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Can you give us some detail on what you were doing when it lost your post?

Did you hit the back button to go back and edit?

After it disappeared, what showed up on the screen?

Unfortunately, I do think the post is unrecoverable on the server side since it never made it to the board, but if you can give us some more specific information as to what exactly happened, and what you saw after it happened, I'll be better able to prevent the problem in the future.

Thanks for posting,


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I confess that I do not know all the angles and tricks.

So far as I know, I clicked on "Preview Post" and upon proof reading it I saw

that I had a lower case letter at the start of a sentence. I highlighted the letter

and attempted to change it to upper case. It changed color like it might allow

me, but when I made the actual change nothing happened.

At that point I attempted to go back by clicking on "Back" function of my IP

provider (AOL). It went back to a blank screen. I knew it was lost. I made

several probing attempts to find the page I had written, but to no avail.

Taught me to never, never use the "Preview Post" again. Once before I had

some kind of problem, but I managed to recover it, but not this time.

A real problem for me is that I do not know how to navigate this board in a

forward direction. Seems like that after any post I either have to close the

board or do a "back" until I get out of the topic I was in. It all rather


Seems there should be the opportunity to drive out in a forward direction rather

than back tracking. Back tracking is uncomfortable and often takes several

attempts to get back to a starting point (like a home page). Half the time

I just exit the board and come right back.

Thank you for your patience and attention.

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Go Zips,

Thanks for the added information. I think I can make a few suggestions that should help avoid this trouble in the future.

1. Especially w/ AOL use, you should generally never use the back button while posting.

2. To update and / or edit your post, be sure to do it in the gold box below your previewed post. When you hit preview, it will bring up your post at the top of the page so you can see how it will look. It will also maintain the edit box (black text on gold background similar to the original post entry page) just below the preview post. Any updates you make need to be made in the gold box. I'm not sure if that's where you had the problem, but you should use that area to edit posts. Further below that is another set of buttons where you can "preview" and "post" .. to see your edits .. hit preview again. Don't hit "Back."

Regarding Forward Navigation:

Just below the blue bar at the top where it says you are "Logged in as: Go Zips" is a navigation bar. It is white bold text on the gold background with a blue circle / arrow next to it. It lists where you are at the moment. For example, as I post this message, the navigation lists this for me:

ZipsNation.Org -> General UA Discussions & Archives -> Board Comments, Suggestions & Technical Support -> Hacked ...

Each section of this navigation list is a link. Click on the one you'd like to go to move forward out without using the back button. The First section "ZipsNation.Org" will take you back to the top level of the board .. and each additional level you have gone is also listed, right down to the post title.

This navigation text will get you around the board no matter where you are .. you can always get back to the top by selecting the ZipsNation.Org text.

I hope this helps a little .. again sorry for your frustrations .. please advise us if this helps or not .. and if you need any other help.

Regards .. & go Zips!


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