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  1. A very interesting stat from the Kent-OU game… Cece Hooks for OU is one of the best players in league history. She went 4-21 from the field, and 0-11 at the FT line. That’s one of the most amazing stats I’ve ever seen in a basketball game at this level.
  2. Wow. Wow wow wow. I’m not sure how they pulled that one out, they felt more out of this one than the WMU game, at least they could score a bit that night. Anyway, glad to have the win but they’ve obviously got to be much better Thursday. The fun begins now. I love the toughness, the effort wasn’t great tonight but they withstood the adversity they gave themselves by shooting poorly from everywhere. Gotta be better though. On to Cleveland! Go Zips!
  3. Is Trimble somewhere in the building? Ouch.
  4. Thank you for the response, you make great points. I suppose I came off as more doom and gloom than I intended. The Zips are indeed equipped to win this tournament. I think it will be tougher without a go-to guy, but it is certainly not the end of the world to not have one. I guess my point is that the Zips have a tremendous program that has gotten them to this point in the season despite all of the roster nonsense. If you dropped a go-to guy into this roster, they would be insanely hard to beat. But you are right, the way they've been playing with this level of teamism, there is no reason that this system can't win the tournament as it is.
  5. Well said on Buffalo @clarkwgriswold. The Zips played a damn good game against them in Cleveland last year, but Williams and Segu combined to shoot 17-28 FG, 6-9 3FG and Mballa had 20 boards. The Zips should have won the game, LCJ had a great look at the end of regulation and he made a couple of boneheaded plays when the Zips had nice leads in the last few minutes. Off the top of my head, since beating Buffalo in the 2009 MAC title, the Zips have lost four straight to the Bulls in Cleveland. 2015 semis, 2016 title, 2019 quarters, and 2021 semis. Ouch. With that said, I feel the Zips' biggest opponent is themselves. They have the talent to beat anyone and win the tournament, they just need Ali or X to step up in addition to whatever Freeman gets them. The supporting cast has been playing much better, but you can't win a tournament without a standout go-to guy. Since the roster shakeup, the ball is moving a lot and the defense has changed how they play against Akron. Guys like Dawson and Clarke have become threats on the perimeter, and both play good defense and have shown ability to take the ball inside as well. The Zips may be the deepest team (hard to believe, I know) talent wise, but the lack of a true ball-dominant killer is what will likely be the death of this team.
  6. Gameday!!! I'm very excited to see the Zips at the JAR one more time this season. With a win tonight, the Zips would take a 5-game winning streak into the tournament, which is something I don't know that they have done before, at least recently. Also with the win, they would get their 21st overall on the year, 14th in MAC play (which I believe ties their record for MAC wins [2013, 2017, 2020]), and it would give the Zips a 40-16 league record the last three seasons, tied with Toledo over that stretch, assuming they beat BG. CMU has shown flashes of brilliance and huge growing pains throughout the year. In the Zips' game at CMU, they got a no-show from their best player and almost snuck that one past the hard-to-watch Zips of earlier this season. Not long ago, they almost took down Toledo and Kent, and they did in fact beat Kent earlier in the year. While I don't think there is much faith in their new coach, they have shown they can beat teams. Poor perimeter defense in key possessions in Mt. P kept them in it against the Zips last time, I would love to see Akron limit those opportunities this time around. In this streak, the Zips hammered EMU, beat BG handily, dismantled OU despite the final score, and beat Ball State decisively. It's been strange to watch this Akron team not play in close games every night over the last couple of weeks. With that said, I wouldn't mind seeing the trend continuing by giving the fans another night of high-scoring dominance to build more excitement for Cleveland. Cleveland is the reason, folks! The Zips opened at -14 and the line has remained there. Even with the Zips playing well, I feel that's a lot of points and if I were to bet would probably take the Chips. Either way, I'm pumped to see this team play. Go Zips!!!
  7. Just total lack of toughness tonight, that doesn’t give me a good feeling about next week at all. One game a time I suppose.
  8. Kinda funny that the last senior night of X. Williams, Cheese, Banks, Riak, McIntyre kind of makes up for not having one for a few years
  9. It will be on ESPN+. GoZips simply hasn’t been updated. The CBSSN and ESPNU games are Kent vs. Buffalo and Toledo vs. BG.
  10. Zips host the Bulls tonight. It could be a slugfest. I have a feeling this one with have some MAC POY implications, as Dawson and Fair face off as the two clear frontrunners. The Zips are pretty much locked into the three seed, unless they win these last two and get some help from BG on Saturday to have a chance at the 2. Either way, the Zips played two great games after their disappointing loss last Monday, and I hope that momentum keeps building. Go Zips!
  11. Actually a 6th year senior! In his second stint at OU!!! LOL
  12. Gotta finish strong here. CMU has wound up putting together an OK season considering their circumstances. I love this new Akron team we've seen the last couple weeks, they should beat this team relatively decisively. While the Zips' offense played just okay in Mt. Pleasant, they blew a lot of coverages on defense and let the Chips hang around. And as good as the offense has been over these last four, the defense has been even better. Defense, defense, defense.
  13. Definitely looking forward to Kitten attack today!
  14. Another great program/culture win! The Zips could have easily hit the 90 point mark had more open shots fell, but I certainly can’t complain. While letting Cochran keep them in the game was upsetting, the Zips came up with answer after answer on offense, getting contributions all over the place in many different ways. Only 6 turnovers in the entire game for the Zips! Gotta love that. Also, going after steaks and loose balls just the way Groce likes, it was so great to see. Groce mentioned the teamism and chemistry being so good on the post game. He said that once the guys realized Sparks had 3 fouls, they knew to get Enrique the ball 5-6 possessions in a row. Even though that meant they weren’t going to get a shot, they knew it was best for the team. Keep it rolling, boys! Onto the next one, Go Zips!
  15. Nice looking field here, lots of opportunities come next season!
  16. There's a palpable excitement and energy around the team and program once again. Going out today and taking care of business would be awesome, I'd love a stress-free game and a decisive road win. I like the inside out game, I want Tribble to continue to slash and attack and for Freeman to get plenty of touches. If Ali isn't on fire again, I hope he's smart about his shot selection and doesn't feel the need to force anything. Last time here, he had his first signature moment as a Zip, erupting in the second half of that game. I'm sure it will be an emotional game for him in his home state, I hope it doesn't get to him too much. At the end of the day, this program is most successful when it guards. Freeman must avoid foul trouble down low with Sparks, and the Zips must not let the Cards get hot on the perimeter. That is what has killed the Zips so many times. Happy Fat Tuesday, I hope we can get a nice fat W! Go Zips!
  17. Great interview. He discussed the roster situation and how it’s changed since Florida. After those egg-layings against Fordham and App. St., they realized the offense needed to pretty much be overhauled. As far as the more recent stuff, he noted that the chemistry is as good as it has been all year and obviously the team is playing some of its best basketball. They discussed the Freeman story in depth, and how he began to really show his ability toward the end of the championship year on the scout team and he’s been a big value to the program far beyond the court for all three seasons he’s been with them. Said LCJ was one of the first guys to notice that Freeman was for real. Finished with talking about Kent and the tournament. Notes the Zips swept them last year of course. Said he’s been watching the Tom Brady Man in the Arena thing and has shared some of that stuff with the guys, most notably that Brady lost 3 Super Bowls while winning those 7. Spencer asked the right questions and was very gracious, it’s worth a listen if you can find it!
  18. Groce coming up on 92.3 in a couple of minutes. Spencer German, who used to help out in the Zips video department, is filling in for whoever the usual host is.
  19. If only the final home game was a revenge game against Kent. Ah well, this is awesome news!
  20. Agreed on the game tomorrow. While Akron has had a lot of success in that building over the last two decades, they are always dangerous. Toledo got their tail kicked there about a month ago, after all. As far as how Akron has bounced back from that slide, I hate to say it but Trimble has a lot to do with it. The offense has changed quite a bit because of it, the last three stat sheets are very impressive. Also, I think the energy at the defensive end is different too. I also believe that Wynn taking some of Aziz' minutes has a lot to do with that, as there have been fewer breakdowns in the perimeter, while the tradeoff has been some uncontested layups by opponents. Last year, the Zips started 12-3 in MAC play (including losses @EMU & NIU in the first four games) only to limp into the tournament on three losses which were all blowouts, aside from the game @UB where they came back down 22. I'd like to think the Zips will at least split these last two, feeling a little better about their chances in Cleveland. This will be a very topheavy and difficult tournament to win for anybody so I won't get ahead of myself. Just like the entire season, there needs to be a one-game-at-a-time mentality. Go Zips!
  21. A great question @Illini Zip. I will also go with no. While the idea of a 3-point specialist even coming off of the bench for 10-15 minutes sounds like a great idea, I would hate to see it throw off the current chemistry and flow. Trimble is the forbidden fruit, tempting yet dangerous.
  22. What a win! Without Bass and Dawson was also banged up. I can’t say it enough, the Zips are TOUGH. They may not be the most talented team in the league or the most consistent, but they fight. They could win the tournament if they play their best, they are deep and have a lot of weapons. Buffalo on Wednesday will be a huge test. Go Zips!
  23. Good observation. I'm no expert, but I think Groce likes what he has seen with Wynn. While he does some boneheaded stuff, he plays a good small 4-5. Against Ohio whose bigs (Carter and BVP) can play the perimeter well, he probably didn't want Aziz running around out there getting beat on drives or caught sagging off a shooter. Come Tuesday @ Ball State, I would expect more minutes for Aziz against their true big Sparks.
  24. Hell yeah!!!! Eat that, kitty kats! Who’s the kook that said the offense has been opening up the last few games? What a moron! Anyway, that felt amazing. The end was excruciating, but the Zips forced OU to take shots the didn’t want to for a lot of the game, they just made prayers at the end. Of course, OU was off tonight but the Zips took advantage. They didn’t settle for shots all that often and Ali used his length to make it look easy. I wish Freeman would’ve gotten the double-double, but he was damn good as well. Unsung hero? Greg bleeping Tribble! All over the place and cool as a cucumber running the offense and making plays. Not the best game from X but good enough. And Wynn was awful to begin but pulled his head out of you-know-where. Clarke? Huge minutes. Dawson? My favorite play of the game was his steal and layup, must be a Dawson thing! That felt so good, this weekend just got a whole lot better. Zips women have a big one in that gym tomorrow as well. Go Zips!!!!!
  25. Offense opening up doesn't necessarily mean higher scoring. The Zips still play a very slow paced game. However, in their last two, there have been far fewer hair-pulling-out possessions that end in an Ali back down shot clock violation and obviously no Trimble clunkers. We've seen more plays in transition by the guards and we've seen Dawson hustling to get himself open. It's been a very noticeable difference while still playing with the same pace as they have all year.
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