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  1. I found the following and I am not sure it is 100% correct, so please provide accurate information if you find it is not accurate. 2019 - Like I said above, 41 TD passes. 2020 - Albany did not play football because of COVID. 2021 - Albany Played 11 games, Undercuffler pllayed 10 games with 8 TD passes and 7 ints. Went 2-9. It looks like they were sharing QB duties. I do not know why, injury, less talented WR's, loss of talent, etc. Summary - based on the 41 TD passes, he is worth looking at. Go Zips!!!
  2. He threw for 41 TD passes in 2019 and looked fantastic, even for a FCS program. Limited play in 2020 and 2021. I found one website that shows he played some in both 20 and 21. The link in this post shows 3 games over 2 years. He had the Covid season and must have gotten a red shirt year. I will do some more research in the next day or so to understand his limited playing and reduction in statistics. Based on 2019, he would be a good pickup. Need to get more data from the last two years.
  3. Per 247, no stars and no other offers. I agree that his HUDL looks solid but that video focuses on his good plays, and it does not include the bad ones. We do need another LB in the class of 22. However, this commit looks questionable. We are this late in the signing process and he has no other offers is a red flag to me. I hope there are reasons that he is still available and turns out to be a good signing.
  4. I now believe that our WR losses of Qualls, Mumpfield, and Mathison has been completely bested with the additions of Louis, Adams, and Jones. That does not include Golden or the TE additions. The receiving corps will be greatly improved. In Joe We Trust!!!
  5. The first page of this topic has the list of commits, and he shows as a wide receiver. I looked on the back of his trading card and it reads: Weight 205 LB. I believe it refers to pounds. I apologize if my prior post was harsh. Go Zips!!!
  6. Isn't Daniel George a WR? What did I miss? How did the defense get better?
  7. Agreed. Glad he chose to go elsewhere. If Akron offered him, my trust in Coach JoeMo will start to be reduced.
  8. I am also in the minority but I like this logo. However, I have liked the logos since the 80's with the exception of any logo with the Roo. My 82 baseball hat has an A on it that I cherish. I have dozens of different types of Akron gear with the A, Z, Script Akron, Script Zips, and I like them all. I like the Z imbedded on the A, but I did not notice it on first look until I watched the video that was shown in this post. My only suggestion would have been to have the Z a different color so it was very obvious of the A and Z. This would make the logo stand out and it would not be confused with the A logo of any other team. Go Zips!!!
  9. I looked up the list of names and compared them to scholarship chart excel spreadsheet that was issued a week or two ago. Unless I missed someone, nobody on the list above showed up on the scholarship chart. It looks like Coach JoeMo is getting rid of Arth's walk ons. This action does not excite me. Go Zips!!!!
  10. i am not interested in loosing walk-ons. I want the coaching staff to shed the scholarship players who are not D1 or FBS talent. This will open up additional transfer opportunities and allow the staff to recruit the full 25 man class this year.
  11. I looked in the portal early this morning and did not see Marousek liste. Maybe I did a poor search. I predicted this transfer a couple of months ago and got beat up by the Nation. As I said at the time, I would not be surprised if Jankowski also transfers. These players have got to learn that the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. The top players from the top programs can transfer at will, but most MAC players cannot always find a better situation. As I posted in the past, these players need to get some good leadership and advice from their parents and counselors. The successful percentage of transfer portal players has been posted several times by others than me. These kids need to look at the numbers. My take away is how poorly students today understand math. Go Zips!!!
  12. Great galleries. thank you. I did not see myself in any of the gallery photos which is probably a good thing. Thanks again.
  13. Didn't Boateng transfer from Michigan State, and he was a stud. I also see Hanna as a transfer from Boston College on the roster. But I agree, this group will be weak after Bubba and Boateng. Need multiple reinforcements for next year and the following years. I have posted multiple times that we need to bring in 5th year QB for the Zips to be successful in 2022.
  14. Thank you for such a fantastic job and following of the scholly status. I have stated several times that the coaching staff needs to shed some scholarships of athletes who are not of D1 talent on the roster. Looking at the list I propose the following: DB - with Guerrier entering the portal, I would like to see 2-3 more DB's enter the portal or get released after the spring game. This includes CB's and Safety's. LB - Not a lot of depth here, but talent is weak. I would try to shed 2 lb's. DL - Although this group was the weakest last season, I would leave it to the coaches to get rid of any players who are not deserving of playing D1. QB - no changes, but I would try to sign a 1 year transfer at this position RB - No changes, but I would not be surprised if one of the sophomores transfers out. WR - I would not target any reductions unless the staff identifies non D1 players TE - At least 2 reductions with this group. Maybe more unless the plans are to play a 13 personnel set a lot. OL - With the influx of talent, I would try to shed 3 of the listed scholarship players. These changes, although drastic, will open up scholarship opportunities for the next recruiting class to maximize the number of signees and increase the average talent level on the roster. In Joe We Trust!!!!
  15. What a fantastic pickup. I posted many times that we need to sign 2 experienced OL and we got Banes and Whigan. All of our returning offensive linemen were So or R-So, and with the covid year, this would have been their 3rd or 4th year, so there is no youth excuses. We have experience and with the good freshmen signings and Banes and Whigan to bridge the gap, the offensive line should be a strength for years to come. In Joe We Trust!!!!!
  16. Great talent. But as I stated recently, how many tight ends do we need!!!!
  17. I would like to thank the owners/moderators/facilitators of this fantastic forum for the great job that is done to maintain this website. Over the past year, I have visited many of our competitor's web sites to understand our opponents, and I would like to say that the Zips Nation. Org is among the best. I have also visited forums of the professional teams, and this one is the tops. My only complaint is that there is only a small group of posters when I know there are many more active fans. Is there any way for the posters to communicate the fantastic site to other alumni and help to expand the number of posters? I like to hear most of the opinions that are posted, and I would love to see that number of alumni adding comments increase exponentially. Is there any way that the Athletic Department could sent an email to season ticket holders of football and basketball and let them know about this fantastic forum? I would hope that one of the owners/moderators/facilitators could possibly follow up on this request. I just want all of the alumni to know what a great forum that we have. Thank you very much. In Joe We Trust!!!!
  18. If that short clip does not get you fired up and excited about the Zips, then go root for the Flushes. In Joe We Trust!!!
  19. A 2 star recruit who had many offers from schools similar to Akron. I am just curious on why we are committing to and/or signing so many tight ends.
  20. Not in 247, Maxpreps says he graduates in 2022. Looks like the quality of an Arth recruit.
  21. Gosh, who recommended the 4-3 set up a week ago in the linebackers review. And I received a lot of pushback from the nation.
  22. Good discussion. I did not research the defensive alignment that our current DC uses, so I will concede. But I do not think we have the personnel to run a 3-4. With the DL transfer additions and Murphy recruit, along with the DL returnees of Fann, Hawkins, Proffitt, Sy, Wade, and Wilson, we will have some depth and allow for a 4 man rotation. Last year, the returnees were all freshmen or sophomores. Adding time in the weight room and good coaching, the DL should drastically improve. This along with Bubbas return will help tremendously against the run. I also believe a 4-3 help free up the linebackers. Now, back to the Linebackers. I think the talent is quite weak after Bubba and Boateng, I do not want to have two sub-par linebackers on the field to start, yet alone part of the rotation. Again, Terry is being touted as a great player, but he did not start at a MAC school. So, when I look at the talent, we should run a 4-3. Regarding the number of scholarships, I do not want non-D1 players on the roster. I would rather have 60 D1 talent on the roster than 85 of which 25 are not D1 talent. If you do the math, at 25 scholarships per year, that is 100 over a 4 year period, and 125 over 5 years, considering red-shirting. This staff could make up the difference in a couple of years. There are 18 seniors on the roster. I do not know how many are on scholarship, but I would guess that most are on a scholly. These players completing their eligibility alone with shedding scholarships will allow the current coaching staff to add 25 players per year for the next few seasons. In Joe We Trust!!!
  23. Ran across this old video of Coach JoeMo when he was at Miss. State. He is discussing his approach. I apologize if this was already posted, but I thought it was interesting and informative. I believe he will use the same approach at Akron. I hope you enjoy.
  24. This is the first analysis that I think you have missed the boat. I hope we stay in the 4-3 and not a 3-4 defensive scheme. For one, I have never been a 3-4 fan, and I do not think we have the linebackers to run a 3-4 defense. We can always do a hybrid defense and mix up the schemes, which is what all successful teams do. As for the talent, Akron is lacking at this positions. We have Bubba who is excellent but undersized. His effort and success is relentless and he makes plays all over the field. Boateng is another stud linebacker who played great last year. Terry is a transfer from Buffalo. Only made 2 starts last year for Buffalo, so I would not expect much. B. Bischof - has played well the last 2 years. I hope for his success. I spent my freshman year in the same floor in the same dorm as his dad. Great guy. I wish him and his whole family total success. Behm played well last year, but he is not listed as a scholarship player. I do not see a lot of other contributing linebackers. I think we have the opportunity to shed a bunch of scholarships from these positions who are not legitimate D1 talent.. In Joe We Trust!!!
  25. Coach Huggins is a legend at the University of Akron.
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