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All MAC Teams

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Big Dog named 1st team, Reggie makes 2nd team and Antino named honorable mention. Josh named to the All Freshman team. Quite a good showing.


All-MAC First Team

Isaiah Johnson, C, Akron

Chris Fowler, G, Central Michigan

Jimmy Hall, F, Kent State

Antonio Campbell, C, Ohio

Nathan Boothe, F/C, Toledo


All-MAC Second Team

Reggie McAdams, F, Akron

Franko House, F, Ball State

James Thompson IV, C, Eastern Michigan

Jaaron Simmons, G, Ohio

Thomas Wilder, G, Western Michigan


All-MAC Third Team

Lamonte Bearden, G, Buffalo

Blake Hamilton, W, Buffalo

Braylon Rayson, G, Central Michigan

Marin Maric, C, Northern Illinois

Jonathan Williams, G, Toledo


Honorable Mention

Antino Jackson, G, Akron

Spencer Parker, F, Bowling Green

Raven Lee, G, Eastern Michigan

Eric Washington, G, Miami

Geovonie McKnight, G, Miami


All-Freshman Team

Josh Williams, G, Akron

CJ Massinburg, G, Buffalo

James Thompson IV, C, Eastern Michigan

Marshawn Wilson, G, Northern Illinois

Jordan Dartis, G, Ohio


All-Defensive Team

Franko House, F, Ball State

Willie Conner, W, Buffalo

Tim Bond, F, Eastern Michigan

Khaliq Spicer, C, Kent State

Aaric Armstead, G, Northern Illinois

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I would love to see a Zip on the All Defensive team in 2016-17.


No issues with the selections. Reggie was too inconsistent to be a 1st teamer. No shame in being a 2nd team all MAC. He's still my odds-on favorite for MAC Tourney MVP!:rock:


Congrats to all the guys!

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I would have loved to see Kwan on the all-defensive team.


But, if Keith gets Coach of the Year, and Jake gets 6th Man again, I'll be really happy. 


This is OK with me, especially when some great Akron teams in the past never got this kind of recognition. 

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I'm glad to see that Big Dog and Reggie weren't penalized for Akron having so much depth. It shows that the voters actually watched the games by choosing guys like Reggie and Big Dog. who help their team win. over guys that filled a stat sheet on mediocre teams that had little to no depth.

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15 minutes ago, Sportsjunkie330 said:

If Big Dog is on the 1st team as a 6th man....he has to be the 6th man of the year right?

That makes sense.  Therefore, it surely will not happen.

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