Joe! Make us proud! Go Zips!


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  3. 20 hours ago, catdaddyp said:



    These are a joy to watch and listen to. I had to stop watching the Arth ones, just awful nothing every week. Joe brings it here discussing playing those kinds of opponents, the QB's role in the run game, and emphatically states that Noah is our kicker. This guy gets it, Akron is on the rise!!!

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  4. Unlike every other recent Akron team, this team has put itself in position to be successful many times through three games. And while I wish game 1 would've been easier, I see now that there have been some kinks being worked out, and the last two weeks you can certainly see the offense opening up. Considering a missed FG, a dropped wide open pass in the red zone, a fumble inside the 5, and a dropped TD by an All-MAC TE, it may be easy to get discouraged by the final score, but for a program with 3 wins from 2019-2021, the goal posts absolutely have to be moved when looking for improvements, especially against powerhouses like these.

  5. 41 minutes ago, Blue & Gold said:

    I thought Guthrie scheduled Tennessee to pay for the Arth buyout? Was TN put in schedule by Williams?

    Yeah, Williams added that one shortly before he announced his resignation or whatever it was. It didn’t become public until September though, once Guthrie was already in place. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, GP1 said:

    Interesting he says winning and money are equal in importance in scheduling. They aren't. Actually , I would ask, for whom? 


    See, he is asking us to believe ongoing failure is acceptable as long as it is balanced out with money. Winning leads to more winning and the Sun Belt is proving that out. Money leads to athletic directors destroying their employers in an effort to get another job. Essentially he is asking people to accept losing in exchange for athletic directors getting better jobs. 


    My memory isn't clear. Did he make a scheduling decision this year and what was that decision?

    This is a Larry Williams game, and I don’t think Chuckie liked how the schedule shaped out this year. I’m curious as to what games he’ll try to schedule down the line. 

  7. I was also very encouraged by DJ. He got real fired up and played with a lot of emotion, but used it to his advantage instead of letting it get under his skin to make mistakes. That was awesome, haven’t seen a Zips QB do something like that in a while. As for the drops, unacceptable and those will lose us MAC games. Adam’s would’ve been inside the 10, and Brank cost the offense a valuable touchdown. George with a costly fumble too. Nice game from Tony Grimes, I’m glad this staff is putting him to use. 

    My concerns with the defense as a whole stay the same. I liked some of the run defense, when Tennessee ran between the tackles, the front wasn’t always getting bullied. But as a whole? This whole group lacks speed, and some bad penalties too. No bueno. 

    Special teams—stellar move by Gettman to avoid the block! He punted pretty well. I also like Perez at PK. I’ve never been a big Smigel fan, and Perez is 100% on kicks Smigel has been missing. 

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  8. I’m not at all shocked with how the game is going. Just more annoyed than mad or anything. So many blown scoring chances these last two weeks. I know they have been meaningless in the outcomes, but they would at least be nice to see as fleshed out scoring plays while the game is still in question. 

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